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Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Timeline…Time Bomb…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 2-Mar-2017 13:05:08

*SONG* “Invincible” by Pat Benatar

It’s in the air, the day, the night…
Patterns and moods that don’t feel
Quite right…It’s been there for years.
In fact it seems to grow worse each
Year…especially in the last 8 years.

The most obvious clues have been
Surfacing in dreams and memories.
I’ve had this happen countless times

And have had others tell me the same…
Stops in time, slips in memories…
Remembering things wrong, or even
Stranger, remembering things that
NEVER happened.

Something that went horribly wrong
Years ago has somehow broken
Through…And memories are returning.
There must have been some sort of
Disaster in time…or as discussed
Before, someone was seriously tampering
With time…because more than ever
It feels like every day has a new
Sense of waking up.

Political news, mudslinging and gossip
Has been a masterful distraction to
Keep people from seeing this…But
Fortunately more and more people are
Waking up and seeing past it. Has
Anyone else noticed this?

I’ve had numerous dreams about my
Past that should have been different…
I’m not talking about extraordinary things,
I’m talking about simple basic things
That when compiled together add up
To significant life changes…

All it takes sometimes is the smallest
Detail to alter things…Taking a different
Path, seeing a different movie…or even
Talking to someone you should have.
Missed opportunities can drastically
Change things and destroy life…
Even something as simple as a song
Can have a powerful effect on a mood
That can intensely affect decisions…

Yes, those little things add up…they
Hurt some people…And it appears at
The same time they highly benefit
Others…The worst kind.

I think many people can identify with
The fact that somewhere YEARS ago
Something screwed around with their
Life’s chances…and they got sucked down
A confusing, dismal road as a result.

But again, you can feel something has
Broken that cycle…Some are throwing
Tantrums because they want that dark
Road to continue…Don’t listen to them.
Pursuing a dream is the only chance to get
Them back. Maybe that’s one of the
Most important choices we have to
Make right now. Pursue a dream!

There was a rumble…like sounds of
Thunder, then the Circle of Light
Formed…pulling me in.
The Box was powerfully active now.
The vibration of the Circle of Light
Was intense, strong, undeniable and
Brilliantly shining…
But there was no one there at first.
Then suddenly from all directions, giant
Lion Men stepped into the light. They
Towered, ranging in size from nine
To…at least one being a massive eleven
Feet tall ferocious looking warrior.
There was the great Golden Lion Man
VIR’riel, I had not seen in some time…
Older looking grayish ones that wore
Something like tunics…A darker gray
One, other pale gold ones and the amber
Giant that stood above them all. They
All wore robes, and the ground seemed
To shake when they appeared. It was
Startling, this was new!
Their faces were also intense, serious, but
Not hostile towards me, that much was
Clear. Before I could wonder what was
Going on Ceres appeared, calmly moving
Between them to stand in the light. She
Had a simple smile on her face and
Moved closer. “It’s going to be a little
Different this time.” She said nodding
At me. “Don’t be scared…They are here
For yours and our benefit.”

Then Varence appeared, stepping into
The light through the army of Lion Men
That lined the circle, then Vala was
There too beside him…looking very intensely
Determined. Both were smiling and stood
Tall and unbreakable.

“It seems that odds are being challenged
Slightly.” Varence almost laughed. “As Ceres
Said, do not be alarmed. We’re just sending
A message.”

Those Lion Men were, to say the least,
Impressive, and shocking to see. They
Stared at me and I felt like I was 5
Years old, afraid to speak.

“That’s alright,” Varence smiled, “Just
Write. You do not have to say anything
This time.”

“Everything…so predictable.” Vala hummed.
“Of which what words could catch my ears?
A spell?” She laughed loudly. “That is a joke…
All dark magic was neutralized ages ago
There…Anything attempted will only fuel
The cause invincible…The tangles of
Children that don’t have the slightest clue
Of the powers of the mind. For if they dare
Utter one more word they will SHATTER,
They will BREAK…and feel only the pain
Suffered of years…Consider them merely
Revealing their true colors. They have no power
Anymore. But thank you for the fuel. Oh…
And one little note…the Lion Men are
Immune to magic…In fact it makes them
Quite angry. I’m just here to oversee
The deed to be done.”

“For now, just know this,” Varence said very
Kindly. “We have a Time Bomb to deliver.
Well not an actual bomb…But it’s information
That when told will have an explosive effect.
One that we hope will aid in restoring the

“Remember,” Ceres said very kindly as
She stepped closer, “We have a dual
Mission…One with you, and one for the
Welfare of the universe that affects thousands
Of other worlds.”

More than ever I wished my successor
Had agreed to take over the posts. For
The record, the 5 of us each had code
Names…They gave me Valiant…but my
Successor, Galahad…was to take over
Writing the posts years ago. He refused to
Do it though, instead choosing his silent
Seat as computer hacker. Oh joy! So they
Left me with this…saying I had done such
A good job. So yes, now you know my
Successor’s name was Galahad; still is…
There is no other Valiant, just one…So
If anyone claims to take my place, they’re
A liar. And the Watchers won’t like that at all.

“Well we have been pleased with your work.”
Varence said of my writing in the notebook.
“Galahad is less…personable.”

I was too nervous to speak with the
Lion Men around…But those kinds of words
Are unnecessary, they can read your
Mind anyway; that’s why they hate
Lies. I wish Galahad was here.

“Just relax,” Varence said, “It’s not
That bad.”

“I thought it was going to be stories
From this point on?” I had to ask.

“There will be, there are.” He said rather
Merrily, making a funny easy going
Gesture with his hands. “But as
Stated before…These posts are about
More…shocking information…As

“I thought you said things were going
To get easier?” I asked.

“They will,” Vala hummed slightly in her
Bewitching tone. “Trust me, they will. Oh
And if they try to make it difficult for
You…I’ll raise hell they won’t forget.
Just don’t worry.”

“Let’s just get to it.” Varence directed.
“The information we have to offer is
This…plain and simple. A singularity
Was induced in 2012 to prevent events
From consuming your world…It’s
Noble intentions were to save the planet,
But dark forces abused it to further
Their own agenda. This created fractured
Timelines…time loops if you will…
Symptoms of this…disorientation…
Repetitive cycles…endless repeating,
Annoying circumstances…And such
Obvious things as bad things continually
Happening to good people while others
Seemed blessed with abundance and
Success for no apparent reason…

“But now that cycle has broken…You
Should see this in symptoms of random
And intense exhaustion. Sensations
Of heaviness, nausea…confusion…And
Random yet intense flashes of memories…
Recalling things that never happened or
Should have…Very intense sleep cycles
Are the body’s way of coping with
A timeline correcting itself. Dream cycles
Will be even more intense. Reports of
This will increase as those 5 timelines
Converge again into one until the
Correct timeline has re-established itself…
And make no mistake…It is unavoidable,
It will correct itself.

“This must occur or the singularity
That created this will destabilize
Other parts of the universe and that
Can NOT be permitted.

“So we have to create a little shock
To encourage this correct timeline to

“5 timelines?” I had to ask.

“Yes,” Varence nodded. “That’s right…
The number 5 again…And yes it has
To do with your 5…The 5…But we’ll
Explain that in due time. The point is,
This is happening now. It must happen
And it is a good thing…So make sure
You tell people to rest if they feel they
Need to…But do not neglect physical
Activity…That is critical also. Too much
Sleep can be bad also as it induces
Coma-like side effects and weakens the body.”

“Healthy physical activity is essential.” Ceres
Added. “Try to exercise some kind of
Fitness routine…Remember what we
Told you about the Final Hour.”

They were referring to guidelines given to
The assembly in the Great Hall. It had to
Do with fitness, something about being able
To run…It’s hard to explain in words, the
Rules were imprinted somehow like a secret
Codex in the light.

“Now,” Varence said with a confident
Smile as stood closely beside me watching
Me write. “There will be other factors
At work here…The variables are difficult
To pinpoint as nothing is capable of
Being set to specific moments…For example
As the timelines merge…Factors from
Each timeline will clash…such as weather
Anomalies. More than ever before the weather
Will be unpredictable, seasons will be out of
Sync…Do not trust the weather patterns…
If winter seems like it’s ending, it’s fooling
You…It will return when you least suspect it…
Due to the ice age factor there will be
Sudden and random ice storms…make
Note of that. Extreme areas, such as the
Poles and the tropics will be particularly

“Those considerations are still too early,” Ceres
Corrected. “You have to help him NOW …You
Have to consider his concept of time, how he
Sees things happening, not ours…”

“True.” Varence nodded as he suddenly withdrew
That small flat rectangular device from his
Pocket…and that book again from inside
His jacket. “Well then we will proceed

“Is that, that book?” I asked. “That Hour
Glass book that tells the future?”

He nodded once. “It not only tells the
Future, it gives direction. In cases such as
This…when it is exposed to a singularity it
Offers assistance…like a compass if you will.”

“Much like the light in your head the
Angel put there.” Ceres added as she too
Moved closer. “At least that is what
We have come to believe from studying it.”

“I thought that only happens when I
Draw?” I asked. “With the artwork?”

“No it will express itself in any creative
Way.” Varence replied. “Remember what her
Sister told you in the garden…of the mind’s
Way of coping? The psychic mind reacts like
A compass through any form of artwork…”

“An astute observation.” Vala commended. “I
Am impressed.”

“I do pay attention in our conferences.” He
Said to her with an arched brow and a
Smile. “I am not the cryptic little scheming
Demon some may think.”

Ceres sighed. “Do not even start that again!
Fretting over impulsive analysis. Do not be
Ridiculous, you are wasting time! The
Window! Remember our window here each
Time is with limits. Get on with it. Besides
Brishan told you he sent others to
Watch him. Tell him what you were
Told to say!”

Varence turned back to me with a sigh, a
Smile then a curved grin. “She can be
So impatient with me. I believe she
Enjoys it if only a little, no matter how
She may conceal it. Do you notice it
As well?”

Ceres groaned. “Tell him NOW!”

“It’s in her voice, do you see?” Varence teased.

“I swear I will have Brishan throw you
With the chair across the room.” Ceres
Growled leaning towards him and crossing her
Arms. “Do not think I won’t. And his
Patience is gone, he will do it.”

“I apologize.” Varence laughed. “I was
Just making idle chatter to ease his
Nerves. He’s nervous.”

Ceres turned toward me. “Please. Do not
Be nervous. Just write. The Lion Men are
Only here for support, not to harm you.
Just focus on us…” She rolled her eyes
At him. “And with patience on the idiot.”

“Should I return my name to Apollo?” He
Asked. “Would that settle your temper?”

Ceres made the fiercest expression, then
Pointed. “Tell him now! There’s an empty
Chair right behind me ready to throw.”

“Yes, of course, onward.” He said as he
Opened the book and pointed his device
To the open air to the right. “We have
Something to show you…Watch this…”

A view screen appeared…then immediately
Displayed a black man on a stage behind
A podium making a speech…I saw a
Number of flags to his sides, the largest
And most obvious being the American flag.
The classic flag of the United States.

“Do you recognize him, this man?” Varence
Asked as he pointed very nonchalantly to
The view screen.

I didn’t have to think. “No. But then I
Really don’t watch the news or read the

“That man,” Varence said very firmly,
Very calmly, while pointing to the view screen
But watching my expression. “Is the first
Black president of the United States…”

“What?” I asked confused.

“From the correct timeline…” He went on
Again, very calmly. “That being the
Timeline that was not tampered with…
The one with no time manipulation whatsoever…
You do not recognize him?”

“No, I told you I do not watch the
News.” I answered him fast. “What do
You mean the first, how—“

“He is the son of a man you may
Recall from your history,” Varence
Nodded once then held his eyes low. “He
IS the son of a man called Martin
Luther King, Jr.”

“What?” I said.

“He was supposed to follow in his
Father’s footsteps down a political path
When he would one day finish his father’s work.”
Varence explained. “But his life was
Sabotaged and it never happened. The
Assembly of secret world powers replaced
Him as he was a threat to their agenda
As his victory would have been what you
Call a landslide…He would have won
Over a vast amount of the population
Very passionately and exposed numerous
Scandals and brought in a new era
Of peace and justice that would have
Reshaped the politics of several

I was stunned. I had no idea how to
Respond, but finally found the words. “But
That never happened…”

“Correct…” Varence went on. “Instead
He was replaced…and an era of what
Should have been full of peace and
Enlightenment…as promised to the
Council…instead became a mess…And
An era where insidious plots continued
Under a time manipulated veil…
And the Quantum Singularity grew
And worsened…” He paused then
Stood straighter. “The ONLY reason
The time technology assistance was
Permitted was because of that man.
That is why the events of 2012 were
Altered…and the timeline fractured.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”
I asked.

“Because this information is a Time
Bomb…” Varence explained. “To tell it
At the wrong time has dire consequences.
We had to share stories first…to explain
Things or else it never would have

“But the Men in Black, that
Briefing room?” I asked.

“They have been using you and
Others to get what they want.”
Varence paused. “Well, to be more
Precise they have been threatening
You…We know of course you have
Been fighting them. That’s why we have
Been helping you.”

“We had to help as we have discussed a pole
Shift would have tragic consequences for
Your planet but also all other worlds in the
Universe if those singularities expand.”
Ceres added then. “As we have said many
Other times…this is not just about Earth.”

“It is ridiculous to hear so many wish
To run into the stars to hide.” Varence said
Strongly. “There is nowhere to run from
This…We could not even be sure where
We are from is safe…there are too many
Unstable factors…until now…”

“What do you mean until now?” I asked.

“Now the corrections have been made.” Varence
Said. “It took time…careful guided steps…
But the odds have improved.”

“If anyone will even believe this at all.” I
Told him. “You keep saying more people
Read this than I know—“

“They do.” He said.

“I have done what you said…What the
Little Old Asian Man asked me to do…”
I told him. “And bullied by those Men in
Black…I’m always just caught in the
Middle…You keep telling me this all makes
A big difference…Yet my life still sucks.”

“Someone has to say it the right way, Bill.”
Varence instructed. “In a way others can
Relate to…or else it is meaningless.”

Ceres laughed. “The great riddler now
Champions the voice of reason…I cannot
Believe I have to say this. But he is correct,
Things must be said the right way or
It has no use, no effect at all.”

“And the timing,” he said to her, then me,
“The timing.” He said holding up his finger,
“Has to be right. It has to be precise or
Words or actions have no impact at all.”

“True.” Ceres reluctantly nodded.

He held up the book. “When I exposed
You to this book last time it triggered
A powerful memory in you…from the first

“First home?”

“The ancestral home of the human race.”
He explained. “From across the universe…It
Is under occupied territory now.”

“That’s what that was?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “The book had that
Affect on you…And you said the name

“Vishnu…” Vala repeated stepping closer
To join them. “The one known as the
Peace Maker?”

“Yes.” Varence said to her, then me. “Has
He spoken to you?”

“I don’t know how I…” The words
Froze then the mysterious answer came
Through as I write it down. “Yes, he
Heard me…I don’t know what Vishnu
Will do…only that…”

“What?” Varence asked. Clearly they
Were as mystified by the reaction as I was.

“In the spring.” I told them. “I believe
He is studying the world right now before
He acts…”

“Do you know who or what he is targeting?”
Varence asked.

“The protestors.”

“In the spring.” Varence said to Ceres, to Vala.

“Don’t say it.” Ceres said to him.

Varence turned back to me. “Would you like
To know something else?”

“No, but I am sure you will tell me anyway.”

He nodded to Ceres. “Do you know what
Ceres’s full name is?”

“It isn’t Ceres?”

“It is a shortened version of her name.”
Varence explained. “Her full name is
Ceresenoelle…In her
Language it means the light of spring…
Or in yours…”

“Christmas in the spring.” She nodded
With a laugh. “But I said that for
Another reason.”


“You will see.” She smiled.

“I want to show you one more thing.” Varence
Said, gesturing to the view screen as he showed
Me images of a house on a hill. “Do you
Recognize this?”

“I’ve dreamt about that house, yes!
That’s supposed to be my home, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“You’re torturing me by showing me that
Aren’t you.” I told him. “That’s the life
I was supposed to have, wasn’t it?”


“You know that makes me mad, that
Makes me furious. A simple life I never
Got to have…It makes me want to explode.”

“That is the life you were supposed to have,
You wish for?” He asked.


“Imagine many must feel the same way.”
He said.

“Well of course!” I snapped. “Everyone
Would want that…A lot of people say
Their lives feel so screwed up! So how do
I fix it? How do I tell others to fix
Theirs? Is there a way?”

“You have to retrace your memories to
The point when your life fell apart…to
When theirs did…and you must attempt
To resume doing what you were at that
Time…to do it again…use your intuition
To make the right choices knowing what
You know now to redo then…
Think of it as…walking down a familiar
Path…but wearing better clothes, something
More comfortable.”

“Huh? That is the strangest thing I’ve
Ever heard you say!”

“He is quite talented for that.” Ceres

“Listen, I just want that simple good life.
I’m sick of all the corrupt timeline talk
And negotiations or whatever.”

“This is what you have to do.” Varence
Only said.

“You’re a big ball of sunshine!”

He strained to understand my meaning.
“They gave you this job…so you will do it.”

“So very kindly said.” Ceres said sarcastically
To him then turned to me. “I know, we know
You don’t want this…but we will help you.”

Frustration was taking over. I delivered the
Messages, but I am seriously fed up.

“I know you are fed up.” Varence said. “But
You knew this would happen…for nearly 17
Years now…It has come down to this…You
Know it…And they know it…That’s why they
Have been watching you…That one day it
Would happen…you cannot fight it…”

So here I say or rather write the
Closing words this time…I’ve only ever
Partially opened the Box…The Light…
I never know what will happen or
What will come out…

The Men in Black, Mr. Secret Agent Man,
Mr. Spaceman…They all watch and
Wait…Because one day, yes, the Box will
Open all the way…And no little sparkles
Of fairy dust or fluttery angel wings
Will dance out…I have no idea, all
Hell could break loose. So don’t push me.
They know it’s real. And stop making
Me tempting offers or filling my life with
Grief, judgment and debt. I’m doing the
Best I can. So get rid of my aggravation…
They’re already fed up with you.

“One last thing…” Varence said with a
Sly smile of course.


“The Lion Men wish to speak with you…
They will have some stories for you as

This Box is getting more thrilling and
Not so joyful, great. Read it or don’t read
It, I don’t care. I’m just doing what
I was asked. And if you try pushing
That door open one more time I really
Will explode, so there.


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