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Australian Policewoman Gets Caught Blooching for Pedophiles

Posted By: MaryMaxwell
Date: Thursday, 8-Nov-2018 15:26:22

Australian Policewoman Gets Caught Blooching for Pedophiles

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Something new has come to Australia – a brute force police. Or at least a Pretend Brute Force Police. Midnight raids were carried out four years ago on Muslim residents in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba. That was not pretend; that was the real thing, meant to degrade Muslims.

But so far the brutality waged on Protective Parents (parents trying to save their child from pedophiles) is of the pretend type.

When Dr Russell Pridgeon was recently arrested at his home in Grafton, New South Wales (for being an Aid to Protective Parents), 20 cops were in attendance. They did not touch him or even handcuff him. The whole thing was for show.

It was also to give the troops some experience in “the new way.” I am not sure it makes the cops’ adrenalin flow in the way a real challenge would, but almost certainly it gives the arrestee the fright of his life.

It’s conceivable that the troops in these scenarios are not actual cops, and possibly they aren’t even Australian. Mercenaries are regularly advertised for in Soldier of Fortune and similar magazines. But let’s assume for now that all is kosher and that the police are locals.

They may nevertheless be carrying out orders from a foreign source. Almost certainly that is the case here. The whole attack on Protective Parents is meant to squelch anyone who opposes the use of kids for the entertainment of Pedos. Since the child-trafficking business is global, its coordinators are very likely outside of Oz.

Note: It appears to me that the Australian Federal Police were under foreign instructions during the 1996 Port Arthur massacre and the 2014 Sydney siege. I have written books on both those subjects.

The New Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police

Along comes (in 2017) a new “assistant commissioner” of federal police, a nice-looking, sweet-talking blonde lady. Why do I put her job title in sarcastic quotes? Because I don’t think she is in charge, or is the 2IC. I think she is a front. It pays to have a female in that job.

Why? Because it is harder to criticize her. In fact, it’s hard for people to imagine her overseeing a brutal thrust, while we could easily picture a guy doing it.

I don’t know of any special qualities Officer Platz has for this very important federal job. I am guessing that she was chosen for her looks. That is, in regard to the phenomenon I have just mentioned. Womanly looks.

I am also guessing that she “went for training” – possibly to another country. Many US cops have gone to Israel for training. The purpose of training, even within local Police Academies, is not just to show recruits how to treat their quarry but to teach them how to be obedient:


I reckon Debbie Platz is about as obedient as you can get. Possibly hypnotized as an added precaution?

How a Message Can Get Sent By Invocation of Key Words or Symbols

Recently, in connection with the Pittsburg “terrorism” (a shootout at a synagogue), I told readers at GumshoeNews.com how odd I felt when attending a memorial service in Boston. It was pitched as a solidarity meeting and I think it did accomplish that mission.

Several speeches were made, by clergy and by politicians, such as Governor Baker, from the bandstand on the Boston Common. I identified the main themes as these:

*We are heartbroken for the Pittsburgh congregation and those who lost a loved one.

*Although we are in despair today, let this give rise to a new hope for humanity.

*People act out of hate.

*Our forebears came to these shores for freedom and founded a City on a Hill.

*There is no place for those who are against freedom of speech. [!]

*We hear the voices of children and that’s what it’s all about.

The special service occurred on October 28, 2018, only one day after the Pittsburg synagogue shoot-out, so I wondered how the writers of the speeches could have produced them so quickly.

As I will explain in a moment, I have given a generic name to the kind of solidarity talk that was used at the Boston Common.

I am calling this kind of speech “blooch.”

Rhetoric Is Dispensed in Talking Points

Thank God for 9-11! At least we learned a few things about the psychological tricks that are played on us. Apparently, emotional words or symbols can be deployed to make a person notice an event and store it securely into memory.

On 9-11 (that is, September 11, 2001, the day of the World Trade Center attack), news anchors were given talking points to use. They each had to say something about the heroic efforts made to rescue people from disaster. Even strangers were reported as helping one another eagerly in this crisis.

The newscasters also had to find noble qualities in the deceased victims. “The boy was the best swimmer in his club but gave up his chance to go to the championship last year in order to help his disabled sister.” That sort of thing.

The purpose of this, psychologists say, is to make the whole tragic event (e.g., 9-11) stick in your mind longer. Any episode that has emotional factors gets settled deeper into the brain -- cleverly accompanied by the misinformation that is being offered in the same broadast.

We need to recognize it, so I am giving this type of talk a name – blooch.

I am not knocking the normal usage of emotional rhetoric. We need it; it’s part of our communal life. I am, however, assigning the term BLOOCH to the deliberate swaying of people by nice symbols. When we get blooched, we get persuaded that all is well and that the authorities are looking after us. “Relax, everybody, God is nigh.”

My new word blooch can be a noun “That’s a lot of blooch,” or a verb “Stop blooching.” The relevant adjective is “bloochy.” Pronounce blooch as a rhyme of pooch.

The Debbie Platz Blooch

In the write-up of Debbie Platz’s promotion from her job as an officer on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, to the one in Canberra, locals had to listen to this:

“Assistant Commissioner Platz said she would always fondly remember her last day with Queensland police, when a bagpiper played her out as she walked past her friends and colleagues at the police academy at Oxley.

“Although I shed many tears and it was very emotional, I have no regrets as I embark on my new challenge.”

She was also instructed to say, and the press (I claim) was instructed to print:

"One thing I have learnt” [she said] is that policing cannot operate without the community trusting and assisting us in efforts to keep our families safe and secure.

“In my new role I hope to be able to bring together many groups and community members from across our country to plan for our safer futures.”

It doesn’t get bloochier than that.

Arresting a Good Man Like Dr Pridgeon

The thing that made me think we have to get clear on our language use was not the Boston Common experience, but an item furnished by police to explain why they are arresting such worthy souls as Dr Russell Pidgeon, Patrick O’Dea, and a new cache of grandparents.

Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, Debbie Platz, said, in justifying the arrests:

“This [behavior of Pridgeon and O’Dea] has demonstrated a complete disregard for the rule of law in this country and the decision of the courts….The actions of these people is not to protect children -- what it does is potentially endanger the safety and wellbeing of these children.”

Pure blooch. Pure use of language that’s emotional, moralistic, and tribal, to unite the listeners against the supposedly bad persons -- persons who “disregard the rule of law” and “endanger the wellbeing of children.”

Note: it’s also Orwellian, in that the opposite meanings are being aired to cover up what is really happening. (War is peace, slavery is freedom, etc.)

At GumshoeNews.com we know for sure that the persons doing the kidnapping on this occasion (e.g., O’Dea or Pridgeon) were doing it to help a parent save their child FROM abuse by a pedophile. We know that the authorities are protecting the pedophile.

Debbie Platz couldn’t very well tell the truth. She couldn’t say “Lookie here, folks, a physician like Pridgeon can’t be allowed to distress our Protected Elite. Come on, we’ve got to intimidate the whole country by grabbing up the O’Dea activists, rather than curtail the flow of kiddies to Pedos."

Oh no, she can’t say that. And she can’t even shut up and say nothing. She has to engage in blooching. She has to lull the minds of the public with bloochy talk -- talk that tosses soft, sweet words around. Talk that, above all, SHUTS DOWN REASONED THINKING.

Conclusion – For Now

Ms Platz, you should be ashamed of yourself. Or else your parents should be ashamed of themselves for not teaching you right from wrong. The wrong here in Australia at the moment is that children are being stolen by the courts for the purpose of increasing the child-traffic business.

You – and your parents -- can’t have known all that (unless you regularly read Fiona Barnett’s website PedophilesDownUnder.com). But even if you did not know about the Family Court’s absolutely counterintuitive role, you do know what Dr Pridgeon is doing and why – because HE TOLD YOU. Many times before his arrest, Dr Pridgeon went to the authorities with his complete story, asking for action.

A South Australian, Rachel Vaughan went to South Australian Police for years -- years -- to alert them to CHILD MURDER and child torture and she got nowhere; she could not even get SAPOL to start an investigation.


So now you have a fancy job. Thus it is in your bailiwick to deal with these issues.

As an Australian citizen, I insist that you stop committing the crime of brutality against the public. We hear you are about to swoop on grandmother-types in full SWAT or SWAT-like gear. That is, in my opinion, terrorism, and there are laws against terrorism.

What possible practical excuse did you have for sending more than a dozen cops to serve an arrest warrant on Dr Pridgeon? None.

I order you, Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Police, to tell Aussies whom the AFP gets its marching orders from. We know it’s not from Parliament; we checked. So who the hell is your boss? Are they foreign? If so, you are traitors to your country.

You can get your loyalties in order now, by joining Team Beautiful. These are Protective Parents whose lives have already been crushed, but who are rising up in a desperate move to save the children.

You police are responsible for the ruination of any child in Oz who this very day is being harmed by the Family Court’s steal-the-child policy. Hold on! Isn’t the court responsible for what it does? No. What they are doing is criminal and police are the law enforcers when any crime is committed. We pay you to protect us.

(I can’t believe I have to say that.)

Are you working on the assumption that the Pedo rings, which have had free reign for decades, are bound to win? The only way they’ve won so far is by concealment and by use of force.

Right now you are that force, Ms Platz, as far as I can tell. The Pedos use police to protect them. I am 99.99% sure that Rachel Vaughan’s facts are correct.

If you or any of your sad, misguided colleagues need help figuring out right from wrong, please feel free to contact me at mary.maxwell @ alumni.adelaide.edu.au. My services are gratis.

Also, the drug racket is tied in with the Pedo racket. Did they teach you about that? It is explained very well by this whistle blower, Carlos Morales, from the (misnamed) Child Protection Service in the US. Video:

Thank you for listening, Assistant Commissioner. If you do the right thing, Team Beautiful will welcome you -- and we’ve got your back forever.

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