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To: “Identify yourself!!!”

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Tuesday, 30-Aug-2016 21:35:56

If anybody followed the previous posts, it was revealed that these status quo thugs have many words and terms they love to use on you the people and you never had a second thought about them. Some of these words are “citizen, citizenship, civil, claim, State, government, rights, human, business, currency, official” and adding to the list, “identification”.

How many times this question was asked in history?
“Identify yourself!” Actually, it is not even a question (although in rare occasions it can be), it is an ORDER!
Can you “identify” yourself?
This might be a shock to you but you can't. When you believe you are “identifying” yourself, you are showing some paper to somebody what somebody else made up and told you, “this is your identification”. You didn't “identify” yourself, somebody else did.
One more time, how did you get those “identification” papers you have?
Did you “identify” yourself?
No, you didn't!
Somebody else “identified” you and you (unfortunately) accepted it. So, you NEVER identified yourself, ever! You were given some kind of “medium” that identifies you.

Do you know the question to ask when you REALLY want to KNOW who or what somebody is not what others claim about their “identity”?

Would you please tell me who or what you are?
Simple enough?
The response should be; “Why do you want to know who or what I am?”
Why would you need to tell others who or what you are?
What does it prove when a cop stops you and wants your identification paper, that was given to you by somebody else?
The cop looks at it then looks at you and if you are a “match” with the picture of the face, in his mind, you are at liberty (NOT FREE) to go.
What did just happen?
You were “identified” officially by the cop. Hallelujah!
Other than your time was ROBBED by the cop, what else happened?
NOTHING, only robbery by the cop.

NOBODY can tell you who or what you are and when you agree, “identification” to be used on you, there will be presumptions, assumptions and private, prejudice, ignorant opinions about who or what you are! Cattle is “identified” too! The ONLY one who can KNOW you with 100% accuracy is YOU!

Who satisfies the age old COMMAND; “Know thyself”?
EXTREMELY few and when you can't or won't or refuse, somebody will come along and “identify” you as it has happened and is happening day after day, year after year.

When the entities of the status quo don't accept your statement of who or what you are, that is their tacit way of “saying” that you are lying OR they can't deal with you when you tell them who or what you are.

Did you notice, it is ALWAYS YOU who have to produce the status quo identification of yourself to a status quo thug and the thug takes that identification document from you?
The thug takes it from you, because it is not yours, you ADOPTED the status quo's identification of you.
When you ask for the identification of the status quo thug, the thug might SHOW its status quo identification card but NEVER gives it to you, so YOU couldn't examine it.
Is there anybody who call this a fair and equitable game in fiction?
Where is the EQUITY in fiction?
Where is the “fair and square deal” in any fiction?

Remember! The thug is an entity, playing the role of a male or a female in a physical body and within that role, it also plays the fictitious role of a status quo thug. The only one who is real in this setup, is the entity itself. The “it”. The rest are make beliefs.
How can a fictitious role (a status quo thug) control the very existence of a real “IT”?
Talking about PERVERSION!

Yes, identification of you by the status quo thugs is another monumental SCAM AND CRIME of the entities who are hiding behind and created the status quo vomit AND on top of their crimes, pretending they do it “for your safety, for your benefit, for your protection”! WHAT A LIE!!! There are no words to describe this and the many similar operations of the despicable entities who are responsible for the very existence of the status quo excrement!

When you go along with this status quo identification scam, you are harvested and abused big time.
Do the status quo thugs (or any other fiction) want to KNOW who or what you are?
Not a chance! They want you to be identified by them. They certainly don't want you to tell them who or what you are.
Do you know another word for “identification” of people?
It is called “CATALOGUING”. Keeping INVENTORY.

Why are names soooooo important to ANY fiction?
Because fiction wants to CATALOGUE you, to list you in its INVENTORY.
What do you think a “Phone Book” is?
It is a catalogue of live (not living) individuals. There are no “dead” individuals in a phone book. The dead ones are catalogued in the cemetery list of individuals.

By the way, “live” individuals are those who were legally killed forty five days after their births and became legally dead. When I was transported from one place to another, in the infamous “silver wagon” of the status quo, I saw the manifest. On top of it was written; “LIVE CARGO”. ALL those prisoners who were transported, were “LIVE CARGO”. Needless to say, I was “baptized”.

What do you think how are you called when you fly somewhere?
You can be rest assured, you are “LIVE CARGO” too, you just don't know it and what you don't know can't hurt you....right?

But why are people soooo uptight about “their” names that were given to them by the status quo of the day?
Those who are and want to stay in fiction they fight, they scream, they do anything to hold on to their “good” names. They are talking about “identity theft” and the rats stole their identity.
SO WHAT! They haven't stole anything that wasn't theirs anyway. One question settles the issue.
Did you chose your name or it was GIVEN to you?
Checkmate....isn't it?!
They gave you the name you have now and how did you get it?
Your parents looked through another CATALOGUE of names and chose one of THEIR listed names for you! Your parents chose and now you are using one of THEIR CATALOGUED names!
What was it again?

As a side note but not unrelated and take heed reader!
This operation of your parents choosing your name, then you choosing your children's name is also like a “controlled resonance”. Without control, resonance is destructive but like in the “front end” of a radio receiver, controlled resonance allows you to receive a radio station. Because it is controlled, it stays on that station. There is “movement” between two thresholds only!
Isn't this exactly the situation you are in, called fiction?
You are pinned between two thresholds or fictitious “choices” or “two sides of the same coin” and you can't leave because it was hammered into you, you must chose one or the other. In order to “dampen” resonance OR move “into phase”, you MUST break the “loop”. You break the loop, when you stop “feeding” the resonance circuit.

YOU AND YOUR PARENTS AND THEIR PARENTS, etc., were/are doing EXACTLY the same, as you are slightly “out of phase” because of the time factor and that is how the controlled resonance (fiction) is sustained.! The slight “out of phase” creates resonance!

You locked yourself into a controlled resonance environment. Also called fiction. ANY fiction! It makes no difference if it is status quo fiction or judge Anna's and her follower's fiction or quantum language's fiction.

By the way, quantum language is a much, much more accurate language. Quantum-language expresses fiction in facts. The status quo's fiction language expresses fiction with fiction. This difference is the reason why quantum-language is so much more accurate, than the status quo's fiction language.

The Achilles heel of quantum-language is, that it is based on math and we all know (don't we) that math is also another fiction.
This is the only way how you can “beat” quantum-language. When the foundation is faulty, EVERYTHING that is built on it will be faulty. Period! When the foundation is fiction, everything that is built on it IS fiction too. There is no if's and buts. So, quantum-language is just another language that expresses facts more accurately. The status quo legal system hates it, because it narrows their profit margins and they have to work more.

If you want to stay in fiction, you MUST have a name, being a “live” individual, in order to be CATALOGUED. This is why “Consensus” is so important to fiction. They have to keep INVENTORY and balance the books. Remember the story of Joseph and Mary?

It makes no difference what fiction you adopt, support, fight for or even die for, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! They CATALOGUE and manage live chattel. Livestock. That is what you are if you are in fiction. The status quo fiction thugs have this perverse thinking and sense of duty that they are needed to manage the live chattel. That may have been true at some point in our existence AFTER THE FALL but now there are plenty of people who don't need any kind of nanny, especially those abusive ones the status quo is loaded with. There is no use for such status quo bitches like in the movie titled; “One flew over the cuckoo's nest”. Speaking of cuckoo bird, the status quo is like one and the stupid bird (guess who that is) keeps feeding it, while it destroys the offspring of the stupid bird.
Didn't the cuckoo bird destroy your offspring as soon as your offspring was born and wiggled itself into your “nest”?
Didn't you adopt the cuckoo bird and let it destroy your own offspring?

Do you want to “reclaim” your name? lol
Do you think your name was “hijacked”? lol
When there are two identical names, how is it distinguished which is which?
When I was in school and two kids had the same name, there were numbers added to their names. Like “John Doe 1” and “John Doe 2”.
Can somebody else have the same name as yours?
Of course.
How are they identified?
By their birth date.
What if their birth dates also match?
Then the mother's name. Voallah, case closed.

Your name is in the CATALOGUE called phone book. Open for anybody to use. Open for business.
Let's see, what is for sale today?
If you don't want your name to be public, make your name; “UNLISTED”. But you want to be “important”, you want others to notice you. Of course, you do it under some noble cause but subconsciously, you want to be noticed. Now, when you are noticed and somebody allegedly uses your name, you get upset and yell; “identity theft”. You wanted your name in the CATALOGUE, you wanted your name to be public, so hush up.

“Living-souls” HAVE NO NAMES! “I am that I am”.
I was NEVER comfortable to call people by their names. Virtually every time my addressing of somebody was “you”. The perversion and successful brainwashing is clearly seen in this example, as the status quo declared it to be rude or harsh to call people “you” and insist to call them by their names as that is “polite”.

When the status quo thugs are mad or “edgy” at you, they also call you “sir” or if you are already in their grip, they call you “Mr. So and So”. The “Mr.” before your name is essential. It is interesting though that the status quo thugs are not too keen to call those women “Mrs.” or “Ms.” who are in its grip, as they are called only by their names. Wonder why. Men are always called “Mr.”, whatever.

Judge Anna is incorrect in her article; “wholeworlddefrauded.pdf”, where she states “The same basic conditions have been set up in the UK, EU, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and other countries around the world.”

Canada, for example, is STILL IN BANKRUPTCY, therefore it is under bankruptcy protection and cannot be touched. The “UNITED STATES, INC.” (or whatever derivatives) came out of bankruptcy in 1999 and now, most likely in “receivership”. The two are not even close to be in the “same basic conditions”!

The American people are in trouble, but the equation MUST be balanced. EVERYBODY, has to pay for their crimes, even though it might take some time before it happens.
Remember the old saying; “you can't con an honest man”?
The American people weren't and are not exactly “honest” either, are they?
Why does a man get mad at a con who conned him, when he is a con too?
Because he didn't “win” and we know how important for Americans to “win”. Don't get mad at me, be honest for a change. Look within!
So, who will win that election, again? Lol
Win, win, win. When you “win”, there must be “looser”, but you can't “win” all the time. Now it is your term to be the “looser”. Don't worry! It will change. You are in “resonance”. You are “swinging” between two thresholds. Like an AC circuit. Up and down, up and down.

The next on the list is; “Since the French Government chartered the IMF, the French Government is responsible for its operations---”.
ANY organization that is “legal” MUST have a “Charter” AND a “Constitution”! If there is only one, the organization IS NOT LEGAL! That includes your church too!
Does your church have both “Charter” and “Constitution”?

I heard it from my source that the IMF is run by two Catholic Cardinals. Obviously if that is true, the IMF is a Catholic organization. French Catholics are pretty militant!
Was “Loyola” French too?
Can't get any more militant than that.

Apparently, the present pope made some “personal decree”. Imagine! An actor making a “personal decree”, masquerading as the “Pope”. Must have a lot of “weight” to that!
Well, you know what it can do with that don't you?
It has to do with sunshine or more precisely, lack of it.

The next one.
“It is not the fault of the peaceful, trusting, hard-working American People who have been the victims of all this international corporate fraud.”
Well, fiction is a dog eat dog world, anyway you cut it. But there is always a thorn in the side, a worm in the apple, a fly in the ointment and again, another simple question solves the issue.
Did you take and enjoy the benefits what the status quo fiction offered you and gave you?
Is it another “CHECKMATE” for you?
If you did, now you have to take the responsibility, the duty, that came with it. Now, it is your time to pay the bills. Now it is your time; “Ask not what your country can do for you.....”
Sounds familiar?
The only difference between you and the thugs is, they got more “profit” or benefits than you. Business as usual in fiction.

You also enjoy the benefits the “Dollar stores” give you, don't you?
Don't you know in the Dominican Republic for example, a “good” wage is seventy five cents A DAY?
This is why you can buy a belt in the “Dollar store for three “Dollars”.
Aren't you enjoying that price?
Aren't you enjoying the rest of the benefits of exploitation of others?
Why are you upset when it is your turn to be exploited?
Don't fret, the same fate will happen to those status quo thugs who are exploiting you now. Eventually, their time will come to be exploited but this is how fiction operates. If you love it offers you, you also must accept its price too and stop whining and complaining.

What you see and hear around you, exists only in fiction, never in reality. Most people simply comfortable and satisfied with fiction, like livestock in the range. Until their time comes to be slaughtered. Then they yell and scream. The same way with the real livestock. They are fed and sheltered and when it comes to be slaughtered, they scream.

Adapt to what fiction (any fiction) offers you and die in it and eventually with it. Adopt life and live. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do “I dent if I” leave the comfort of fiction.


Have a floating house and enjoy living, like a “Living-soul” supposed to. But you might be too “sophisticated” for these uncouth but free folks.

But hey, if you love the rat race, the fightings, the money, the mortgages, the rush hours, the traffic, the shopping, your TV programs, your sports, your beer and chips, status quo justice, then eat them prescription drugs and enjoy the exchange you get from them.

If you don't even know what you want, how on Earth could you; “Know thyself” or are you afraid to know yourself?
This happens when you know you hurt others during your existence (a lot of cops and soldiers will realize this later in their existence, as they have no “life” only existence) and as a result, you go into “lockup” mode.

I know of a long gone now, mob hit man. When he got old, he couldn't sleep anymore. Staying up late at night, being alone, grinded to powder by his many kills. Not a “nice” way to finish your life but that is what waiting for them macho cops too, who are abusing people left and right and stealing their possessions.

Are you afraid or too proud to go to those whom you hurt and tell them; “I am sorry I hurt you. Please forgive me”. If you start cleaning out your own life, NOW, WHILE YOU CAN, you'll be surprised the changes that will come your way. I mean changes for the better.


For you, status quo thugs, how much is enough?

“The Roman philosopher Boethius said, 'In other living creatures, the ignorance of themselves is nature, but in men it is a vice.' Imagine threading into the deep recesses of one's self and finding someone you never knew existed.”

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