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Operation Clydesdale

From: Rayelan@aol.com

Dear Rumor Mill News Readers,

The following EMAIL was sent to the APFN readers who had received a fax connected with the Paul Wilcher Report. There were some extremely erroneous statements made in the lead paragraph. The statements were so egregious that it was necessary for me to refute them. I have inserted the Unnerstall fax and the APFN comments at the end of this email.


Re: the recent post from APFN (American Patriots Friends Network) on Waco and the Unnerstall fax:

The accuracy of the Unnerstall fax was 100%, I also thank APFN for deleting the names of the men mentioned in it.

However, the opening statements regarding William Sessions' involvment in Operation Clydesdale did not come from Gunther Russbacher or from me, Rayelan Allan, formerly Mrs. Gunther Russbacher.

I have my copy of Operation Clydesdale, written by my ex husband, Gunther Russbacher, in front of me. To the best of my knowledge, this is the original, copy sent to me from Jefferson City, Missouri where Gunther was incarcerated in the state prison.

OPERATION CLYDESDALE was published in the Contact Newspaper around April or May of 1993. Since that time, it has not been published anywhere with the exception of Gunther's book, The Fed, and the Well Fed, An Expose of the Federal Reserve System and the Think Tanks It Spawned.

(Available through the Human Rights Commission

Congressman Hansen’s Main Page for $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Go to the order page. Or you can call 1-800 400 1999 or mail a check for $28.00 to Pigeon Point Publishing POB 1784 Aptos, CA 94001)

As soon as I finish this email, I will begin scanning Operation Clydesdale

into my OCR, after which I will send it to the Webmaster for Rumor Mill News and ask him to post it there. The Webmaster will send out an email to the Rumor Mill News Mailing List to let them know when Operation Clydesdale has been posted. If you are not on the Rumor Mill News mailing list, please click on the above link and ad yourself to our mailing list. While you are there, you can add your thoughts to our Rumor Mill News Forum, and you can visit our guest book and make comments there also. These comments are immediately posted.

Rumor Mill News Agency was started in June of 1996 by Gunther and Rayelan Russbacher. Gunther was in prison in Austria at the time and was checked out regularly to work for Austrian Intelligence and the newly created Europol.

When Gunther disappeared in January of 1997, two of the men named on the Operation Clydesdale document contacted me. I had met these men several times during the years I was married to Gunther. These men were the first to inform me that Gunther had been subjected to reprogramming and it was possible that he no longer had any memory of being married to me.

This sad fact was very quickly proven correct. Gunther ended up in jail in Los Alamos, New Mexico. When I called the jail and asked that he call his wife, he placed the call to me, but he thought I was his wife named Jane Ryder.

Jane Ryder is a young woman who contacted Gunther while he was in prison in Austria. She represented herself as an independent film producer who wanted to make a film about what the Bush Administration had put Gunther and me through. She came to California to meet me and gather information on two occasions. She stayed at my home, in my bedroom on both occasions. I supplied her with all the documents she needed.

I knew of Jane Ryder due to my 1986 connection to a CIA disinformation agent named Oswald LeWinter. In 1986, three years before I married Gunther, I was working with former Reagan campaign worker and White House policy analyst, Barbara Honnegger, the author of October Surprise. Barbara and I were trying to prove a connection between the delay of the 52 American Hostages in the Beirut Embassey and the Reagan/Bush Campaign. Oswald LeWinter was one of Barbara's main informants.

Each time I talked to LeWinter, known to us at the time as Razin, I encouraged Barbara not to include his information in the book. At the time, I did not know about CIA disinformation artists, but I did know that my woman's intuition told me he was feeding us a line of bull!

I found out I was right when Oswald LeWinter went on BBC television, hidden under a blanket, and confessed that the information he gave Barbara was not accurate. The producers for this BBC documentary were Allan Francovich and Jane Ryder. According to Jane, she and Allan cooperated on numerous documentaries. Also according to Jane.... and to Gunther, she and Allan had a relationship outside of work. I had not talked with Oswald LeWinter since 1986. But in late January or early February, LeWinter called me. He told me that Gunther had left me for Jane and they had flown from Europe to Mexico City, where he obtained a divorce and they were married.

The pain of that information was like a sword cutting right through me. However, I knew that if I were to admit this, LeWinter would feel his work was done and would hang up. So, I stifled my anguish and stated, "Thank God he's finally found someone else to support him. Now maybe I can get back to living a normal life."

I could tell by the way he caught his breath and fumbled for words that I had caught LeWinter off guard. I immediately started asking him questions about Jane. I wanted to see how he answered while he was still "off guard."

Jane Ryder had told me she was a friend of Catholic priest Malachi Martin. She stated that when she was in the United States, she lived in Malachi's apartment. She further proved her friendship with Father Martin by arranging his first radio interview in many years with my friend Dr. Stanly Monteith of Radio Liberty.

Radio Liberty Home Page (If you want to order the tape, call their 800 number and tell them you want a copy of the interview with Father Malachi Martin.)

The first thing I said to LeWinter was, "Jane told me that she is a protege of Father Martin. She says he taught her everything she knows."

I was taken aback by the intensity of Le Winter's reply. He angrily and forcefully proclaimed, "That's bullshit, I taught her everything she knows! Malachi's out of the loop. He writes great fiction and that's about all."

I wasn't recording our conversation, so I was scrambling to take shorthand notes as I tried to think of another question. "Why'd she bring him back into the country? Why didn't they just leave Mexico and go back to Europe?"

"Why do you think?" LeWinter asked me.

"I don't know, that's why I asked you." I replied.

"She was ordered to." he answered.

"By who, who is interested in Gunther these days?"

By this time, LeWinter had realized that I was pumping him for information and he quickly hung up. The second phone call from Gunther was a little better. He remembered who I was half of the time, but he DIDN'T remember that he had ever been married to me or that he loved me. It was obvious that he thought he was in love with Jane. He kept telling me what a good lover she was and how slim and beautiful she was. I had been slim and beautiful when I married Gunther. The life I lived as his wife aged me 20 years and 50 pounds. He made it a point to let me know this. At this same time a telephone psychic called to give me a free reading. Figuring it was probably some CIA operative, I agreed to hear the reading. The psychic told me my husband had left me because I was old and fat.

In conversations between me and Gunther, I vacillated from anger to sorrow to pity for him. The first letter I received from him made me realize that his mind had been messed with. After that, I tried to contain my emotions so I could help him remember who he was and what we had meant to each other. Within about a week, I was successful. The Gunther I knew and loved returned.

But this was not to last. Gunther was transferred from New Mexico to Missouri where new charges had been filed. Gunther vowed never to plead guilty to anything again. We were fighting a pretty good battle with the prosecutor when Jane Ryder entered the picture one more time. Before she entered the picture this last time, Gunther had written me numerous letters. One day I will post them to the webpage so people can see, in his own writing, what had happened to him.

One day in April of 1997, I received a call from Joe Jordan of the POW Task Force. He informed me that Jane's old friend and partner, Allan Frankovich had just died of a heart attack coming through customs in the Houston Airport. Francovich was working on a documentary about Pan Am 103. Supposedly he had documents in his briefcase showing that the CIA was involved in the bombing of Pan AM 103.

Joe seemed to believe someone had used the old Russian door knob routine to knock off Francovich. In other words, a powerful heart stopping drug was applied to the handle of his briefcase. When he picked it up, from the customs table, he suddenly clutched his heart and dropped dead. The briefcase was never found!! The documents and any traces of a poison disappeared.

At the time, I did not realize that Gunther and I were past tense. I still believed he was making plans to move to California where he and I would try to build a life together. I called the jail and told them that there was a family emergency with our son, Alex. Alex was my 20 year old cat.

When Gunther called me I said, "Allan just died in Houston of a heart attack." Gunther's voice became cold and terrifying. There was nothing remotely similar to the voice of the man whom I loved and who loved me. The tone and timber were the same. I knew it was Gunther Russbacher who was talking, but the sinister tone and threat was something I had never before experienced. Gunther said flatly, like a serpent ready to kill, "He didn't die of a heart attack. It was a blood clot. And if you don't leave me alone.... you're next!"

He immediately hung up the phone. I sat back, stunned and wounded. Later that night I realized that somehow the programming that had been installed in him during his missing month, had been reactivated. I sat down that night and wrote a long letter to him hoping to derail the new activation. Gunther had once told me that strong love and a belief in God were about the only things that could derail programming. He made this statement while he was talking about the reason Vickie Weaver was targeted. She had discovered this fact about mind control. Randy Weaver had been in special operations, as such, he had been subjected to mind control.

I mailed my letter to Gunther, but I don't think he ever received it. He had already pled guilty to the charges in Missouri.... charges that were phoney and ones he had declared he would never plead guilty to. He was immediately deported.

He married Jane, in a formal wedding, in her parents backyard in Bristol, England in December of 1997. He failed to divorce me before he married Jane.

When I finally decided I had no choice but to let go of him, I filed for divorce. The divorce papers were mailed to Gunther for his signature. During the month I waited for him to return the papers, his friend, author Rodney Stich, asked me to fax him a copy of our marriage license. I later found out from friends that Gunther did not believe he and I had ever been married. He was not going to sign the divorce papers because he had no memory of ever marrying me. When he saw the marriage license, he signed the divorce papers.

Rumor Mill News The Raven -- This is the biography that Gunther wrote himself. In the 19th paragraph from the bottom, he tells about how we met and married. This is to prove to those who still insist Gunther and I were never married. I will one day put the marriage license up on the webpage.)

During the years I was married to Gunther, I met the Admirals for whom he worked. I met the Director of Central Intelligence, William Webster, and on occasion I talked with William Sessions, General Hugh Shelton and other CIA officials whose names cannot be made public.

I have written this lengthy reply to counter some of the statements that were made by APFN in their opening statement in which they referred to Operation Clydesdale:

From APFN R: Operation Clydesdale:

I have said before that I will no longer take the time to respond to attacks on me, on Gunther or on Paul Wilcher. I will allow our work and writings to stand for themselves. But I HAVE to take the time to respond to this misinformation from APFN. I do not believe it is intentional misinformation. I believe whoever wrote it drew these conclusions based on the information available at the moment. The conclusions are WRONG! And it is imperative that they be corrected.

1. To the best of my knowledge, Operation Clydes Dale -- (After Gunther typed Operation Clydesdale and mailed it to me, he told me that he misspelled Clydes Dale. In CIA covert Operations, an umbrella operation always is two words. In official CIA files, the real name of Operation Clydesdale is; Operation Clydes Dale -- two words, not one.) -- Clydes Dales started in the early 80's as a Special Operations Group to identify, track down, and exterminate the pedophiles who were kidnaping children from the streets of NYC and using them to make pedophile porn films. Some of the children were killed in snuff films, some were sold into white slavery, others were programmed and used in projects similar to Project Monarch. All were tortured in satanic rituals.

2. Rudolph Guiliani, not William Sessions, was the man Gunther Russbacher reported to. Guilani was the United States Attorney for the NYC area at the time. He worked closely with Division 5 of the FBI, the counterterrorism unit to which Gunther was attached at the time. At the time, Gunther worked directly under the man who was in charge of all Special Operations Groups. At the time I was married to Gunther, that man was General Hugh Shelton. Gunther told me there were 4,000 people in his, Gunther’s, down line.

3. The insertion into Eastern Bloc countries, which is described in Operation Clydesdale, was made in 1983. At that time, William Casey was the head of the CIA, William Webster, the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) who I met in 1990, was still the Director of the FBI. William Sessions replaced him as the Director of the FBI in 1987. I do not know where William Sessions was or what he was doing at the time Operation Clydesdale took place.

4. Operation Clydesdale had NOTHING whatsoever to do with assassinating high level world leaders.... unless they happened to be pedophiles.

5. Operation Clydesdale had NOTHING to do with drugs unless the pedophiles were involved in drug operations.

6. Re: Charles Keating -- I have scanned the document, Operation Clydesdale and found no mention of Keating. This is not to say that it is not there. It may be, and I missed it. To the best of my knowledge and belief, Operation Clydesdale was funded from traditional CIA black operations funds. Keating may or may not have been involved in funding.

Keating was definitely involved in identifying, tracking down and eliminating pedophiles. Keating knew too much about high level Bush Administration officials who were involved in pedophilia and satanism.. This is the reason he was targeted and put away. Several years ago, when Faction 2 was breifly in power, Keating was released from prison. (This was covered in the original print editions of Rumor Mill News. All seven of the original print edition are bound in one volume and available from the Human Rights Commission Congressman Hansens Main Page or by calling 1-800 400 1999)

7. Origins of Operation Clydesdale: Operation Clydesdale had been in operation since the early 80's and maybe as soon as the late 70's. It started out as 900 sex phone lines. It graduated to porn catalogs and soft porn films.

One of the film makers who was involved with Operation Clydesdale lived in Arkansas. His wife was a girlfriend of Bill Clinton’s. She told Clinton she was pregnant with his child. She threatened him in some way. Gunther was not specific as to how. Clinton ordered a hit on her. She and her husband burned to death in their mansion.

America's News Page Go down to the 10th paragraph of this article and you will see mention of this episode. I do not know if Clinton knew at that time that the pornographer he just snuffed, was attached to a CIA operation -- in particular, to CIA operative Gunther Russbacher and U.S. Attorney Rudy Guiliani.

It is obvious to me that Guiliani knows Clinton was responsible for the deaths of these two people. What does that mean to his Senate race against Hillary Clinton? How can Hillary run a credible Senate campaign knowing what Guilani knows.... and knowing how her husband murdered two people.

8. Re: William Sessions -- The reason he did not stop the Waco Massacre is because he was under house arrest at the time. If he had tried to do something, he and his family would have been killed. I was on the telephone with Alice Sessions and Gunther in December of 1993. At that time Alice told us that she and Bill were "still just trying to stay alive."

William Sessions had been on the City Council in Waco. He knew he could just go to Waco and end everything with no bloodshed. He was NOT allowed to do this. He was ordered by the President to STAY in Washington.

To the best of my knowledge, Sessions had NO meaningful conversations with Janet Reno or Bill Clinton during the Waco seige. He was kept OUT OF THE WACO LOOP by President Clinton.

Judge Sessions was "fired" by Bill Clinton one day before Vince Foster was murdered. At the time of the Foster death investigation there was NO FBI Director. Sessions was forcefully removed from his office by Park Police with drawn guns. Television cameras covered this removal once Sessions was out of the FBI building.

The television coverage that day showed Sessions crossing a street. As he started to step up onto the curb, he slipped and fell. At this exact moment, an electronic weapon was fired at his head. If the beam had hit his head, he would have died instantly of a brain embolism. Because he tripped on the curb and fell, the beam hit him in the shoulder and blew out his shoulder. This information can be checked in archives from July 18 or 19th, 1993, in major newspapers.

9. Finally, Operation Clydesdale had NOTHING.... repeat.... NOTHING to do with Waco. If you have not read the Wilcher Report on Sightings.com -- please click on this link and read it SIGHTINGS 15 pages of the Wilcher Report with added comments by Rayelan Allan Russbacher.

10. Waco was a center for CIA mind control research. Sessions was probably involved in it. Sessions probably knew that the Davidian Church was part of a CIA mind control experiment. Sessions also knew that the whole thing could have been settled with little or no bloodshed and loss of life.

Wilcher did not know that the Davidians had a device that could be used to kill hundreds of thousands of people. Sessions probably knew this. However, burning to death all the women and children who had nothing to do with the mind control operation does not make sense unless there is more information that was never released to Paul or to me.

It is possible that the women and children were contaminated with the poison during the assault on the 19th. If they had been released, their presence would have killed their rescuers and alerted the world as to what was really going on at Waco. This would have blown the lid completely off all government mind control programs such as Operation Open Eyes, the mind control operation behind the current school killings. SIGHTINGS Click on this link to read: Operation Open Eyes, Five Easy Steps to Create A Manchurian Candidate.

It is also possible that more was going on in the Waco Church than Gunther and the Delta Force Group knew about. There was a laboratory underground. This is the lab that the FBI said was making methamphetamine. What if this lab was creating biologicals. What if the Davidian compound had created a way to make people into walking biological time bombs? There is more to Waco than will ever be known unless one of the people involved tells the whole truth. Unfortunately, these people are being killed off one by one.

11. The connection between Waco and Operation Clydesdale is tenuous at best. Clydesdale was an operation to kill pedophiles who were kidnaping and killing children after subjecting them to unbelievable torture, satanic rituals and sexual degradation. Some of the children who were not killed in snuff films were sold into white slavery.

Some of the children of torture developed multiple personalities. These children were kept alive and programmed as sex slaves similar to the ones spoken about in Project Monarch. The fact that both Waco and Clydesdale deal with mind control does not mean that they were linked.

I will soon be scanning the entire 16 pages of Operation Clydesdale. It will be posted on the Rumor Mill News Webpage as soon as it is finished.

Rayelan Allan

Date: 10/3/1999 2:22:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: APFN@lv.rmci.net (APFN)

Thank you for your assistance, I can't tell you how much I appricate your expert research. //klv//APFN


[APFN] Clydesdale




JUL - 9-93 FRI 10:20 UNNERSTALL CONT. P.01

Discussions with William Sessions
Do Not Publish Names

Quid Pro Quo

1. Safety for entire D.F.G. team if they come forward Re: Waco. 2. XXXXXXXXXXXX station chief in St. Louis, was primary fae????? facilitator of group.

3. XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX are missing since 7/3/93 last sighting Wash. D.C.

4. Purpose of Waco raid was to target and remove seven sleepers (MK-Ultra) who refused to adhere to ASA and DIA standards. Sleeper were programed by Dr. Chomg Sun Kim of Stone Mountain facility.

5. Waco compound members had almost completed assembly of a nerve gas toxin device massive/large enought o quantify to target and destroy all organic life in 432 square mile area. A city the size of Oklahoma City was intended. Moreover, Houston, Tx. was designated as principal target. Denver had been considered along with Salt Lake City, but the mountainous area precludes accurate dispersion measurements and cannot be calculated as to speed of cross dissipation. Method of dispersal was propeller craft with running air speed of no more then 60 miles per hour. Max. cross seeding to be done at 2500 feet for East-West axis, with 2000 feet for North-South axis.

6. The device in Waco ws in very few hours of completion. Order to go in was not made by Executive Branch!!! Orders assumed "Code Actual" when the infiltrator XXX agent residing within the complex stated "Code Blue". At that time our man Dan McGuire was pulled out; ATF had men in place (inside) up until two days before siege began.

7. Reno spoke Adm. XXxxxXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX about a D.G.T. insertion. Reno acted as if she knew nothing about the real problem-the device!


1. Material for the device was appropriated through A/F 1324-B The nitrate component was acquired from Ft. Devens, MA.; the volatility stabilizers were brought, via truck, from Ft. Mead, MD. All raw and processed materials was provided from military stores. The gravity fuse detonators were acquired from Carswell USAF, Ft. Worth, TX.

2. Transport personnel was found from AAA services: a subsidiary of Snelling of St. Paul, MN. There were 2 ATF officers from Galveston in the compound as the shipments arrived.

3. Technical assistance in handling and construction were flown in to Dallas from Dover, Deleware. The techs were ASA and USA Chem Corps personnel.
A. XXbert Beker
B. Charles Whitehead
C. Stanley Brownfeld
D. Ngo Den Phung (ARVN old timer)
E. Pearl Lance
F. Dorothy Palmer


1. Molten metal fused to Kitchen appliances-65KG, of sulfur/Zinc volatile mass. It did not ignite past prima stage!?? The cerebro neuro toxins of the C-2 nerve gas propellant ignited under a stress measure of .25pnd/PSI, causing nneuro-toxins to incinerate at 0 level. Immediate reports were unavailable for 11 hours (according to media because it was too hot to enter) due to unresolved neuro-toxic density at 0 level (entire first In squad wore toxic suits and double masks). Total recovered mass at incineration site-125pounds +/- . Numerous base mineral clusters were found fused to small ordnance. That means; the device was in 5 parts, kept in separate munitions bunkers (level 2&3). The minneral/gaseous mass found at ground 0 were massed to various kitchen appliances and indicate that the compound of the mass was jellied! (color believed to have ranged from green to dark olive green-prior to incineration). Incineration occurred through the introduction of 80/90 MM 20 pound glycerine canisters which held a flash point of 175 F to accelerate the focused flash point. A C-2/4 tear gas (canister from) was inserted via 90MM Bradley barrels into the ripped Structure to facilitate ignition. A combination of Oxygen and dimethyl alcohol was injected into the structure at intervals. Ignition occurred electronically; ignition for secondaries was delivered via mercury acid fuses located at canister base.

JUL - 9-93 10:29 UNNERSTALL CONST. P.03

DFG removed themselves from acute perimeter by donning ATF blue jackets and baseball caps. DGF blended with in going ATF as they meandered back to their command vehicle. The amount of lives saved at ground 0=7.

Inserted team terminated 12 by projectile to the base of skull or forehead. 10 minutes before incineration commenced.

End of report.


Wm. Session is in possession of most of the Wilcher transcripts. We are negotiating for the quid pro quo.


As of July 9, 1993, the three above named members of DGF (hand written in -- names blacked out) are still missing. It should be noted that inn almost thirty years of service, those men have never before failed to check in with their contact numbers.

//end of message//

[APFN] At the time I received this I did not have 100% proof of Wm. Sessions connection/link to Gunther Russbacher. I now have this proof, in Wm. Sessions own handwriting.

Subject: Re: WACO - UNNERSTALL FAX - [APFN] Clydesdale
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 1999 03:15:25 EDT
From: Rayelan@aol.com

Dear APFN,

I have the Operation Clydesdale Report as well as the Unerstall fax which describes the type of chemical device the seven sleepers in the Davidian compound were building.

I am planing on scanning both and putting them up on the Rumor Mill web page.


Rayelan Allan Russbacher


both documents have been distributed for the last 6 years. Operation clydesdale has been sold as part of gunther russbacher's book, The Fed and the Well Fed, and expose of the federal Reserve and the think tanks it spawned.

The unnerstall fax has been included in the copies of the wilcher Report. the >human rights commission is printing and distributing the wilcher report.

Rayelan allan Russbacher



Researcher: LynLinC3@aol.com


Operation Clydesdale and Gunther K. Russbacher links




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RMNews, The Uncensored National Rumor

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