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Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…When Giants Walked the Earth…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 05:52:39

The Darkest Hours are always
The same…History repeats itself
They bring out the Beast in people,
The senseless rage, the endless noise…
The complaints without end…
And the loudest voices always get
The most attention because they
Insist on it…attacking restlessly
Over and over, crudely…

Perhaps they do this because they
Figure if they attack as viciously
As they can, as often as they can…
Criticism can kill…
Words cut very deeply, don’t they?
Meanwhile they forget they are mirrors
Of their own insults…
It starts to feel a lot like hell…
Don’t Demons behave that way?
Especially when they don’t get
Their way…
First they mesmerize people
With a tempting voice, Telling
Them things they want to hear
Then they possess them…
And then soon you have a horde
Of mindless possessed followers
That will attack anything…
Especially on command.

The smart ones see this but are
Often too afraid of these gruesome attacks…

Remember to think freely…
If you believe your rights are taken away
Then they are…
But if you have the ability to speak
And share your views and go where
You want…Then clearly…
Your rights are still there…
It’s a mindgame…so see it, please.

The Light that calls from the Circle…
He sat waiting calmly with a serious
Expression…Ceres beside him, patient
But without a smile…they made
The strangest pair lately.

No time to waste, the words began, “Just
Please write this down. “Varence said. “I
Know we said the stories would continue,
And they will…but right now circumstances
Call for…something more timely.”

“His brilliance is, of course, eclipsed
By truer cause,” Ceres interrupted with
A sarcastic smile. “It was our meeting
Earlier that decided this…make no mistake.”

He sighed with a smile. “Ah and of
Course Ceres had to share that…Yes,
It was our meetings decision…not
My sole choice for these words.” He
Turned to her sharply. “Forgive me,
My everlasting charming conscience.
How gracious of you.”

“My pleasure.” She smiled.

He smirked. “The Gifts you
You will never know.” Then he laughed.
“Ah, or I should say, you will one
Day know.”

“Don’t tell him that.” Ceres said
With wide eyes. She turned to me quick
“Just ignore his wordiness.” Then
She snapped at him. “Stick to the
Words of choice…PLEASE.”

“My pleasure.” Varence grinned.

“So, no story this time? What is it
I have to write?”

“Well, it is a story of sorts…” Varence
Answered. “I will explain…It is
Relevant, just different. Have you
Heard stories of giants in your history?
They may have been rendered as fables…
But they were not. In fact they were
Age old stories from a lost age
Before your first written word…
From before this age…From before
The Flood…These Giants were
The Nephilim…”

“The Nephilim were the Giants?”

He nodded once before calmly
Continuing. “Now write this
Down, write it this way as I
Tell it…”

“He is not an idiot, Varence.” Ceres
Groaned. “Will you just get on with it.”

He rolled his stare upward and held
It there, it looked as though he were
Counting silently for patience in
His head. “Forgive me for my
Choice of words…Please then…
Let me explain…

“We’ve told you stories of events in the
Past as best we could, downloading
Them so you could share them.
So you could express the sense of
Feeling necessary to relate to them.
History needs to be taught this way…
Not just with numb facts…But in
This case…with the Giants…We can
Not do that.”

There was a pause, a sense of caution.

“Stories with the Giants, with the
Nephilim must be told with great care.”
He and Ceres eyed each other carefully
And silently before continuing. “I will
Try to explain…

“You see, with traditional stories
Regarding humans, standard emotions
Apply…but when you start telling
Stories involving more supernatural
Elements…such as with demons...
Spirits…Ghosts…or the Nephilim…then
You run the risk of opening doors,
Doors that you can NOT control. This
MUST be handled with great care…
No one respects this like they
Should. Communications of this sort
Are very dangerous…For once a
Supernatural doorway is opened, even if
Only in the mind, it is very hard to
Control…or close.

That is why our stories are shared
Carefully…In time your sciences
Understanding of the powers of the
Mind will understand this…some
Books are more than books…Some stories
Are more than stories…you can tell
This by how they make you feel…
They are told in a careful way, slowly…
Too fast and they have no meaning,
No power…These things are very

“Like his ego.” Ceres interjected.

Again Varence smirked, but went on.
“We cannot tell you an in depth
Personal story with names involving
The Nephilim…it would create too
Many unstable doors. And it would
Create too much temptation for
People to dabble with spirits…or
Entertain thoughts of contacting or
Communicating with demons…For
Once you do this…For a mortal human
Being it is nearly impossible to stop…
No ordinary mortal being can control
A demon…it is impossible. They may
However, trick you into believing this…
Such as the Jinn…

Some time ago, I made some effort
To instruct Holy Men on how to banish
Or bottle the troublesome Jinn, in
The Far East…it was successful for
The most part…but some still linger.
The Jinn remain one of the most
Problematic of the fallen…on this
Earth, that is…

It should also be noted that
Demons can traverse dimensions…
Which is why they can be so full
Of tricks…playing different dimensions
Against one another. They improve
Their odds this way…And it is often
Mistaken as a sixth sense with how
They know things…They can not
See the future, they are merely
Glimpsing other realities and
Comparing and deducing inevitable
Results. Hopefully, some of the
Readers will understand what I
Am saying…and therefore stop
Reasoning that the Watchers are demons.”

“I was waiting for him to say that.
I knew it.” Ceres laughed. “He still
Is offended by that. How marvelous!”

Varence ignored her and continued
Nodding at the notebook. “These words,
Believe it or not, will become invaluable
One day…Remember that true Faith
Has an unmatched sincere power.
It gives religious icons and
Symbols their strength…as well as
Swells the fear to go against them…
Dark spirits use that towards
Their advantage…encouraging
Worship, gathering worshippers…
They build assemblies of dependence…
And feed off of it.

This is one of the reasons we always
Told you not to do anything more
Than deliver the message. Understand?

But in time we do still hope you
Will embrace your name as we are
Trying to teach you.”

“The Valiant Thor thing again?”

“You will one day soon have to accept
It.” Varence said firmly, but kindly.
“You do know this…I hope?”

“I guess.”

“You guess?” Varence repeated.

Ceres held out her hand. “Give him
Time, please! My, you irritate me
So easily.” She nodded to me. “Just
Write what is comfortable, go on.”
Then she turned sharply to him…
“Continue please Great Oberon.”

Varence winced, then went on. It was
Clear he was fighting sarcasm.
“I am not fighting sarcasm! I
Will say what I will…Regardless…”
Then he turned sharply to her. “And
I am not irritating, you simply mock
Me because you like me.”

Ceres jaw dropped so fast and her eyes
Bulged it was almost comical. “I think

He regained his composure and turned
Back to me… “The Giants…

Long ago…as you know, I studied
The Earth…Your Earth…And when
It was new and fresh and young
And the first humans came…oh
It was fantastic to see, to watch
It grow…Here there was this lush
Green planet…with these new
Pioneers…accidental colonists, the First
Adams and Eves…newly Freed
Human slaves…of men and women
Rediscovering each other…conquering
Fears, building bridges and relationships…
But still fighting base programming,
Long held desires and instincts…

It was new…It was SO NEW…
But for them it was also very
Frightening…They knew nothing, but
Had so many questions…and this
Endless thirst for knowledge…
Believe it or not, the first obsession
Was not sex…in fact they were afraid
Of it with each other.
Men and women had a deep
Instinctual fear of the sexes then…
And if you ask me, they still do…
Far too many chase rigid
Beliefs of what they are told should
Be while they deeply fight inside
How they really feel…
Lies and prejudices concealed this
Over the ages…But they never went
Away, they still fear each other.

But that is alright…that is how
Relationships are built…in trust
And conquering fears and insecurities..
When they are ready. And some
Are ready, some never are…While for
Others they simply wait for that
Magic moment…when that right one
Walks in…and eyes lock…attractions
Overcome fear…and similarities align
And build partnerships…But that’s human
Nature…That’s everywhere…
Many worlds have this…”

“And many worlds are very prejudiced.”
Ceres added. “You should be prepared
For that.”

“Prejudice was not invented on Earth.”
Varence laughed. “But that is another
Matter…The Giants…

In the beginning…over the ages, the
Quest they held for knowledge…to
Find out who they were, who or what
They were…what were humans? What
Did it mean? Where did they come from?
Who created them? Were they created
At all? And how long ago? There were
Many many questions. Too many
To find answers to. And too many
Egos and opinions debating on the
Answers…Science offered nothing
But dissection, and that was even
More puzzling…

So that brought them to the pursuit
Of Faith and religion…in many many
Different forms. Unlike Science
The philosophy of religion was
Boundless…life was clearly more
Then physical, any fool can see that.
But when you begin to explore that…
Faith…The Spirit…You find and
Discover Creation…A Creator…God…
And then…Their pursuits for answers
Became even more fervent…They
Became absolutely rabid to find God…
But impatience and impulsive religious
Pursuits never yield good answers…

That is where you, by chance, encounter
And create mysticism…and ceremony…
And from there…answers came.”

Varence paused, reflecting on some long
Held memory tied with some mysterious
Emotion to it, for it. “You have to understand
To study or watch this as a Watcher…
Is not the same as living it…We see
Things from a higher vantage point…not
Arrogantly, but often sadly…because the
Speed is…so different…We see the
Picture as a whole, a collective of
Many individuals forming patterns…
For them, to them, it is a discovery
And truth…but often to us, it is a mess…

In the beginning, of course, they were
Looking for answers…And it was difficult
To conceive where their logic came
From…to lure spirits here, often dark
Spirits through sacrifice and ceremony
And chanting…

The world was full of ego, unruliness…
People were bitter and resentful…
Jealous…There was much noise and constant
Anger, they were so unreasonable they
Would not listen to reason, they cursed
At everything…good or bad, few recognized
Either…they called good things evil and
Evil things good…and they all argued
Endlessly over it…It was fueled by rage
And impatience…They wanted it their
Way, and refused to listen to each other…

Religious sects divided them, and of
Course each thought they were the one
With the right answers and insisted
Everyone else was wrong, evil and abusive
If it dared challenge their own thinking.
Everything was just loud and crazed
Constantly…It was irritating to watch.

And what brought this on? The desire
For the self to be right and have its
Way…and the spirits they lured here…
The First demons…The Oldest of the Old,
From other worlds, other dimensions…
The Fallen Ones from long lost worlds that
Thrived on chaos and torment…For when
The Fallen Ones swell through the land…
It’s much like a dark intoxication of the
Soul…it brings lout the worst in them…

But there are good spirits that come too…
Drawn to try to solve the chaos…Beings of
Goodness…that suffer the greatest weakness
As all things do, good or evil, the temptation
To fall…For love…
Think about those words carefully
Now…Fallen ones…Fallen Angel…
To fall in love…Believe me, they are
Related…The Fall is Tragic…True Love
Should lift and sail and rise above,
Not fall…But unfortunately the romance
Of agony is a long misheld belief…

In the beginning, I had…never seen
Such a thing before…And I never thought
It possible…The Temptation of a Divine
Being to fall for love…with a mortal?
Mortal pleasures are quite intoxicating
For spiritual beings…especially those
Rich with emotions., like the Adams
And Eves…

And I want to make it clear…These
Spiritual beings indeed fall in love for
Both men and women…and are equally
Ferociously protective over them…
But women…The Eves…carry the Gift
Of Creation, birth…And the Eves were
Far different than normal human
Women. They possessed advanced
Supernatural genes…in some ways, even
More so than Ceres, and the women I
Know as human women do…”

“Excuse me?” Ceres snapped. “Superior?
Advanced? Genetically Altered! I saw
The Eve Ship, I saw the Data - !

Varence gestured for her silence and
Went on. “The priests and priestesses
Gave themselves completely over to the
Spirits…mind, body and soul…The greatest
Temptation of all for love in all realms…
So what happened? The passionate
Possession of lovestruck entities with

Women and men…men were drained to
Death from this…but women conceived
Children of ecstasy…

The Fallen, or rather the Angel, fell
From grace to do this…procreate…
And the babies were…exceptional…I can
Not say why exactly they became
Giants…They vary on every world or
Civilization they have touched…But on
Earth they became…Giants…
The children born Nephilim just kept
Growing and growing…nothing could stop
Them…And even more, they possessed
Even greater strengths…and psychic

To the Mortal Adams and Eves, these
Giants were nothing less than Gods…
And no one questioned this. It
Only further validated mysticism…

What could they do? They had
Created a race of gigantic super
Beings that thrived and fed off
Worship, off of love and adoration, lust
And fear…Their very presence
Created riots…people became crazed
Senseless beasts when the
Giants walked the Earth…

Do you understand why I am telling you
This?” Varence paused. “Think of
What life is like now…of what
Is happening? Are there breakthroughs
Of peace? Or rampages of senseless
Violence, greed and protest?

Those that survived, walk the
Earth again …And this is their
Result…I know you want answers,
Solutions, quick answers…But you
Won’t like what I tell you…
When such terrible noise occurs.

If passive peace and good
Nature do not come soon…

So, then, what to do?” He sighed.
"Tell them. Tell people to truly
Believe. Think freely.”


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