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Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…13 Bloodlines…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 13-Jul-2017 13:33:19

*SONG* “Pop Goes the World” by Men Without Hats

His mind was more powerful than before,
I could only guess this is what he wanted.
“Start writing.” Varence said, as he sat in
A chair in the light. His expression was
Unbreakable, more confident than ever.
“When you feel tired, I will give you that
Extra boost you need.” He said nodding
As a smile slid across his face. “Ah you

Think it’s over but it’s not. Believe it or
Not…everything is perfect. It may not feel
That way but it is.”

“You know what I’m thinking so why
Should I ask?”

“It has to happen this way.” He nodded. “It

Ceres sat beside him with her arms crossed
Making this sarcastic smirk; she was doing
That a lot. “The way you plan things…
Always so painfully.”

“If we do this any other way it won’t
Work.” He said to her.

“The Master Planner…” She laughed then turned
To me with concern. “So, tell me what has he
Done now?”

“I’m tired of writing those stories that book
Rips from my head…I don’t like it and I
Don’t think it’s fair. I thought this was
Supposed to be about you telling me about the
First home…and the 7 sisters.”

“They’re not ready for those stories at all.” Varence
Said. “Not in the least.”

“Why? I heard them since I was little, or
Younger…at least part of them. Why aren’t
They ready?”

“Those stories are special,” he said, “We
Don’t tell those to everyone.”

“I don’t understand, I thought you said
You had narrowed it down to the right ones

“There is a process of information first.” Varence
Explained mysteriously…as usual. “And you still
Have to learn to ignore them.”

“Why is that so important? I’ve been doing this
For 5 years…I thought you said the
Tests were over?”

“We have to discuss the 13 bloodlines
And significance of that right now…
While we hold the right eyes and ears
Before the changes…the timing…”

“13? That again…That number keeps
Coming up everywhere…It’s always followed
Me. Why?”

“There is a very good reason for that,”
Varence nodded once, “I will explain it…
It has to do with the first human
Bloodlines that settled the planet…The Adams
And the Eves…and then, the starchild

“There are 13 bloodlines?”

“Why are you wasting your time explaining
This?” Ceres asked as she casually shook
Her head and gave a swatting gesture towards
The notebook. “You can state things a
Thousand times, the facts will still fall on
Deaf ears. They’re not listening to your
Thinking. They’re pulling apart your words
And analyzing it wrong.” She turned to me
Abruptly. “How many times has he said
Take it as I say this? His riddles are
Incomplete verses that is all. The words that
The meaning here we are sharing are for a
Generation yet to come…So I will state it
Without playing games…This, and always
Has been for future generations…There are too
Many minds in your present that see
Things that aren’t there.” She turned to
Varence with almost a snarl-like expression.
“Lie to them…They’re more likely to believe
That than the truth.”

He paused for a moment then smiled, it
Was almost like a quiet victorious sarcastic
Smile…then he slanted his brow and leaned
Forward. “Very well…I will put it this way…
Everyone on Earth is so brilliant…species
From across space travel here to observe
And watch everyone secretly with their
Highly advanced sciences…” He arched his
Brow comically. “They are amazed by Earth’s
Superior culture and unique thinking…
At how fantastically you all get along.
They marvel at your beauty and grace…
And desire it desperately for themselves…
So they can revere it endlessly and tell
Amazing stories of how every single
Soul on Earth is so awesomely special
Beyond the rest of the universe. Every
Race in the universe wants to rush here
To devote their full time and science
To fix and cure every single minute
Malady on Earth, to cure all your
Problems, to make your lives easier…
Because the rest of the universe exists
Solely to please and serve Earth!
Every man and woman on Earth is
Special and unique beyond words…far
More worthy than any life elsewhere…
Why all of space and time should stop
To solve Earth’s problems! Earth’s problems
Are far more important, more worse
Than any where else…Earth is the
Center of the universe!
The universe is full of kind, benevolent
Beings that exist solely to serve Earth,
To visit you, to touch your dreams and
Tell you how special you are…Every
Race in the universe is in awe of every
Single person on Earth’s exceptional
Perfection…their wisdom, their mastery
Of reasoning and wit. It exists nowhere
Else. Please, Earth teach the universe
How to think! Tell us how you suffer
Each and every day far worse than
Anyone else in the universe!
All alien races can stop all manners
Of their pursuits…because lo and
Behold we have found the Earth…The
Greatest Treasure trove in all the
Universe! All of the answers to all
Questions lie on Earth…We
Should all descend at once and beg
For Earth to PLEASE interact with
Us…” Varence paused and leaned
Closer… “How could we possibly not
Want to be a part of Earth’s problems
And social exceptional wonders…of
Each prized personality…The rest of the
Universe is so vastly inferior…We can
Not wait for Earth to teach us, and
Share their wonders with us…Oh how
Richer we shall be for it.”

Ceres scowled at his over-worded speech.
“You sound utterly ridiculous. I said lie
To them, not sound like an absolute

“But tell me,” Varence pointed sternly
To the notebook. “Is that how they
Behave or not? Do they not want
Some magic pill to cure their lives so
They have to make no effort because
They believe the universe exists solely
To save them?” He paused angrily. “Perhaps
They should reflect more on reality and
Those who truly work to fix their lives
And shape things rather than spend
Time endlessly wishing…Wishes do
Have value…when good effort is put
Into them! Remember that.”

Ceres held her breath as she watched
His nostrils flare, she had never seen
Him so angry…Yet part of her seemed
Amused. “Are you well?”

“There are moments when I question
It.” He said as his eyes rolled upward.
“The efforts put forth…”

“You are the one who suggested
Such great faith in them.” She pointed
Out. “You are the one who said not to
Care what they think…”

“Excuse me, but even I sometimes
Come across a mind that is so…” He
Paused struggling to find a word. “Full of
Waste that I cannot believe it.” He
Turned to me. “We are always taught
To ignore such minds…For the one that
Constantly insists for a solution is the
Greatest one to fear…They are monsters
In the making. You must learn to raise
Yourself up…If you cannot…What do
You expect to find in life…let alone
In the vastness of the universe?”

“This is true.” Ceres agrees. “What
Exactly has him so heated? They surely
Cannot expect that all of their
Problems will be solved by those from
Other worlds. They cannot be that
Hopelessly foolish? Have they never thought
That their own problems are but
Minor reflections of greater, more
Dangerous dilemmas and chaos going
On constantly in the universe?” Again
She paused to study him, his expression,
Then mine… “Surely they must
Sense there are dangers out in the
Stars, don’t they? I’ve watched them
Only in glimpses…these people, but
That was long ago…and how they
Treated animals…but I mean seriously…
There must be those that realize the
Common sense of mirror images…of
What reflections teach…and patterns?”

“Patterns? And reflections?”

Ceres nodded. “One of the first ways we
Are taught to learn is how to recognize
Our own behavior and learn from it…
Reflections teach us…and patterns…I
Mean…if you cannot see this how
Can you learn? It would be a world
Of endless childish behavior and demands…
Complaining and whining…I thought
You said they have atomic power?
They must be beyond even basic
Learning principles…You make it sound
As though they marvel at overcoming
The slightest step of ego…”

“You would be amazed.” Varence only
Said. “You are too accustomed to
Advanced races…Such personalities of
Higher merit would see the Earth as poison…
Only other corrupt races would be
Drawn to it…as I have pointed out…
And aided in shaping it…That’s why
It is a mess…They maintain it this

“That’s why you always tell me what
To do…or how to do certain things?
And not write everything down.”

“No,” Varence corrected, holding up his
Finger. “I suggest…I do not tell or
Command. The choice is always yours…
I have been trying to guide you as
We were taught…Hopefully others
Have seen this as well and not regarded
It as some rancid fictitious story-telling
Because I did not tell them what they
Wanted to hear.”

“I wonder…”

“As do I…now.” He laughed. “But
Then this is a process…As I said, it has
To be this way. You must learn to
Ignore frustration…and above all ignore
Anyone who makes false claims and
You must keep going…for the sake of
The others.”

“The others?” But I thought you said
This was about the 13 bloodlines?”

He nodded. “Now that brings us to the
Worthy dialogue…The true part of
This message.” He turned with a laugh
To Ceres. “Dare we take up precious
Time. Thankfully some are paying
Quite good attention…” He turned back
To me and the notebook and smiled
And arched his brow. “Thank you

“You know people always ask me to
Ask you things…”

Varence held up his hand. “And you
Can file all those questions under 2019…”


“Never mind.” He said, shaking his head.
“Now…just write this down…and as
If it were a story, ask no questions…and
Please try to refrain from adding your
Personal comments to my words when
You write…This is important…” He
Looked at me, I nodded quietly… “Alright…
Now…The 13 bloodlines…”

From the beginning when the Earth was
Settled…There were 13 distinct human
Bloodlines…There were other subspecies
In the Eves…but only twelve, along with
The Adams were human…The 13th
Bloodline came with the Star Pilgrims
And is and always has been…The
Starchild bloodline.

Features of the purest blood are always
Demonstrated, or rather…surface in
Specific ways…physical features or
Traits…like lines on the face, the shape
Of the face…The shape of the hands…
Those are quite obvious signs.

But over the ages all of these
Bloodlines have crisscrossed, I believe
That is the right word…they have even
Crossed with the Starchild bloodline…
Now although these lines were diluted
Over time…The basic principles of human
DNA…to rebuild itself…has rebuilt
These bloodlines over time…

This has been studied with abductions
For ages…But I believe now they
Are doing it more openly on your
World with studies of ancestry…and
Family trees? Taking DNA samples
With vaccinations…because they are
Desperately trying to understand what
Is going on with human DNA, so
They can learn…or aspire to attempt
To control it.

“That’s quite an ambitious attempt,” Ceres
Added. “For a world with so many problems…”

Varence just went on kindly gesturing
For Ceres to let him continue… “Now
Listen this is important right now…
RIGHT NOW…Before the numbers
Change and the readers change…
That’s fine…those that are meant to
Find the words will find them,…They
Have to think…they have to use their
Instincts…more will be doing this now
With the coming Earth changes…
Do not try to argue or defend your
Words, these words…Just write them
Down and keep going…
Fools will over-analyze the words, let
Them…ignore them and keep going…

“The world is changing and will continue
To change…Senses will be of key
Importance for survival…Those who
Know how to do this will have no
Problems while many will misguide
Others into pitfalls…You can’t force
Anyone to think a certain way…
You will continue to share stories…
Take them for what they are, not
What others insist they think they are…

“Now for the details…
There are 13 bloodlines…The number
13 finds its way into many things…
13 families…that rule things…
Echoing shades of forefathers they
Never knew by wayward worship
That will fail, is failing…
They are being used by outside
Sources for fuel…and data collection
On the evolution of the species
On this Earth…

“Oh, and yes…there are other Earths…
Or variants of Earth…Earth means
Homeworld in some languages…take
That into consideration…

“13 families
13 bloodlines
13 family trees
13 tribes…13 colonies, 13 grandmothers…
13 lunar months…13 astrological
Signs…Aquarius and Scorpio rulers…
An Age of Aquarius has begun and
Did so with this current wave of
Change…and more to come…
13:13…a clock, a time to watch
1:13…3:13…, 13, 2:12…
13 hands…13 stars, or constellations
Rather…upon the harvest moon they fall…
These numbers align…
The dialing sign…To call a distant
Star…The number 9…divine…
3…3…3…The power of three…
In a circle, or a triangle…
These forms align power…
Through a vessel that’s sacred geometry…

“There are 13 that must come together
From these bloodlines in order
To make contact…If they do not or
The wrong ones come together, it won’t
Work…Worst fuel of fire,
2 Aries together…It’s always best
To keep complimentary configurations
Together…Or else their forces
Will be drained.

“I refuse to give or yield those
Configurations of the signs…ego will
Always attest they know more…even
When the stars deny this…

“Just remember…13…13 of a
Rainbow tribe of bloodlines can make
The call…Royal blood is irrelevant.
Royal blood is only key if born
Under ruling signs…
Others are irrelevant…

“Now…if they want facts and
Information…Fine. I will bend and
Twist their minds here…
If they had been paying attention
To previous messages they would
Know there are NO LIES here…
The laws of physics no longer apply…

“The planet is moving…It wants to
Move…and will continue to do so…
That is the cause of all geomagnetic
Instability…earthquakes, volcanoes…
The weather…
Seasons have no sense now…
Remember what you wrote about the
Prophecy Cave?
An early snow…Snow where it
Has NEVER snowed before…
A pillar of fire…
An early frost…warning signs…

“The climate isn’t changing…
The planet is changing, permanently…

“From our analysis…we expect
The greatest shift to occur in 2019…
So they still have time.

“And if there are those who want
To chase fantasies of their own
Reality taking shape…consider it
Another way…chase your dreams
And make them happen, they won’t
Fall into your lap…

“Like a Wonder Woman once said,
‘When you’re doing the right
Things…the right things happen.’

“Don’t blame others for your problems,
Try to solve your own…
And just maybe, just maybe
Something right will happen
To aid you on your journey…

“Everyone has to find their own
Answers…Doesn’t everyone want
Their own dream?
Think…These are common sense
Principles, this is not magic…

“If there are fools out there
Ranting and raving poison,
Poison is their nature. Stay away
From them. Think. Use your instincts.
In these times of changes there
Can be answers as well…

“Remember our earlier messages?
That we helped tell earlier?
This can be a fun, easy process…
Or it can be painful…
If you think the universe is
Granting kindness to idiots…
You are sadly mistaken…
If anything the universe will
Reward idiots with the great reward
Of nothing…
Believe it or not there are great
Benefits of learning to improve
Yourself…Good teachers teach this…

“A good teacher will help show you
How you how to think better
For yourself…
A bad teacher will tell you how
To think their way…Avoid them.
We share these stories to inspire
Not tell how to think.
But ah yes, of course they will
Argue that’s what we are doing
Right now…No, because at any
Moment the eyes and ears
Can stop reading and move on
To something more indulgent…

“Are you there to learn, or be

“Lastly…I will come to a close
Once again with the 13…

“The power of 3…starts things…
3…3…3…has even greater power…
9, even stronger…
Imagine when 3 are carefully
Spaced apart…And when they
Come together…9…13…
That is the dialing process…
The numbers and sequences are
Right there, they always have been…
Remember it’s always about
Together…9 can change 13
Into 13 strong…so at least 9
Have to be true. Do you understand?

“We are offering this not to confuse,
It’s not a riddle. Yes, to you it
May seem like a riddle because
You have to think a little…
But for us it’s common sense…
How frustrating for us it is to hear
They are being so cryptic!
How obvious do we have to make
Things? How many times must
Things be misunderstood?

“We are building bridges here…
Sharing stories to teach, to learn…
To open senses, feelings…
And leaving a trail for those to
Follow that come after…long after
We have gone.
Few understand this. Most just want
Easy answers…Well easy fast answers
Come with no appreciation and a fast
Senseless crash…

“The stories will continue. This is just
A brief respite for simple…SIMPLE
Exchange to correct misunderstanding.
Consider it lucky, it may NOT come
Again. What inspires us? Those that
Listen carefully…And those still to come
Who will need it even more.”


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