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To: Do you really want your “Birthright”, as judge Anna tells you?

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Wednesday, 24-Aug-2016 20:55:31

Let us look at one of the latest articles by judge Anna (without attacking her) and comment on it.

When I had some correspondence with her, she stated to me several times that “you have to go in first, before you can get out”.
Her statement sounds solid isn't it?
Until you start thinking on your own.
Do you realize you can't “go in”, because YOU ARE “IN” ALREADY?
The only way out, is to exit. You can't go “in” any further. You can't go into a place where you are already.
Like an old friend of mine was looking for his shirt, then he realized he was wearing it or did you ever look for your glasses while you were wearing it?
Feel kind of stupid...after you realize it, isn't it?
You are submerged in the excrement of the status quo thugs.
How could you possibly “go in” any further, than you are “in” already?

Let's look at her “namechange.pdf” file.
She lists three major “problem” areas right at the beginning.

After this, there is a bold statement; “, we have exhaustive and precise information about what 'citizenship' is and is not, what 'nationality' is and is not,.....”
Granted, you may have plenty of info but you don't have ALL.

Then; “...discerned all the trap doors and semantic deceits that the Federal 'Code' can offer.”
In fiction there are INFINITE possibilities!
Are you saying you “discerned all”?
That is an impossibility!

Even if you could completely, totally corner the status quo thugs and pin them down, at that point they can simply adopt Dave Miller's “quantum-language” technology and you are SOL again, because you are talking gibberish just like they did before but now, with their usage of “quantum-language” technology, they are back in the driver seat...again.
There is not a single noun, there is not a single fact in any of your statements, documents, claims or whatever you have. You are babbling.

Then there is the “birthright” issue. There are examples listed that you are a; “Californian, Coloradan, or Virginian or any other 'State National' is recognized...”
Here we go again! That paragraph is asking permission, approval from the status quo, hence; “is recognized”. So, you can't do anything that is not “recognized” by the status quo.

Why do the people have to “recognize” the “programs” of the status quo but the status quo never ever “recognize” the people's?

The status quo's reply to the listed “Federal Code....” will be; “you didn't interpret it correctly”. Again! The status quo is correct, you are not! SOL for you!

How much do you have in your valet, or even better, how much do you have in your (it is really “ours”, that is why we can seize it at any time) bank account?
You pay the clerk when you leave.

A suggestion to everybody!
Before you use ANY of the materials of the status quo, you MUST get their definitions of every word and term they use in their documents. Not only the definitions but also how those words are used in that document.
Because these status quo thugs are tricky critters. They CHANGE the definition of the words during their process and again, if you don't know this, you are SOL, again.
So, how much do you have in your valet,....?

The definitions of the words are the intents of the one who created the document. So, in order for you to get the exact definition of even one word in that document, you must go to the one who created the document, with that word is in. You must go to the “source”. If you don't or you can't, and you just listen and take what a lawyer tells you, you'll be railroaded and roasted in one of the status quo's “Arbeit Macht Frey” camp ovens. GUARANTEED!!!

Why is the “birthright” such a big deal in the status quo?
Why is it promoted that you have to go to your masters (status quo) to reclaim your birthright?
It is promoted that you replace whatever you are now and step into another fiction trap and claim that now you are a “State National”!!!!!!!
Can anybody show me ANY “State”?
Can anybody show me “America”?
Can anybody show me “Europa”?
Nooooooo! They are ALL legal fictions and you are invited to join one and leave the one you are in now!
If you follow their add vice, you jump from the hot pan into the fire. Like the “Maze runner” movie. From one maze into another. The status quo's main goal is to make the transition as real as possible so none of you will notice the change, that THERE WAS NO CHANGE! You are still “in”.

Did Esau really sell his birthright?
Yes, you can sell ANY “right”, give it away, trade it, plunder it, extort it or whatever. This is why this word “right” is so important to the status quo fiction. They use it for commerce. They use it for extortion. Extortion of you! This word is one of their “operative” words right along with “human” and “democracy” and “claim” and “ownership” and “citizen”, to list a few.

“Birthrights” exist ONLY in the status quo fiction of the day, not in reality. Good ol Jake was a little bit simple minded, shall we say, like the modern day Forrest Gump. “Life is like a box of chocolate”. A son, only a mother could love and it was so. Just imagine when Esau arrived where Jake was and the conversation that took place between a mentally healthy man and a not so mentally healthy brother. Just imagine when Jake asked for Esau's birthright when there was no such thing as “birthright”. Esau had compassion towards Jake and went along with Jake's non-existing, imaginative childish play. Jake must of wanted to be like Esau and Esau had pity on him so he EXCHANGED his nonexistent “birthright” for pottage. Notice that there was a straight EXCHANGE. There was no money involved so there couldn't of been any “sale” either as the “record” states. Esau didn't “sell” his nonexistent “birthright”.

There was/is such a thing as “birthfact” and that is seen today, as your “Birth Certificate”. A “Birth Certificate” is a written proof of the EVENT of a “live birth”, a FACT of “live birth”. It is NOT a proof of “birthright”, because there is no such thing!
Why the Status quo doesn't issue “Birthright Certificates”?
Because there are no such things in reality! Because the real can't mix with fiction! Hoooow many times this fact was stated all over on the NET and people still don't get it! People fricken swallow every junk, without thinking!!!

“Birthfact” is real, “Birthright” is not and as it was stated earlier, the status quo loooves the word “right”. It thrives on it greatly. Because it is fiction! If you notice, in your word processor “Birthfact” comes up as a spelling mistake, while there is no spelling mistake with “Birthright”.
You see how you are diverted away from the truth?

The mother hen partridge fakes she is injured and wobbling away from where the chicks are, luring the predator away from her chicks. The status quo thugs play the tactics of the mother partridge and you play the dumb predator....no offence, you judge yourself.

Even in the status quo, your “birthfact” is proven by the “Birth Certificate”, it is theirs, they issued it. Yet, a “Birth Certificate” cannot be used to identify you.
What do you think why?
Because “real” cannot mix with “fiction”. The “Birth Certificate” cannot be used to identify you IN THEIR STATUS QUO FICTION. In real life, yes, it is your identification.
Did you notice that ALL status quo identifications of you started with your “Birth Certificate”?

You can NEVER, EVER sell your “birthfact”. The status quo certified this EVENT/FACT of live birth.
So, what do they do, to get around it?
They ignore its importance and introduce you to the artificial, fictitious “birthright”. THEY sold you their “birthright” scam and you swallowed (I mean bought) it big time. When you buy something, you are stuck with it, BUT, you still got your “birthfact”. Your “birthfact” is that old rusty sword or six shooter that is hidden in the attic in family homes but neglected. It might come out one day as the “final solution” with the status quo thugs.

You didn't and don't give a damn about your “birthfact”. You don't care about real fruit, you want artificial flavour. You don't care about “American Made”, you want “Made in China”. Perhaps you will care, later. You EXCHANGED your “birthfact” into “birthright”. You REPLACED your “birthfact” voluntarily with the status quo's “birthright” contraption.

Once you bought your “birthright”, now you can sell it again or trade it or plunder it or anything you want to do with it. It is a commodity. You NEVER EVER sold your “birthright” INITIALLY, because you NEVER had it in the first place. THEY SOLD THEIR “BIRTHRIGHT” SCAM TO YOU FIRST! You never had it before! Talking about selling ice to the Eskimos scam magnified a hundred times!

One more time with feeling.
You still have your undeniable “birthfact”, from the beast (status quo) itself, although there is no need for it. It is used as a tool to “get you” and works wonderfully!

The snake comes along and offers you some plastic fruit (Made in China). You look at it and it looks good so you buy it...then when you bite into it, you realize it is not nearly as good as it looks. Then when you complain, the snake offers you to sell your “birthright” back to him/her/it. So you do. This was the process how you lost your “birthright” metaphorically speaking. You got something you never had before and you didn't need it, then you sold it back. It had no value to you but it has value to the snake. FDR's gold scam procedure was exactly the same. No wonder, they use the same template.

What do you get from the snake in exchange?
A big garden of plastic fruit trees where you'll live and to feast on them plastic fruits, after you paid for them of course.
Sounds about right so far?

Then some splinter groups form in that big (fiction) garden with the plastic fruit trees, who are trying to recruit you into their section of the big (fiction) garden, they are managing with a little different plastic fruit trees and with plastic fruits on them, except these fruit trees and fruits were “Made in Taiwan”. Much better quality than the other but you have to convince yourself it is.

What keeps this insane, fiction status quo system “alive”?
The only reason it is “alive”, because of the “useful idiots” of the status quo. Yes, your relatives, your friends, your neighbours, your co-workers and IF you are part of the “useful idiot” group, you yourself.

“Living-souls” always suffered from mediocre minds and now those mediocre minds are in control positions, overlooking the “progress” of mankind. They all bought their intelligence from one of the status quo universities, however they don't have an ounce of wisdom. But again, “intelligence” is artificial, “wisdom” is real.

The good news is that whenever you buy something, you can also discard it at any time you want it and guess what. You don't need any “sales receipt” or fill out warranty card or file some forms in the status quo court house. You just DO IT! But again the “useful idiots” are unable to see this. As a matter of fact they are upset right now, reading these words.

It is absolutely critical, vital for the status quo to maintain the “useful idiot” barrier between them and the “Living-souls”. Without the “useful idiots”, there is no status quo. It would fall apart overnight. Many of the “useful idiots” of today are (here is a wild one for you) androids and they are in high control positions within the status quo.

Judge Anna is right! Sort of. IF you want to stay in the fiction, it is vital for you to have your “birthright”. It boils down to, what do you want. Fiction or real.

The fiction world is a dream world. Judge Anna and the rest like her, inviting you to join their fiction dream, which is just another offshoot branch of the status quo fiction dream.

Of course, the status quo could put up a fake fight, to make it more convincing and realistic, that you are on the right track to exit from it but in fact, you are still on the same train, except the scenery changed.

This is the time in your life, when you need “spiritual discernment”. You need that “Holy Spirit” to guide you and I am NOT talking about that other, fictitious pretender, imitator, counterfeit “Holy Spirit” of religion. I am talking about the “Real McCoy”, who guides you unto all truths.

More from the article; “It's your explanation and defense of who you really are,...”
If you claim, you are an “Alaskan State National”, the status quo thugs laugh their heads off in the background, because you just claimed to be part AND controlled by another fiction with different name.

Don't even bring up the “flesh and blood” issue! If you are a “State National”, there is no “flesh and blood”.
Does the state you claim to live in and to be that “National” of, has any “flesh and blood”?
If you mix fiction with reality, that is a proof you are unstable, psychotic and mentally ill.
Do you see in libraries and in bookstores fiction books mixed with non-fiction books?

“No law or fact shall be tried in court.”
You, the people are lured into another fiction, another garden, to leave the status quo fiction and join their fiction.
If you are not fed up with the status quo and want to stay in fiction, help yourself.

Only “likes” fight with “likes”. A totalitarian system could fight with only another totalitarian system. A fiction can fight only with another fiction. So, eventually if this keeps up, there will be a fight between the two fictions. Just like in WW2.

If you are interested to be in reality, that avenue is what you need to explore. Get up, look for the “EXIT” sign and exit. Just make sure that “EXIT” sign is real, not a mirror reflection.

First, you have to wake-up from your dreams from your fiction. Dreams like “ownership” and “claims” and “Nationality” and “politics” and “money” and “assets” and the rest of the dreams, that dreaming creates.

Exit the artificial garden the snake offered you and you took, so you could live again.

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