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Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Secrets of Eve…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 12-Jan-2017 14:13:12

*SONG* “The Warrior” by Patty Smyth

In the beginning…

There was a whirl, a twirl and then a snap…
Something made the box open too fast.
There was light streaming, and the Circle
Of Light called.

Her voice called and was commanding as she
Stood there…tall, proud…strong, determined.
“It’s going to be different this time, perhaps

Every time from now on.” Ceres said as
Brishan stepped into the light beside her. His
Face was stern, but he was silent, he said
Nothing. She turned to him casually with a
Playful glance before her eyes fell back to me.
“I didn’t want to play this part…but if I
Must. Don’t worry, it’s not you…”

I was a little nervous, this really was different,
And fast.

“They did not honestly think we did not
Anticipate…little tricks and distractions did
They?” She turned to Brishan. “Do you believe
Me now?”

Brishan breathed hard, but still said nothing.

Ceres smiled. “He is a little surprised. Not
Disappointed, just surprised.”

“What are you doing?” I asked them.

“It isn’t you.” Ceres assured me. “Trust me, it’s
Going to get a lot easier for you…Now,” she
Said holding her hands to her lips. “We won’t
Waste time…I have a little surprise for all
Those eyes and ears out there…” She nodded to
Her right and a view screen came to life…
Lit somewhat like a television set against the
Golden Circle’s light…And a very familiar face
Came on the screen…

“Hello there,” Varence said…that playful voice,
As he sat in some strange room…I could only
See him chest high as he sat in a clean
White shirt and dark blazer jacket…But his
Skin was…tan? “Just a brief visit, though
I will be back soon…”

“How can he?” I started to ask…

“No, no, no,” Ceres shook her head. “No
Questions. No wasting time…This is going to
Be much easier for you…” She had this
Wicked smile, as did he on the screen. “If
Anyone likes to play games…So can we…
There’s no reason for anyone to be scared, no if
They were smart they should be terrified.”

“I believe we will be sharing a little side story with
You now.” Varence said. “While this is entertaining,
Yes, I have been following everything. I have to
Monitor everything you do you know…While Ceres
Will be passing on the story to you this time…I just
Wanted to let you know I am around…What, where,
Why and how…Why you never know. It is
Nice and cold though. I do so love the cold.
Did I ever tell where I am from we prefer
The cold? The colder the better…That is a hint
By the way.” He grinned. “Enjoy the cold, and
The merriment it brings…Why shades of this
Winter might tell stories of…Why years to
Come! Some fools think they can hide from
The cold…that will never happen…That’s
Another hint. That’s all I have to say. Here I
Am, and here I will stay until I am called back…”

Ceres waved her hand and the view screen vanished.
Then she smiled wildly. “Yes, yes, that’s enough of that.
As you can see, he hasn’t changed. And I will
Tell you…if you want to know where he is…There is
Snow on the ground.” She laughed! “Wait, it’s
Winter there…They remember that.” She stepped
Closer kindly. “Just relax. It’s alright, it’s not you.
The reason why we did this is because this
Story involves Mr. Charming himself. And I just
Wanted to make it clear, if I’m doing this…I
Have a say in things too.”

“Can I ask something?”

“Of course.” She said kindly.

“How is he tan?” I was confused. “And his hair—“

“Don’t say or write that part.” She smiled. “You see,
Like him I can play with words too…But as
For his skin and hair, oh that is an aspect of
His race…In daylight the melanin of their skin
Can rapidly gain color, then at night…or rather
Without the light of a natural sun they turn
Absolutely pale…They change color this way. He
Looks very…” She thought a moment for the right
Words… “Earth-like, this way…don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I mean wow…he looks so tan!”

She smiled very wide. “A lot of things to learn
And know. It’s those games people play…You
Always have to be ready for that…But then you
Know that already.”

Brishan scowled, but still said nothing.

“And now,” Ceres said with beaming eyes. “Onward.
Remember the key to the details here is to
Pay attention…We’re trying to make it easier for
You…So they shouldn’t get sick with worry by
Making things difficult. That would be very bad.
The story I have for you is about the Eve ship.”

“The Eve ship?” I asked… “The Adams and the
Eves from before?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Don’t worry, don’t ask or
Hesitate…just write it down and let it flow…”
She paused briefly playfully. “Oh, and if
Anyone starts to have problems…That’s their
Problem, not yours. Remember that. Now…
Here we go…” She touched her forefinger to
My temple…and it began.

The Eve Ship…

Immediately following the journey back to
Visit the Adams before they found Earth,
The small transport vessel carrying the Watchers
Varence of Apollo and Ceres were contacted by
Mission command…Brishan of the Senate sent a
Transmission… “Are you two returning now to
The present with the requested samples and data?”

“Yes.” Varence answered on the comm..

“Excellent.” Brishan responded. “Now, before you
Return…we have one small request. There is
A matter of curiosity to be settled among the
Council…and it concerns the Eve ship…Have
You begun the time jump yet?”

Varence looked at Ceres curiously. “No?”

“Excellent.” Brishan went on. “Now…scan
For the Eve ship…then briefly visit their
Vessel. Take a base summary of their entire
Clone core for examination. Then return
Promptly.” Before Varence could question why
Brishan ended the transmission.

He turned to Ceres with an arched brow… “Their
Clone core? Why would he want that?”

“I have the sample for Hollis.” Ceres thought fast.
“For comparison analysis? Don’t waste time, just
Scan for the vessel and let us be done with this.”

Varence followed orders, found the Eve ship
As it was in fact en route to Earth, then they
Quickly sped to the vessel. The closer they
Got, the more active the readings in their own
Ship reacted. “These readings,” Ceres noted…
“Why are they coming in so fast? At this
Distance, it must be enormous?”

“It’s an Eden Vessel for Terra Forming planets.”
Varence explained. “The amount of biological
Material and tools required would set off
The scanners this way.”

As they approached the Eve Ship they were
Impressed quite fast by its size and shape…
Triangular, almost pyramid-like…it was huge…
But then the ship was an advanced vessel
Capable of changing size…as required depending
On the planet they were farming for new life;
Larger planets required wider width for
Atmosphere processing.

Cloaked, they docked beneath its bow secretly…
And to ensure a more hopeful, sterile visit this
Time they changed into medical uniforms…which
Were a metallic white. After the previous
Experience with the Adams, Jansen in specific, they
Wanted to ensure there was less chance of
Contamination with contacts…The chances were
Slim regardless, but it was sometimes a common

Ceres had to laugh at the sight of Varence in
The white uniform. “You look like an apprentice of
The Temple.” She said. “How virtuous and untypical
Of you.”

He laughed playfully in return. “From my
Recent experiences on Earth…virtue and
White are a rare sight for me as well.”

The Teleportation crystals carried them quickly
Inside the Eve vessel, this experience however
Was very different than the Adams. They were
Materialized into a broad, brightly lit
Corridor in the center of the ship that
Stretched its entire length, this was its
Chief transport hallway that connected
All compartment carryways. It was very
Bright, very clean, and very sterile in all
Aspects. The two of them standing there
In white suited it almost too perfectly.

“Did you visit this ship at all?” Ceres asked

“No?” Varence wondered aloud as they looked
Both ways. There was no Eve crew in sight.

“Why not?” She asked.

“Because I was familiar with Eve ships from
Other studies back home.” He said casually,
Checking his scanner for readings for where
They should go. “These ships are basically all
The same.” He nodded to the right, towards the
Front of the ship. “This is where we need to
Go for the clone core.”

They began walking then soon encountered
Eve crew, who could NOT see them of course.
The women were ALL of the same height and
Proportions. There was literally no variation in
Body types whatsoever. All were well womanly
Curved, but slender…with a reasonable height
Of around 5 feet 10 inches…They wore dark
Clean crisp grey and black body fitting
Uniforms. The women all had long straight
Hair, though some wore it differently; usually
According to work stations.

All the Eves they encountered were very
Beautiful, there were no ordinary looking
Women at all. Skin colors did vary however,
From a light olive tan to a rich brown.
Their eyes were a light brown to black, and
They all appeared expressionless, almost cold
Looking. There were no sounds of laughter
Or banter, the atmosphere seemed very serious.

“These women,” Varence mused out loud as
They walked, “Their social behavior is deafening.
I may have to cover my ears.”

Ceres seemed content. “Very professional. Perhaps
They simply prefer not to waste time.”

Varence had to wonder, by comparing the
Atmosphere to the Adam ship. “Can you
Sense any social behavior among them? Any
Carnal distractions?”

She could hardly believe her ears. “Are
You seriously asking me that question? Is that
Your first interest upon seeing their ship,
Carnal behavior? Is it their data you need to

He scowled to her. “The other Eve ships I
Observed were not this…quiet. No, this one
Is different, very different.”

“Would you like to roll a ball across the floor
And see if they swoon?” Ceres smirked.

He cringed quietly then walked in. Soon
The echoes of many voices filled the air…like
A chorus of voices ranting numbers loudly.
Varence eyed Ceres quietly as they soon
Came upon a large arena of open spaces lining
The wide corridor, training cathedrals…Where
Teams of eves performed military drill-like
Exercises in fighting groups and boxed lines.

“Are they scientists or warriors?” Ceres asked
As she then scowled and they paused to observe.
“What upon worlds are they doing, preparing
For battle? These look like war game drills? These
Are not for physical endurance exercises…
These are combat training skills.”

Varence nodded as he scanned them. “Yes I
See. Some Eve ships were like this, though not
All. They are very physically tempting.”

Ceres pinched her eyes and curled her lip. “What
Did you say?”

“I mean it is as though they are preparing
For something imminent.” He gestured to them
To move on. Then soon they heard another
Growing noise, a chorus of voices chanting. But
This was different.

Again they came upon another series of
Open spaces upon the main corridor. But
These spaces were full of tapestries with
Strange symbols and runic shapes and
Lettering, completely foreign to them. He
Turned to Ceres curiously. “Can you read these?
I cannot.”

“No.” She simply answered. She too was amazed
By the sight.

The arenas were full of women, mostly in uniform,
But some wore plain neatly pressed long dress-like
Robes in black, red or white. The
Women stood in rows, with hands clasped
In prayer as they chanted over, “Ours
Is the Gift, his is thy hand, Ours is
The Gift, to him we give, we bear the
Fruit…” Over and over endlessly the
Women chanted the phrase…

“What are they doing?” Ceres asked
With growing distaste. “Worshipping?
Their words are very disturbing!”

Varence went wide-eyed as he immediately
Noticed the woman enter at the far end
To their right…upon a raised platform
Before the worshippers…This woman wore
A long flowing white dress robe with
Gold sashes and adornments. But she
Was unlike ANY of the others, and
He had never seen her EVER…She was
As tall as the others, the same build…
But her hair was long and wavy, curly,
Dark blond…her skin was a somewhat
Dark olive light brown, and her eyes were
A striking gold color. She appeared to
Wear very decorative facial make up
In metallic blues and golds…And she
Carried herself like a queen. “Who is that?”
He asked very confused.

“You studied the Eves of Earth, you
Have not seen her before?” Ceres asked.

“No.” He said with concern. “No I have
Not. I have never seen her.”

“Some sort of High Priestess?” Ceres

“I have not seen that one before.” Varence
Declared almost wickedly intrigued. “And
I should have.”

“Why does she look so different than the
Others?” Ceres asked eyeing dozens and
Dozens, over one hundred Eves all around
Them chanting. “How is that possible?”

“That is a very good question.” Varence
Said as he scanned the woman fast and
Watched her more closely. “I would definitely
Like to know that answer myself.”

They watched the ceremony for some time as
Their strange chanting continued. The high
Priestess in white with the odd dark blond hair
Made several odd symbolic gestures with her eyes
Transfixed upwards as if she were in somewhat
Of a trance. Then she seemed to howl the
Words, “As the master commands, we serve…”

Then two Eves dressed in black robes with
Hoods brought in a long box-like table
Covered in gold cloth…They rolled it in then
Onto the platform and uncovered a tank full
Of water…Inside the tank was this huge
Snake-like creature with a crocodilian head
With horns…

“Our master commands we serve.” Said the
High priestess as she bowed before the creature…
Which hissed and let out these awful
Inaudible vocalizations that reverberated
Throughout the room…It seemed to set all
The Eves into a trance of awe.

Ceres covered her ears. “Is that what I think
It is?” She asked with a desperate revulsion.
“The serpent…one of the Draconian species…”

“Yes.” Varence nodded in shock. “I have not
Seen one of those in some time…Servants
Of Isis…the Snake God.”

An announcement came over the comm. system.
“All Eves 6’s, 7’s and 9’s…report for

Varence and Ceres eyes each other with a
Peculiar confusion. “What does that mean?”

Suddenly all the women formed neat rows
And filed into the main corridor then proceeded
Farther down the ship. Varence and Ceres
Followed invisible of course…as the high
Priestess led the procession to the science

This, is what their mission was for…which
They discovered again with shock. The Eves
Reported to a large cavernous-like room full
Of stall-like compartments…in rows and tiers,
And upwards raised levels. They were very
Strange looking. Neither Varence nor Ceres
Had ever seen anything like this before. They
Stood and watched.

Each Eve individually went into a stall and
Then undressed and pressed their backs
To the walls…Doors then slid closed to cover
Them shut…to prevent interference with the
Forthcoming procedure.

In the center of the room was a circular main
Control panel where the high priestess went with
Her two attendants. The panels were lit with
Foreign writing but Varence could identify them
Vaguely as some Draconian dialect, but it was
One unknown to him.

“What is going on?” Ceres asked again with revulsion.

Varence pointed for her to scan the panels with
Her device and download the data. “Take
Note of everything closely. I suspect I know
What this is now…”

Ceres did as he said. “What is it?” She asked,
Scanning the panels, careful to avoid any close
Proximity to the Eves…She had little desire to
Sense what these women were thinking. Data
Flooded her device; then she went wide-eyed
And her jaw fell open when she saw what
The readings revealed. “This is a harvesting
Device! These wall chambers are harvesting
Eggs from the Eves!”

“That is what I suspected.” Varence said
With distaste.

Ceres was further disgusted with the readings
As they came in. “This is the most vile
Thing I have ever seen! These women…
What they do!”

Varence turned to her numbly. “This is what
They were made for.”

“This is absolutely horrifying and disgusting
To use humans this way!” She spat. “This
Is what the Empire does with its slaves?”

Varence studied his own scanner’s download.
“Look carefully at your data…I believe
This is what we were sent to find.”

“But this is not the cloning center the
Core where the Eves slaves are made?” Ceres
Said, shaking her head. Then she froze
As she examined more of the data. “Oh my…
They are not human!”

He eyed her with a nod. “Almost.”

“I mean, they are…but…” She mildly studied
The data but could not believe it, she
Did not want to. “This is unbelievable!
I have, we have…heard of this, read
About it…but to see it? To witness it?”

“Say it.” Varence insisted. “Say it so that
I know it is not just in my mind.”

Ceres swallowed. “Multiple genetic grafts,
DNA splices to their primary make up.
13 subspecies, or rather races of human
Within their matrix…with additional
Draconian, Sirian…and two other un-
Identified races…all merged together to
Create these…Eves. They are a
Multi-generated race of hybrid creation.
These women were made to create embryos
For further hybridization. They are
Breeding viable versatile hosts!”

“Well,” Varence corrected, “They are growing
The ideal host eggs to be fertilized. It
Is not as though they are pregnant.”

“It is still horrifying and disgusting!” Ceres
Spat. “To use them this way. To create a
Human like this…to be used…So that
They could create WHAT? What is it
Exactly they desire to create?”

“I believe it has something to do with
These unidentifiable races in their DNA
Matrix…the two missing pieces.” He said.

“So what are they?” She asked, trying
To scan them. “Other races they
Conquered? To use their genetic codes
And traits to create this?”

“It must be.” Varence said. He was absolutely
Shocked. “We have detailed information on
Every race in the universe. How is it possible
There are two unidentifiable genetic strands
In their DNA? Who or what are they? Where
Did they come from?”

“It makes no sense at all.” Ceres said shaking
Her head. She was overwhelmed, but
Still kept studying the data. Her eyes were
So wide with shock it nearly amused him.
But she kept trying alternative ideas to
Examine the two mysterious strands. “Their
Is something peculiar here…”

“To say a little…” He laughed.

“No, these strands they are not just
Unidentifiable…” She suddenly gasped as it
Struck her intuition…remembering the
Earlier months of the Watchers posts…The
Council’s arrival to judge the situation on
Earth…The downloaded data from their
Mission subject on Nibiru; my interview…

“What is it?” He asked. “You see it?”

“Our summation on the Agendas of Earth.” She
Gasped again. “The other races…so many
Surrounding the planet, looming, just waiting
For the next cataclysm and harvest…”

“Yes?” He urged…

“The whales sensed the presence of higher
Dimensional life forms.” She turned to him. “They
Always know what’s there…Their sonar can penetrate
Higher dimensions.”

“Yes. I know. We’ve discussed that.”
He said.

“Do you not see?” She pressed him. “The
Genetic experiments you talked about…The
Hybrid, the clone experiments they were trying
To uncover what is in their present DNA…
The mysterious strands. They are the same as

“Are you playing riddles now?” He arched his
Brow at her.

“The experiments.” She kept nodding… “Other
Dimensional life forms?” His lack of senses
Frustrated her. “These mysterious DNA strands
Are from other dimensional life forms! Somehow
They contrived or gained samples of beings
From other dimensions and integrated them
Into 3rd dimensional cellular forms.”

Varence went numb, wide-eyed with horror.

“They have supernatural DNA.” She nodded with
Absolute amazement. “The God Project….This
Was their first attempt…It is their base,
Their core for farming, breeding…in attempts
To further it…The Eves are the basis,
They are hosts to breed with supernatural
Life forms…”

Varence nodded. “That’s why the Nephilim
Were so viable and diverse, so successfully
Bred on Earth…”

“But they didn’t know it,” Ceres said, “Not
Until they colonized the planet…with the
More stabilized DNA of the Adams…The
Adams’ sole DNA host parent stock
Stabilized them…That was their missing

“That’s why it worked on Earth and nowhere
Else.” Varence almost numbly moaned. “Who
Knows what they are creating on other slave
Worlds…This Earth however truly is different…
The potential is far more valuable…”

“And risky in the same.” Ceres said. “Anything
Could happen at any time in any generation.”

Varence studied his scans again more closely as
The Eves moved about him at their stations completely
Unaware of their visitors. “That explains the
Crude elements in the Eves’ estrus cycles.”

Ceres winced as she studied her scans some more. “What
Are you talking about? I cannot believe my eyes
At these formations, the overlapping strands, the
Masterful splicing…And what are these symbols in the
Strands…some kind of encrypted writing?”

“You really need to take a look more closely
At the women of Earth, Ceres.” He said to her.

“That’s your job.” She said. “Why?”

“These cycles these Eves possess,” he told her almost
Scornfully. “The present women of Earth still
Have them.”

She froze and raised her eyes to meet his. “That
Is abominable. How could they do that? These
Reproductive cycles are not natural to normal
Human women…That is an absolute horror…can’t
They feel it isn’t normal? These crazed hormone
Levels would render reproductive cycles…insane!”

Varence seemed to blink repetitively in response as if
To nod to agree with her. “One day when they
Encounter their relatives in the stars…they
Will undoubtedly encounter many shocking
Revelations about themselves…their origins…
What they are…have become, would become
And can be.”

“No wonder the Earth is insane!”

Something was happening around them. The Eves
Attending the monitors were urgently rushing to
Complete some task.

“What are they doing?” Ceres asked.

Varence scanned the panels’ proceedings.
“They are…preparing some kind of drone-like
Mini-vessel…” He gasped slightly. “To deliver
The harvested unfertilized eggs to a designated
Rendezvous location in deep space for the Empire
To retrieve.”

The High Priestess suddenly grabbed her head
And appeared to look dizzy and nearly fainted.
One of the subordinates in black robes quickly caught
Her. “Tamara, are you alright?”

“Yes,” the High Priestess said, “I just feel…I think
I need to return to my quarters to rest. I feel
Exhausted today.”

“Mother’s Hand,” the attendant called her, said to her,
“You must rest…tomorrow’s ceremonies are most
Important…The Deliverer will be selecting the

“I know that is why I must lay to rest.” Tamara
Said touching the Eves that surrounded her with
Support and adoration. “Let me return to my

“Do you require assistance, escort?” The chief
Attendant in black asked.

“No,” Tamara said shaking her head. “I will be
Fine. Let me leave now. I will rest and
Return for this evening’s blessings before final
End to the day. If there are any problems
I will have Lilith notify you at once. Can
You continue, Rebekah?”

“Yes, of course.” The attendant smiled and nodded

“Thank you.” Tamara nodded in return. “Blessed
To receive. I shall go now.”

“Blessed to endure.” Rebekah responded.
“Rest well, Mother’s Hand.”

At that Tamara slowly left…Varence immediately
Turned to Ceres, “We should follow her. I would like
To observe her a little more before we conclude
Now that we have we came for.” Ceres
Nodded without hesitation, then they followed
Tamara through the great corridor farther
Down the Eve ship…until the corridor narrowed
And became much more dimly lit. Then it
Became more of a dark hallway with paneled
Blue lights and more steel-like architecture.
Tamara came upon a lift, went inside…Varence
And Ceres entered with her…where the three
Of them were alone.

Inside the lift Tamara selected a very high level
Then leaned against the wall pinching her
Eyes shut and grabbing her temples tightly.

Varence immediately scanned her.

“What’s wrong with her?” Ceres asked as she
Began trying to dive into Tamara’s mind to
Sense the problem.

“Physically…she is just tired.” Varence answered.
“Otherwise nothing.” He turned to her. “Can
You tell anything?”

Ceres quickly found her own psychic answers…
“She is not like the others…She has a striking
Presence…but it is not…normal.”

“Oh?” He asked.

“There is something…NEW…going on inside of
Her.” Ceres said.

Tamara weakly turned…examining the lift…
Her eyes and senses taking in what she
Saw was there, what her mind told her
And what her senses felt of the invisible. She
Felt a chill and grabbed and hugged her arms
Tight. Then the lift reached its destination
And she quickly exited into a long dark
Hallway again dimly lit…her invisible
Escorts immediately followed. As she
Walked down the hallway she kept
Nervously turning her head every which way
Trying to understand what she sensed. At
The very end of the hall were two large
Doors with gold and red crosses…They slid open
For her as she neared, then entered
A very spacious, luxurious looking room
With tables, sofas low to the floor, velvet-
Like tapestries covering the walls full of
Decorative gold and silver blue designs. It
Was a very royal looking room.

There was a wide, huge window at the
Far end of the large room near a large
Round bed with ivory linens…beside it was
An altar full of candles and towering glass
Tubes full of colored waters, and burning
Incense holders that still let out puffs
Of smoke from earlier burnings. Tamara
Went to the altar, knelt and began to
Pray, trying to collect her senses as she
Felt torn apart.

Varence and Ceres stood nearby watching
Closely, with him constantly monitoring his
Scanner…and her constantly sensing
Tamara’s every move.

“There is something very odd going on with her
DNA.” Varence noted. “Some kind of

“Yes.” Ceres agreed. “I see it in her…I can
Feel it…She is transforming slowly.” She
Turned to him sharply. “And you say you
Never saw her make it to Earth?”

“No.” Varence told her. “She must have
Been killed in the battle with the Adam
Ship. This Eve never went to Earth.”

Ceres eyed her carefully. “If I didn’t…”

“What?” Varence asked.

“From what I’ve seen and sensed before.” Ceres
Said. “Of these changes in her…She is changing
On a molecular and spiritual level…at the
Same time…just as if…”

“Do not say it.” Varence said cautiously.

Ceres nodded. “A light was put in her head.”

Just then the doors to the quarters opened
And in walked a very tall, beautiful,
Proud looking woman…darker in skin, but
So brilliantly fair… “My dear…” She said to her.

“Alana.” Tamara said humbly.

“The Commander.” Varence told Ceres.

“You look tired.” Alana said, going to her.

“I don’t feel well.” Tamara said suddenly
Very heavy with emotions, very, very heavy
As though she would break at the sight
Of her mate.

“What is it?” Alana said, holding her.

“Something is wrong. Something is very, very
Wrong. I can feel it. It’s in the air…it’s
In everything.”


“Can’t you tell?” Tamara asked, her eyes
Glassy and desperate. “Can’t you feel it?
Just feel it? Can’t you?”

“You’re tired.”

“It’s everywhere.” Tamara began to cry as
She turned to the window. “Even the stars
Are crying out…The cries of destiny. The
Hours are falling…The days ending. This
Way of life is ending…Everything we know
That we’ve known, been taught…is wrong…
It’s so wrong. And it’s about to change.
It’s about to end.”

“You have to stop doing this to yourself.”
Alana said kindly. “You have to fight it.
They will insist on reprocessing you if…
Have you told anyone…about…The light
That came to you?”

“No.” Tamara said. “How can I? What
Could I say? What would they say? Who
Would believe? How could they?”

“Fight it.” Alana told her. “Your will is
Strong. Your mind is strong…your abilities…”

“I cannot fight it.” Tamara said
Angrily, glaring at her… “I tried…I can
Not…There is no fighting this…How can
You fight a light when all you have ever
Known is darkness?” She went to the
Windows to stare at the stars, then turned to
Alana sharply. “You have no idea what
This is or what is out there or what’s coming.”

“So tell me.” Alana tried to reason.

“The words won’t come…” Tamara could only
Say… “You will just have to wait and see.”

Varence nodded to Ceres. “We should
Leave NOW.” He insisted, they had seen
Enough. Ceres agreed. But as they neared
To exit…

“They’re at the door.” Tamara said sternly
To the invisible. “Fate is at the door and
You cannot stop them. EVER.”

They left quickly then…

Return to now…The Circle of Light.
Brishan and Ceres standing like towers of
Raging knowledge…

“This is not for analyzing. This is free
Information…take it as you wish.” Ceres
Said. “A fool would see a false story…No, here
The point I offer is clear…When last we
Spoke and wrote we laughed…this time, it’s
More serious. Change is coming. It will happen.
It can either be easy…fun. And good for
All. Or…it can be nasty. Which is it
Going to be? Think about it. Let it stand.
Think of those words.”


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