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And more MegaAnon this evening at Reddit

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 00:40:24

In Response To: MegaAnon on 4chan - Last three days (MrFusion)

Some context has been added. Other posters are in italics.

You can always find the latest Reddit posts by MegaAnon at:

ToddWhiskey's MegaAnon index (mostly 4chan):

My 1MB text file of MegaAnon posts May23-Jan4 (mostly 4chan)
is here: http://www.rumormillnews.com/texts/MegaAnon.txt


[–]bigtoe911 6 points

I just finished listening to my daily dose of "Quite Frankly." He used to talk about Q, but tonight he sang your praises. He's extremely easy on the eyes too.


Haha, I just watched it. It was funny hearing him read my post out loud, then feeling forced to use "air quotes".

Other than that, the whole thing fucking sucked. That Cowgirls shirt was seering my eyes and I couldn't concentrate. 😉

Side note though, because it needs to be said, Romo killed it in the booth this season. Hate to admit it, but hope he picks up Sundays instead of Thursdays, next year.

Ok. I'm done.

[–]biffingzorp -15 points

Now I'm just anxious to hear MegaLarp's exciting tale of how she helped sneak Assange back into the Ecuadoran embassy so that he could appear to be freed from it.


Well, I already said that it wouldn't ever matter where he was and whom he was with because the public would probably never know. I said he was alive and that when everyone found out he was, it would be because it was the right time. A lot of channels were rightfully worked to negotiate and coordinate the actions that saved him, by the right people. But what do you care anyway?! Didn't you say he was dead? How are they freeing a dead guy from anywhere?!

It never really mattered, as I have literally said before, where Assange was. I only said he was not in harms way, he was with good people and most importantly, he was ALIVE. I also said that by the time you'd find out who tried to do what to Assange (which answers the questions about why Feinstein might be ready to throw herself off a bridge thinking Assange will be freed and more importantly, free to testify - remember like 2.5 months ago when she made @Jack send all of Assange's twitter handle messages to her, covering all messages over last 5 years? That's gonna suck for LOTS of people), the details of how it was negotiated and coordinated, and where he was, for how long, wouldn't matter.

I only discussed these specific things because WAY too many people believed Assange was dead and Wiki was completely compromised. Yes, you were led to believe it, so I don't blame anyone for believing it back then. But enough time had passed that it was ok to post about on here, when I did. You were misled to believe he had been taken by those who fully intended to take him and use Wikileaks negatively. Others got to him first and helped Assange debt then that network access. Then, just to stick it right up they're asses, he dropped Vault 7, 6 months later, exposing "their" tricks, for everyone to see.

That's all you ever really needed to know. I hope you keep shitposting here. You'll get your (you's) alright.

[–]bigtoe911 1 point

Check out B (@B75434425)


Ok just did. It will be 15 minutes I'll never get back, too. 😂

Let me get this straight... another one letter self-identifying anon named B, who miraculously shows up with a fresh account like 2 or 3 weeks ago, yet has 20k+ followers on twitter dedicated to larping q larps, is "twitter feuding" with that Beans chick and that military Roy guy, because they asked questions or implied things that B seems to disagree with, or god forbid, were rightfully mad about fake or unclear DEFCOM1 cries over an anon board on the internets?!

I mean shave my head and call me Britney, but who the fuck is "B" to call out or make claim to, anyone or anything?! Did Q deem B an authority on Q posts?! How does another one-letter no name get 20k followers in 3 weeks larping about a larp?!

We all know I was dissatisfied with Beans fake confirmations on me directly, so you know how I feel about that BUT, "B" has somehow positioned herself as speaking on behalf of Q as if in a position of "authority", which she hasn't seemed to prove she is. Am I missing something?!

Point is, she seems to slap down questions, those who disagree, those frustrated, etc. on "behalf" of Q, but WHO IS SHE, to do so?! Have her "followers" asked her to validate herself, before taking her as seriously and just as quickly, as they've taken Q?!

I just need to know, does anyone else feel as actually dumb as I do, even wasting a post on this "B" or "Q" or whatever other letter pops up next?! Like "twitter feuds" with tens of thousands of comments, retweets, shares, likes, etc.?! Is this real life?!

Think what you want about Beans or that Roy guy, but if I were either of them, who at least put their faces and names behind the shit they say on the internets, I'd remind "B" that her "authority" on the subject of "Q", is just as invalid as "Q" is themselves.

Then, I'd remind Beans and Roy that they were pretty successfully doing what they were doing, well before Q, so they might want to consider dropping the shovel before they dig themselves into rabbit holes they can't climb out of, when the Q shit hits the fan and ruins their credibility.

Please note, the ones who'll survive hitching their wagons to fake Q when shit blows, is those who've been enabled and funded to larp on the internet and be wrong so many times, for so many years, like Alex Jones & Co. he's the only guy who could hitch his wagon so tight to pizzagate, only to apologize to Alefantis in front of all his "pizza woke" viewers, and STILL have a show and following AFTER, right?!

"The Q Phenomenon" as "they've" dubbed, hyped and tried to mainstream it, is not intended to make the innocently well-intended, Beans and Roy types, succeed. It's to pull these people, who've organically gained attention abd rather large following in their own, out of the "citizen journalist"/"alt-media" woodwork, so they can be planted and peppered with bullshit they'll inevitably spread, grow from, then fail in front of, once the truth comes out. Q will eventually prove all of the things these people claim to be good at (researching, analysis, data gathering, accurate reporting, etc.) WRONG.

And the ONLY people who survive "their" tricks, are those "they" ensure survive... Hi Alex!!

[–]RachelundFritz 6 points


Bannon just resigned his position at Breitbart, per a report on Breitbart. If the split between Trump and Bannon is a ruse, they're pulling out all the stops to make it convincing.


Bannon had a swamp to drain too at Breitbart before progress can be made. Weird how Trump even noted that Mercer's are no longer backing Bannon/Breitbart, no?! Maybe their money is dirty and can't be had. Sure would be easy for Bannon to use fake feuds to drain the swamp he knew existed at Breitbart, so they could grow and progress through the msm revolution he and Trump promised when they said they'd destroy the MSM in 2 years, right?

Sounds like a good way for Bannon to separate himself directly, while the Breitbart swamp drains, just like history would prove he's always wanted to do, for years, since he started. Get back to Andy B. ideals. This book and Bannon/Trump fake feud will kill many birds with stone. Consider this the first purge of the MSM. When are those "awards"?! 🤗

Remember, one random wiretapping tweet planted, killed so many, too.

Anyone know exactly what happened during that Russia/Jr. meeting?!

[–]biffingzorp -6 points

No, I never said he was dead. I always thought that was loony people making up stories. I see that a lot around here.

But more to the point, Assange is still where he's always been and you've said he wasn't.

You can type 17 paragraphs of rant that could be condensed into two lines and the above fact still will not change.


No. I've said where he has been over the last year and never said he couldn't return to the place he'd have to look like he was being "freed" from, if he was supposed to have still been asylumed there, according to the public, right?!

I mean, debating and questioning is fine, but could you at least sift and read correctly, to debate me accurately? It's no fun this way.

[–]bigtoe911 2 points

Romo's from my hometown. He'd come home in the summers and coach kids football...including my son. Good guy.


I know, I'm just teasing because of the rivalry. 😉

[–]AmericanGirl68 1 point

Dr. Jerome Corsi is the main reason I believe Q is legit (although at one time I didn't believe. I think Q was compromised.) Now, there isn't a doubt Q is the real deal. Timestamps Q and POTUS. Also check out Roy Potter on YouTube. At least take the time to look at it all.


If you've read everything I've said on it, then checked it against the factual info I've provided to explain the things you take as validation that seem to "check out", like all of the photos and short code/software codes many believe are codes to other operatives, etc. then you'd realize for yourself what I'm saying. If you choose to use that information you wouldn't need to wonder or debate me about it. You'd know all you'd need to know.

Side note: That Roy Potter guy is great! I haven't watched more than a video or two of his people have linked asking me to watch, here and there, but I swear... if this guy were like, my "Uncle Roy", I'd never miss a family event! Haha! Could you imagine Sunday family dinner with this guy? I feel like he gets emotional and jacked up like I do. Talks like I type with caps, only I say the F word more. He's fun to watch and most importantly, he's passionate so he makes you passionate. I think it's great that Roy called out DEFCON1. I hope he doesn't let others make him feel like HE made a mistake of "misunderstanding" or "missing something that was supposed to be clear". I hope he knows that DEFCON1 shit, wasn't clear to ANYONE. Not even to those claiming they "got it". They didn't get it. No one got it and I'm glad he called it out and said it out loud. I respect that very much.

[–]cdwill -2 points

Yes, because unlike you, I have an open mind and am willing to challenge my current beliefs.

MegaAnon claims that Q is a LARP, but yet follows him closely. Seems that her hobbies are as strange as mine.


Haha, "closely"? I am asked about Q so when I am, I do my due diligence. That's responsible. Additionally, considering I'm being hashtagged with "Q" all over, it's kinda hard to miss. I don't follow, but I do make sure if I'm asked something, I know what I'm talking about before I answer. That's not a strange hobby. That's accountability.

[–]pipesog 6 points

Aw shucks, ma'am...

I didn't take it personally...I've seen you explain this same thing several times, so I knew what that rant was...I just didn't like the idea that my post set it off.

Have a winning day.


Well, I hope LOVE the idea!!! I love that your post set it off! I love the good questions, solid facts, well made arguments, clearly articulated points, etc. the posts I hope anyone who's read my posts anywhere, knows my rant posts are my favorites! They're the ones that really keep me interested and wanting to participate in the discussions with everyone. I love the stuff that goes deep and keeps me thinking and engaged.

So thanks for one of the best posts!! 🤗

[–]cockblockbyjesus 6 points

Well she did say Breitbart was taking over Fox News so maybe the position he resigned from won’t exist in the new entity.

No idea though, just throwing it out there

[–]RachelundFritz 5 points

I really have no idea either. :) The Breitbart/Fox News thing she mentioned previously occurred to me as well. She also said "Breitbart has a choice to make," i.e., do they want to be the org Andy B originally envisioned, or become a small slice of the overall MSM? If they've chosen the latter, Bannon's departure would make sense regardless of the ostensible Trump/Bannon "split."


I'm glad you cited that statement because I wrote it on purpose. Breitbart has a choice to make. Bannon needed to separate and Mercer as well as other Breitbart donors, supporters etc. with dirty money tied to them, needed to drain. Breitbart is making their decision and Mercer should prove where that's going. Drudge has a swamp to drain too, you know?! Lots of the media have a swamp to drain. It's bipartisan and it's starting for all. It's for the better.

But there will be more to this as related to Bannon and Breitbart. More on Fox, more on them all. Everyone is responsible and accountable.

[–]ToddWhiskey[S] 4 points

"The UK and Germany created the US to be their proxy"

Could you specify the time period you meant in this remark?


Yes, but in all fairness, I should've separated that better because the UK did it 2x - pre settlements/colonists for UK to US and WWI for UK/Germany to US.

The overall point was that if anyone wonders why US and Israel look so much alike, it's because we were planned that way.


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