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Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Time Machine…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:39

*song* “One More Chance” by Alias

The Manner of distractions has worked
Far too well…no bell, no sound of alarm
Could crack the thick blinders, eyes
And minds that most of the world are set
On now…But then, most people should
Be able to see that.
The point is, it’s too late for reason…
The data streams are changing daily now,

Too fast, along with the weather.

Whether the eyes above knew this would
Happen, time can only tell…Fate is fate
After all…Don’t bother trying to change their
Minds…Just pray you find the right ones…
In time…

The Circle came quick…Light, blinding light…
There were whispers amid the haze,
Nothing was clear at first…just the light…
Voices came through first, his voice…
“Listen and write carefully…no need to feed
The minds with details and too many descriptions,”
Varence said, “It’s the words that matter
Now…not the stories.”

Her voice. “Everything is changing fast.
This should not have happened. It’s
Much sooner than expected.” Ceres said.
“Corrections will have to be made now.”

“But the stories, you said I had to
Tell those stories.”

“No, there’s no time for that kind of
Storytelling now,” Varence said. “Just the
Words we give you,” he said kindly. “Believe
Me it’s better this way.”

“But I can’t see anything clearly, why?
Everything is blurry. The Light is so strong.”

“There’s a reason for that.” Ceres said kindly.
“Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s the connection.”

“Now listen carefully,” Varence instructed.
“Follow the words carefully…listen, just
Listen, and write them down. It will make
Sense later.”

Fuzzy images of their forms moved about.
There were 4 of them. Can’t quite make
Them out…1 is clearly Ceres, the golden
Blond hair and red dress…

“Hello, how are you?” His voice…Brishan
Said kindly…His blurry form seemed to sit
Down in front of me. I’m here. We’re
Still here…it’s just the light is changing…
In you…that’s how we are able to make
The connection.”

“I don’t get it.”

His voice, the echo was strange, as though
It came before the sound. “That’s right.”
Brishan said, he was smiling. I could
Tell, a little laugh too. “That’s good, that’s
Right. Now listen, we’re going to talk you
Through it this time…rather than bring
Out the story.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

Another voice, her form, the echo First…
“The Data Streams changed abruptly,”
Rana said, “There was no time to prepare…
It has to be this way.”


A hazy hand held up. I swear I must
Need eye drops. “The planet is changing
On its own now. It’s sick of the
Noise. The poison was far worse than we
Thought. The planet is reacting to this
And made its own corrections. It sent a
Call to another planet in another galaxy…
For Help, For Advice. The two planets
Share similar dilemmas…Or, at least
Once did. The other planet…purged
The problem.”

“What? That means it called for a
Cleansing, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” Brishan said flatly. “That’s exactly
What it means.”

“But that can’t happen. I saw the future…
That city, the people…”

“Anything can happen, Bill.” Brishan
Said kindly. “Anything is possible. You
Saw a city…with people, yes…Did you
See where they came from? Or how?
The outcome can still be the same, but
The spanse between and the details can
Change any time. That’s the manner
Of a Time Machine…it tends to leave
Out details.”

“So what is this, then?”

“No story, just details.” Brishan said.
“Call it a conversation exchange. In time…
We hope things will calm down and the
Stories will resume…but for now, we will
Simply…discuss a few things.”

“There’s hardly reason, or justice for that.”
Ceres said sharply. Her form, she was
Standing off to the side.

Her voice echoed forward, the roar in it…
“I’ve seen enough of this. We all have.”
Rana said. Her voice was stronger than
Before, more commanding. “Discuss a few
Things? Ha! What for? Are there
Minds there? Some yes, but you have
Yet to reach far. And the ones you
Touch may listen well…but who will listen
To them? What would you have them do,
Be your voice. Your arm, your foot, where
You can not reach? You tell them
Things plainly, and they over analyze.”
She turned to me, although blurry
I could feel her heavy golden eyes.
“And what would have him do, Brishan?
Tell them what? Hope? You said it
Plainly…The words were put plainly…
The planet is moving, the axis will
Continue to shift…The original calculations
Saw it at 12 degrees. It is much
Worse now.”

Brishan stood to face her, it was a
Blurry, hazy stand off…yet still it managed
To be imposing. “Watch what you say!”

“Or what?” Rana returned ferociously.
“You are not protecting him by speaking
Kindly…This must be said right. Just
Say it. Those fools down there were
Given golden opportunities and yet
So many saw it as a challenge. You
Dared to flush out a few toxic spirits
And what you found were hordes of
Raving monsters…whining and complaining
Over nothing…nothing but pointless
Selfish rants…impaled on them
By idiots who plotted to divide
Them all along, misled to believe by a
…chosen one? He was chosen…as a
Pawn for their Cabal nothing more.
Spill those secrets and you will have a
Hellish cauldron boiling over even more…

What they did not count on…What they
Did not see…is that the planet itself
Was aware of this all along…Tap
Dancing on a rock…They are flittering
Candles on a vessel of life…The egos
They have are so huge it’s revolting…”

“Rana, please…” Brishan said.

“NO,” Ceres stepped in. “Let her finish…
I like her way with words.” She smiled,
I could feel it.

The echo to her voice came first…
“They ignore the signs, the planet…
The weather…The stars could change,
Would they notice? Why most of
Them don’t even know what’s in the
Back of their homes, in the grass, in
The trees…Nature has been misplaced
For far too long. Time to fix that…
And if too many are distracted to
Notice, that’s too bad.”

“How bad is it, really?”

Rana paused…She was cautious, I could
Feel that, they were always talking
So carefully now. “I wish I could tell
You better, but I can’t…The planet
Is reacting to the surface. It’s projecting
At least a 19 degree shift now, possibly
21…No science can change that,
Only a powerful spirit can. And
Clearly no idiot, though there are
Plenty of those down there.
There must be a time of silence
And peace to calm that down, can’t
You see that? That is the only way.
The best land date was chosen
To survive an extinction level event.
A business type mind was required
For this, not some hideously corrupt
Cabal. And certainly no madmen
Out to orate to the masses…But if
They want to reject that, fine…All
Other options will be rejected. And the
Planet will simply start over. They
Need to start accepting that the old ways
Are over, they were not working…And
If they won’t see that, then…Nature,
Mother Nature will change the
World…and all worlds…just like the
Story said.

“You knew this all along, then?”

Hesitation. There was some unsteadiness
To the light, a pulse. Rana’s voice echoed
First. She had an intense presence. “We
Knew…we knew the picture, but the
Details were not clear. Do you understand
This? There were so many hostile
Corruptions made, it was ludicrous…One
After the other…You can not play with
Time this way. There are consequences to
Be had. Have you not seen those that
Gave in to darkness now, is it clear yet? Do
Good spirits behave this way?”

“No one will believe that. They only want
To argue here. There are some I have found
Who sense it…but they are few
And far between and they suffer from the
Beating of listening to so much garbage
Here. A lot of people want better.”

“Want?” Brishan asked. “Want…How many
Want, take, have without asking? Is
There wisdom here, Bill?”

“We are all living in Babylon…in Soddom
And Gommorah…and Atlantis here, right
Now…And everywhere there is
A communist of virtue crying justice!
You are wrong and I am
Right…There is no listening being
Done…spare a few, my ears could fall
Off before I had a fair moment aside
From this notebook…It’s deafening…
What they really want…is Flesh,
Pleasure, indulgence…Pride and luxury
Over others…and laugh at others when
They fall…if they don’t take
A picture or video of it with their
Cell phones first…What they really
Want is all of your attention and
Screw everyone else.”

“Is it so much to ask for simpler
Truer things?” Rana’s voice echoed. “What
Do they expect to find…Eden in space?
Do you honestly think anyone would
Offer that now?”

“Some want Paradise. Some live it and
Breathe it. Some are kind and good
And listen always. Some of the Best people
I have known had the hardest lives…

“But Paradise can still happen,
Bill,” Rana’s voice echoed. “If they want
It, it’s there for them…you make
Paradise…It does not fall from the sky
Or find you…You build it…and then
You protect it…” She paused…A
Moment of heaviness. “To each their
Own paradise…and then respect it…that
Is NOT what is happening and the
Planet is responding to it.”

“There has to be something to hope for.
Something to make it happen?”

More silence. That was annoying.
“There is.” Brishan said.

“What is it then?”

“A miracle.” He said slowly.


Some movement…Ceres stepped closer. “Do
You remember when I asked you to
Tell the story of Noah? That you
Had to tell it right then and


“The timing had to be just right.”
Ceres said, then turned to snap, “Shut up
Varence. Not a word about the timing!”
Then she recomposed herself and
Spoke slowly and softly. “I told you…
We told you…how I was here to watch
The animals? That in dire times when
A species risks extinction…then, at that
Moment we are granted, allowed to take
Specimens to maintain their survival
In our Paladium?”


“When the Mammoths fell,” Ceres said
Almost choking on the words. “We were
Not able to take specimens. So we lost
Them…We were NOT told why…But
We lost them…”


“And now,” Ceres went on softly… “Here
You have a chance…One more chance…
You must…you must tell them…
Because in Russia, they are bringing
The Mammoths back…”

“I think I’ve heard this…”

“No, listen carefully,” Ceres said sternly.
“This is a chance for all the world
Right now…to show what they really
Are…what they believe in…by
Devoting their time and care…to open
Their hearts to pray that they bring
The Mammoths back…and find peace
In this…What a joyful time
It would be…wouldn’t it bring tears
To the eyes of all the world if they
Could see little baby Mammoths
Come back and be born again…
One more chance? Can you ask
Them that?

Just ask them to take a moment to
Think about it…how it would feel…
To see those little mammoths? Now
THAT could change the world…
Especially right now.”

“But it hasn’t happened yet.”

“But they could make it happen
If more people came together and
Believed and hoped and prayed.”
Ceres said. “The Earth would respond
To that. Nature would respond to
That…But if they don’t…

Mother Nature knows…She can
Sense this coming…and she will
Explode violently…Nothing is going
To hurt those babies, Nothing…An\
Ice Age will come…but she will
Be kinder with this offer from
Those who have stolen them from

Rana’s voice echoed angrily. “Now
Tell those idiots complaining nonsense
To shut their mouths and pray in
Peace and silence. Enough of this
Garbage…They are destroying this
Rare opportunity with this insane
Noise…There are fantastic
Opportunities here…a new era…Yes,
Planet changes will come…not
Everyone will be happy at all…But
Nature has earned the right for this
Rare gift…Do NOT take it from her.”

“Please tell them to think about it.”
Ceres said. “Believe it…The news will
Come…of the Baby Mammoths being
Born…2019…It will enchant the world
When they come.”

Valiant Thor.

PS: Note from Brishan…check
The Date of the Noah’s Ark story…
You may want to reread it…

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