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Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Wrath of Angels…and Falling Stars…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 2-Feb-2017 13:33:15

*SONG* “Right Here” by Van Halen

The search that eyes quest for never ends,
The mind is the machine that the
Soul compels to move…
No one stares upwards into an empty
Black night sky…They look for the
Stars…and the light that shines from
Them. The mystic journey of the stars
To each their own has a different answer

For…faith will call it Heaven, soul searching,
While the scientist will simply call it
By logical means astronomy.

When life begins in birth most everyone
Will call it a miracle. And when it ends
Many will agree it is a mysterious
Departure…Faith and science will
Again explain it two different ways…
The point is…who would you rather
Sit next to on this ride…for companionship
Conversation or to find answers…

It’s time to make a choice and stand
By it…Think about it.

Heavenly bodies move, there are many
Explanations for that…
Yet omens remain constant for
The vigilant soul searching mystic.
Send me a sign from above…
Pray, in faith and dreams, see a shooting
Star and make a wish.
See a falling star and catch your
Breath…A day of reckoning may be
At hand. The legends ages old calls
The falling star an omen…now pay
Attention. The sky is falling when
Shooting stars and falling stars
Are seen or ancestors would say.
True or false? Regardless pro or con
Big things come to pass when the
Stars move…They always do.
No matter what you decide to believe
It’s fine, you know why? Because it
Happens anyway. Logic is just an
Explanation to give you a sense of
Control in a universe without limits…
Logic has all the strength of the
Moment…to appease fear, but faith
Can move mountains. Faith will
Keep you alive, it will keep a fire
Burning in your soul indefinitely.
What fuel and fire does logic bring?

The cascade of light comes slow
In a slow steadfast rhythm…The
Circle of Light calls, it’s time to write
Again…But the box has power this
Time, it burns…commanding,
Demanding…too much going on…
Things better settle down.

Radiant and bright, the Circle of Light
Falls still…shimmering. And there he
Steps into it, cautious this time, maybe
With less control than before.
Varence stands tall and strong despite
The caution in his eyes. “There’s
Something different about you this time…”

“I’m writing just like normal…”

There she steps into the light beside him
To join him. She’s elegant, she’s a glamorous
Statue of virtue and lady love wonder… “I
Told you, you pressed him too hard asking
Too many questions…” Ceres says turning
Sarcastically toward him. “Are you satisfied
Now? You cannot play with that light,
You press the wrong button and you
Risk reckless things…”

Varence remains cool and calm. “I will speak
Respectfully, this I promise.”

Ceres crossed her arms, stared at him with
An arched brow and tried not to laugh. “Do
You even know what that word means?
Promise? To hold your tongue and ego
In mannered control…When have you ever
Managed that? When you were asleep
And dreaming?” she snapped her fingers
With a short laugh. “Oh that’s right,
You save dreams for sport and more
Daring chances…isn’t that true?”

“Ceres.” He said sternly, begging her with
A serious tone. “Please.”

“What have you to say this time? What
Is the message?”

They seemed a little shocked by my question.
Varence took a step closer and kindly
Said, “There is something different in you
This time…”

“The world is noisy, it’s aggravating. There’s
Too much noise. I need more peace and quiet.”

“No, that’s not it.” He said fast. “Something

“Your bold questioning pushed too much.” Ceres
Said, mocking him. “I told you not to
Push things. It’s always your insistent timing.”

“You looked strained.” Varence kept watching
Me write… “Not calm but…”

“Just tell me what to write.”

He paused, blinked hard a few times then turned
To her. “Do you see it?”

Ceres moved closer, kindly…studying. “It’s
More than that…something.”

“Something attacked me while I was sleeping
Last night…It held me down, or tried to.” I
Told them. “I threw it off…Then it happened
Again and again…3 times. Each time
Stronger. And each time the box opened and
Threw it off. It was like it was…”

“What?” Varence asked carefully.

“Testing me. Deliberately antagonizing the light.”

“I see.” He nodded once then withdrew
To think silently on it.

“That’s all you have to say?” Ceres said
To him sharply. “Where is your high-standing

“Matters press. Much concerns me right
Now.” He said.

“Another genius response!” She snapped at him,
Then turned to me very carefully. “What is
It that bothers you most?”

“That the box keeps opening so much.
It scares me to open it so often. My
Head hurts. You need to take more
Action to solve things.” I wanted to
Scream. “The world is full of maniacs
Throwing tantrums.”

“That is supposed to happen.” Varence
Said, holding up that strange book from
Before…He waved it at me.

“That book again!” Ceres exclaimed.
“What is that, your guide book now?”

“What is it?”

“It’s called ‘The Hour Glass.’” He said
With that mysterious smile. “It is a
Bit of a relic…but very potent for
Recent and upcoming things.”

“More cryptic words…Why not just tell me.”

Again they went wide-eyed at my attitude.

“He is not as timid with you.” Ceres said,
Holding her chin up and posture
Taller. “I like him this way.”

“Is there something you wish to say?”
Varence asked.

“Yes, there’s something I wish to say.” I told
Them. “You keep insisting my life will get
Easier? All that keeps happening is the box
Keeps opening…And when it does
Things happen…My mind fills with new
Information whether I want it or not.
The world gets louder and I want
Peace…The light will make it happen if
Pressed too much or fast. Does your book
Have an explanation for that?”

He held it up to me, opened it then showed
A random section of its interior… “Do
You see?” He asked, showing me the
Pages. “It is blank.”

“I don’t understand.”

“It was a gift from the Star elder.” Varence
Said. “Well somewhat of a gift…I
Borrowed it.”

“Borrowed?” Ceres scoffed in disbelief. “You
Stole it you mean! How? When?”

“I did not steal anything.” He insisted. “It
Was given to me upon my return. The book
Is bound with magic and paper
From the Seers’ Shrines. It is a book
For vision quests…a guide to the stars…
Used in difficult times to find answers
When none can be found of good sense.”

“Well make it work then.” I told him.
“I need peace…The box is filling my
Head…the images and feelings, it’s
Too much…so much…”

Varence looked into the book then as
Words began to appear. “Ah,
Here the words come. It must be
Your presence…”


“Time entrusts the chosen with tests
To make them stronger.” He said slowly;
He knew instantly
I wasn’t thrilled.

“Guiding words?” I laughed. “More schemes
To tease me? I’ll tell you things then…

“The world is full of analysts…oh how
Fun, I’ve heard it ever since I
Was little…You know what? Here are
Some words for you…

“When terrorists enlist activists
To demonstrate protests they
Call THAT criminal…
When protests are political
They call THAT justice…Where is
The sense in that? I’ll tell you where,
No where!

“Now, I agreed to help. Yes, of course. But…
I tell you these Mr. Men in Black are
Annoying…They antagonize these public
Scenarios to manipulate control.
Well they better shut them up
And start undoing some of this damage
Or there just may be an event soon
To come to give the world something to
Really think about!”

“Oh?” Varence toyed…but seemed
Oddly pleased.

“You’re playing games here, aren’t you?”
Ceres asked as she took another step
Closer to me protectively. “You keep
Pushing and playing…watch it

“I would never do such a thing.” He smiled.

“No,” she said. “Of course not…Your
Games are obvious in doubt…To tease
Greater thoughts to be born. We are NOT
Hearing gifts in your words…only agony…” She
Turned back to me. “Ask me then, ask
Me a question and I will help you.”

Varence paused briefly watching me then,
“Your eyes,” he nodded then pointed,
“Look at them…”

Ceres looked fast then went wide-eyed and
Met Varence’s face with shock.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Go,” he urged fast, “Go and look in
The mirror at them…They’re glowing.”

Pause for a moment.
I did as he ordered and checked the mirror
Then returned to the pen and notebook.

“Well?” He asked plainly.

“My eyes…they’re changing color again…”

“Ah, but we see them glow.” He said
Cautiously. “We see more than you, we
See the glow…”

“I don’t want this! Make it stop! You
Keep pushing for it to open, just like they

“The time is now,” Varence simply said. “You’ve
Been fighting it for too long. How long do you
Think you can avoid it, fight it? What
Must happen will…”

“Just make it stop!”

Ceres turned to him with a growling expression.
“You don’t know what you are pushing
Here! You just want to see what will
Happen. But you don’t know!” She turned
Back to me. “Just ask, ask me the
Questions you need to, I won’t play games
As he does.”

The box, the box, it’s always about the box…
Make it happen, try harder. “I told you,
You need to stop those experiments with
The atomic power.”

“And just what are we supposed to do with
All these sub atomic particles made with
Your science? Stick in some safe little box,”
He teased, “Just tote them conveniently
Away to spare some reckless disaster?
It’s that simple?”

“You’re supposed to be the advanced beings,
You figure it out!”

“Saviors don’t always just suddenly appear
To save the doomed.” Varence replied
With irritation. “At no price? With no
Lesson? No sacrifice?”

Ceres grew angry. “Water, Bill.” She said
Fast to me. “Tell them…water. The answer
Lies there.”

“You speak too fast.” Varence said angrily.

“You do NOT know what you are playing
With!” She shouted back at him.

“They do NOT retreat this way.” He yelled,
Waving that book about. “Answers without

“Just who do you think you are talking to?”
She grew angrier. “Do I need your instruction?
This is not a toy of theirs!”

Their fighting only made the tension worse…
The light, the heat…the tension. Hostile
Words were here, there and everywhere. There
Was no escaping them. There was no pause
Or easy button.

The world swayed and the Circle of Light
Became white flashes. Their voices became
Like distant cries, I heard them but they
Felt far away…he said, she said…words
Words…Water? What did she mean?

“What is happening?” His face was a
Stretched blur…his voice more tense.

“I told you.” Her voice echoed.

The light…The box was alive always now,
With the lines inside it racing and
Spinning like a wild rollercoaster faster
And faster. Words came forth to command.
I’m sick of this! I want peace and

“What?” Varence echoed. “What is he

“Just shut your mouth!” She yelled at him,
Her voice echoing in an ever growing hazy
Circle…She stepped closer and kneeled
Kindly. “Can you hear me?” Another

Echoes…voices, faces of blur and blinding
Light. “Don’t do it.” An echo of Julie.
“Don’t open it.” Too late.

Ripples in the water…The Hour Glass. A
Mystics hand pouring sand from the
Sacred chalice into the watching pool…
The waters of sight and divination. The
Waters of Intuition.

An echo… “Cast it out. Don’t deny it and
Become one with it…Embrace it with
Inner peace and you will understand…Then
It will come.”

Eyes open. Golden…Blazen…undeniable…
Oneness…The White Wall…

Her echo. “Can you hear me?”

Vishnu rise to claim your seat. Send
Them a message…If they want to whine
And throw tantrums…you know what to do.
Vishnu hear me…send them a message.

Echoes…Voices from the Circle. A White Wall.
“Water…” She echoed. “Tell them, water.”
Echoes…The White Wall…

“The cubes are coming, descending on the
Planet. They have taken all of your
Farthest outposts.”

Unknown…The White Wall. Modify linguistics,
Phrasing. Modify, English. Bring it to now.

Readouts. Panels. “What are you doing?” The
Voice, the echo of the Father, the King, the
Commander. “There is no time!”

The White Wall. Flashes. Panels. Controls.

His face, Verge…brother, “They will
Descend upon the southern continents…The
Cubes will take the people before we can
Move. We will have no chance nor time
To get the fleet out. The planet will fall.”

“No, no, no there has to be a way!”
The White Wall. Flashes. Panels. Faces.
Controls. The light. “I have the coordinates.”

“You chance our fate on that light in
Your head?” Of Verge, brother. “The felt
Will fall, we have to get our people out.”

“We need a diversion. A tactical play
To distract them. Fleets depart for
The 5 galaxies and to the 7 sisters…
The charts. Habitable solar systems out
Of reach of the Empire.”

“They are chance wastelands.” Verge, of
Brother. “We need to aim further out,
Planets suitable farther out of reach
From the Empire.”

“There isn’t time. Only the 5 galaxies…
The Seven Sisters…” Modify linguistics.
“The Pleiades…The new home…”
The White Wall…Plot coordinates…
They cannot see, they do not know…
“Take the First Fleet to Pegasus…
The Second farther out to the Seven
Sisters…The Third Fleet we will use
As a distraction…And fly them into
The sun to burn those devils out. It
Will buy us enough time.”

“That is a suicide mission!” Verge, of
Brother. “Who will be fool enough to
Fly that Fleet into the sun?”

“I will. I will use myself as bait
To distract them. They want the
Information…They want the light. They
Will not be able to resist. They will forget
About the other ships and pursue…Then
You can get the children out…The
Families out…It is the only way…”

The White Wall…The light has come
Before. Has been here before. It knows
The way. It is the only way…
Pause. Vishnu will deliver a message…

The White Wall. Ripples in the water…
“Load the ships,” the voice of the King,
Of the father, the commander, “5 hours…
We have 5 hours to get the people out
At Safe distance…if the plan is going
To work.”

“It will work…Volte, Verge and I will
Lead the third fleet…load the cargo of
The lead ships with atomic weapons, our
Strongest reactors…The rest with livestock…
To fool their sensors with life signs…
Then we will fly them into the sun. The
Sun should take the detonation into
Supernova…That should wipe out the
Invading Fleet of the Empire and give you
And the colony ships time to escape,
Time to flee to the outer rim then on
To Pegasus, the Seven Sisters…and any
Suitable solar systems you may find.”

The Father’s face was cold, yet full of regret
And agony… “You…will…die…”

No thinking. No thoughts, no hesitation.
“It is our greatest ambitious option…
The only way to flee, escape…and strike
At the Empire at the same time.”

“It will take them years to recover from
The loss.” Verge, the voice of brother said.
“Their strongest invasion force is on their
Way…There is no hope otherwise.”

No time to hesitate. “We must go now.”

His face was pale and empty. No words
For feelings. Could there be words? “Go.
Have it done.” The feeling was in his
Eyes…No words further said.

The White Wall…Echoes of voices.
Her voice, his voice.

Racing. To see the floor, the hands,
Panting heavy breath. Strange gauntlets
High of arm. Gold?
Walking, racing, feet with strange boots
On a shiny dark marble-like floor.
Through the high and wide arched
Hallways of the palace, home…Racing
Through the corridors. Everyone is gone,
It’s empty now. The evacuation to the
Fleet, the colony ships.

Thoughts are hindered and abrupt, fear
And panic…The beating, pulsing of the
Heart. To the royal terrace on the
Highest floor, up the steps…through
The archway…it opens to the terrace,
The spectacular city view. Pause at the
Archway to see up, the columns lining
The wide round platform to a lavender
Blue sky…3 moons. I see 3 moons?
The first, the greatest, is green. A green
Moon? Marvelous! The second a pale
Shade of blue…The third shaded
Crescent, also blue…The King’s moon,
The farthest outpost…color bursts there…
Explosions…The Empire’s invasion fleet
Has reached the King’s moon! Time is
Short, must hurry, must go now.

Fear and racing heart, the final hours.
Eyes span the terrace for her, she’s
Waiting as she said she would. Feet
Move and take me there to her by
The railing. Tall and curvy, slender, long
Pale very straight hair. She’s
Staring up at the moons. She’s sharp
And fast, turns quick to see me. Her
Eyes are open like sapphires…born of blue the
Sea, the stars and the moon, she loved
That song.

“The Empire has reached the King’s moon.”
She says.

“I know, it’s too fast.” Sweating, breathing
Hard and fast, afraid. “You are leaving?
You will go with the children’s ship? The
King’s lead ship?” Words are stupid now.

“Of course. I said I would.” She’s lying.
I see it in her eyes. Pretending with a
Smile, her beautiful face…long pink
Gown, white cloak…She wore it on purpose,
A memory play, a dance. She’s wearing
A pink diamond, that one too! She’s
Making it impossible!

“You will go then?” There’s no time!
Words are pointless now. “I have to go!”

“I know. I said I would.” She simply
Smiled. She’s impossible! That’s not Fair!
“Go…Just go…”

No touch, no words, nothing…just an
Image, the picture to imprint the mind,
A vision. Deliberately impossible!

“Go.” She said. She’s lying with her eyes.
That’s not fair! She’s impossible!
No words. I’m not saying anything.
One last look…then turn and run,
Run to not think. Don’t stop moving,
Just keep going. You always have to
Keep going.

She turned slowly to stare back at
The moons. She never left. She’s such
A liar! Why did she have to lie like that?
She never left! She stayed right there
The whole time! I’m not thinking about
It. She’s impossible! That’s not fair!
She never left! She stayed right there
The whole time! The whole time! She
Saw it happen! That’s not fair! She
Did it on purpose! On purpose!

The White Wall…The ship, the run, the
Time…minutes, hours? Does it matter?
The 1st and 2nd Fleets split…3rd
Hovered last distracting the cubes…
I got them, their greedy sensors caught
Me. Of course. They couldn’t pass that
Up. Snake’s tongues always sense you
That way, so good at that. Sweet
Mercy and a prayer, catch me, catch

One manned vessel in the front…Drones
In the rear…They think they’re chasing
Ships of flesh, full of flesh…atomic
Detonators stupid. Verge of course is
Showing off flying in sideways spirals,
Faking them for a troubled ship.
Of course he would. But thank you,
You have to smile at that. Always
One last show.

The blinding light of the sun. The
White Wall…It hurts to think…
The face is wet, eyes wet…everything
Is blurry and hot, so hot. Humming
And smiling…It doesn’t bother me at
All, not one bit…Just follow me you
Greedy disgusting…

The White Wall…The last thought…
Why did she have to lie like that?
She’s impossible! But she sang to
Me…Her voice. It’s always about
The music…The music does it every
Accelerate. Everything’s shaking. Eyes
Too wet and blurry to see…just hold
ON tight and press forward. Just keep
Going, you always have to keep going
No matter what. Ignore distractions
And give it all you got, and just keep

The White Wall…Ripples in the water…
Then everything slows down…

Echoes… “Just don’t open that box,
Don’t do it.” Said Julie.

“You’re always smiling…You smile all
The time!”

“You said you were going to help me!”
Bobby threw the book at me! Ouch!

“Can someone help me please?”

“Oh God, Bill, you make me feel so
Good right now. I wish I could take
You home with me.”

Stop saying that!

“Can I talk to you for a little white?
Can you just sit with me…I can’t
Do this anymore. Just sit with me,
Jeff, please don’t ask me to do that.
I can’t do that. God!

“Bill don’t forget me. Please don’t forget
Me?” Kathy said in the clouds.
Stop it! You people are driving me nuts!

The White Wall. The ripples in the water…
Water…She said the answer is in the
Water? Change your perspective. The
Equations are wrong.

The Circle of Light…

Echoes of it all, echoes.

The eyes see…Ceres, tears streaming
Down her face. Why is she crying?
Varence looks numb, white… “Why is
She crying?” I asked him.

He breathed very calmly. “We’ve been
Waiting to hear that for a very, very
Long time…”

A chair just flew right through
The Circle of Light. That was a chair,
At least I think?
Brishan stormed into the light, his face
Full of rage. He looks really pissed off!
“Kill anyone that comes near him!”
He yelled, he roared. He pointed, “Ceres,
Sing him to sleep…”

And she sang the sweetest song…It was
So nice…WOW.


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