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Luring Foreign Investors Into Canada

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Saturday, 1-Sep-2018 03:32:31

From Maclean's.

Canada’s regulatory process will deter Chinese infrastructure investment, says envoy

Chinese investors would prefer to continue funnelling their dollars into regions with far fewer procedural hurdles, such as East Africa

Andy Blatchford and Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press, July 7 2017



“To lure more foreign investment into Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have pitched the country to international investors as a stable place with a skilled workforce.

The government is working on a new federal agency dedicated to attracting foreign investment — the so-called Invest in Canada Hub. It also plans to build a sales force to promote Canada abroad and to hire more trade commissioners in order to focus on pulling in investment from strategic markets.

Infrastructure is key to the Liberals’ long-term strategy to lift the economy and to create jobs. They have committed more than $180 billion for new projects, like bridges, railways and transit systems, over the next 11 years.”


From The Conversation Canada , August 22, 2017.

The roaring silence around trade talks with China


As Canadians digest a stream of news and punditry about NAFTA renegotiations, there’s another trade relationship — possibly more consequential for our future — that’s being forged in comparative silence.

The second China-Canada Foreign Ministers Dialogue was recently held in Beijing, with Canada’s Chrystia Freeland sitting down with her counterpart Wang Yi to “explore ways to further consolidate Canada-China ties,” as Xinhua news agency put it. Upcoming Canada-China trade talks topped the agenda.

But despite anxiety in Canada over China’s demands in any new deal, and what’s at stake should Canada dramatically increase our trade with the Chinese, we know little about what was even discussed. Freeland flew home with no post-meeting news conference. No communiqué was issued.

This note from Pierre on August 24, 2017:

Well I suggest you do not crack your head too much with your investments. Mark my words, in four years, your money will be worth nothing. Think of your future in a different way. - This is also the time when the Desmarais tribe will shut itself up in its castle and will no longer have contact with the outside for several years. Great home. Isolated. Summit of a mountain. They will not be the only rich people to do so. The cause will not be exactly the bad climate. With modern telecommunications, they will be able to lead the world from there.

They have a head start. Of course, nothing wrong with having a head start. It is just the methods used in gaining the head start. Back in 60s and 70s most people were kept busy working to survive, thereby reducing the thinking of the common man from seeing, only to rejoin in rest and relaxation without the thinking.

“Hey everbody, the next round is on the house!”

Just to refresh, in case the thinking of most of the common people of Canada become 'grounded' with too much rest and relaxation.

From old news of six years past, :

Canada’s Power Corporation – Canada’s Wealthiest Man: Paul Desmarais – Maurice Strong – Nadhmi Auchi – Connecting The Power

Author: tokyowashi

Paul Desmarais, Sr. (born January 4, 1927) (died October 8, 2013), is a Canadian financier in Montreal and billed as one of the ten richest (8th in 2008) persons in Canada.

For many years, astute political observers and researchers have noted what appears to be an unusually powerful web of influence over Canadian federal politics by wealthy Canadian businessman and Power Corporation founder, Paul Desmarais, Senior. The number of prime ministers and other elected and influential Canadians financially obligated to the Quebec-based Canadian is too astonishing to simply not take note of any longer.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Maurice Strong was involved in the oil and utility industries and was apparently quite successful. By the time he was thirty-five years old, Strong was president of a major Canadian holding company, the same Paul Desmarais-owned Power Corporation of Canada. Even though Strong said that he had an annual salary of 200,000USD from Power Corporation, when he left this company his salary was stated to be 35,000USD by a Power Corporation employee. After leaving the Power Corporation, Strong became a Liberal Party bureaucrat and created the controversial, left-wing Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). In 1976, still under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Strong was appointed to run Petro-Canada, the state-run oil company. This wealthy ex-Desmarais employee is an architect of the Kyoto Protocol and has been a powerful advocate of the United Nations world governance and world de-population agenda.

At one point in Maurice Strong’s seemingly uncanny career, he was an adviser to both the United Nations’ secretary general and the president of the World Bank. With former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Strong co-authored the infamous “Earth Charter” which Strong, Gorbachev and numerous prominent allies were anticipating would at some point guide a new world order based on their ideas of a “planetary ethics”. Spending just a few minutes reading through this ‘Earth Charter‘ is like reading through the empty, shallow New Age Ten Commandments, which also includes language that supports abortion. Maurice Strong also contributed at one point in formulating a one world religion, whatever that might be construed as, e.g., earth worship, animal worship. What should also be understood is that these criminal global elitists are almost always associated with, or get their start in, multinational energy-related corporations.

Although some researchers have suggested Anna Louise Strong was the ‘cousin’ of Maurice Strong, Abel Danger forensic researchers were the first to point out in their ongoing forensic economic investigations, that Maurice Strong may in fact be the son of Anna Louise Strong and Deng Xiaoping. Anna Louise Strong was a dedicated Marxist and a member of the Comintern; she spent time in France with Mao Zedong, Chou En-lai and Deng Xiaoping, and traveled extensively in China. Anna Louise Strong’s burial in China in 1970 was organized personally by Chou En-lai. Maurice Strong is well received in China, partly because of his mother’s connections; this also might reasonably explain the reciprocal affinity the Chinese have for Maurice Strong, who now permanently resides in Beijing. Maurice Strong has very close connections to China, including with the following organisations:

Current appointments include: Chairman of Cosmos International Group; Honorary Professor of Peking University (Beijing), Tongji University (Shanghai), and Environmental Management College of China; Honorary Board Chairman of Peking University Environment Fund; Honorary President, Oriental Environment Research Institute (China); Special Senior Advisor of China International Institute of Multinational Corporations; Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Earth Council Alliance; Member of United States National Academy of Science; Vice-Chairman, Chicago Climate Exchange [KPMG is Climate Exchange plc’s auditor; BNP Paribas is the company’s principal banker]; Visiting Professor, University of Ottawa (Canada); Member of Korean Academy of Science and Technology; Chairman, International Advisory Board, CH2M HILL Companies.

Maurice Strong: the son of Deng Xiaoping and Anna Louise Strong? – Planning the People’s Republic from France – Like father, like son?

Chinese Gangs And Canadian Real Estate, [The Odd Correlation]

OCTOBER 26, 2016

RCMP-CSIS analysts made some pretty bold claims in their 1997 Sidewinder report. The statement that Chinese Triads are manipulating real estate is one of the boldest. Back then, it seemed absurd that organized crime would focus on Canadian real estate. 20 years later, we wanted to take a look at just how crazy that seems now.

While we don’t have the ability to tap people’s phones, and open emails (thanks Harper!), we do have a metric s**t-ton of data. Sifting through this, there’s a pretty interesting correlation between the crackdown on the triads, Macau casino revenues, Canadian real estate, and Canada’s banking loopholes.

What Are Triads?

Triads are a secret fraternal society that police forces claim engage in organized crime. They’re kind of like the Sicilian Mafia, but bigger and Chinese. It’s alleged they dominate illicit markets around the world. They’ve cornered the market on human smuggling, heroin, and money laundering. Recently they’ve transformed from a violent street gang, to favoring more discrete operations. They also engage in legit businesses like entertainment and property development.

They’re based out of Hong Kong, where membership is theoretically illegal. Despite this, two operations to crackdown on membership last year led to the arrest of 60,000 members. Yes, that number is correct. The kicker? It hardly put a dent in triad operations.

Triads In Canada

Triads operate in every large Chinese population, and Canada is no exception. In fact, Canada is home to some of the oldest, largest, and wealthiest triad families in the world. Most of their membership is concentrated between Toronto and Vancouver.

When Wo Shing Wo, the oldest triad branch, decided to set up a foreign syndicate in 1930, the location they chose was lucky Toronto. They were soon followed by other families like Sun Yee On (the largest syndicate), as well as other groups like 14K. At one point triads were so prominent in Toronto, the Toronto Police Services (TPS) had an Asian Organized Crime Task Force. This unit became later known as the Gun & Gang Task force, since crime became so multi-ethnic in their city. Cute, right?
The triads in Vancouver go back over 100 years, and have close ties with Hong Kong branches. It’s estimated that they produce 70% of Canada’s meth, and export to the U.S. and Australia. Additionally, a US Congressional report titled Transnational Activities of Chinese Crime Organizations, notes that Vancouver is the “central distribution point [of heroin] for North American sales.” It’s gotten so bad the US Drug Enforcement Agency setup shop in Vancouver to assist with intel.
Vancouver’s triads have been making the news more often recently.Pressure from China led to an immigration hearing in 2013 for Vancouver-based Lai Tong Sang, who was revealed to be the leader of the Shui Fong triads in Macau. More recently,a Vancouver real estate agent was accused of threatening a local business owner for discouraging bidding wars.

“I’m telling you – people above me are from Harbin [China] gangs. Gangsters, right? You don’t want to be alive,” said a voice on a recording in Mandarin. The call was allegedly from a number connected to Layla Yang, a talented realtor that has a knack for selling multi-million dollar teardown properties. She’s so talented in fact, that this property in dispute was already sold by her earlier in the year. I really need to work on my sales skills.

China’s Crackdown On Triads

In 2013, President Xi Jingping was appointed to centralize power in China with a mandate to remove corruption. Since taking power he’s cracked down on thousands of politicians for collaborating with criminal groups, or embezzling money from the state. Even the mother of Vancouver mayor’s girlfriend was swept up in the crackdown.

20 years ago, Sidewinder alleged that China’s government was working with organized crime. Years later, under a new President, China is making moves to clean up the corruption. This recent clean up implies that individual politicians may have been collaborating with organized crime, and the Communist Party is now putting a stop to it. Pro-Beijing newspaper Sing Pao recently accused Hong Kong’s chief-executive of using triads to manage the city. Heck, even legislators in Hong Kong are saying triads are being used by the government of Hong Kong.

To read more:


CSIS Warns of Chinese Influence On Canadian Real Estate…20 Years Ago

October 24, 2016

Remember when the RCMP and CSIS accused the Chinese government of purchasing real estate in Canadian urban centers as a method of threatening Canada? No? That’s because the recommendations from a former classified program called Sidewinder was abandoned. All documents were ordered destroyed, and buried in 1997 by the Liberal government. Turns out we were as anxious to build ties with China then as we are now. Despite our national spy services advising the government that, well…this would happen to real estate.

In a report titled Chinese Intelligence Services and Triads Financial Links in Canada, an RCMP-CSIS joint task force allege that the Chinese government is using legal and legitimate businesses to gain control over the economic levers of Canada. They also warn that the “Canadian economy is concentrated in three or four large urban centres.” Consequently, “[Canada] is more vulnerable [than other countries] because of the many legislative loopholes governing finance and the concentration of financial power in the hands of few”.

20 years ago, when people thought Barbie Girl was great music, this seemed like our top spies were spinning a far-fetched conspiracy theory. Analysts even referenced how far fetched it seemed in the actual document. They preface the report with “this document does not present theories but indicators of a multifaceted threat to Canada’s national security based on concrete facts drawn from the databanks of the two agencies involved [the RCMP and CSIS].”

The report also warns that “if you look at a single individual, the threat does not seem to be there, but because of their associations and their alliances with China, the facts analyzed lead us to believe that a gain of influence is the object of a concerted plan and that could constitute a threat to Canada.” Reading the details today, these ideas seem less far-fetched than ever.

Chinese Billionaires, Gangsters, and Spies

Canada’s top spy agencies claimed that they have identified distinct groups of people that are “working with the Chinese government to gain influence through some of their ‘financial ventures’ in Canada.” They further allege that the Chinese government is using tycoons, triads, and spies to “attain influence over the economic levers and prominent Canadian figures”.

Chinese-Canadian Tycoons

Well known (and loved) Chinese-Canadian business tycoons are said to be a threat. Stanley Ho (Casino barron, former owner of Ramada), and Li Ka-shing (founder of Concord Pacific) are both named in the report for their aggressive investments in Canadian real estate, and financial institutions. At one point they estimate that Li Ka-shing and his son owned at least ?-? of downtown Vancouver at the time. The report also notes the recent buy of 18 hectares by the CN Tower, which is over 1% of downtown Toronto.

The report claims that the two were selected by Beijing to be the unofficial leaders of Hong Kong after the departure of the British. While Sidewinder doesn’t explain why they’re concerned, the American government lays it out on the table. The US government wrote in a report that the RCMP identified Ho as having links to Kung Lok, a branch of the Triads.

Canadian analysts don’t quite say why Li Ka-shing is on their radar. They do infer that his acquisition and interest in Canadian banks is worrisome, but not why. When China launched CITIC, a state-owned investment firm, Li Ka-shing was appointed to the first board of directors. Additionally the U.S. Embassy in Beijing has claimed Li Ka-shing’s Hutchinson Whampoa is “financing or serving as a conduit for communist China’s military”. So maybe that’s it?


No, the report isn’t racist and thinks the whole country should be on edge with all Chinese people. In fact, the analysts say the “great majority” of Chinese immigrants are “legitimate”. They allege that spies and triads are hiding amongst the ranks of regular families. Despite this, the report claims “Canadian authorities detected a significant presence of Chinese organized crime” using Canada’s generous immigration schemes.


Political Response To Sidewinder

As you can guess, this report didn’t sit well with anyone in government. It alleges a powerful country is conducting a spy mission, using influential Canadians. They even scrutinized a company whose board Prime Minister Chretien’s son-in-law sat on. The company was China’s state-run CITIC, but still. Right or wrong, it wasn’t going to sit well.

The whole report went mostly silent, with a few exceptions. Once, when RCMP officers involved filed an obstruction-of-justice complaint. They alleged senior officers covered up their investigation. Another time in Parliament, when they noted that whistleblowers are punished in Canada. They used two of the CSIS agents that had their careers ruined shortly after Sidewinder as an example.

Most notable was in 2010, when then CSIS director Richard Fadden mentioned it in a CBC interview. He alleged two BC cabinet ministers are under the influence of foreign governments, but didn’t substantiate the claims. Afterall, it’s not like Vancouver’s politicians are flying China’s flag over city hall or anything. Wait, that happened? That’s six kinds of weird. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said at the time “it’s frustrating and unfortunate that local elected officials in BC had aspirations cast upon them without any justification”. Yeah, that Gregor.

To read more go to:

CSIS warned this cabinet minister could be a threat. Ontario disagreed

Canadian intelligence officials suspected Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan was under the undue influence of a foreign government, prompting CSIS to formally caution the province about the minister’s alleged conduct in a 2010 briefing.In the view of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Mr. Chan had developed too close a relationship with China’s consulate in Toronto, raising fears the minister was susceptible to interference from Beijing that could put Canada’s national interests at risk, a Globe and Mail investigation has found. The incident reveals a profound disconnect between the federal spy agency and the province on the question of foreign influence.


To the provincial government of the day, which deemed the allegations baseless after a review by the Integrity Commissioner, Mr. Chan had done nothing wrong. By engaging the consul-general regularly, the minister was simply doing his job – and doing it well.

Project "Sidewinder" And CIC Scandal

This is a good starting point for our inquiry, as a joint effort of CSIS and RCMP yielded this preliminary report on Chinese communist influences in Canada back in 1997.

Chinese Intelligence Services and Triads Financial Links in Canada



RCMP-CSIS Joint Review CommitteeDraft Submission

Chinese Intelligence Servicesand Triads Financial Links in Canada

Draft Submittedto the RCMP-CSISJoint Review Committee24 June 1997

In May 1996 a joint project was initiated by the RCMP Criminal Analysis Branch andthe CSIS Analysis and Production Branch to assess the extent of the threat posed by the acquisition and control of Canadian companies by members or associates of triads and with affiliations to the Chinese Intelligence Services. The research team quickly realized that the initial premise was the tip of the iceberg with only a minute portion of a much more complex situation showing. It should be stressed that this report is a prospective document that makes to claim to provide a full survey of the issue; in fact, quite the opposite. This document does not present theories but indicators of a multifaceted threat toCanada's national security based on concrete fats drawn from the databanks of the two agencies involved, classified reports from allied agencies and various open sources. This study has departed from the conventional and sometimes confining approaches followed by our respective methodologies. Although both organizations have fairly extensive expertise on Chinese matters, it is nevertheless very different. It is clear at the end of this exercise that both organizations have gained from cooperating on this research. When puttogether, these two bodies of expertise complement each other, providing a broader andmore substantial perspective of the Chinese issues. (S)

The scope of the problem found after a few weeks of research dictated that the initial research results had to be presented in the form of case studies. At the moment, we estimate that over 200 Canadian companies are under the direct or indirect control of China. Although it was impossible to do all the research within the parameters initially given; however, sufficient details have been found to reveal the threat. It should be reiterated that this report presents concrete facts, not just ideas or speculation. We trustthat we have demonstrated the need to continue the work within a broader and more elaborate framework. (C)

From China 'Watch' Canada:

Analyst Lays Out China's "Doomsday" Scenario

Aug 17, 2017

Corporate investigator Violet Ho never put a lot of faith in the bad loan numbers reported by China’s banks: crisscrossing provinces from Shandong to Xinjiang, she’s seen too much - from the shell game of moving assets between affiliated companies to disguise the true state of their finances to cover-ups by bankers loath to admit that loans they made won’t be recovered. The amount of bad debt piling up in China is at the center of a debate about whether the country will continue as a locomotive of global growth or sink into decades of stagnation like Japan after its credit bubble burst. Bank of China Ltd. reported on Thursday its biggest quarterly bad-loan provisions since going public in 2006.

Charlene Chu, who made her name at Fitch Ratings making bearish assessments of the risks from China’s credit explosion since 2008, is among those crunching the numbers. While corporate investigator Ho relies on her observations from hitting the road, Chu and her colleagues at Autonomous Research in Hong Kong take a top-down approach. They estimate how much money is being wasted after the nation began getting smaller and smaller economic returns on its credit from 2008. Their assessment is informed by data from economies such as Japan that have gone though similar debt explosions.

While traditional bank loans are not Chu’s prime focus -- she looks at the wider picture, including shadow banking -- she says her work suggests that nonperforming loans may be at 20 percent to 21 percent, or even higher.

The chart below shows just how much of an outlier Chu's stark forecast was in comparison to her peers, and especially the grotesquely low and completely fabricated official number released by the banks and the government.

To read further:

From China 'Watch'Canada:

A Vancouver Firm Offers Clients New Identities

July 26, 2017

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 February, 2017

'Amicus is the expert you need if you wish to live a life of anonymity’

Not just new citizenships and passports, but also plausible cover stories. Amicus says it furnishes clients with online profiles, “consistent … on all major social media websites”. And it advises customers on how to stick to their “legend”, with tips such as how to fake an accent without arousing suspicion.

The company says it also arranges overseas transfers of convicts incarcerated in foreign lands.

Who would require such a unique set of services?

The firm promises “extreme confidentiality”. But in case studies listed on its website, Amicus says its clients have included two Chinese fraudsters involved in the theft of more than US$485 million from the Bank of China, which was laundered through the Vancouver real estate markets and Las Vegas casinos between 1991 and 2004.


Remember the dust storms in Arizona------------

As someone I know say to me, “Does this remind you of anything?”


“The dust bowls of the 1920's, and the 1929 stock market crash”.


“Ah, I say too much already”.

No, no, I am interested.

“Why does Paul Demarais have his estate in Sagard?”

Where is Sagard?

“What, you never hear of the Lord of Sagard?”

Who is the Lord of Sagard?

“Ah, maybe I should be talking to someone else.”

No, no, please continue.

“A lot go by without the people ever knowing.”

Ever knowing what?

“ Did you want me to continue, or are you to be interrupting.”

No, no, I am sorry, Please continue.

“Paul Desmarais Sr, along with his sons Paul Jr. and Andre who are co-chief executive officers, control a vast empire that most people do not know about. They influence world business, and world politics. They are not evil, but money and power is what they deal in. Paul Sr even help Nicloas Sarkozy with advice at one time before he became President of France.”

I am sorry to interrupt, but are you to say they influence world governments?

“Not directly, no.”

“Paul and Andre Desmarais the power brokers of Canada, and maybe some other parts of the world. But watch as the financial crisis deepens. Watch and understand as the Desmarais empire, move to keep their money and financial assets.”

Maybe some deals in the stock market.

“No, the stock market will be dangerous in dealing with the lambs, and for those who are lambs.

So, there may be a stock market crash like in the 1929.

“Probably not as likely. The Desmarais empire will move to help keep that from happening.”


“Because, if not, the Desmarias empire will lose its money and power.”

I do not understand.

“Why do you think Paul Desmarias has his palace, I mean estate, in Sagard? The land of black flies as big as the birds? Nothing else be there.”

Maybe it be a vacation spot for them to relax in.

“Yes,... well......oh, there is a friend over there I have not seen for awhile. I must go talk to her.”

Ah, ...okay....

After, I go look up more about Paul Desmairis family empire. I find this from the year 2009.

(link no longer active) Quoting:

“Deep among the pine forests of rural Quebec lies a private estate the size of Manhattan, a refuge where French President Nicolas Sarkozy has gone to relax.

Former U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have played golf here, on 18 meticulously groomed holes with a bright-yellow cottage for respite at the 13th tee. Pheasant shoots are orchestrated from the hunting lodge; opera is performed in the music pavilion. An original of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker and a statue of Thomas Jefferson adorn the rough, granite hills.

At the heart of the property is a grand residence surrounded by formal gardens called Cherlieu -- which means beloved place -- that’s modeled on a 16th-century Palladian villa. This is the home of Paul Desmarais Sr., a white-haired, Canadian billionaire whose obscurity outside Quebec masks his family’s vast connections and influence in global business and politics.

“They keep a very low profile,” says Brian Mulroney, who met Desmarais in 1965 and, as Canada’s prime minister from 1984 to 1993, introduced him to President Ronald Reagan and Bush. “That’s the way they like it.”

I search more about Sagard.,_Quebec -----Sagard, a small village of maybe 150 people, which be in an area that does not form part of a municipality.

I search more for the Lord of Sagard. This link be dated 2003. -----
(link no longer active)

Quoting: “ (August 2003) Paul Desmarais has a house warming party.

The man behind Power Corp ., Paul Desmarais, receives this weekend the great of this world in his new domain of Sagard, near Malbaie.

The rumour has it that among the fortunate 230 invited to this house-warming party of the most prestigious, feature Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, American former presidents George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton, former Premier of Quebec Lucien Bouchard, Duchess of York Sarah Fergusson, and the federal Ministers; Martin Cauchon and Paul Martin.”


(October 2003) Desmarais is very close terms with Prime Minister Paul Martin, after all, he was the employer for several years in the making. In 1981 Desmarais sold him Power's Shipping Line (CSL) before entering politics.

Martin's later jobs were among others:

Former President, CEO and Director, The CSL Group Inc..

Former President and CEO, Canada Steamship Lines Inc.

Former company director, CB Pak Inc., Redpath Industries Ltd..; Fednav Ltd.., The Manufacturers Life Insurance Co., Canadian Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd.; Imasco Corp..

In conclusion: Paul Desmarais, welcomes his new domain of Sagard of 21,000 acres(84 sq Km), near La Malbaie, that he had acquired at the same price as IBM Canada in 1970, and paid for the 100 acres in Bromont.

The history is simple as you could have seen by IBM Canada in 1970, and we can find the details in public archives and newspapers. Canada Steamship Lines bought the estate of Sagard, January 8, 1974 in exchange for "considerations" and the Canada Steamship Lines in turn sells the property to Power Corporation November 10, 1976 at a cost of $ 1. Information: CHRISTIAN HARVEY”

The people of Montreal are complaining of higher municipal taxes with the new assessment roll. As fact Paul Desmarais buy for $ 1 an area of ??21,000 acres built on an unorganized territory, exempt from all municipal taxes. In 1998, before the "renovation", the value of the property was estimated at $ 7,746,000. Today we speak almost 40 million dollars. Income taxes not collected and the MRC of Charlevoix-Est does not even try to collect that what would be welcome at the border village of San Simeon, where the unemployment rate in winter is 40%. Bravo for equality and fairness? And the mayor of Saint Simeon is happy about it!

I mention this before in a post some time ago. From IS THERE A RECONCILIATION?


“Now I know that this may seem like their be nothing going on, but this is out in the front brazen. The power broker of Canada just be meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of China. Yes, the power broker of Canada, André Desmarais, president and co-Chair of the Power Corporation Board of Directors. “

To note, Paul Desmarais Sr feared to tread into China, but his sons Paul Jr and André do not have that fear.

Paul Desmarais, the Lord of the Sagard, of the Domain of Sagard. His palace, I mean estate, is at Sagard. The Land of the Black Flies.

Well, a (small) serfdom comes to mind, But that just be me saying. Why, Sagard?

I still be twitching about Sagard, the stock market, and the dust storm in Arizona. Surely, their be something else.

I see a northern plan in full play.

------- “ to promote the potential for mining, energy, tourism, and social and cultural development in Québec north of the 49th degree of latitude. It will create jobs and wealth for northern communities and for Québec as a whole, while ensuring respect for the northern population and the environment.------ The plan of the quebec government. -----

Ontario developing a northen plan. It be not as far along as Quebec.

------“Growth Plan for Northern Ontario, 2011”

Maybe the south is becoming all 'dried' up. The north is now the focus for the minerals, forest products, and maybe even water. Developing new real estate. Russia know this, so do the Desmarais 'boys'.


------Maybe the Chinese investment is starting to 'dry up', unless there be other political 'inducements'.

New Chinese money rules threaten tide of foreign buyers in Canada

Nathan VanderKlippe, BEIJING — The Globe and Mail, January 4, 2017


For months, China has sought to dam the flood of money pouring out of its borders, which has rapidly diminished its stockpile of foreign reserves.

It has raised new barriers to companies buying abroad and moving money out of the country.

Now, authorities in China are taking new steps to bar individuals from putting their cash into overseas markets to buy homes and other investments, a change with important implications for cities such as Vancouver and Toronto where Chinese buyers had contributed to frenzied property trading.

Under the new regime, the number of buyers will “drop sharply,” said Andy Xie, a China economist formerly with Morgan Stanley.

Those selling homes to Chinese buyers should brace for their “business to shrink dramatically,” he warned.

Canada should seize opportunity to attract foreign investment: Freeland

Rachelle Younglai - ECONOMICS REPORTER, The Globe and Mail, Published Monday, Dec. 05, 2016


Ottawa is on track to create an agency aimed at boosting foreign investment in Canada. The new “investment promotion agency” is designed to make it easier for foreigners to invest in Canada and comes as the country’s largest trading partner, the United States, looks ready to embrace protectionist policies.

The investment hub, which is expected to be in operation by next December, will provide “concierge service,” or one-stop shopping for investors to get the information needed to invest in Canada. The automotive industry has pushed for this measure, citing Mexico’s one-stop approach to foreign investment.

Well, with all that it seems all is being dealt with, not including that which is held in 'reserve', which would require immediate attention in the future.

Notice that there are no mountains in south-western Ontario.



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