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139.5 years ago on Sunday 26 May 1878 a vision of wars and redemption.

Posted By: FrancisDrake
Date: Sunday, 26-Nov-2017 05:45:34

Posted below in its entirety is a dream-vision account by 40-year-old Canadian-American Joseph Farish Burton, it is startling that the May 26, 1878 vision ends up accurately predicting World War I and it's start with an assassination, World War II and the Cold War, and maybe even nuclear war, World War III.

Today Sunday 26 November 2017 is 139.5 years since Sunday 26 May 1878. One week from today will be twice seventy times 364 days (196 times 260) since the dream-vision.

May 2, 1878 was the Mayan "Baktun Change"
a 400-times-360-day period which ended and began that day, corresponding to " 5 Ahau 13 Zotz".

400 times 360 before May 2, 1878 was " 6 Ahau 8 Mac", Monday 28 January 1484, not coincidentally the day Martin Luther was 70 days old.

In 2006 the world's oldest living person was a Mayan(?) woman who was born May 3, 1878! She died age 128 on March 8, 2007.

The December 2012 prophecy was bogus because the wrong correlation was used, the actual "ending" of 5200 times 360 days from the Mayan Era Base Date is Monday 4 August 2272 A.D, 400 times 360 days after May 2, 1878.

For those who yearned for the December 2012 prophecy to be valid, well, six thousand times 360 days after the Mayan date for The Creation (Sunday 22 December 3904 B.C.) was Wednesday 9 November 2011, by some reckoning that's when the "Millenium" began.

107 times 260 days after the dream of May 26, 1878 a major earthquake struck Sion Switzerland at 11:42 p.m. EST Tuesday 28 July 1954.
That was the same month evangelist A.A. Allen allegedly had a vision of the Statue of Liberty toppling and a missile attack on the United States:

13,000 days (50 times 260) after that Sion earthquake, an historic quake in Los Angeles California area at 6:44 p.m. EST Wednesday 28 February 1990:

And 1300 days after that, historic earthquakes on the Oregon-California border; September 20, 1993 was 162 times 260 or 117 times 360 days since May 26, 1878.
10:29 p.m. EST 9/20/1993
A powerful earthquake shook the Holy Land Sunday January 1, 1837, that was 42 times 360 (36 times 420) before Sunday 26 May 1878 and thus 159 times 360 before Monday September 20, 1993.

Hm, a major earthquake in Java Indonesia Friday May 26, 2006 at 5:54 p.m. EST...

...was preceded 1300 days earlier (5 times 260) by the largest central Alaska earthquake in history, at 5:13 p.m. EST Sunday November 3, 2002.

And three-and-a-half years before the Klamath Oregon earthquakes of September 20-21, 1993 I had a dream on Wednesday 21 March 1990 that I was in Oregon and saw a map of North America and a blood-red arrow sliding stealthily from the far northwest to the Great Lakes region and illuminating a clock which showed the time 11:55. Seven years later, two earthquakes in Oregon at 11:55 p.m. CST and 12:05 a.m. CST:

A major quake offshore northwest Japan happened at 11:59:59 a.m. local time May 26, 1983. That was fifteen times 7 years since May 26, 1878, or 147.5 times 260 days.

That earthquake was six times 260 since China invaded Vietnam on February 17, 1979 and five cycles (1300 days) after Iranians siezed the U.S. Embassy on November 4, 1979, holding the personnel hostage until Reagan was inaugurated January 20, 1981.
(i.e. February 17 and November 4 are 260 days apart)

I see that a mega-quake struck near the Azores at 9:11 GMT Monday 26 May 1975,

There's a possibility that time alludes to 9/11/2001... an even larger earthquake hit that same region at 1:04 p.m. EST on Tuesday 25 November 1941 (twelve days before the Pearl Harbor attack)
...and that day was "4 Earthquake" in the 260 count...sixty times 364 days later (84 times 260) was Tuesday 11 September 2001, "4 Earthquake"--the date highlighted at the center of the Aztec Calendar stone.



Written by Joseph Burton to His Wife. Brighton, California, May 26, 1878, Sunday Morning.

This morning I felt very happy. Being in the enjoyment of the Spirit of God in my heart, I desired to be alone, where I could commune with God, and went out for a walk in a field (they are now so green and beautiful), and while there the following passed before my view:

From the western side of Asia there arose a great cloud of smoke which rolled westward until it enveloped all Europe, and extended even to America. I heard a great noise accompanying this smoke, as of heavy artillery, and the clanging and clashing of cavalry and arms; and the dark cloud was pierced from time to time with shafts of light or fire, the sight and sound of which caused an intense feeling of horror to rest upon me, insomuch that I felt to be sinking to the earth.

I then saw near the center of this )the American Continent) a large temple, facing the west, which was surrounded by an evergreen wall at an equal distance from the temple on either side. At the northwest corner stood a man, tall of stature and pleasing to look upon.

A man came out from the temple and walked down the steps, and to the gate. He was called "a servant," though I knew him not. He who stood at the gate guarding the entrance put into the servant's right hand a large leaf, shaped like a palm-leaf fan, which was composed of a great many small leaves of the same shape; and he bound on his left arm in bright golden letters the words, "Bind up the testimony. Seal up the law."

The "servant" then went on his mission, traveling rapidly and crying his message with a loud voice to the inhabitants of the earth; and as he neared a town, I saw a crowd of men with dark, threatening countenances, armed with guns, knives, clubs and stones, seemingly determined to take his life.

The "servant" saw and apparently knew of their evil designs but heeded them not. I trembled for his safety; but as he neared the angry mob, a way was made for him through their midst, and it was as though he was encircled by a great chain about waist high and at a little distance from him on either side, over which the angry mob had not power to harm him, though they made desperate efforts to reach and stab him, but as quickly fell backward, powerless, and as he passed through their midst, calm as a child, only shouting his message of, "Bind up the testimony! Seal up the law!" they fairly gnashed their teeth, and their countenances became distorted and hideous in their disappointed rage.

But the "servant" went on his way over the country, through cities and towns and villages, fearless and unharmed.

I saw a little form continually by his side, ever looking up into his face — and so happy!

Occasionally he would stop to give a leaf to the "children," who always seemed pleased to see him, and received the leaf with gladness. I then saw and heard that after he had thus gone shouting his message, war, famine, pestilence, and all manner of evils that ever have been spoken of followed in quick succession.

There were fearful plagues such as caused sudden death. Men who at one moment appeared to be in the enjoyment of health, the next moment fell to the earth dead, and others were eaten with worms.

There were also terrible thunders and fierce lightnings; mountains were rolled and tossed, and cities destroyed by earthquakes.

The dagger of the assassin and pistol of the communist deluged the earth with blood, and I heard the roar of a great fire rushing and crackling through towns, cities and over the earth.

I then saw two angels standing with one foot on the sea and one on the shore of the Atlantic, and the Pacific coasts, each having a long rod in his hand with which they smote these coasts simultaneously saying, "Thy bands are broken!"

Immediately after which there were many towns and cities destroyed by tidal waves such as were never known before, and much land was covered with water.

I then heard in a clear, full voice from one "mighty and strong," the words, "Come home! Come home!" the sound of which filled the whole earth, and reverberated from the vault of heaven.

But none of all the inhabitants of the earth heard it except the "children," those to whom the "servants" had given the leaf.

I saw the "servant" return from whence he started, weary and travel worn, bearing in his right hand the skeleton stalk of a palm.

I then noticed many other servants returning also, and I understood that the mission of each had been to stay out until he had given away all the leaves from his palm — one to each person who was worthy, which leaf was a passport to enter through the gate into the temple; and as this servant returned the leafless stalk to him who sent him forth, his eyes beamed with joy, and his countenance became radiant as he heard from him the words, "You have done well and have been faithful. Enter; no power can hinder!" and as he passed through the gate a bright crown of glittering gold descended and rested upon his head; and as he who bound the golden letters upon his arm adjusted the crown to his head, he again spoke, saying: "Now is fulfilled the promise made to you by my Father, that if you would be faithful you should receive a crown when his Son visited the earth again."

At these words, I realized who the servant was. O, what joy flooded my soul! I seemed to be entranced, and beheld a beautiful city above the earth which was exceedingly bright; and heard in midair, music, O, so sweet, as from thousands of angels.

The atmosphere opened and we ascended, you and I; and I heard a voice saying: "Those who are faithful and remain, shall not die, but shall be changed with power and glory! This is the end!"

When I became conscious of my surroundings, I was lying on the ground powerless to move, but gradually my strength returned.

Language utterly failed to describe the feeling of perfect joy and peace that now filled my soul, after viewing these fearful calamities to again behold the earth in all her beauty, and feel the quiet of a holy Sabbath morn. —Autumn Leaves, April, 1891.

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