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Democrats, SJW's, Antifa, BLM, Hollyweird, Legacy Media, Big Tech: The A. I. BORG HIVE MIND

Posted By: Lion
Date: Tuesday, 8-Sep-2020 12:20:57


Democrats, SJW's, Antifa, BLM, Hollyweird, Legacy Media, Big Tech: The Artificial Intelligence BORG HIVE MIND

A video surfaced recently where a Save OUR Children march against pedophilia was interrupted by a group of 'Social Justice Warriors', with one assumed female(?) SJW claiming the demonstration was 'Anti-Transgender', and that she(?) over heard anti-trans rhetoric coming from the march participants, while she was "doing her hair and putting on her morning face" in her(?) bathroom.

I kid you not.

All stated while she(?) is wearing a designer mask, designer clothes, holding a designer water bottle, and walking her freshly groomed Pomeranian dog on a designer leash.

This is the AI BORG hive mind on full display.

The creature in the video is no longer a Human Being, if it ever was to begin with.

These creatures have no soul, and no emotion that would even remotely resemble that of a Human Being.

The creature is an empty shell that looks Human, but is completely dominated by AI, which is only a cyborg - a walking corpse posing as an extension of the borgs' AI hive mind.

How many other cyborgs are infecting the Human populace today?

How many cyborgs are currently rioting in American streets?

There is something inherently evil controlling those who exist only to hate and destroy.

You are not a Human Being.

You are a beast who would destroy Humanity, civility, and whom is willing to murder 3 and 4 year old Human children in cold blood, as you have already done.

How many cyborgs are serving as a TV talking heads, Hollyweird actors, political actors, or university 'professors' of academia?

How many cyborgs are serving on corporate boards, such as the Ford foundation, the Clinton foundation, or the Rockefeller foundation?

WHAT are Bill and Melinda Gates CREATURES who head up the Gates Foundation??

Whatever 'they' are; they sure as hell ain't Human.

Can you picture ANY RATIONAL Human Being planning to genocide eighty percent of the Human Race, by using mandatory vaccines or 'saving the planet' as an excuse for mass murder?

How many cyborgs sit on local Village, Township, County, or State boards, or serve as chairman of pharmaceutical corporations, banking conglomerates, or chairpersons of Wal-Mart, FaceBook, Amazon, Tesla Motors, or Google?

What dominates Silicon Valley?

How does former Google CEO Eric Schimidt, the despotic weirdo psychopath with a 'Pinky and the Brain' complex, now heading the National Security Commission on AI (NSCAI) - how does Eric Schmidt qualify as a Human Being?


Side Note:

Whitney Webb's investigation of Eric Schmidt found here:


Several of these I detailed in a series earlier this year, which mainly focused on the “Operation Blackout” simulationsconducted by the U.S.-Israeli company, Cybereason. That company has considerable ties to the U.S. and Israeli intelligence and its largest investor is Softbank.

Notably, Softbank is named by the Eric Schmidt-led National Security Commission on AI (NSCAI) as forming the “backbone” of a global framework of A.I.-driven companies favored by the “cooperation” faction as a means of enacting the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in cooperation with China’s economic and political elite.

In addition to Cybereason, several mainstream media reports and a series of suspect “predictions” from U.S. intelligence and other federal agencies released last year had seeded the narrative that the 2020 election would not only fail spectacularly, but that U.S. democracy “would never recover.”


Democrats, SJW's, Antifa, BLM, Hollyweird, Legacy Media, Big Tech: The A. I. BORG HIVE MIND continues below:

The invasion of inherently evil, hive mind cyborg throngs is where uninformed Human Beings fall short in judgment.

Obviously, some Humans ain't Human - or rather a lot of Humans ain't Human.

Because the hive mind cyborgs walk like we do, look like we look, or talk like we talk - Humans mistakenly expect the cyborgs to act or react in Human fashion.

Humans need to understand:

A Cyborg will not think or reason like a Human Being.

Cyborgs won't act like a Human Being.

Cyborgs can't react as a Human Being.

Because, Cyborgs are NOT Human Beings.

You can see Humans mistaking soulless cyborgs for Humans when confrontations occur between Antifa, BLM, and assorted throngs of demented cyborg creatures purposely destroying the fabric of society.

The Human will try and try to reason with a foaming at the mouth cyborg who knows nothing save for what the cyborg has been programed with.

When communication with the cyborg for restraint or civility ultimately fails, because the cyborg cannot understand any more than its programming, the Human Being is then forced to protect village, family, home, and private property.

Other higher ranking cyborgs then name the Human a criminal for protecting the Humans home or business from insane, lower ranking cyborgs committing violence against Humans, and against civilized Human society, while destroying private property.

On what scale has AI infected twenty somethings who have been raised by a cell phone and know nothing else?

What are Human beings to do when the very leadership they supposedly 'elected' are now soulless cyborgs without a conscience because AI technology has destroyed the mind and soul of the politician?

The answer becomes not a matter of 'WHO' - but a matter of 'WHAT'.

WHAT is the governor of Michigan?

WHAT is the mayor of Portland?

WHAT is the governor of Wisconsin?

WHAT is the governor of Oregon?

WHAT is the governor of New York?

WHAT is the mayor of NYC?

WHAT creature is the mayor of Chicago?

WHAT creature is the Governor of California?

Any Human Beings left on Earth must understand WHAT their real enemy is, and that enemy is NOT other Human Beings.



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