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To: Everybody needs a hero....doesn't?

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Tuesday, 6-Sep-2016 20:27:09

Who are those who need or want “heroes”?
Aren't those who never grew up (mentally) and don't want to take responsibility for their actions?

Think of the innumerable individuals who ever lived and live now. Those who believe our alien brothers come and save us or those who are waiting for the “Messiah” to come and save THEM (getting to be selfish, doesn't?) or those who want to resurrect them long gone mystical characters, who are now in the pages of library books in every nation's libraries. The list (demand?) goes on and on for “heroes”.

ALL and EVERYONE of those who need or want heroes, LOVE fiction and they have no intention to get out of it. It reminds me from one of Robert Monroe's book, when he visited his real home and ran into two young ones who were playing the same game over and over. When Monroe told them, hey kids, I got a new game for you to try but they just looked at him with faces as; “Are you crazy? Get away from us. We like our game”. The same with the wast majority of people today, who love what fiction offers to them and they are happy....well...most of the time but when they complain, fiction steps in and give them something that quiets them down. Like a little child who has a temper-tantrum, but the problem easily fixed with a new toy or simply diverting his/her attention. The so-called grownups act exactly the same way, like little children. This is why there is a need for the “justice” system. To sort out which child is most “right”.

Fiction constantly need to create villains, which automatically creates heroes. Without these two “twin brothers”, fiction wouldn't exist. From comic books, all the way to “Satan” and “God” and everything else between.

Those who are in fiction and especially those who are getting the short end of the stick, they cry for “heroes” all the time. They cry for “liberators”. They cry for “saviours”. They cry for somebody who will step in and solve their problems.

Those who created fiction and enforcing it, don't give a damn about heroes, liberators and saviours. Their hero, liberator and saviour is the fiction itself. Their fiction they created. Without their fiction, they wouldn't exist. There is no life within them as they can only steal the lives (energies) of “Living-souls”.

This is the reason why “Living-souls” die. Dying has NOTHING to do with diet or exercise or smoking or drinking or vitamins or “eat your veggies” bullsh*t or anything else. It has to do with running out of your energy, that was given to you at birth. The fact is, you are getting weaker and weaker as the years go by, even if you eat the same food.

Most of the so-called pedophile cases you hear, have NOTHING to do with sex but the stealing of energies from those children. The MSM made you believe that sex is the issue, when in fact, sex is another red herring in the status quo's arsenal of weapons against you. Watch or read the account of Credo Mutwa about this issue, to get the real story.

Lets investigate resonance, how it is related to “heroes”.

How is resonance maintained?
It is maintained between two thresholds.
On one hand, there has to be a “villain” and there has to be a “hero”. There you have the two thresholds. “Good” and “evil” and you, “swinging” between the two.

The “villain” and the “hero” were created by the party who wants our energies, then as a logical but futile defence, we take or side with the “hero” and reject the “villain”. At that moment, we started “swinging” and this keeps on going until we would stop feeding the “hero” BUT that is contrary to our nature. Then at the crescendo, the “hero” triumphs” over the “villain” and we are all at ease again. “Good” triumphed over “evil”. Not giving a second thought that we left some of our energies behind...for somebody, who hoodwinked us with this artificial, fiction in fiction ploy. We want the heroes to succeed, to be triumphant, to look after us, to save us, so we feed our energies to the “heroes”.

Whoever thought this pattern/template up, is a very, very clever entity. Once this process starts, we ourselves keep ourselves in the loop. Pages after pages can be written about the “fruits” of this exact same pattern/template!!! One, only has to look and observe to see them.

The similarities between fiction and controlled resonance is astonishing. As it was stated in other posts before, “resonance” is the swinging between two thresholds. In order to be a “controlled” resonance, to keep it going at a steady pace, a tiny amount of energy MUST be put back into it.

WHAT IF, there is an outside force/energy, that induced (by providing the components) resonance ON THIS EARTH PLANE, with mankind, in order to steal our energies out of here?
Our “Living-soul” energies that is, because NOT everybody on this 3D plane is a “Living-soul”!!!

How was this fiction we are all in, created?
It started by the creation of “evil”. Once “evil” was created, there must be “good”.
“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil:”
Are there many different kinds of “evil” or “evil” is “evil”?

Resonance is when two wave-forms have the same “frequencies” (another status quo fiction word, which should be “vibration”) but very slightly out of phase. When one wave hits its highest amplitude, the other one coming on top of it, reinforcing it. So, the two frequencies have the same “frequency” but they are slightly out of phase. Of course, timing is key to this operation.

Now, substitute the word “resonance” with “fiction”. When you say something like; “I heard this and it is resonating with me”. Rest assured, you are “resonating” with fiction or something that is not genuine, not original. Something that is fake. You have to be “in phase”, to be “one” with the “One”. That is when you are “in phase”. There is no resonance.

Did you ever wonder why it is so important for the fiction to be “uniform”, for everybody to think and act the same?
Fiction can't tolerate individuality! When people have their own vibrations, different then what the fiction dictates, it is impossible to achieve resonance (fiction). Those are the ones who are marching to a different drum beat and they are a great danger to the entity who wants fiction. Their vibrations are destructive to this entity's plan. They are a hindrance to this entity, as they can't resonate with fiction.

We all say we had enough “evil” but do we ever say, we had enough “good”?
We all say we had enough “villains” (banksters, politicians, cops, etc.) but do we ever say we had enough “heroes”?
No. Just the opposite.
How long do we play the villain/hero game?
Aren't we too old for this childish nonsense?

We can't seem to be able to do anything about “villains” because they just show up in our door steps, but we can sure do something about “heroes”, to break the loop.
Next time you come across one of these pretending to be “heroes” or “liberators” or “saviours”, why don't you ignore them and kick them out of your life?
Rest assured, they don't give a damn about you or your well-fare. They care about how to get (steal) your energy.

The song title tells you...

For a while now, all the “Christians” looking for their hero to come and save them from the “wrath” to come. Interestingly though, they are looking for the “anti” hero (villain) to appear first, guessing constantly, who is going to be that “lucky” one and there is no shortage of candidates. They are still stuck in the mud, like Pharaoh's chariots.

Do you want to “resonate” forever and be a slave or do you want to be “in phase” or “one” with the “source” and be free?

Here is a prediction that is contrary to the frenzy the status quo fiction whipped up and followed blindly, by most.

There isn't going to be any kind of “economic crash”, because the economy is controlled. When it is controlled, it is not a crash. IF (that is a big IF) there is going to be some kind of “reset”, that is their “remedy” for their crimes against you and if you “ACCEPT” it...well, get ready for another several thousands of years of your enslavement.

There isn't going to be any kind of population control, to eliminate 9/10th of the Earth's population. The “Georgia guide-stones” is BULLS*HIT.

There isn't going to be FEMA camp extermination of people.
Every other fear-mongering BULLS*IT is just that.

There is going to be a “regular” election in the U.S., as usual. There won't be any “interruption”. They probably will sign up SECRETLY into another seventy years of International bankruptcy. No government can operate outside of bankruptcy. If you want government, you have to have bankruptcy. Governments can't exist without bankruptcy.

Why there isn't going to be any “population reduction”?
Because it doesn't serve the interest of this entity that created fiction. This entity needs the energies of “Living-souls” and more the merrier. The constant fear/safety, terrorist/anti-terrorist, love/hate duality traps (resonance) keep the population “swinging” between those preordained thresholds.

NOBODY is going to do any kind of terrorist act, assassination, bombing and you name it, because these are foreign to the nature of “Living-souls”. IF any of these events will happen, they will be done by status quo agents, to increase energy production from “Living-souls”.

It was proven many times over, how the status quo uses crisis actors and make up false emergencies, false terrorist acts, etc. They have to make the population “swing”, in order to make society stable and have a constant energy flow (stealing) out of them.

Intuitively, more and more “Living-souls” don't play the “villain/hero” fiction game anymore. We don't need another hero either.

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