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What Is The Khazarian Mob Composed Of?

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Monday, 1-Jan-2018 14:35:11

In Response To: U.S. troops deploy worldwide with 10,000 sealed indictments to take down Khazarian mob (Lymerick)

Yes, and in the recent hidden history, which for some is a 'memory', remember that this “Khazarian Mafia” has been well organized, and is well ingrained throughout society, so the take down will not be easy.

There be a book by Konstandinos Kalimtgis, David Goldman and Jeffrey Steinberg published in 1978,----Dope inc. : Britain's opium war against the U.S

Part I ---deals with the history of the narcotics pouring from abroad by a well-organized group of smugglers. Within the nation, organized crime displays its drug profits without shame, ruling local governments, and threatening the integrity even of national government. None of their opponents is safe from assassins, not even the chief of state. Law enforcement is in shambles. The moral fiber of the nation has deteriorated past the danger point.

From 1715, when the British East India Company opened up its first Far East office in the Chinese port city of Canton, it has been official British Crown policy to foster mass-scale drug addiction against targeted foreign populations in order to impose a state of enforced backwardness and degradation, thereby maintaining British political control and looting rights. While the methods through which the British have conducted this Opium War policy have shifted over the intervening 250 years, the commitment to the proliferation of mind-destroying drugs has been unswerving.

Narcotics traffic was the business of organized crime during the 19th century no less than in the 20th, and Britain's Opium War cabinet spun out a web of criminal connections that crisscrossed the globe. Prime Minister Palmerston conducted, the opium business behind a screen of respectability, in full public view.
What remained hidden — until the report of the Military Commission that heard evidence on the Lincoln Assassination — was the importance of Palmerston's secret life, as Patriarch of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Would it not surprise the modern student that the perpetrators of the narcotics traffic show up in every element of the dirty side of 19th century politics, including presidential assassinations? The extent of the web of criminal networks put in place by Palmerston could have come out of a Gothic horror story, American counterintelligence specialists of the time, such as Edgar Allan Poe and Samuel Morse, knew the problem well.

Palmerston's irregulars, employed in illegal dope trafficking, assassinations, and "Fifth Column" subversions against the United States in the period before and during the Civil War, are the linear ancestors of what is now called 'organized crime'.

In the years 1919 and 1920, the Royal Institute of International Affairs was founded.

The purpose of this institution had been set forth over 40 years before in the last will and testament of empire-builder Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes had called for the formation of a "secret society" that would oversee the reestablishment of a British empire that would incorporate most of the developing world and recapture the United States. Toward this objective, Rhodes's circle, including Rudyard Kipling, Lord Milner, and a group of Oxford College graduates known as "Milner's Kindergarten," constituted the Round Table at the turn of the 20th century. In 1919, the same grouping founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs as the central planning and recruitment agency for Britain's "one world empire."

Part II --- the book tells of how the drug empire works. The book will take the reader from the opium-growing mountains of the Far East's Golden Triangle, to the offices of opium wholesalers in the expatriate Chinese districts of Bangkok, Rangoon, and Singapore; then through the bonded warehouses, shipping lines and air freight companies of old-line British trading companies who control the Chinese expatriate wholesalers; then through the maze of financial channels that fund the Far East's opium trade, to the august portals of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and other top British banks who control the financing topdown; then across the Pacific to the ports of entry for heroin into the United States, to the skyscraper offices of the Canadian banks and corporations who finance, ship, and protect the heroin en route to the United States; and, finally, down the family trees of the Canada-based Zionist financiers, to their contact-points in the world of organized crime and heroin distribution.

The hard evidence available from the Drug Enforcement Administration and other law enforcement bodies leaves only one possible conclusion: The drug "industry" is run as a single integrated world operation, from the opium poppy to the nickel bag of heroin sold on an inner-city street corner. Not only is illegal drug traffic under the control of a single world network, but opiates traffic in particular is without doubt the best-controlled production and distribution system of any commodity in international trade, illegal or legal. De Beers' Central Selling Organization's 85 percent control of world diamond wholesaling — an example not irrelevant to the drug trade — pales by comparison to the orderly marketing arrangements for heroin demonstrated by the hardest figures available.

Investigators are daunted by the fact that the solution to the problem is so damned obvious. Imagine Edgar Allan Poe's fictional purloined letter, photographically enlarged to 8 by 20 feet, and used as wallpaper; then, imagine the French police attempting to find it with magnifying glasses.

How can such activity avoid sticking out wildly, especially in areas of concentration such as the Far East? Because the British monarchy organized most of the Far East to conform to the drug traffic! How can $200 billion in illegal payments get through the international banking system past the eyes of law enforcement authorities? The answer is: the Anglo-Dutch "offshore" banking system. This and related precious metals and gems trade were designed around illegal money in the first place!

Mere consideration of the obvious — or what will quickly become obvious when the evidence of the public record is assembled below — gives the financial specialist the equivalent of an inner-ear disorder. The financial world, remember, is one in which the stock market will do flips over a measly few hundred million dollars' difference in the weekly reported figures for the American money supply. Although most of the necessary evidence has long been available, both investigators and the public prefer to see world drug traffic and related illegal activity as a montage of movie villains: Far Eastern warlords, free-lance smugglers, jowly gangsters, and corrupt politicians. Such individuals figure into the world drug traffic, but as the arms and legs of a top-down operation, under the immediate control of the British and allied monarchies.

Part III---- the book deals with the organized crime, the production and wholesaling phase of Dope, Incorporated.
To be introduced will be the Far East clearinghouse bank, the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank and he gold and diamond houses that with HongShang feed the black market with invisible forms of payment. In the following pages there will be concentration on the distribution side of Dope, Incorporated's business cycle.

First entering the Canadian board rooms where the Keswicks, the Inchcapes and their representatives brush shoulders with the wholesalers of the drug trade — the Zionist Hofjuden middlemen — whose assigned task is to ensure swift and secure delivery of that "most valuable source of revenue" to Britain's retail distributors: the mob.

The book 'speaks' of the Bronfman family of Canada to be our leading case, since they are the top middlemen for the U.S. market which, in turn, is the richest in the world. Beneath this respectable veneer of the Bronfmans' corporate financial empire is uncovered Dope, Incorporated subsidiaries that control the criminal underworld of North America. The book looks closely at Meyer Lansky, the Marcello family, and other "Mafia" figures and discover that like China's Green Gang, the mob is a secret army, a fifth column controlled by Britain against the United States.

There will be traced the drug money to the gambling casinos and other "legitimate" enterprises that are the syndicate's indispensable storefront cover for the drug trade. From these respectable enterprises will be traced the drug money into the halls of the state assemblies, city councils, congressional offices, and into the pockets of America's contemporary Benedict Arnolds and Aaron Burrs, among whom will be found Edward Kennedy, Jacob Javits, Henry "Scoop" Jackson, and other leading lights of the Zionist Lobby. Tainted heroin money will be found to be funneled into Zionist organizations and from Zionist fronts back into political machines for the dual purpose of buying protection for the drug trade and shaping U.S. policy.

Then a grand tour through the Anglo-Dutch offshore banking centers, watching money being laundered through Basel, Liechtenstein, Tel Aviv, and the Bahamas; tracing it carefully as it changes ownership from the mob, to the Bronfmans, to British banks, to the Israeli Mossad — finally ending up in dummy corporations to finance international terrorism and a privately owned worldwide assassination bureau.

By the end of the book, the reader may have a view of organized crime that tears to shreds all the fairy tales of the drugstores novels and Grade-B Hollywood productions. The image of gangsters and thieves lurking in the dark underworld will dissipate before the fact that we are dealing with the most highly integrated, top-down political machinery in the world — one that enjoys the logistical support of a $200 billion per annum international cartel and the "protection" of every political entity Britain has created through these vast "invisible earnings."

Part IV--- the book deals with creating the market, the British origins of the counterculture, where the drug-rock counterculture being the result of Britain's 30-year Opium War against the United States, which included not only chemical and psychological warfare but the hideous military project called the Vietnam War.

Part V--- deals with the drug lobby, that would decriminalize all drug use on the grounds that this would free law enforcement and judicial agencies to deal with "more serious crime."

That's the tip-off to the real nature of the Drug Lobby. Britain's secret army of organized crime is now out in the open demanding the expansion of its dope market.

This book is of 406 pages, heavy reading. It can be read here at http://www.whale.to/b/dopeinc.html ----and remember this is in 1978.

So, this is what the Khazarian Mob is composed of. They have had a long time to secure themselves. I am sure the Camp David strategy recognizes this.


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