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Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Legends…Oasis…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 9-Feb-2017 13:33:10

*SONG* “It Might Be You” performed by Stephen Bishop; Written by David Grusin; from the movie “Tootsie”

The Blinding light of the White Wall…
Must keep going, no matter what
You have to keep going.

The fever, the need, can’t stop,
Born long ago, must keep going.
The Mission Imprinted from the Great Hall,
They will always try to stop you, distract you,
So ignore them, and keep going.

Remember Our Ambitious Hope, our gift
And you will be rewarded…

From The Box…the lines and light
They speak in pictures and words now,
Their message and power will only get stronger…
The Legends of Old Never Die…
They may however change
When Darkness rises to challenge
In that the Strongest legends also challenge.
Until the Victory Trumpet Sounds…
They take many forms this way to
Send the message…

3 Kings, Gods to Mortal Men rise
In the Darkest Hour to Defeat the Challenge.
Until Proper Balance is restored…
The First lay asleep waiting For the Call
Vishnu…To Send the First Message…
The Second, Odin…Ancient and Known
To the Tribes of the Danu…
Will bring the Age of Fire and Ice…
Ragnarok…during which the Foundations
Of the Earth will Shake, Scheming
Cities break…then the Age of Ice to Follow…
The Third, and Final…A God known only
To the Red Man…Whose Tribes have yet
To Unite…Known only to The Dreamer,
In Dream Time…where Eagles fly in
The land of the Big Sky…will call the Final
Battle Cry known to the World…
The Last Legend…the Last Look…
And the Final Days of this modern
World shall end…And the beginning then…
The Dawn of A New Era shall begin…
The Era of Peace…and Goodwill…

And this is how things will begin again…
With stories around campfires…with simple
Times and simple pleasures…So that
Nature’s song can sing to restore itself
Calmly, quietly…and bloom rejuvenated,
Reborn the way it always should have
Been…That’s the way it has to be,
It’s the way it was meant to be.

The White Wall…The Box, then becomes
The Circle of Light…and they come.

Forms build and become clear in vision,
To the left in the chair he sits. Varence
Looks very calm, sitting nobly with Ceres
Beside him, also calmly to the right.
She’s beautiful and so radiant, almost
Glowing with a smile on her lips and
And in her eyes. They’re so calm, that’s
The most striking thing…and they’re
Both smiling at me.

“How are you?” Varence asked, his face
And expression was so gentle…and he
Laughed when I wrote that.

“Fine. I guess.”

“Really?” He asked with concern.

Their manner and expression was confusing.
There was no riddle in his face, no
Challenge or sarcasm about them. They
Were simply sincere and calm, that was
Sure different. “Tired, but fine yes. Why?
Why are you both looking at me that
Way…” I paused noting this strange
Hole-like crack in the floor to the right.
“What happened to the floor?”

They eyed each other with some amusement
In their expression. “There was a slight…
Problem…but it’s fine now.” He took
A quiet breath. “How are you really?” He
Asked again.

“Fine. I told you. Why are you asking?
Why are you looking at me that way?
You never ask me how I am, you always
Launch into your dialogue.”

“Things are going to change,” he said, “I…
We, want you to be well.”

“I’m fine…But what happened to the floor?”

“Brishan was angry and was throwing
Things.” Ceres smiled at me then at
Varence; she never did that so calmly

“Angry at me?”

“No, no,” Varence said fast. “Not at you.”

“At the situation.” Ceres said carefully.

“What situation? You mean with
The planet—“

Varence held up his hand fast, but kindly.
“No…” He smiled, he was so calm and
Not sarcastic at all, this was weird.
“We have been talking here how to handle

“Handle what? You are making me nervous.”

“The tests are over, Bill.” He said so
Calmly. “The way we do this now must

“What tests?”

“On you.” He said.

“Me? What are you talking about?”

“He’s talking about the mission…The
144 from the Great Hall…and what
Was asked of them, of you.” Ceres said.

“What tests?”

“I just want you to know…we could not
Be more pleased.” He turned to her
For an agreeable nod. “We never expected…”

“What? Never expected what?”

“The candidates were selected carefully
For specific qualities.” He explained.
“It is not easy task. Most succumb
To some wayward fantasy to do it…
You simply did the job, are doing it
Quite well…actually better than expected.
Better than any of the others.”

“That’s good then, right?”

“That’s better than good.” He nodded
So calmly, they both were so calm; and
Getting along—which he laughed at
When I wrote it down. “It’s excellent,
It’s better than excellent.”

“So what is this some kind of

“Not at all.” He said, looking to her
For help.

“We did not expect to find what we
Found in you.” She simply said. “It
Has…shocked a lot of us.”

“But I just wrote what you told me?”

“What is the White Wall?” He asked

A bit nervous. “The explosion of the
Sun from the dream.”

He leaned forward, suddenly I felt five
Years old. “It is not a dream.”

“Of course it is.”

“It’s a memory.” He said carefully.

“No it’s just part of what you
Wanted me to write…from the Box,
From opening the Box.”

He spoke very carefully. “Do you know
Why we are doing this…right here?”

“To help things…and shut the Men
In Black up…and make them and
Others stop bothering me.”

They laughed together. “Every so often,
In time measured different to us…I
Broke the rules…Ceres was directly opposed
Of course…But I broke the rules and
Chose someone to…pass words on to…
To help move the world in the right direction.”

“Alright, I figured that…”

“But that light, what you call the Box,”
He went on, “that the Angel put in your
Head…Now that, that is something
Quite special. We have never done that
Before…interacted with the light…”

“But in the stories you did encounter
It in others…on the other worlds
You said others have it too.”

“But we have never talked to it.”
He said carefully. “We study it that
Is all…We suspected, we hoped that
One of you might have it…And we
Have been trying to figure out why
He…they…put it in your head.”

“He has doubts.” Ceres interjected.

“No I debated.” He turned to her. “It
Took me a little while…”

“A little while?” She laughed. “If you
Had not asked me…”

“Ceres helped me to see it in you.” He

“Tell him,” she said, “They told
You to.”

“In your time it took me years,” he
Smiled. “It took her 5 minutes.”

“I’m trying to figure out why you’re
Telling me this.”

“The weak give up, give in…They
Throw tantrums and complain for
Help…The strong keep going…They
Find ways to make it work…Do
You see my point?” He asked.

“I think so.”

“We have no time for tantrums. They
Are where they are supposed to be…
That is everywhere…” He gestured wide.
“You will find whining and tantrums
Everywhere…They never go anywhere.
The smart ones find ways to make
It work. The stories we ask you to
Share are not made up…They
Are selected to teach and inspire…
How do they make you feel?”


“Do you see?” He smiled. “That
Is the right thing to say. The wrong
Thing…the wrong ones complain
And throw tantrums and ask endless
Questions…Ignore them.” He smiled
And looked around. “All of the
Candidates are…quiet thinkers…”

“So is that the message this time then,”
I asked, “Why you offer these stories
And messages.”

“No,” he went on politely. “But we
Will get to that in a moment…I am
Trying to elaborate because we know
You get asked many questions…The
Answers they seek are there for them,
They just have to be open on where to look.
They just may not always like
The answers. We have our sources
Of the outcome, we always try
To aim for the best possible outcome…”

“He means now of course,” Ceres
Corrected him, “Before we were not allowed
To interfere…since the rebellion. In
Many ways we still have rules to follow.”

“The most important thing to remember is
It is not always about the Earth.” Varence
Went on politely. He was so polite this
Time it was almost mind boggling. He
Smiled as I wrote that observation. “Please
Just know…we will try to be kinder…
For you…especially since our last talk.
Many here were quite impressed by that.
It has changed things for us.”

“Finally.” Ceres seemed to groan with
A smile.

“So here’s where we get to the point,
The message if you will…And I
Was encouraged to tell you this way…”

“Very insistently,” Ceres nodded, “He
Was ordered. Clearly told.”

“To say we do appreciate your effort
Greatly regardless how it is received…”
He went on with a gentle smile. It was
Very comforting actually. “How it is
Received is regardless…As I have told
You many times, they can choose to
Take this any way they wish. As mere
Words, riddles, rhymes…and cryptic
Ramblings,” he laughed, “They may
Take it any way they wish. No one
Is forced to believe anything…Throughout
History ANYWHERE…people will believe
What they will…

“Again, not just Earth, the same is true
Anywhere, everywhere. In some places
On some worlds Earth is a myth…
Freedom is a myth…Some will call us
Gods, others will call us entities…”
He laughed at Ceres then. “That is
Quite amusing…Some do enjoy that

“The analysis and wit some have
Amazes me.” Ceres rolled her eyes.

“But…by far,” Varence nodded, “most
Can tell, can feel it in the words you
Write, or they should anyway…
They can feel there is more going on
Here…something very real and
Poignant and meaningful…That this
Is not just some story, just words on
Paper…or as some view it on a screen.”

“Ah the great thinkers,” Ceres said,
Shaking her head. “With animals it is
Far easier, more pure…Their language is
Honest and innocent. There is no pretending.
They just know…Remember that when
It comes to the whales. You will know
What I mean by that one day.”

Varence leaned forward, his elbows
On his knees, hands folded almost
As if in prayer beneath his chin
As he watched me write. “We just
Would like to be careful with you right
Now…That’s why we seem…kinder,”
He said with thoughtful wider eyes.
“We are still discussing last time…It
Was a revelation for us.”

“And shocking.” Ceres added kindly, her
Expression so soft…This was very new
For me with them, especially how well
They were getting along. “Oh that will
Change,” she laughed at my written
Words, “Believe me, my patience will
Vanish with him soon enough.”

“The point…” Varence resumed more
Firmly, yet still kindly… “We wanted
To show you that we do care about you…
That we do have hearts, despite what
Some may insist…This is not an arrogant
Approach…By far what we have learned
Through the ages that the best
Way for people to learn…to be
Receptive…and more importantly to
Remember, is through stories.

“So yes, I will offer this plainly
To the eyes, ears and hearts and minds…
There are struggles to come…but, let
Them ask themselves, haven’t there
Always been? What was the best they
Ever felt than when they accomplished
It themselves…Gifts are wonderful, but
When regarding important matters…
Gifts are seldom appreciated…And very
Immediately are soon followed by more
Requests and less self reliance.

“To aid a troubled soul is grand, but
To do it often creates a crippled
Self confidence and is quite debilitating,
Even harmful. Dark powers work
This way…by rescuing to cripple
Their prey…and encourage dependence.
We offer stories to teach, to share, to
Learn; to move, to breathe, to think,
To feel…and information that can
Help at the right time.”

“Yeah and some of them are stories
Of my own,” I told them, “personal,
Not made up.”

“And we are grateful for that, we are,”
Varence went on sitting up straight.
“We learn from them too. But you also
Must remember your other teacher, you
Call him the Little Old Asian Man…he
Started, set you on this path to help you…
You had to do it, I do think you see
That now.”

“I guess, yes I do.”

“Good,” he nodded once, then went on.
“This is a collaboration. And no we are
Not slaves to these Men in Black, nor
Will we take orders from them. We are
Here to help YOU…and hopefully…
We can only hope…inspire and help
Others too. Many more read this than
You know…And I would like to
Extend my gratitude towards them
For considering the words I share
With you, and the stories we’ve told you…
Some of which you have told…Others
Still to come.”

“I still have no idea how to put some
Of those other stories into words!
They are Epic!”

“In due time,” Varence nodded with
A gentle tilt of his head to the side. “In
Due time you will know how. For now,
Please, take your time…I realize, we
Realize, the Box pushes you…But please
Take your time…Someone will always
Be here for you…And be quite sure,
There for you too if needed…If they
Cross a line…You know what I mean.

“But as a means of a break or
Intermission rather in the intensity
Of what is going on, I am going to
Tell a rather short but very
Important story…It’s more than a
Story…And I believe it will tell
Many people what they want to
Know…in a very satisfying way.

“This is about something that is called
The Oasis…I believe that is translated
Correctly?” He thought to himself
Quickly. “Yes, Oasis…Do you remember
The dream you had about the Great
Hall…What she told you about dreams
And imagination?”

“Yes,” I told him fast. “Of course. How
Could I forget. Those words haunt me.”

“Good, excellent.” He said. “Because that
Is important…We have seen people try
To push their way into your life?”

“Yes, for as long as I can remember. It’s
Disturbing. I don’t know why they do that.
I’m not sure if I want to know.”

He looked at Ceres, who listened calmly
And patiently, then back to me. “We
Would like to explain to you about the
Hidden Oasis…This will help you and
Others too.

“In the schemes of how life exists in
The Universe, in all Universes…There is a
Constant quest for answers by troubled
Souls…They are unhappy with their life
So quite often they attach themselves
Onto others…to find their way. Because
They don’t know how. Yes, it can be
Very disturbing…but most do not realize
They are doing it…They mistake it as
A soul mate connection. It is not.

“It’s a coping mechanism. But here’s
Something important to know…Do you
Remember how She told you nothing is
Made up? That somehow someway it
Does exist? That is why it is so
Important to focus on good things, positive
Things…because you draw these to you.

“We believe others sense that in your
Work that is why they are drawn to it.
And they throw tantrums when they
Cannot manipulate it.

“We are not here to take orders, you know
That…only help…But, for those searching
That can’t find what they are looking
For…tell them to meditate on the
Hidden Oasis…It’s a sanctuary place…
Something other Watchers have taught
Some others…” He laughed. “Yes, on other
Worlds some have intervened this way as
Well, through inspiration…in a world’s
Works of art and literature.

“There are different forms of the Oasis…
It depends on the soul searching for it…
With time and patience and practice
They can find it…Tell them to use
Their meditation techniques, or if they
Can’t do that…then use their imaginations
To rise upwards…Picture a long road…
That they must travel…And on this
Road, along the way as they travel it
They pass the trials of their life…
Pass them by, observe them and let them
Go and move onward…calmly walking
The road…until they pass these trials
And the road becomes empty…
Completely empty…And once they have
Traveled long enough along the
Barren road…and their past is far
Behind them…they will encounter
Odd things…it will be completely
Different for everyone…These are tests
To see if they have truly let go of
The burdens they carry…

“That part is tricky, it is a game of
Riddles and lies some will not like…it is
A reflection…forcing themselves to see who
They are…If successful they will see
To move onward…Again along a long
Barren stretch of road. This could
Be very long and timely…it depends
On the person. Patience is the greatest
Gift and test of time and virtue you

“The Universe knows how to guide a
Person…If they come upon a place where
It is everything they ever wanted,
And it is all adoration…That is ego…
But if they come upon a place strange
And new…full of wonder that is
The correct road. It is not about being
Told you are special…It is simply about
Peace…About the willingness to learn
And accept and move on…A resting
Place…It is not a place to find power,
It is not about that at all. It’s merely
And simply about finding a safe resting
Place for the troubled soul where no one
Can harm them. Ask the willing to try
This exercise…and see if it helps them.
They may find more peace than they

“Is it that simple?” I asked. “Is
That all there is?”

“Is that all there is?” Varence laughed.
“No. Is it that simpler? Everything
Takes practice…There is a lot of trouble
In your world…And believe it or not
The primary cause is the self destructive
Mind…The fear of change, the past,
The present, the future…The greatest
Fear is the fear of self, of who they
Are…This is just a means of help.

“We don’t want you to be burdened by
Constantly worrying what others think…
Nor anyone else…You have things to
Do…as do they…We are trying to be

“Is that all the Oasis is, a meditation
Place then?” I asked.

He looked down a bit solemnly before
Finding the words. “There are many
Types of Hidden Oasis…But I
Am speaking of a helpful way to find
Peace of mind…

“But there are also sanctuaries of
Lost souls that have suffered…where
Souls go to heal after some horrific
Death…” He smiled kindly. “Some
Souls are born over and over again
To learn…others to heal. It varies.”

“We learn that in school when we are
Young.” Ceres said then, smiling kindly.
“Teachings vary with studies, but
Some things are considered basic.”

“Bluntly stated,” Varence said more
Comically. “We are sharing this to
Help get some of that trouble off your
Back.” They laughed. “Ask them to
Meditate or use their imaginations a
While.” They paused briefly watching
Me. “This is not helpful to you?”

“No, I will write it. You know I will.”

“You want to give them a little
Something more?” Varence smiled.
“Things will calm down in the world, Bill.
Give it time…change is inevitable…

“But if the eyes and ears must have
Something more satisfying to digest…
We do have people there…we have
For months…When the universe is at
Risk we cannot sit casually by…
The sake of all worlds matters
More than just one…But you must
Know…The right people are in the
Right places…and more will be soon to
Follow. If they thought they were
Seeing shocking changes recently, just
Wait…Bigger are coming…They
Have to. And they will soon forget
About the immediate ones.

“They really do need to focus more on
Managing their experiments more
Responsibly…or they will explode
In their faces you know. But
Eventually everyone will benefit
From these changes.”

“I’m just tired of all the arguing,
No one listens, they argue.”

“No, they’re just saying they want
The other person to get hurt, not them.”
He smiled. “Look at history…Has this
Debate ever been different?”

“Is that all there is right now?”

“There is nothing I could say or tell that
Would solve the world’s problems…other
Than what I have told you.” He said.
“The weak always whine, complain
And throw tantrums…The smart ones
Make things work. There are always
Opportunities, always.”

“Brishan said it last time,” Ceres
Said very seriously. “We are not
Going to let anyone harm you.”

“That’s what scares me.”

“Why?” She asked.

“I don’t know it just does.”

“Why don’t you relax…” Varence smiled.
“Next time…we will share stories…”

“I would like to hear this Oberon
Story?” I asked.

Varence tilted his head and pinched
His eyes. “Oh…”

“I think that’s appropriate.” Ceres
Laughed. She held her head low so
That her eyes glared a wild smile
Above her grin. “As you wish…Make
Some more wishes…And trust me,
Try not to worry so much…Believe
Good things are just beginning
For you…What they’ve seen
So far is only the beginning.
Wait till they see what comes
Next…Mountains will move.”


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