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CGI's Morgan responds: Ayuh, they do come in handy for the most part;

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Monday, 21-Jun-2021 11:22:14

In Response To: Thank you God, For Men. Real Men. (HotCoffee)

That's Lovely, HC... :-)


From Morgan..


Ayuh, they do come in handy for the most part; but I gotta admit I'd really prefer to live with a fellow member of The Holey Order of the Septum. In other words, a nose. Gender? It's like we are neither, yet both. Whoever is better at this or that, does it. No questions asked. With us, a lot of people could consider our relationship totally backward. In some ways it is, in others; no.

I was married to a sausage casing (Stepford nose.) once. I did compete, all the time. I always lost, but I ended up leaving chicks in the dust in so many ways for it. And, boy did that fact come in handy too many times to count. I was also as reckless as HELL, and it took a nose to calm me down and quit doing things like running under utility trucks pulling out of petrol stations, or throwing myself over road dividers that are taller than me, or walking across an overpass on the railing (Got caught by a cop over that one, and I only had 20 or so yards to go. I was PISSED! No ticket, though.), or pedal to the metal going to work every day. You get my drift. (The list is waaaaaay longer. And
a lot of my stunts weren't exactly legal. Glad I only got caught once, with that overpass railing. The funniest one was when I had a kid photograph me on a phone pole. I got down just in time to have a cop drive by. I about fell to the floor laughing.) I'm surprised I survived myself.

I don't think it's pragmatic to be a chick. The damn things just ain't cost effective. Then again, neither are a lot 'o sausage casings, so hey! YES, I AM A NOSE-ICIST!


Posting as a tribute to all you men out there.... Happy

: Father's Day! HC

: June 19, 2021 | Menagerie

: This is a re-post of something I wrote several years ago for
: Fatherís Day. I think this Fatherís Day weekend is a good
: time to share it again, and now is a good time to celebrate
: and appreciate Godís gift of manhood.

: 45 years ago today I was blessed to marry the most wonderful
: man in the world. From the time I met him, just before I
: turned 18, he became the yardstick I measured all men by.
: Heís never failed to keep that bar high.

: He inspired this post. I love him with all my heart. He has my
: respect, my loyalty, my admiration. He deserved the best of
: wives in return, but never complained about settling for
: me.

: 26 God said, ĎLet us make man in our own image, in the
: likeness of ourselves, and let them be masters of the fish
: of the sea, the birds of heaven, the cattle, all the wild
: animals and all the creatures that creep along the ground.í

: 27 God created man in the image of himself, in the image of
: God he created him, male and female he created them.

: I had an experience this weekend that made me think about men,
: about masculinity. It seems manhood is under attack these
: days from many directions. Indeed, in my opinion, a part of
: what so offends so many people about President Trump,
: especially Hillary supporters, is his unapologetic
: masculinity. He is a man who knows his power and embraces
: it.

: That being said (and I canít believe I put it in here, knowing
: where it could lead) please donít make this another
: political free for all. My point here is broader.

: To all you guys out there, tough guys, whether you express
: that inner strength clad in a business suit or well worn
: jeans and work boots, please accept the appreciation and
: approval of those of us who celebrate who and what you are,
: and what you do. Every day in ways large and small, you go
: out and just get the job done. You donít ask for approval,
: thanks, or cheers because it just wouldnít occur to you,
: and you are too busy getting things done to stop for
: recognition.

: Lots of feminists have a problem with men. I believe they
: throw around terms like patriarchy, which they probably
: never looked up in their Funk and Wagnalls. Some humans
: with an X chromosome, and a few without one, appear to be
: threatened by the reality of masculinity.

: Get a grip chicks, if you are really okay with who and what
: you are, men are not a threat, but a gift, not competition,
: but complementary. If your ďfeminine powerĒ must be derived
: from the destruction of the epic event of Godís creation,
: you are pathetic already and men have nothing to do with
: that failure, you own it.

: Iím not even going to waste breath here encouraging men to not
: allow women to define their masculinity. He who does that
: is already beyond my poor advice.

: ConnerJune20174Men. All ages, sizes, colors, and other
: assorted variations. You were different from the moment of
: conception, and thank God for that. As a child you were
: faster, stronger, dirtier, and louder. You were often
: fearless while I stood beside you weighing the odds and
: assessing the situation. You climbed the tree while I
: looked for the ladder. You snuck out with the family car
: while I was cajoling dad for the keys.

: In my day, back in the Dark Ages, as we grew into teens and
: young men and women, you actually appreciated my femininity
: and rewarded me with attention and admiration. Many of you
: were kind enough to open doors for me, walk alongside the
: curb beside me, and lift heavy objects before I tried to.
: You paid the bill for our dates, and if you ever wanted
: another one, you walked me to the door.

: Because God is good, and loving, and gives us abundant graces
: and good things, in the early days of my womanhood, I fell
: in love with this wondrous creature God made from dust and
: clay. That right there ought to be a hint to us, man from
: dirt, earthy, strong, fundamental. But, I digress.

: I married a man. A for real not apologizing for it man. He has
: muscles and strength and brawn and intelligence and
: toughness, a toughness that nothing in this world has ever
: even come close to breaking. Not even a little crack. Not
: once in all our years (41 Monday) has he ever even paused
: in the face of terrible trials and hardships. Now, I know
: him. I know that he isnít a robot and he isnít superman.
: Sure heís had doubts, fears, and moments of desperation.

: He never once, not one time, not ever considered giving in to
: them. On his shoulders landed the burdens that would have
: crushed me and our family without him. God alone knows the
: weight he bore. His faith was apparent and he led our
: family to church, led us in faith and worship. The kind
: that isnít really so much talked about as lived.

: So today, as we honor fathers, I just wanted to throw out a
: little appreciation for men. I pray that as the world turns
: and we learn from our mistakes, someday it is popular and
: honored for men to be men again. Soldiers, sailors,
: welders, business men, salesmen, teachers, pipefitters,
: mechanics, electricians, truck drivers, nurses, doctors,
: lawyers, preachers, rabbis, priests. Fathers, husbands,
: sons.

: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/06/19/thank-you-god-for-men-real-men-2/#more-213056

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