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Schloss Esterhazy, Eisenstadt, Austria

Kaiserin Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary
Wife of Kaiser Franz Josef

Notice the 8 pointed stars in her hair!

Gunther and Rayelan's Wedding Rings
The 8-Pointed Star on the rings is the same star that is in the hair of Kaiserin Elisabeth.
According to Gunther, Esterhaszy (spelled with a "z", which is the way Gunther spelled it)
Translates as "House of the Star" or "Descended from the Star"
Gunther says the star is Sirius
Gunther died August 8, 2005, The Day the Sirian Lion Gate Opened

Kaiser Franz Josef                               Gunther & Rayelan Russbacher

Gunther is related to Kaiser Franz Josef on his father's side.
His mother was Elizabeth Maria Weissel/Esterhaszy.

This is a photo of Gunther's wedding ring.
The triangle and the stars were white gold, the rest of the ring was gold

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