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To: What is the Bible? Is it the status quo's playbook?

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Thursday, 25-Aug-2016 20:19:16

Before I start this post, I have to state that I am NOT trying to encourage or stop anybody to get involved with judge Anna's methods to gain your freedom!!! It is your choice what you do or don't do!


Is the Bible an “OFFICIAL”, “ORIGINAL” or “AUTHORITATIVE” book...or perhaps none of them?

If it is “OFFICIAL”, official to whom?
One definition of “official” is: “relating to an authority or public body and its duties, actions, and responsibilities.”

In this case, people claim the authority to be “official” from “God”.
The question arises.
Did “God” make that claim or people claim “God” made that claim?
If there is such claim, who made it?
What about the claims of the Bible itself?

How “OFFICIAL” are self-claims?
How authoritative are self-claims?
How authoritative are circular reasonings?
How authoritative are copies of anything that is original?
How authoritative are CLAIMED copies of anything that is original?
How authoritative are anything that is original?

It is admitted that NOT ONE original Bible manuscript was found.
You are bamboozled by the statement in front of the Bibles, claiming; “translated from original tongue”, but “original tongue” is not the same as “original manuscript”.....or is it claimed to be the same by someone?
What does “original tongue” mean?
None of them claimers or you lived at that time, therefore nobody knows, so obviously that claim is false too.

Additionally, self appointed and ordained preachers, pastors love to impress you when they say; “in the original Greek,”...blah, blah, blah.
That cockroach minister, preacher, pastor wants you to think how smart he/she is, when he/she is referring to the “original Greek”.

Furthermore, in those found copies of manuscripts, there is no division between the words. Just to show you, they were written like this; ABUNDANCEWASONTHETABLE.
What does this mean?
If you (being a scholar) claim that it depends on the context, where and how it is used, you are SOL.
Because both possibilities are connected with feasting.
If you (being a scholar) claim, what is most likely, again you are SOL?
Your “most likely” option or choice is “ABUNDANCE WAS ON THE TABLE” but how do you know, there wasn't an Earth quake and consequently, there was “A BUN DANCE” on the table?
You know NOTHING in this matter, because you weren't there.

A few years ago I went to a Notary, because I wanted to certify a few pages of the “Highway Traffic Act”, I printed out from the “official” government site where this document was found.

The Notary flatly refused to certify anything, unless I provide the original. Even though anybody (the Notary too) could go to the “official” government site and print out the “official” document, the Notary won't certify it without the original!

Do you readers realize the monumental importance of this, to the detriment of the corporate status quo justice system?
It means that EVERYBODY who were ever convicted of any crimes by the status quo justice system of the day, were convicted by non-certified, claimed to be “OFFICIAL” claims, quotations from some claimed to be “OFFICIAL” document that were written in those non-certified, claimed to be “OFFICIAL” documents! As far as I know, NOBODY was ever convicted of any crime, by the usage of ORIGINAL documents! Everybody was convicted by the usage of fake, non-certified, counterfeit, CLAIMED to be “OFFICIAL” documents!
When there is no “ORIGINAL”, there is no “AUTHORITY”!!!! Bibles included!!!

Fake claims, fake standings, fake understandings, fake charges, fake documents, fake, fake, fake all the way to the bank....including the bank!
The punishments however, the “useful idiots” of the corporate status quo justice system of the day punish you with, were/are very real!

When is payback and payback time to these fakers, (I don't mean “accepting” their morsels, they call “remedies”) these phoneys, these deceivers, these low level entities, these “useful idiots”, who mercilessly used, still use and harm “Living-souls”?

As it was stated before in other posts, the only course of action for “Living-souls”, is to curse each and every entity by its own devices that moves against you, directly and/or indirectly, overtly and/or covertly, in any way, shape or form. Include the supporters of the entity too.

Names, titles and numbers mean NOTHING!
For example; curse those entities (useful idiots) by their own devices, who are piloting those planes that leave chem-trails behind them. If you curse those “pilots” or their names, they mean absolutely NOTHING!
The same way, don't curse the cops, the lawyers, the judges, the politicians, the corporate leaders! It is futile and you are wasting your energy, shooting blanks, accomplishing nothing.
Have you ever seen a gun that was on trial because it killed somebody?
It is always the USER (the useful idiot) who is responsible what happens with a tool or a machine.

Curse the ENTITIES THEMSELVES by their own devices, who are in those various roles, using titles, numbers and names to cover themselves. You'll get angry initially, after you find out how you were used and robbed by these brute, low level entities but don't let the Sun set with your anger.

You have to help yourselves! Nobody will help you to free yourselves! ALL “liberators” in history, turned out to be conquerors and oppressors.

EVERYTHING is used against you by design, in this fiction world!
Do you reader realize you are using fake bank notes too?
Anything that is a fake of something, it is a counterfeit too...isn't it?
Do you realize the bank notes you are using are copies of copies of copies of the originals?
Anything that is a copy is a fake and anything that is fake, it is a counterfeit too....isn't it?

When YOU make so-called “counterfeit” bank notes, you violate their counterfeit claim, that to make counterfeit bank notes is illegal. Their counterfeit copyright act forbids you to make their counterfeit bank notes.
Something is wrong isn't it?
How did these leaches solved this copyright problem?
They issued LICENSES and having LICENSES make the illegal legal. Voalah! So, a licensed attorney is “clean” to copy any copies of any act, policy, custom, law, whatever there is in the corporate status quo legal system. You can't, because you don't have a license to do it. When YOU copy anything that is “legal”, you violate their copyright laws. Just like when you copy their counterfeit banknotes. It is illegal, because you don't have a license to copy (make) them.

The same pattern over and over. It is boooooring. But it does work like a “charm”. When you curse them, you return their “charm” to them and then you'll see clearly their whole operation and it is painfully simple, they just made it look complicated. Look for the patterns as they always follow them.

When Lucky Luciano was interviewed once, the reporter asked; “What would you do differently if you could start over?” Lucky answered immediately with; “I would get a license.”

Killing is wrong, it is a crime but if you have a “license to kill” it is all right.
Who issue these licenses?
How did these rotten, crooked, despicable entities, these “useful idiots” got into power and now dictate to others their way of life of hostility, creating misery and destruction in their paths, wherever they go?

But returning to bank notes, how did they come into existence?
First, an artist designed the patterns, then those patterns were engraved on plates, then copies of those plates were made, then copies of those copies were made. Don't forget though, they were flipped back and forth between positive and negative images. The bank notes you have in your pocket are the reverse copies of the plates they were printed on by those who got the LICENSE to print them. Just remember, those illuminated entities love mirroring, like a reflection of a building in water and such.

In today's corporate, artificial world, all you need is a license to do anything you want to do. The issuer of the specific license guarantees you, that you are not guilty of that crime, your license applicable to. Sort of like the Catholic confession but in preemptive mode.

So, what is the bottom line in this “OFFICIAL”, “ORIGINAL” and “AUTHORITATIVE” business?
If you have something that is “official”, but without the “original”, you have only private, prejudice, ignorant opinions without any “authority”.

Any “original” trumps “official”!
I had an “OFFICIAL”, (stamped, signed) document but it didn't amount to a hill of beans. When I state it was “OFFICIAL”, I mean official from the government, yet another branch of the same government WOULDN'T accept its own “OFFICIAL” document! They wanted the original.

There goes the “Queen's Printer” with its claimed to be “official” copies it prints into the dumpster and with that tiny deceptive word “as”, like in the term “as the original”. “As the original” is NOT the “original”! The other word you have to watch for is “like” as in “this copy is like the original” but in fact it is not. Keep your guards up, when dealing with them status quo deceptive critters!

Start paying attention to “originals” readers!
When you write a letter or create anything, that is “original” and when you mail it, you lost your original and gave it freely to whoever you gave it to. Next time when you write a letter to some “officials”, make a copy of it and mail the certified copy. Keep the originals. They sell those original documents you write to them! You give away your originals, they give you copies of copies. What a fair deal!
Nothing like equality when it comes to corporate status quo governments isn't it?

I recall some tax dispute about an island (to whom the people supposed to pay tax) not that long ago and what settled the issue was the Vatican. The Vatican had the original document about the island, to whom it belonged to. The loosing party had to pay the fine in gold, by the way.

So, your cherished Bible cannot even be certified to be “official” and obviously, “original” is out too!
How does that grab you?
There are no “original” Bibles and since there are no original manuscripts, what makes you think what you read in your Bibles are the same as the originals were. That is, if there were ever any originals. After all, the Bible is a book of stolen books, in which case it is impossible to have any “original” of it anywhere. It is undeniable that many of the writings in the Bible can be found in much earlier records.

Most of you Bible believers go into (if you didn't already) cognitive dissonance, reading this. Unable to handle the truth. Lock up.

By the way, judge Anna is incorrect about Eve, in her article. At the end of the article, she claims that “Eve just accepted her punishment without blaming anyone else”.
Come, come, now, judge Anna!
What does the record state?
How could you miss it?
Its as big as a barn door.
“And the women said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”
Isn't her statement a clear; “passing the buck”?
Oh, no, no, it wasn't me! It was the serpent. Snitched on the serpent instantly! lol
Eve also lied before all this happened!
“God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it,...”
Again, according to the record, God didn't say; “...neither shall ye touch it,...”. Eve added to the “words of God”, which is a BIIIG no, no!
Eve also subtracted the word “freely”. Another BIIIG no, no!
Eve “...just accepted her punishment...”?
Not according to the record, judge Anna.
Eve was the first scholar, who violated the record about what God said or didn't say.
Did she play the “victim” to Adam with crocodile tears?
Most likely, according to the record.
Did she cry on Adam's shoulder?
Reading between the lines, most likely.

Is it possible that Adam took the fruit because he loved Eve more than he loved God and wanted to die with her, because he didn't want to see her die alone???
What is the main theme you see in plays, theatres, books and in movies?
Love and death, isn't it?
Over and over.
Do you recognize the PATTERNS?
Do you love me enough to die for me Adam???
He did.

If this story really happened, just imagine the drama that went down. The hearth wrenching, sober, pitiful conversation between the two.
-What did you do Eve?
-Oh, Adam, I ate the fruit, God told us not to eat.
-You changed Eve! You were snow white (hint, hint) before but not anymore! You are reddish color now!
-I know Adam, I feel the change inside of me. What is happening to me Adam? Even the animals don't behave towards me as they were before. What is happening Adam?
-Eve,...God told me and I told you not to eat from the fruit of that tree or we die. You are dying Eve.
-Oh, Adam....I am afraid! What will happen to us, what will happen to me now?
-And with a short silent pause, Adam said; give me some of that fruit (most likely grapes) Eve, you are still holding in your hand.
-What are you going to do Adam?
-I am going to die with you Eve.
-No, no, Adam no! I am not worth it!
-Give them to me Eve.
And that is, the “rest of the story” folks.
Did this really happen and did it happen this way?
Who knows.

While picturing this “event” if you care reader, listen to Beethoven's 7th symphony. The beginning of the second movement up to about two-three minutes or so. IMHO, that is the saddest music ever written. Full of sorrow, shame and regret. Regret, because they didn't take part of the fruit of the tree of life (most likely olive) and now marching away shamefully from the presence of God, into this present world.

Judge Anna underestimates an adversary and It plays with her, like a cat plays with a mouse. That adversary were created to be perfect in knowledge and wisdom, no man can match. The only thing IT lacks is “understanding”. This is the “edge” the “Living-souls” have over this adversary. “Understanding” comes from “wisdom” that you can't buy, like you buy “knowledge” and “intelligence” from universities.

Pursuing “intelligence” is like preparing to go to a gun fight with a rubber knife. You need knowledge, wisdom and understanding. There is somebody who is better than you in the first two but can't touch you in the third. By the way, I don't mean the dictionary definitions of “understanding”, just like I don't mean the dictionary definition of “cursing” either. You read definitions of words in status quo dictionaries that suit status quo agendas NOT the truth.

It is interesting though, how and why the corporate status quo court system presses the word “understand” before every victim is placed on their sacrificial altar to be burned! Everybody claims “yes” to that question of “Do you understand?” but in fact none do and the status quo entities know the victim is lying and so does “Cosmic justice”. People don't want to look stupid saying “no”, which seals their fate. “Pride goeth before destruction.”

By the way, judge Anna, according to the record, Satan was never an “angel”. Lucifer was the “anointed cherub that covereth”. He was the fifth (number of death) Cherub NOT an angel. Yes, he can transform himself INTO an “angel of light” but that doesn't make him an angel.

Judge Anna, the descendants of Cain were wiped out in the flood, so those “Canaanites” were NOT Cain's descendants as you state in another of your articles!!! If there are any descendants of Cain after the flood, there is a contradiction in the record, in which case, there were more than eight who were saved after the flood.
Which one is it?

Perhaps, IMHO, judge Anna should leave theology alone and stick to status quo, man-made propagandas about man-made laws and reveal them to the people. There are too many obvious, blatant mistakes she makes in theology that don't line up with the records she claims to believe and uphold. She is mistaken in theological issues and no, I am NOT throwing stones at her! Correcting somebody is NOT the same as throwing stones.
She is just not “right” all the time and every time but who is?
The acid test is admitting it. The corporate status quo never makes mistakes, neither a soccer referee. I know, I used to be one and we NEVER made any mistake.

“The search for truth is a uniquely human process, a quest guided by our perception of an event. But what happens to the truth when what we see and what we think we see....are two very different things?”

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