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Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…Night Contacts…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:20

*song* Disturbia by Rihanna

Sleep is supposed to be the
Rejuvenator…but when accompanied
By Dreams, it can either be another
Life to live, a burden of conscience,
A lesson to learn, an adventure,
Or a nightmare…thus becoming
Either exhilarating or exhausting.
But it can always be in all of these

Regards, psychic…and transforming.

“Trapping words to cast a message
Outside of the box…” Varence said as
He sat at the meeting table from a
Modest seat. He was still plainly dressed
In a white dress shirt, and dark dress
Pants, I guess, that I could not see…His hair
Was clean cut, his skin pale, and his eyes
Were this strange intense grayish color…
All in all, he had this mesmerizing and
Serious expression. “Thank you.” He
Grinned and nodded. “I try to be

A silent moment…before Ceres moaned and
Then rolled her eyes as she sat across
The table from him… “Another marvelous
Thing he says…A thing to wish for, a
Thing to pray for…I still enjoy his
Silence more.”

“At least you wish something of me.”
He said to her still smiling. “Words do

‘My wishes would surprise you.” She beamed
A smile to him, then turned to her tall
Brother Brishan beside her. “Was that
Part of the opening we discussed? Was there a
Point to it, or just more of his rolling tongue
Stupidity? Put them to sleep why don’t you?”

Brishan held out his hand for silence.
“This is measured…Now if we may
Begin…let it be this way.”

Rana stood from the end of the table,
Tall, beautiful, her auburn curly-haired
Crown and shimmering gold eyes
Commanding attention like a spotlight to her
Face… “Let me ask you,” she said to
Me, “Have you had difficulties?”

“You could say that.”

“Why?” Brishan asked, his chiseled
Features were king-like. I swear this
Long-haired blond giant looked like a
Tower in his chair.

“You know why.”

Brishan took the lead then, not just
As the leader…but as a concerned brother
As well. “Did we not make ourselves
Clear much earlier? This is not a two-way
Door…This is not some…general
Myth to analyze and rebound with an offer
Of suggestions of ‘follow me’. These are
Messages only. Your job is to tell them,
Share them, not let anyone order you…
As if to say to you…I am the bear,
A wolf…a coyote…Follow me. You,”
He pointed, “Follow the lion…That
Was said plainly…”

“What is an Hour Glass?” Rana asked.

“A measure of time…”

“Correct.” She nodded once… “And when
Those sands run out?”

“You can’t be serious?”

Brishan leaned towards me. “These
Stories were laid out with long careful
Purpose…If they can not see the
Path or manner taken, then they are
Falling on deaf ears.”

“But some do understand…”

“Some…” Brishan nodded…once.

“But you can’t be serious. I can’t
Say that or force that. I have
To keep this going for as long as I

Brishan’s stare was heavy. “A Valiant
Effort…the name, it never falters.”
He shook his head and smiled. “Can
You do that?”

“I have to try.”

Rana turned to her brother. “You are
Changing the course of this. That is
Not what we agreed…In everything
We observed through the data…and
What these chosen were told to do…”

“Told to do?”

Rana continued… “You saw through
Their eyes yourself…They see too
Much in wrong directions and nothing
Where they should…What are you
Waiting for?”

“Because his purpose interests me, Rana.”
He said strongly as he turned to her. “Tell
Me you do not feel the same way.
You are lying if you say otherwise.”
She only stared back at him strangely.


Brishan watched me with…ferocious
Concern. “The time will come for that.”
Brishan said… “How is your world shaped?
How is the Universe shaped? Leaders
To make things work…
What works? Are they the same
For one world and the Universe…
What about when it applies to
The welfare of other worlds…And
One threatens others? In a case of
Crisis…What sort of leader is best
For survival? Empires are often
Built to handle crisis…you do
Realize that? To manage a mess,
What does it Take?”

“Truly something to think about.”
Rana said.

“And other worlds…Are they or were
They all this way at some point, a

“You would be surprised.” Brishan answered
Calmly. “Paradise in space, I believe most
Are still searching for that…just when
They think they have it, they want more.
Satisfaction and contentment are
Difficult to come by…Peace only comes
When one is content…That’s why to
Preach peace can be very misleading.”

“But you said peace was the way before?”

“It is a good way,” He answered, “But
I, we can not explain everything in
Such great detail at once…that is
What the stories are for…”

“But what about the stories, I had
Those for months…I thought I was
To write about the Lion Men and

“Those points would have been lost at
That time.” Rana said as she moved
To stand beside Brishan. “There were
Other things going on here…and there.”

“But I had them, I’ve been fighting
To write them down.”

“We told you why.” Rana responded.

“But I had them…then that
Eclipse took them way…my mind
Went blank. Was that it? That
Alignment…did it have to do with
Other worlds then?”

“Yes and No. In some places.” Rana
Said. “You have to understand
These things affect variables, they can
Not be explained until the events reveal

“The confusion you feel,” Ceres
Interrupted, “Is in part something else…
As we discussed before…you talk with
Too many people.”

“I was the first to embark this with
The stories. No one else wanted it…” Varence
Then interjected. “It is my voice that
Should continue it.”

“May the Heavens save us all!”
Ceres exclaimed, rolling her eyes.

“Forgive me,” Varence said as he
Stood up strongly and pointed to the
Notebook. “But it’s true…Now
Listen to me and write this…”

“I will but…those things I feel, the
Intensity right now…all of these
Strange forces at work now, more
Than ever…I feel so strange…why
Do I feel like this, like I don’t belong…
It feels like I say things when I
Talk to people and they do not hear,
The responses…it’s like they heard
Something else…this constant state
Of feeling I have to explain everything…
It feels like only part of me is
Here and the rest is…someplace else.”

“That…” Varence said eagerly, holding
Up his hand and pointing his finger, “Is
What I was going to explain…that
Is why I need to speak…and address
This now…

That point you made right there, is
Why these stories were so carefully
Laid out…It takes time to
Understand things, a process learned
From one thing to another…It involves
Sealing or fixing a timeline breach.
Your emotions felt this through
Your intuition a long time ago…A life
That should have been…that didn’t…
A life that isn’t working, but should.
Dreams that never manifested but

Each path is separate in fixing this…
Yet there is one common solution,
The Angel gave this to you with his
Gift and the Light…it’s still there
Responding to what needs to come out.
Others sense it, that’s why they are
Drawn to it…and to you…that’s
Why you feel overwhelmed by requests
And work at the same time…The
Solution is not about individual
Requests but what all things need…

Ages ago…in the beginning of Earth,
When I told you the stories of the
Adams and Eves…it was about
The confrontation and attraction
And completion of men and women
From their single sex environments
Coming together to form a completion,
A balance…one that was never
Fully achieved…They came close
In the great first civilizations, but
During their time of peace and
Seeking answers…their quests, as in
Thors Quest…the peace with Nature,
As the Native Americans had…the
Gifts of genetic missing pieces, that
The Star Pilgrims gave…All of these
Have continually been maliciously
Corrupted and manipulated by Dark
Powers seeking conquest…A poison
That is difficult to cure and never
Goes away…The Stars and the
Alignment of the Stars call out to
This…For those lost missing pieces
To Align…but the Dark won’t let that
Happen…The struggle has been there
Since the beginning…when the Dark
Empire invaded and corrupted The Eves
And their genetic integrity…with
Their enslavement of the sexes and
Perceptions…revealed in identity crisis,
Cravings and confusion…

The solution is not easy…that is why
Rana keeps insisting that you not
Listen to others advice…it is corrupting
The solution from coming forth.”

“You’re saying the Light has that kind
Of power?”

“It is in part a vessel for it, at least
One…” Varence said. “Others do have
It too…In other dimensions…And
They are being pulled together…which
Explains your overwhelming urge
To find them…and them you…And
To answer your question…the others
Will just know…And a natural wall
Will keep the wrong ones out…But
That is only part of the solution…
For the rest of the World…It greatly
Depends on how they cope with things
Like mirrors.”

“Mirrors? Is he serious? I’m supposed
To write that down? You know how
I get lectured…what am I supposed
To do, write more? Punctuate myself
To death?”

“As they return,” Varence nodded, “You
Will write more stories…paint, draw…
We believe it will help…at least we
Hope…it will help…some.”

“Some? Just some?”

“Well the alignments do not help,
They only intensify instability.” Brishan

“I still say the planet is too unstable.”
Rana said. “They were warned about
This nearly one hundred years ago.
Technology was given and shared and
They abused it for power.”

“There is an Hour Glass for Earth
Changes…That is inevitable…And that
Has nothing to do with peace and love…
Or hate and fear…that is the planet…
But with regards to its people…the
Path to take…to choose is often the
One they refuse to see…yet it’s
Simply the one they have always
Wanted. It really is that simple.”


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