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MegaAnon on Reddit today

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Tuesday, 9-Jan-2018 00:20:41

You can always find the latest Reddit posts by MegaAnon at:

ToddWhiskey's MegaAnon index (mostly 4chan):

My 1MB text file of MegaAnon posts May23-Jan4 (mostly 4chan) is here:

I have italicized something in the second post below which is MegaAnon's characterization of what Q-anon does that MegaAnon finds ridiculous.



Haha! Yes I saw them and even saved those caps for myself (which I'm horrible at doing, BTW), then posted them in another thread for reference. Todd is right.

I appreciate you looking out though but please remember, especially as things progress, that I'm not scared or even intimidated by ShareBlue Media, or any attempts they'd make. 12 tweens, huddled around a few laptops in a coat closet, who'd clock in 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, tasked with the "flagging and tagging" of "MegaAnon" on the internets, in an effort to ID me, is about as concerning to me as... 🤔, I mean, nothing. I can't even actually think of anything to complete this analogy... like, at all.

I mean, if this is true, I guess I'd just be happy that my posts have in some way contributed to the increased employment rates we've seen. I'm not going anywhere, so I'm just gonna keep posting when I want, on whatever I want, wherever I want, knowing that I'm providing job security to 12 potential people, who've probably graduated college within the last 3-5 years, sitting on $30-40k in debt which accumulates interest monthly, who are forced to admit to their parents every time they come home from work asking when dinner is, that they graduated college completely broke, so they could search for and read my posts on the internets, all day long.

Like, imagine how much your life must suck to work for ShareBlue because you fully support these types of missions and purposes, only to have to find and read my posts every. single. day. That'd be like me clocking in to monitor and troll Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handlers twitter feeds for 40 hours a week. You'd have to pay me at least a million a year, full benefits with a 10% match on my 401k, vested day one. Like that's just what I'd need to get out of bed. 😏



This is why I say what I say, lay out what I do, try to clearly explain, then you, as adults can take it or leave it. I don't pepper you with fake happenings, I don't scream (well, other than on a few people like AJ yesterday and before cause he's a paid op and copy/pasted my shit trying to tag me to him like he later did with Q and Zach) and it's why I don't tell YOU what to do, what you should do, etc. in fact, I tell y'all you did your jobs. You voted. You keep paying attention on your own. I don't even care that Q is a fucking larp. It's the internet and frankly, people should know better then to just buy in, exactly like all the Q people claim they do know, cause they're "woke".

What I DO mind is convincing people of shit like "disinfo is good and necessary, stay focused, ignore anything other than what I'm saying, but even though I'm confirming to you in my posts what's happening, I'm not even explaining it, let alone confirming the answers you're coming to as a group, are right. Instead, I drop codes no one even recognizes, let alone understands, I scream 10 days of darkness 3x, no lights out, or gov down, make you think he needs to be insulated and then as if it could get any more absolutely fucking insane, I scream DEFCON 1 then when EVERYONE REEEEE's, I try to backpeddle and explain I didn't really mean it that way", type of pure bullshit?!?!? COME ON!!!

Let me ask you this. Do YOU ANY OF YOU, actually think that if Trump wanted or intended to leave you fucking confused, he'd care SO MUCH, like he's PROVEN HE DOES, to establish and enable DIRECT CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION, to you?!? If Trump wanted to confuse you, leave you hanging, scare you, etc. HE'D LET CNN TELL YOU EVERYTHING, wouldn't he?! He'd NEVER, EVER allow or stand for this level of confusion without confirmation on tobthis extent, like "Q" claims to be doing on behalf of him!!!

And guess what else he'd never do?!? He'd NEVER ENCOURAGE YOU TO BECOME THE LITERAL "CITIZEN CNN", spreading fake shit about potus being insulated over Asia in AF1 at 40k ft. due to an EMP BLACKOUT THAT EVERYONE WHO WOULD KNOW, DID KNOWCWAS NEVER A FUCKING THREAT. EVER. He wouldn't encourage you to spread memes and educate everyone you fucking know on something that HE DIDNT 100%, clear as day, know and confirm to y'all himself, on behalf of him, his office or his administration. NEVER. These people should KNOW THIS!!! Yes Trump likes to leave little pokes, jabs and nuggets in his tweets but you know this. Has Trump ever scared any of you like this?! Has he or even Don Jr., the mouthpiece for ALL THE SHIT Trump really wants to say, EVER MADE YOU QUESTION WHETHER WE ARE REALLY AT DEFCON FUCKING 1, or not?! Has he ever apologized or walked back anything?! Has he ever made you REEEE?!


So sorry, but I can't just sit here and watch something RUIN THE CREDIBILITY AND CLEAR, HONEST TRANSPARENCY THAT TRUMP HAS ESTABLISHED AND GIVEN YOU DIRECTLY via his tweets and the direct paths of communication, so that some fucking anon Q people shitting up god damn message boards on the internet can exploit it and try to claim what TRUMP is doing, as theirs!!! they don't get to manipulate his tweets and hitch their wagons to his to get you blindly following.

If you follow Q and have from the beginning, great. You're an adult and you have the right to choose what you read, believe and act on or not, as a result. BUT I'M NOT CRAZY FOR SUGGESTING YOU DO WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS CLAIMED TO DO BEFORE!!! You "woke" people, tired of the MSM and FAKE NEWS, USED to demand vetting and validation before forming a confirmation or opinion! You USED to demand more than "unnamed" and "undisclosed" sources before . You USED to REQUIRE SAUCE, BEFORE ACTING AND SPREADING TO ENSURE YOU WEREN'T THE FAKE NEWS YOU HATED.

I don't give a single fuck who Q is it what they're doing. I care that too many people BLINDY do! They have been FOLLOEING AND ACTING on shit Q hasn't even actually confirmed whether they're right or not on ALL of it, for months!!! MONTHS!! SINCE WHEN, is it too much to DEMAND these BASIC THINGS, especially from someone telling you they are posting on behalf of POTUS on a board on the internet (who factually, no one knows who it is from a fucking hole in the wall, BTW), where we all know larps and paid shills are a dime a dozen, BEFORE YOU GO spreading shit you can't even factually confirm IS CONNECTED, or IS TIED, EXACTLY THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, other than simply because Q posted it so it must be the case.

I hate to tell y'all this, but I posted that pic of the Oval Office couch on here TO PROVE A POINT. When someone wanted to prove it, they proved me statements in that thread, RIGHT. If anyone just even half capable went back and dug through all of those pics, even like the sword or Camp David pens in desk pics, you'd see they're no different than the Oval Office couch pic I planted. PLANTED. As in ON PURPOSE. TO PROVE A POINT.

Sorry if this just seems like "MegaAnon acts/sounds like a teenager". Sorry I just AM A PERSON WHO ACTUALLY FUCKING CARES and uses caps for emphasis and curses out of emotion, but whether you believe me, like me, think I'm legit or a larp, who cares?!? Nothing I'm saying right here is crazy, these are things you should all demand and expect from anyone. I don't ask y'all to tweet me, spread me, YouTube about me, meme me, etc! I post just like you! I don't need my own board, maps, rabbits, etc. I don't need you to be scared or demoralized over false happenings. I don't need to break news to you. I'm not dangerous. You're not some army for ME OR ANYONE. Remember that. If you want to be Q's army, great. But you should respect yourselves enough, to demand validation and confirmation, via more than just a few cryptic social media stack and queue short codes/comms, that anyone could recreate. Demand more than meta stripped and filtered pics you could find the originals with meta on, if you just dug hard enough. Demand more for your months of dedication and time. Q can see your commitment. They can validate and confirm your efforts because they see it all over fucking InfoWars, A few smaller MSM sites, twitter and YouTube. They can follow your rabbits. MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU NOW.

Do you really believe someone covertly posting on 8ch on behalf of the same potus who scrubbed and entire Trump tower and WH for bugs, would communicate with y'all through a "secure trip" or even a "super secret and secure trip" that could be and was, hacked like 4x already, total?!

Do you really think that boards flooded with literal shill orgs we factually know exist, who target and manipulate these boards, their mods and execs, just like they do the MSM, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. would engage directly in a super secret tripcide creation and the creation of a new, Q-only accessible/post board now, for some anon?!

Do you not think the same corrupt board execs, who we know are now factually installing tracking malware on the Chan users devices via ads, wouldn't go to these lengths for Q the minute ShareBlue told them to?!

I give up on this conversation. I'm sorry to rant but this is just insane. I hope as we progress, especially through the next few weeks and months, everyone will take a minute to remind themselves of exactly how we all got here in the first place and why it's so important we never go back to where we came from, again. It's not about whether you think or believe I'm wrong or right about Q. It's about whether or not you can factually confirm either and sadly (and factually) no one can. Don't hate me because you think I'm attacking your Q stuff. As yourselves whether you can honestly or factually answer any of the logical, rational questions I've posed. That's not attacking. I'm not competing with anyone. I don't ask anyone to do shit on behalf of myself or anyone else. I just post. It's not ridiculous to demand more for yourselves so YOU can feel confident in what you're spreading and asking others to believe. That's fair. That should be expected. It should be status quo and your own president, would expect and demand that you require exactly the same for yourselves! In fact, he'd expect and demand it SO MUCH, that he'd ensure that if he communicated with you, directly or indirectly, he'd be clear and concise. Right?!



Hi Germany! Got lots of German friends, so good to see you, too! Bottom line... your swamp is just as deep, corrupt and fucked up, if not worse, than the US. The UK and Germany created the US to be their proxy, no differently than they created our twin sister Israel all the sudden, after the WWII they literally and factually funded. This isn't anti-semitic. This isn't xenophobic, racist, whatever other terms you could throw at this. This is just the truth and yes, it's still ok to tell the truth.

Y'all need to fall in line quick. Even Macron realizes he can't keep going the way he is and he's been drastically shifting initiatives to remain relevant. You're literally watching everyone I said you would watch, drain their swamps in front of your eyes, on live TV. China, S. Korea, Saudi, Iran, France, Zimbabwe, etc. I told you Israel, and Pakistan would literally be next weeks ago and today, you're watching them call for dirty Benji and his dirty wife to resign. Remember how much shit I took when I explained why Israel/Jerusalem abd the airbase we got were good things?! Remember the position I told everyone we were forcing Benji into?! It's literally abd factually happening, right now. We smoked him out and called him to task on shitvhe couldn't refuse or denounce because he abd the rest of the swamp have leaped to us for decades of why it was needed, right?! We made them eat shit by giving them what they wanted while still securing the holy land via the embassy move and airbase Obama nor Bush could ever get, Which forced them to git their own swamp because their regional terror problems they've exploited and funded, isn't out problem anymore.

I told y'all the Zionists of everyone and everything are crippling us and that includes you, German brah. Didn't y'all see it with the public water shit they pulled on you, a few years back?! Merkle is your literal Hillary Clinton, but with a whole lot less firepower and a whole lot more to lose. She is still making Germans pay for Hitler and through the guilt y'all allow them to perpetuate and exploit to the world, she's justified the huge refugee influx, the violence, sex assaults, etc. she's spent years breaking y'all down to increase your dependency on the UN she, like all of our leaders, thought they were going to get to increase their control through. This was exactly the same plan for all of us. I like to think of it as they only cared about every country with internet, the rest were expendable, to include 80% of Africa and 1/3 of the Middle East.

Did you notice the legislation passed stating we'd directly hold Europe, including Germany, accountable for the reparations, restoration and restitution, they claim is "owed to the Jews"?! Why did we do this?! Because if THEY have to pay for it and we are no longer helping to find it, then exploiting it for their own benefit and profit, doesn't really work anymore. It becomes a moot point they'd rather not perpetuate or propagandize anymore because if they do, it will just cost THEM money. See how that works?

Brexit is fantastic. That needs to keep moving.". That was the first real movement - MBGA! Then it was MAGA. Macron has no choice but to MFGA. He saw the writing on the wall after the Paris accord funding stopped and then we started hinting we'd pull our UN funding, then actually stuck it up their asses and did. You German brah's need to MGGA, and that doesn't include Merkle. She's filthy and she's desperate because she knows it's coming. She can't ignore it, either. The Benji shit is hitting WAY too close to home and she's neck deep in it. Even Teresa May.

I'm hoping it happens sooner than later for y'all but to be fair, I don't think you'll have a choice, either. You never thought you'd see 6 days of Benji protests, right?! It's coming for everyone whether they wanna be great again, or not.


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