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They Youtubed Their Way to a Guilty Verdict. And the New World Order Went Down the Gurgler

Posted By: MaryMaxwell
Date: Thursday, 1-Jan-2015 04:18:51

They Youtubed Their Way to a Guilty Verdict.
And the New World Order Went Down the Gurgler
by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

By now, anyone who is not wearing blindfolds can see that the most famous case of “Islamic terrorism,” 9-11, was a false flag, an inside job. That is, it was done by our American government. Maybe that sounds like bad news, but there is a hidden piece of good news in it. Please read this article straight through to the end. You won't be disappointed.

I will show how the designers of misery, whom I call collectively ‘the Baddy,’ have overplayed their hand and now want out. I mean there are men who unofficially run our nation -- and no, I’m not referring to ‘Jews’ -- who are acting psycho. We can help them calm down and accept their fate as has-beens. Really, we’re at the helm, in our good old democracy. (Never thought I’d be saying that!)

I’ve recently had a lucky Eureka moment as to how the evil game works. As explained below, it’s got something to do with the “Sandy Hook hoax,” which I think is not a hoax. (“The Sandy Hook hoax hoax,” we might call it.)

As for the Baddy’s motive to do all kinds of terrorist killings, it is, of course, to stay in power, even at the expense of the whole human population. Even at the expense of Nature. Kind of a stupid plan, eh? Don’t feel overwhelmed -- it is they who are feeling overwhelmed now. They need an escape. We can assist them.

A Quick List of Incidents To Be Discussed

Four terrorist incidents (or lone gunman shooting sprees, same thing) need to be summarized first.

1. In 1996, in Dunblane, Scotland, 16 children, age 5 and 6, and their teachers were shot dead in a school gym, another fourteen people were wounded, supposedly by Thomas Hamilton, a 43 year-old bachelor who then killed himself.

2. In 2014, in Sydney, Australia, 15 patrons of the Lindt Chocolate Café in Martin Place were held hostage by 52 year-old gunman, Man Haron Monis, for 17 hours. Then, shots were heard and police rushed in. The gunman and two patrons were shot; one died on the spot, another, Katrina Dawson, died in hospital of a heart attack. A few others received gunshot wounds, either by Monis or the police.

3. In 2013, in Boston, USA, an uncertain number died; some were so wounded as to need amputation of a leg, owing to a simple bomb placed near the Marathon, supposedly by the Tsarnaev brothers age 21 and 24, who also killed a security guard at MIT. The older brother was killed by police; the younger was wounded and is awaiting trial in early 2015.

4. In 2012, In Newtown, CT, USA, at the Sandy Hook School, 20 children and 6 teachers were shot dead and another wounded, allegedly by 20-year old Adam Lanza, who then killed himself. He had killed his Mom en route to the school. (In 1966 Charles Whitman killed his wife and mother en route to his random shooting at Texas tower; Martin Bryant also killed an elderly couple en route to his massacre job in Port Arthur in 1996. Isn’t that interesting).

Richard Reid, the shoe bomber of December 22, 2001, and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the underwear bomber of 2009, will also be mentioned below. Both were caught before they could carry out a plan to blow up a plane suicidally.

Sydney’s “Siege”
The siege in Sydney, a fortnight ago, got my goat. This may be because I am both American and Australian and thus far had seen these silly ‘terrorist’ things happening in the US but not in Oz. It was pathetic to see Australians step up to the plate and act like Seppo’s. (This is an Aussie term of endearment for Americans. It’s based on rhyming slang: Americans are Yanks, which rhymes with septic tanks.)

I have no doubt that, in the preceding year, Sydney’s terrorist, Man Haron Monis, was well puppeted (by the Baddy) to leave a trail of actions that could later justify his being labeled an unstable person, an Islamic extremist (natch), and a publicity seeker!

Monis could easily have been hypnotized to carry out the hostage-taking scene. Hypnosis is often used commercially today; there are simple ways to contact the inner part of a person’s brain in a way that he or she stays consciously unaware of.

The police knew early in the day, December 15, 2014, who the hostage holder was. Yet they continued to let the public (e.g., moi) think there may be more than one gunman in the café and that he may have planted bombs elsewhere in Oz to go off if he didn’t get what he wanted. All he wanted for Christmas was an ISIS flag – naturally the Baddy employs simple symbols to make our brains follow the correct path.

Finally, at 2am, the police stormed in, guns blazing, (surely a retro practice? what about a stun gun or mace?), and poor old Monis carked it. The café manager, Tori, who had tackled Monis, also died. (Note: The story of Todd Beamer, tackling an Arab on Flight 93, has been solidly refuted by the best investigator of 9-11, Elias Davidsson. We’ve got to stop believing Hollywood. But I don’t say that Tori did not tackle Monis. I assume he did.)

On the previous Friday, December 12, 2014, Oz’s federal parliament had passed a bill to strengthen control of critics. Then this hostage thing took place on Monday. (Normally it’s the other way around: we have the terrorist incident first and then some Patriot-Act type legislation is enacted.)

Which do you think is the more effective strategy: to make each MP think he must vote for draconian laws, or just control his cerebrum directly? I lean towards the latter choice. (See my article “Brice Taylor’s Memories…”, in which I quote her as to the extent of brainwashing of leaders such as Ronald Reagan.)

It’s at least possible that most of our pollies (elected representatives) were recruited from scratch, rather than had a personal desire to run for office. In Oz it’s an absolute snap to recruit a candidate (this is legit; it’s called pre-selection) and once he is in parliament he will safely vote his party’s call. The Baddy only ever has to instruct the bosses. Talk about cheap!

About halfway through the siege at Martin Place, I posted an article, “Terrorists, My Arse,” on the Internet. I half expected a knock at my door in Adelaide, with the police telling me I was jeopardizing the negotiations and hence the lives of 16 people.

Indeed I thought that could be so, and so I should just shut up. However, I had been made aware, by Dalia Lachlan, editor of Gumshoe News, that the Australian attorney general was being puppeted to pass laws that are Baddy-cushions, not society-protections. And very bad laws they are. Dalia lived under the heavy-handed Botha regime in South Africa and says these new laws are worse. Anyway, the fact is that I couldn’t stay my hand. So I took a chance. No police came. Whew.

A Word about Airplanes, Hijackings, and Arabs

“It is said” that the plan to set Muslims up in order to bring about World War III was laid many years ago. I do not have documentation of that, but it was normal practice in the British Empire to play one ethnic or religious group against another. Indeed it was, and is, normal practice for the Big Powers to create the rebel groups in the first place! (Al Qaeda, anyone? See Zbigniew Brzezinski’s confession on this.)

The Mau Mau in Kenya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, are typical examples of false rebels. As are the IRA, the Occupy Wall Street group, the recent Ferguson protestors in Georgia. … OK, I might carry this too far, but I have yet to find out that I’ve been wrong in any of my conspiracy theorizing, if that’s what we should call this.

By 1970, it was plain that Arabs or Muslims were to be mounted as the main examples of “people who walk into an airport with the expectation that they can commandeer a plane, frighten the passengers, and end up either getting their Christmas present (say, a release of prisoners, or money), or else happily die for the glory of Allah.”

Indeed, in 1968, an Arab with a funny name, Sirhan Sirhan, had already been set up for our ‘education.’ He fulfilled the patsy role for the Baddy’s assassination of Robert F Kennedy, who was running for prexy.

On page 187 of my 2011 book, “Prosecution for Treason” (a free download, now that’s a decent price!), I list hijackings that subsequently took place, involving Arabs. The list will give you a good laugh. For example, a 1972 incident at Lod Airport in Israel was ridiculously said to be a coalition of two parties, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and a rebel outfit calling itself the Japanese Red Army -- working together!

Can you imagine it? Well, yes you can and you did, and I did. Just as I, of course, at age 21, understood Sirhan Sirhan to be the killer of RFK. After all, everybody knew it. The beloved anchorpersons on the News weren’t going to lie to us, were they? Unthinkable. (Of course, if we saw a presidential candidate in a Latin American country get bumped off like that, we’d hardly accept a ‘lone nutter,’ theory.)

Allow me to review two recent airplane misadventures. We are told that Richard Reid, an Anglo lad who went bush to the Middle East, or at least to his local mosque in the UK, was a fanatical Muslim and wanted to blow up a plane. To this end he had a little something in his footwear; I think maybe cordite. However, at the very moment he started to light it with a match, a Todd Beamer type tackled him.

The next significant airline troublemaker, a Nigerian named Umar, had the idea of blowing up a plane, again suicidally, by way of explosives sewn into his boxer shorts. Or maybe they were bikini briefs, I have not seen the court transcript so I don’t know.

Was there a court transcript? I don’t know. So hadn’t I better research it? Well, even if I did find a court case, I wouldn’t know with any certainty that it was dinkum (genuine). There are fake court cases, even at the highest levels. Have you noticed today that “All facts are up for grabs”? More on that in a minute.

Umar made it possible for new legislation to happen. Thanks to his undies problem, we all have to show our undies, at the airport. A big machine looks into you as you go through ‘security.’ Or maybe it does no such thing and instead sends cancer into you. Or maybe it does nothing at all but helps the manufacturer (most likely a CIA proprietary) get a kazillion dollars for supplying the machines.

I recently published an article, “Sydney Had Its Own Underwear Bomber,” aimed respectfully (but with some exasperation) at the Sydneysiders who had laid a mountain of flowers outside Monis’s café. I argued that you can tell from the cases of Reid and Umar that these guys really weren’t ideologically driven terrorists -- and so, logically, neither is Monis!

I proffered a new concept: (Generic) Underwear Bomber. It means more persons than just Umar. It doesn’t require an airplane setting, and has nothing to do with clothing. The definition will be: any man who (allegedly) is risking his life, with a divine reward as his only motivation. I don’t like coining new terms. But if we lack a word for something, our brain can’t do what it’s supposed to do, which is to connect things.

So please apply the label Generic Underwear Bomber, GUB, to Sydney’s Mr Monis (now the late Mr Monis, but life is cheap, right? And didn’t he set fire to his ex-wife in a stairwell? And mightn’t he be a spy for Iran, ready to nuke us?). You’ll realize that Monis didn’t want to kill himself. Frankly, I don’t believe there have ever been any spontaneous serial killers. (David McGowan argues well for this idea in his book, “Programmed To Kill.”) They’re all phony stories. Hmm. Is everything phony now?

Boston Marathon, and Questionable Youtubers

So now we come back to what I hinted above, that all facts are up for grabs. Moreover, there are theories that this or that incident was a completely a hoax. If you google “Marathon hoax,” you get articles and videos saying that the Boston bombing was sort of created by special effects. Yet after you’ve watched several of these critique-videos you start to ask “Which party is pulling my leg – the party that made a special-effects bombing or the part that is ‘enlightening’ me about this?”

Trust me, there is major confusion going on. Yet, that confusion is undoubtedly the Baddy’s desired goal. Many of the Youtube clips debunking 9-11 were put there by the guilty party, too, namely, government! Not that you can identify this fact at first glance, but eventually you realize that there are probably as many ‘hired’ truthers as there are earnest ones. (A truther, may belong to a group such as “Engineers for 9-11 Truth, or just be freelance.)

In my November 30th article, “Duplex False Flags,” I whined about the way in which government was flooding us with ‘critiques’ of the Marathon and Sandy Hook. It wasn’t till December 30th that I caught on to the game. The Baddy is aiming to destabilize all the researchers by throwing in a heap of partly-true and untrue videos.

Typically, the Boston Police Commissioner makes a statement on TV, and before you can say Boo, a contrary video appears on Youtube. There are also videos identifying props used at the Marathon scene, such as wheelchairs-in-waiting. Some purport to show (if it’s possible to show a negative thing) that there was no blood. Some really audacious ones ‘prove’ that locals at the bombing scene are discernible on news clips of other faux events! You get the idea.

What do I believe about the Marathon? I believe there may have been a bomb that really hurt people (God knows there was a bit of an explosion at the WTC), but overall, the official story can’t be true. For one thing, it says that one of the Tsarnaevs drove over his brother with an SUV. I say “Please, don’t insult me.”

The good news here is that all this chicanery about a Marathon hoax helps us to sort out the real involvement of the Baddy, not just in dishing out misinformation, but in having pulled off the whole caper. After all, the whole caper of 9-11 was pulled off by government. Fancy the president and vice [!] president refusing to testify to the 9-11 Commission!

Plainly, the flooding of the Internet with government-created misinformation TELLS YOU THAT THE GOVERNMENT DID THE JOB. That is basically my Eureka. Had they not done it, had the Tsarnaevs been what they are said to be (I forget; they were Chechens who don’t love Russia, or what?), there would be no major video release by the Baddy.

I repeat, if your basic Boston Police Commissioner says one thing, and soon a very-professionally made video say another (and the uploader of the videos is no Mary Maxwell, so to speak), you can safely say Gotcha! Government’s guilt is a conclusion you can intelligently reach on no more complicated evidence than that. Wow. Please concentrate on that logic; it could be your key to freedom.

Anyway, I grant that it is hard to fix the dear American mind on this guilt thing. Myself included. I attended part of the Marathon backpacker trial at the Moakley Court House in Boston and was “put in my place” by the lovely wood paneling in the hallways and his Honor’s way of doing everything according to Hoyle. It was hard to keep my conspiracist mentality going.

Sandy Hook, and the Shanley Lawsuit

Now to Sandy Hook. Although it is by no means clear who got wounded or killed at the Marathon, it seems to me that the deaths at this elementary school were reported correctly. Many Youtubers say otherwise. In poses that are eerily similar (as the saying goes) to Marathon poses, their videos show ‘crisis actors’ plying the schoolyard at Sandy Hook. Or they demonstrate that a child’s photo at her third birthday party ‘proves’ that she is not the same girl as one of the named deceased. That sort of thing.

The following thesis was outlined by me in an article entitled “Sandy Hook Denial To Be Criminalized Like Holocaust Denial.” (Some countries put you in jail if you say the facts of the Nazi Holocaust need to be fine-tuned.) I proposed that the government wants us, with the help of those over-the-top Youtube videos, to conclude that no Sandy Hook child died.

And why would they want us to form such a crazy opinion? So we could, down the road, be very embarrassed when officialdom shows us beyond a shadow of a doubt that a mass killing took place. (To repeat: In my opinion the deaths DID occur.)

The Baddy also wants our neighbors to be disgusted with us for having the insensitivity to question something as inherently sacred as the memory of a child. In fact, once it all comes out into the open that “those stupid conspiracy theorists have gone to an extreme, denying that 20 children died,” the way will be open to new laws. We won’t be allowed to post videos that mock the police or the town spokesperson, or whatever.

Because I feel I’m right about two things, that the Sandy Hook deaths really did occur, and that the videos saying “no deaths” came from Langley, so to speak, I think I see what’s behind the new lawsuit. Last week, on December 26, 2014, William Brandon Shanley, a filmmaker, filed a headline-grabbing lawsuit. He wants a trillion dollars to be paid by the defendants.

What defendants? Has he accused someone of killing the children? No. Shanley thinks no child died. The defendants are media corporations and owners. They committed fraud, he says, by telling us that a massacre took place at Sandy Hook. “I, Shanley, deny that it took place.” He also says those very media persons terrorized the population.

Note: for comparison here, I reported above that media or government unnecessarily scared folks during the Sydney siege. Three people did actually die, but I claim Monis was trained to do the whole thing. I said it all has to do with Australia being told by the Baddy to enact some anti-terrorism laws fast. The fact that Aussies were kept in suspense for the 17 hours of the hostage crisis, thinking it may be a foreign attack, when the government could have announced that they were quite aware it was silly old Monis, has made me see malfeasance all over the place.

So am I a Martin Place denialist? Yes, more or less. Am I a Boston Marathon denialist? Yes, in the same vein. I think the government gave the people of Boston a show, to teach them the nearness of terrorism, and ditto for Sydney. People died, I think, in both locations, but I saw no madman on the loose. It is a disgrace to Beantown, the capital of higher education, that news anchors there could yak about “Tsarnaev” and no one get angry.

Importantly, these events are successfully ‘conditioning’ us to see military-style paraphernalia on city streets as normal. (Read my article “I Will Condition You.”) The number of battle-geared men on the hunt for the Marathon bomber was amazing. And Bostonians were all told to stay indoors. Geez.

As to my brag that I can see behind Shanley’s move, I wrote about it in my article at Gumshoe News, and got some mighty heated replies. I said Shanley’s lawsuit is a crock. It’s Langleyrific. It doesn’t want to punish the media for the killing of children, but only for having engaged in run-of-the-mill falsity.

Anyway, there’s a sting in the tail of my story. Ya see, I say that if the killings did take place, then SOMEBODY must have done them! If I were filing a lawsuit today, it would not be for damages. It would be a criminal prosecution. (Note: you can file a civil RICO suit for damages, and then ask the judge to expand it to prosecute. Yay!)

I’d specify that John Doe, not Adam Lanza, did the Sandy Hook killings. It is legally proper to use the name John Doe when you aren’t sure whom to blame for a crime but you know a crime was committed.

As regards Adam Lanza, that story is nonsense. And since, as I point out, there was a deluge of Youtubes showing Sandy Hook to be a hoax, the government (best video makers in the world, best spin artists in the whole Milky Way galaxy) is deep, deep into the deaths of those children. Please read that sentence again if not has not yet got into your bloodstream.

Dunblane and the 100-Year Sealing of the Records

Much can be gained right now by studying the sad case of the Dunblane massacre that took place in 1996. Luckily, the research was done by a careful person, Sandra Uttley (aided by Doreen Hagger and William W Scott) for the 2006 book, “Dunblane Unburied.”

I have reviewed that book in my article “They Shoot Children, Don’t They?” Yes, that’s an awful title, but isn’t it what we have been asked to believe? That there are a few insane gunmen around the nation who might pop up and do such outrageous things?

What of the fact that it calls for suicide? Thomas Hamilton, Dunblane’s gunman, was said to have turned the gun on himself, just as Adam Lanza supposedly did in Connecticut. Recall my logic re Generic Underwear Bombers. People just don’t kill themselves. Ah, psychiatrists say that they do? Be wary.

I will cut a long story short. There’s no way Hamilton could have accomplished so many killings at the Dunblane school. Instead of telling you the problem of the too-high ratio of killed-to-wounded, I need only tell you that the two most appropriate witnesses were not allowed to testify. ’Nuf said. Case closed. This is so often a giveaway as to who is guilty, namely the government, as it controls the courtroom.

Or, consider this cute factor of control. The head of the Dunblane Inquiry, Lord Cullen, had the unmitigated gall to put a 100-year seal on the records of the investigation, such as the testimony of police who attended the scene. Lord Cullen, by the way, stands publicly accused by Lord Burton of being involved in the pedophile ring that ordered the massacre. Are you with me?

Finally, since we are on the subject of Scotland, consider the late Robin Cook, erstwhile foreign minister of UK, a Scot. In 2003, when the US wanted to invade Iraq (for no apparent reason), Cook was the Speaker of the House of Commons. As you may recall, millions of people worldwide had turned out on March 13 to say to all of our governments: “Don’t do this.”

Cook, on finding that the UK government was going to do it anyway, resigned on principle, and made a speech to that effect, as only a Scotsman can do. It got him a standing ovation in Parliament.

Let’s throw a bit of support up his way to Scotland (though he died at age 59), and help the folks of Dunblane face the amazingly hard-to-face fact that the government that marched soldiers off to kill Iraqis for no reason also marched a Hamilton, or a lookalike, into that school building.

If we can get past the barrier of facing this, we will all be better off, and not a minute too soon, as the weirdo’s are planning to do worse. Much worse, because they are cornered rats.

My happy thought for today, New Year’s Day 2015, is that the Baddy has apparently lost his grip. I speculate that his minions can’t take the strain anymore. They bit off way more than they can chew. To be able to control 7 billion impudent humans? It should never have passed the giggle test. By now they’re undoubtedly beginning to see how ill-thought-out was the original plan.

They must be wishing for an escape. I myself – but I can’t speak for anyone else – would give them safe haven in a pretty little retirement village. Wait, Mary, you mean you would let them go unpunished after all they have done? Sure. They are going unpunished nowadays anyway. What’s the diff?

A Word about “Jews”

I have found the best-yet website for dealing with the perpetrators of 9-11. Please use it posthaste. It’s called The several authors show simple practical ways to deal. On the other hand, some of the writers at that site are pushing the idea that all roads lead to Rome, or to Jerusalem as the case may be. They provide a lot to support that, but please think again. It’s unrealistic to posit that the hundreds of thousands of non-Jews who work for the Baddy would be willing to serve a master of one particular ethnic group.

Are there Jews who need to be arrested for 9-11? Sure, there’s Rupert Murdoch, Henry Kissinger, and plenty of others. But do you really think they are motivated by ‘Judaism’? Do you really think they get up in the morning eager to help build a Greater Israel? Of course not. They act out of human-nature instincts just as we all do.

The reason I want to make this point is that the cute little rumors going around about Jews are likely to make Americans reticent about arresting, say, a Kissinger. So maybe it’s the Jews that start those rumors for that very purpose? Could be, but it would pay a guilty non-Jew to do the same. The effect is that people will all be so befuddled that they can’t act. And that is always what the Baddy wants.

So just rise up and get your confidence in order, and know that the poor old coots up there are in a worse position than you. Their dreams are shattered and they personally are humiliated.


Mary W Maxwell hopes you’ll post her articles in any location you can access. Thanks! Her website is and her email address is mary.maxwell at Mary asks Americans to watch the Abu Ghraib video below, starting at the 11 minute mark, to hear that we are, in fact, sadists.

RMN is an RA production.

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