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Part 1 American Lawyer ----------- Why is the Big Bad Wolf so afraid of what David Crayford has to say?

Posted By: igots2no
Date: Friday, 22-Jul-2016 08:41:25

Complicate this world you wrapped for me
I'm acquainted with your suffering
And all your weight
It falls on me
It brings me down

And all your weight
It falls on me
It falls on me

Hold me up to all whom you've deceived

Promises you break you still believe

- Collective Soul, 1999

A piece flew across my desk the other day from as associate overseas, asking a question, that I must admit, I had never even thought about before. Not that it's beyond me, it's just that I never thought about it before. Considering the nature of this particular source, I'm pretty sure he doesn't ask this kind of question all the time. But he did ask it this time, so I thought I'd give it a stab. The question was:

Are David Crayford's detractors smoking crack, or what?

That was a really good question. But it was one I didn't have the time to contemplate at that particular moment, there were so many other more serious issues in the world for me to deal with and try to understand, but then I looked down and read his question again.

I nodded and laughed, because the answer was a definite 'yes,' these clowns gotta be smokin' crack, or worse. But I couldn't help but to laugh at the absurdity of the entire situation, because it really would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. The world was going crazy. And so were the vicious attacks and smear campaign aimed against David Crayford every time he spoke.

Out there, Killery was hunting down witnesses and Bill was threatening those who wouldn't donate to the Clinton Foundation. The Donald was accusing Killery of murder, while trying to survive the 100 Naked Women that greeted him in Cleavage, make that, Cleveland, Ohio, at the GOP Convention. The U.S. government and military were making vacation arrangements in the South China Sea and working with NATO to install new leadership in Turkey. On the inside, David Crayford was rambling on and shaking evidentiary documents in fist about 3,500 metric tons of stolen ITC gold being converted into $3 trillion American dollars in $100 bills, printed up in Thailand at the request of the Philippine Department of Finance, on behalf of the U.S. Treasury.

And then the ghouls went crazy. They went absolutely apes**t and into full war mode. They attacked David Crayford's piece head on. They attacked his character, and tried to change the focus of what he was saying to something that has nothing to do with anything important. They talked about America's trustees having to re pay some unnamed "debt." Things got so crazy in the exchange, that even Neil Keenan crawled out from under his woodpile to be heard.

The Totally Fake Judge Anna von Reitz pounced on the opportunity to further confuse Readers for Truth by posting not one but two responses to David Crayford, and my response to him. Even Poof / Jerzy / ZAP had to jump into the routine, acting as if someone were talking to him or asking for his opinion, which nobody was. And then there were the four hacks. Four coordinated e mails sent to Igots2no for posting, rather than the usual poster of harassing, distracting, attacking pieces aimed at David Crayford, who's name this time was completely absent. These fake Reader knuckleheads who posted the four pieces carried on amongst themselves in their fake posts, cavorting like chipmunks with each other on RMN, surrounding David Crayford's serious piece, talking as if Crayford had attacked America herself; as if the discussion were really about whether the American people or their Trustees were responsible for repaying some unnamed debt, and that Anna von Reitz was really the only one with answers. It was pure Alphabet Agency sophomoric nonsensical responses to important information and questions that David Crayford was trying to get out to the public. Pure distraction, disinformation.

But why? Why are so many people taking the time out of their crazy lives to go after David Crayford? Why do they control the information that comes out on the Internet regarding the truth of global finances and what they call global collateral accounts?

Why do so many innocent police officers around the world get gunned down? Why are so many innocent civilians around the world getting blown to smithereens? Why is a twelve year old child being beheaded on YouTube? Why are so many children in the world going hungry and getting raped?

Why does Fake Judge von Reitz or Pugnose Keenan even care about what David Crayford has to say? After all, David Crayford didn't have anything to say about Keenan. David Crayford's said all he's gonna say about Keenan and his American Agency sponsored criminal activities. Keenan doesn't have anything to say, period, so why's he mouthin' off uninvited at David Crayford? The answers to all these questions are interrelated and complex, as is the true history of the Combined International Collateral Accounts and Assets of the Global Debt Facility.



Are these guys smoking crack? It's a question that just a minute ago seemed so absurd, but now, when one looks at the world, at the key players in that world and how they are interrelating, then takes a panoramic shot across the bow of what is happening everywhere right now, today, yesterday, one has to really wonder. In America, it appears the Obama administration is doing everything in its power to bring Martial Law to Americans. The U.S. military is toe to toe with the Chinese military in the South China Sea, and they're swarming Russia's Federation. Their mercenary proxies are blowing up Europe, inside and out through France. They are financing mercenary armies that are laying waste to all value of entire nations; they are creating war in Africa, The Middle East, Asia, South America (financial war) and North America. And give us all a break with the Muslim ideologists and CIA / Soros backed Black Lives Matter terrorists already on domestic soil. Where is the money coming from that pays for all this chaos and bloodshed?

You can always find answers by sifting through the annals of usual suspects hiding behind dark curtains: the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, other dark bloodlines, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Banksters and their Cronies and the like. Beneath them, making it happen on the ground, operating and gathering information and implementing the strategies of the above-named elitists, are the murky agency types. The government shills. The Alphabet Assets. There, you'll find philosophy and information being gathered, reformulated, and disseminated. New stamps and pre packaged pabulum stamping out old truths. You have agency peoples operating out of New York and Langley and elsewhere, everywhere, all over the world, implementing isolated aspects of the overall plan for global domination and control. Resources are scarce. Information is critical.

Hidden right in plain sight amongst the people of the world, there exists simple faces behind calculating eyes. Players of the global domination game, at a high level. People like Robert Steele commanding attention from shadowy realms of military and intelligence the world over. The name Robert Steele commands respect and a smile.

Steele is an Agency icon. He calls himself a former CIA spy who has trained over 7,500 officers from over 66 governments (NATO / PfP, and others). He claims to have over 18 years experience across the U.S. Intelligence community and an additional 20 years experience in commercial intelligence and training. He is also a former Marine and he is the co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. A lot of spy.


Robert Steele's is the consummate American spy story. He's been inside and out of the agency that has played so crucial a roll in dictating and implementing social and financial disorder at a global and historical level. He is well indoctrinated with and promoted by the CIA promotional mechanism. So what does Robert Steele, and the agency he gave so much of his life to, have to do with David Crayford, the ITC, and the Global Debt Facility? The answer, of course, is they have illegally used the funds, and still are, from the Global Debt Facility for their nefarious and criminal activities around the world. That is why the truth from David Crayford must be destroyed at all costs. The Truth is Top Secret. Bury the Top Secret mouthpiece if you can.

To understand this better, we must look deeper into what Robert David Steele is really about. Something called Bio Steele Strategic Foresight says Robert David Steele calls himself a holistic strategic analyst and educator of individuals and organizations --- governments, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and universities in particular. In other words, he will take a government, corporation, organization, or university and completely 'strategize,' analyze, and educate individuals and organizations belonging thereto. And then what? How many people in the world will benefit from that? How many of those people he "strategizes", "analyzes", and "educates", will be able to feed their families when he's done? Will it feed any starving Americans?

Robert David Steele says he is competent at all-source collection management (know who knows); geospatially-based visualization of complex data (has nothing to do with gastrointestinal issues, I think); multidisciplinary and multilingual analytics (has nothing to do with porn or muscle pulling, I believe); and compelling interaction with decision-makers facing painful choices and confusing opportunities (has nothing to do with S&M, B&D, or the JDL).

Steele's bio says he is a former senior intelligence professional for the USA, an honorary hacker, and the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories. He has been CEO of a for-profit company, Open Source Solutions Network, Inc., and is today CEO of an accredited educational non-profit, Earth Intelligence Network. In other words, this guy's a really big shot. A high honcho. A top dog. A head bowling pin in the world of technology hackers, information gatherers, and soul-snatchers.

What may be instrumental to what Robert David Steele has to sell is that he is the key proponent of something called Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). He is the leading proponent for Applied Collective Intelligence, which he says "integrates Holistic Analytics, True Cost Economics, and Open Source Everything, an engineering and information management approach that is affordable, interoperable and scalable." On top of all this, he's written several intelligence related books. Again, impeccable, if you happen to believe in this kind of artificial intelligence / global domination / black ops a day kind of world he lives in. But what does it all mean to the average unemployed Joes of the world? Does it mean our freedom? Will it cost us truth? What is the cost of freedom and truth for people all over the world?

Robert David Steele's motto says all I need to know about what he stands for:

"The truth at any cost, lowers all other costs."


Truth at any cost is where I draw the line. Truth is paramount to change and transformation. We could not begin to discover what it is that we need to do or become in life until we discover the truth of the worlds around us. What is what? And who is what? That's why I do what I do. Truth is why I write to Americans, and anyone else in the world who is in search of discussing what we can do to change the world to make it a greater place during this lifetime.

David Crayford is the same thing. He's been barking at the world, and Americans, for at least eight years trying to wake us up as to what our real actuality is as to global financial and historical matters. He's trying to wake up Americans to their financial reality, not the false financial realm of humanitarian programs, war mentality, CVRs and RVs, that we've been programmed into believing.

Other personalities, such as Central Intelligence's Robert Steele, promote an aspect of artificial intelligence, where they control all the information, total source, who knows what, and what goes to whom how. They will tell you what to think, and when you will think it.

Robert Steele sells it as if there's this point out there somewhere in the ether where "information, technology, and resources are opened up as the commons to all." This is what truth at any cost is all about, according to Robert Steele. When this happens, he says, "the true cost plummets and the well-being of our planet and all living beings here begin to thrive, as well as our social, political and financial systems." I disagree. I don't see the connection. Agency stuff is about controlling information and truth. They want all the information, and they want to know who knows what about whom. That is death for us all. Again, a bunch of intelligent gobbledygook.

Robert Steele says, "The open source revolution will transform our world for the better and for all."

But will it? That is the question we're all going to have to ask ourselves.

All of the above, and what Robert Steele says and represents can be argued until the second coming of the M1, which I'm willing to do, either way, Robert Steele or the M1, but we don't have time for that here right now. I disagree with Robert David Steele on every front he represents. He's about controlling resources and information, and part of the mechanism that controls people. They are in the business to keep truth from humanity, which is the exact opposite of what Robert Steele publicly claims he wants to do. But that is my opinion, and like elbows and a**holes, we've all got one. Or two. My point here is that Robert Steele is a well stated man. He's got purpose in life, and he's not afraid to put right out there in your face what he does. Or at least what he says he does. What he wants you to believe he does. He's backed by powerful people, and he's well respected within the global military and intelligence communities.


To the world, Steele says, "Sharing, not secrecy, is the means by which we realize such a lofty destiny as well as create infinite wealth. The wealth of networks, the wealth of knowledge, revolutionary wealth-all can create a nonzero, win-win Earth that works for 100% of humanity. This is the 'utopia' that Buckminster Fuller foresaw, now within our reach."

I beg to disagree. The 'utopia' that Buckminster Fuller talked about had nothing to with global dominance of information, technology, and resources, which is exactly what Steele yearns for and represents, having been a CIA lifer. Nothing's changed there. Buckminster Fuller and Robert Steele's messages do not logically or morally belong in the same universe. I am told that Robert Steele, although being presented to the world as a high end muckety muck on an intelligence technology platform, is no more than just another high end pawn / player within a pre composed system; the system, the philosophy and execution of which originates at a much higher link in the chain of command than from where Steele operates.

Buckminster Fuller was truly one of history's greatest visionaries. His ideas drew forth from the point where Spirit, Mind, Heart, and ingenuity all explode into one dynamic field of Divine brilliance and Creation. Steele tries to bind a true visionary, Fuller, with the controlled schematic of interference from his own programmed thinking. Where Buckminster Fuller foresaw a world where mankind could work together as one to spawn its greatest technological and benevolent creations, Steele is talking intelligence world related gobbledygook as a cover for the controllers' pure desire for censorship and domination of human thought and mind. They want to have all the information and control who gets what.

Those who have all the wealth and use it for less than totally benevolent purposes for all of creation deserve no wealth at all is my motto.


Robert Steele seems to have confirmed in his way what David Crayford has been telling his readers for years. That the preconditions for revolution exist right now in the United States and the Western World. Steele said, "The number of active pre-conditions is quite stunning, from elite isolation to concentrated wealth to inadequate socialization and education, to concentrated land-holdings to loss of authority to repression of new technologies, especially in relation to energy, to the atrophy of the public sector and spread of corruption, to media dishonesty, to mass unemployment of young men..."

He's right of course. On each and every point. But the irony of what Robert Steele says is that the agency he works for, and I don't care what he says about being former CIA, as I've been assured by many that they never leave, they only take extended vacations, (the CIA and Banksters) is what's causing the world's problems he mentions.

The world is a sick mess. The financial system in the West is broken, and we're all starving in one way or another. We're sick, clueless, homeless. We have many problems in America and the world that we're going to have to eventually come to grips with and overcome. We've got the manpower and the know how, but where are we going to get the financial resources to rebuild a country that has suffered shear neglect for so long? Until we get the financing, we will not actually be able to change anything.

Robert Steele suggests to "open sources everything to positively transform our world." He also just happened to recently begin to discuss the world's largest financial / gold cover up story in history. Now, imagine that. Mr. information and technology control freak telling us about a gold cover up.

Robert Steele just happens to have started talking about the Global Collateral Accounts, and how they tie in to JFK's assassination and 9 / 11. Something David Crayford has been talking about for how long? And then Robert Steele just happens to bump into Neil Keenan. What a coincidence.


When Robert Steele talks, people, especially those in the military and intelligence worlds, listen. When Robert Steele refers to the "Global Collateral Accounts", he is talking about what David Crayford has been warning the world about for the last eight years, what he has called the "Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility." This is why people attack David Crayford so consistently and viciously, because David Crayford is the world's only spokesperson for the ITC, who is the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter to the Global Collateral Accounts and Assets. Nobody attacks Robert David Steele when he talks about the Global Collateral Assets. Why is that?


In a recent Internet piece, Robert Steele is quoted as saying:

"As I encounter disbelief about Neil Keenan and his role as the main juncture between the Dragon Society and the West as we move toward a global economic re-set, I have to remind myself that 80% of the public still thinks JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald; J. Edgar Hoover was a moral man; the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty by accident, and 9/11 was carried out by a bunch of 'rag heads' armed with box cutters."

As I re read the nonsensical quote I just typed, I can't help but think back to the original question we posed at the top of this piece. Are these guys smoking crack, or what?

Robert Steele is trying to give a good ole professional CIA / Spy world entertainer's endorsement to Neil Keenan by comparing Keenan's role in the fiction Steele terms the "global economic re-set" to those who reveal the truth behind JFK's assassination, the USS Liberty attack or 9 / 11. This is an unadulterated effort by Steele to bring intelligence /military world credibility to a terminally incredible Pugnose Keenan story. In American football terms it's called piling on. Too many on the dog pile. Why does the Keenan Team need this endorsement?


Neil Keenan's been washed up, bone dry on a desert shore, left for vultures' picking for longer than most would care to remember. He hasn't had anything substantive or new to offer the public intelligence / CIA, mercenary / fortune hunter world since 2011. He's been chased off of one Asian island nation onto another. He's in hiding and his readership and credibility have nosedived into single digits. Neil Keenan and his image were in desperate needs for a boost and repair. Maybe even a rebirth.


Keenan will never admit to who he is. He'll never write that he's a Cabal Shill, working for the exact same Cabal that he demonizes and threatens in his writings. Same with Benny the Fraud Fulford and many other Cabal Assets caught up in the processing of and profiting from stolen Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. They work for the Banksters. They're financed through the Rothschilds' financial apparatus. The mouthpiece jobs they have are for the purpose of misinforming the masses to create hope for future financial salvation. Especially for those who have invested, or are looking for somewhere to invest.

Like the Humanitarian / GCR / RV organizations, and their spokespersons who are always talking about the money coming in "two weeks from now" and how it's all "going to happen any time now". It's an artificial routine designed to keep the masses sedated with false hopes and bad medicine. This is the same thing Karen Hudes used to do. It's the same thing the Totally Fake Judge Anna von Reitz is doing today. Poof / Jerzy / ZAP is a master at this.

Reports handed to me state that Keenan was part of the Cabal's long time "boots on the ground covert operation" in Indonesia "to gather information, to dispense 'goodies' and to infiltrate the local population." This, I am told, is why Keenan has been allowed unlimited hassle free travel in and out of Indonesia and other parts of Asia and the world, for a long time. I was told that Keenan works covertly for the Cabal under something called the "CIA informer-infiltrator programme"; that Keenan was recruited out of prison into the CIA. That the agreement was that Keenan would receive his freedom "in exchange for his boots on the ground information and involvement in covert 'regime change' operations."

So instead of languishing in jail, Keenan found himself to be the protected Cabal recruit. Keenan could now talk big, do basically whatever he wanted, and boast about meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. He could publicly attack the Queen of England and David Rockefeller. He could set up the illegal Monaco Accord, help process fake bonds (ITC assets), process his own stolen assets, get arrested, and still remain free.

Neil Keenan had so much backing he could go to Bulgaria and just completely disappear from the whole American scene, where U.S. prison officials would never even know he was missing. Neil Keenan was busy running covert operations in foreign countries. His mafia-style life was sponsored by the U.S. tax dollar.


In 2008, the global financial crisis hit the masses hard. The Cabal too suffered tremendous losses when their planned crash did not go according to the plan. Delays and uncertainties in the global setup upset the delicate timing and the crash went off schedule, off path, and off cliff. All of the Cabal's Cronies suffered severe losses as well. They had to be bailed out using hundreds of billions of U.S. tax dollars.

The Cabal, Banksters, and Banks took a financial beating. Much of what they lost was not theirs to lose in the first place. Much of it consisted of, what one report calls, "leveraged funds that needed to be squared off days after trading contracts expired." How they would now raise huge funds without hyperinflation became a huge question?

As a result of the severe losses suffered by the Western financial sector during the 2008 meltdown, China, Russia, BRICS, AIIB, and other major financial institutions outside of the Western financial hemisphere rolled onto the world scene. These were big players who were seriously "gold backed". The Fed and other Western banks would not find it so easy to project and control financial trends and markets anymore. The Cabal could not risk crashing the market for fear of suffering their own substantial losses. They needed to stay alive, keep the system alive so they could keep sucking off of it for survival. The controllers would still control global wars, poverty, and starvation. With the improved technology, mega industrial accidents and planned mega disasters would increase. But they were still going to need massive amounts of money to fund it all. To feed their greedy personal lives. Where would it come from?


Suffering huge losses in the 2008 financial crisis caused the Cabal to change financial strategies. They would now need a new source of major capital infusion. They now needed somebody else's gold to convert and market and spend. They needed to steal Assets that make up the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

They needed to conduct covert military and mercenary operations to siphon legendary gold from the Royal Families and Nations of the World who were using it in a fruitless effort to begin a new global financial system for the benefit of the People of the Nations of the world. The Fed didn't care about the People or the Nations of the world. They were too busy printing high quality fake bonds which would contain deliberate flaws only detectable by experts. The Fed would inject these trillions in fake bonds backed by legendary gold for short term collateral.

According to one report, this would allow Banksters at the Fed and their Cabal Cronies at other Western banking institutions, governments, and militaries, to utilize massive funds for global military and black operations, and to "cash out the winnings to redeem the highly leveraged loans and disappear the fake bonds." This sort of financial scam would be repeated for each Cabal inspired global catastrophe. Today, they play the catastrophe financial market roulette wheel on a near daily basis.


The Fed and their fake bond / stolen gold fraud ran good through June of 2009, when everything in their scheming little world changed. That's when two of the Cabal's Japanese agents, traveling on normal Passports but with apparent fake diplomatic Passports in their briefcases, were unexpectedly caught at the Italy-Switzerland (Chiasso) border crossing.

The Keenan Team was sprung into action in an effort to help control the exposure of the fake bonds and to allay market fears. He's been operating same ever since. That's why he writes what he does. That's why he attacks David Crayford and the OITC.

In November of 2011 he filed his bizarre lawsuit against the OITC, and others. Some believe the lawsuit was designed to promote the story behind the mythology of the Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. The Cabal Banksters needed to keep investors confidence high. Investors needed to believe the system was still strong, the payoff was going to happen any day now. Embarrassingly, Keenan was forced to dismiss his ill conceived lawsuit less than a year after filing.


Robert Steele goes out of his way and bends over backwards on a stool to back slap praise upon Neil Keenan. Why? If Steele's a former CIA (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Agent, then what would he care in all the deepest darkest worlds what 'keep me outta prison' Neil Keenan is all about? But a personal endorsement by one of the CIA's more celebrated spies? Are you kidding me? Am I smoking crack, or what?

What Robert David Steele is trying to do is give the world the odd perspective that by endorsing Keenan and Team Keenan's efforts to actuate the stealing of the Assets of the Global Debt Facility as outlined above, to finance covert Western global black operations and global catastrophes, is somehow an indication that not only are the Accounts real, but that Keenan is real. This piece even goes so far as to declare that Keenan rubs elbows and gets dirty with factions inside "The Pentagon and CIA, Russian Intelligence, presidents and prime ministers, among many other political, financial and intelligence and military groups."

By promoting Neil Keenan and his false operation which involves stealing Global Collateral Assets on behalf of the Fed, World Bank, et al.., Robert David Steele, is helping to falsify the true history behind the Collateral Accounts. He is helping to promote the false reality that the American (CIA) humanitarians that everyone knows them to be are close to opening the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility for its intended purpose, which is to advance the betterment of all People from all Nations of this planet.

The only one who can do this legally is the ITC, the International Treasury Controller. The ITC is the only Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Global Collateral Accounts and Assets. David Crayford is the ITC's spokesperson. That's why the Western banking world and their grommits and minions act like they're smoking crack when Crayford speaks of the above stated plan and provides documents that depict how the Banksters are stealing the 3,500 metric tons of gold from the Philippines, shipping it off to UBS in Switzerland, then authorizing, through the U.S. government, U.S. Treasury, and the Federal Reserve, that the Philippine government print up $3 trillion USD, and whose Philippine Department of Treasury then authorized an energy company from Thailand to print up.


When Robert Steele shows his weight and takes your back it means something to the world who cares about such things. It means you needed him to take your back and that's why he crawled out from under his rock. It shows a crack in the system utilized by those that steal Collateral Accounts and control Western banking. Neil Keenan has been an important player in gathering information and totally twisting that into disinformation. Neil Keenan is a danger to humanity. And CIA chef of the day Robert David Steele wants the world to know that he has Keenan's back. That Pugnose is doing a really good job with those Global Collateral Accounts. That the Assets are really important to the betterment of humanity. Yackety yackety yack. Blah, blah, blah. The money will be here this week, for sure.

My first question would be, When do we get some of that betterment for humanity? We've been hearing about it forever but we get nothing always. When does it stop being labeled under humanitarian control, foundation this and foundation that, and actually materialize for the people? The controlled media released information on just about everybody with the Panama Papers fiasco except for these gold and humanitarian guys. Why?

Steele says, "Neil Keenan is now very close to opening these accounts." This is not true. Neil Keenan couldn't open an account in an American bank under his own name. He's a felon. He had to use a fake ID to even be able to file the 2011 lawsuit against the OITC in the first place. He has as much chance of opening the Global Collateral Accounts as the Federal Reserve Note has of beating the gold backed Eastern currencies. None.

And the chances of all the Humanitarian scammers of actually delivering on their promises of a big payoff to Humanity? Fat chance. Zero. Nada. Zilch. And Keenan knows it. Poof / Jerzy / ZAP knows it. They earn their freedom by telling us otherwise. The International Treasury Controller is the one who is covertly opening these accounts. He operates under Top Secrecy. He doesn't just go out there blabbing about what he's doing to the world at large. The world has ears. The ITC is the rightful owner to the Global Debt Facility and the only one legally capable of applying the wealth therefrom for the benefit of all of the People of all the Nations of the planet. No one else has the legal authority or possibility within the realm of reality of doing this. Neil Keenan is but a mere pawn / con fraud, disinformation artist; one whose time out of prison is only temporary, and whose time for smoking crack is about to be brought to an end.


So David Crayford alerts the world to the goings on behind the scenes in regards to the Global Collateral Accounts. That's his job. Crayford was appointed by the ITC himself to act as his spokesperson. For the time being, for security purposes, the ITC hides behind Mr. Crayford's words. The ITC represents the legal force backing up what David Crayford has to say. So when David Crayford speaks, he speaks from the limited information that is released by this Top Secret financial Institution known as the ITC / OITC. That's why Keenan and those he works for went all apes**t when David Crayford helped to further expose what Keenan and his Cabal Puppet Masters were up to.

Keenan's job is that of the washed up music teacher grabbing co headlines with his young master. David Crayford tells the world of the conversion of gold into U.S. Dollars to finance global terrorism and Keenan comes up with a piece about nothing to grab a share of the Collateral Account headlines. Keenan and his Agency buddies set up shop with blogs and Web sites all over the Internet that featured Keenan's piece, but made it difficult to even find David Crayford's piece. David Crayford's piece could only be found whole in two places, RMN and Abundant Hope. It's very difficult to find the truth about the Collateral Accounts and Assets when searching on the Internet. Keenan will do anything to keep the truth about who David Crayford is from the world. Keenan will spin whatever web he believes necessary to keep the world from understanding that he is an asset of the Fed and other major Western banks. He is what they are actually up to. What he does has nothing to do with Humanitarian purposes, and it has nothing to do with any People or Nations on this planet. It's about the Banksters only. The only Dragons Neil Keenan associates with are those he chases when he's smoking crack.


In 2011, Keenan erroneously informed the world that he had destroyed the OITC. Maybe he believed it at the time, and that's why he said it. He was then working with Keith Scott, former Special Envoy and 'Executor' of Dr. Ray C. Dam, as well as being listed as a CIA operative from the Agency's Australian Field Office.

In reality, however, by conspiring together, Keenan and Scott actually propelled the OITC forward. They provided it with necessary time and opportunity to restructure under a new ITC. It allowed the Royal Families and Nations of the World to rid themselves and the OITC of all the covert CIA agents that had infiltrated it and worked the OITC from the inside out.

A new ITC was appointed, one who is much stronger, more formidable and knowledgeable than any previous member of the OITC. The world has Keenan and Scott to thank for that. But in doing so, Scott and Keenan exposed themselves for what and who they really are, Cabal Shills; Keenan, the ex convict, and the other a so-called undercover agent working for the CIA. Keenan now operates out of Indonesia. Scott is the straggling manipulator who remains in the background, but directs others in creating misinformation, criminal activities, the never ending propaganda. A terrifically twisted bunch of Cabal Shills. Intertwined, intermingling, interplaying Pied Pipers leading the Sheeple to slaughter.

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