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We're heading toward the biggest trap in the history of humanity. It's the ULTIMATE trap! Read on ..... at your own peril/discomfort!

Posted By: Bob
Date: Monday, 9-Jan-2017 05:10:06

"We have never been in this much trouble before as a human soul group. It’s literally a matter of life and death — on an eternal level!

This is very serious, and it concerns every living human being as well as any life in the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms.

Everything will be run by artificial intelligence, if the Singularitists get their way.

We – humanity – are the only ones who can stop them, but we can’t stop them if we refuse to look into this matter and object - Wes Penre."

"Robert Stanley, (UNICUS): In your amazing new (free online) e-book, "Synthetic Super-Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind", you provide a dire warning to humans.

You reveal that AI and the Singularity are part of the Luciferian Agenda.

When do you expect Lucifer/ to return to earth? Will he be opposed? Or, will he openly reign supreme?

WES PENRE: When we start doing this kind of research, we quickly realize that we don't even have to be religious to understand that historic Prophecies, such as

Those in the "Book of Revelation" and the "Book of Daniel," are about to be fulfilled because they are blueprints for what’s been planned to come by the AIF/Anunnaki gods.

The "Battle of Armageddon" will most likely take place when the 'Third World War' is a reality. Quite often, we hear rumors of war, whether they are legitimate or are just more fear mongering and manipulating.

However, those who have read the books in the Bible that I mentioned above, know that parts of the Prophecies are already beginning to be fulfilled.

And it's not just the Bible;

Many ancient texts talk about the Return of the King, the Lord, God, the gods, or whomever their scriptures tell people to 'worship'.

What they all have in common is that someone "divine" is going to return, and many people are anxiously waiting for that day to arrive!

As a side note, 'the Third World War' does not necessarily have to be fought on the battlefield—it could very well be the “war on the human mind,” and if so, we’re in the middle of it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

UNICUS: I suspect there was an important moment, or moments, of clarity that caused you to see beyond your research as the editor of Illuminati News to the bigger picture regarding humanity’s hidden history.

What was it that inspired you to devote so much time and energy to researching and writing the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) and exposing the Alien Agenda in such dramatic detail?

WES PENRE: I posted the first articles on the web site in 1998. Since then, it's been an amazing journey all the way up to now [July 2016]. And when I look back, I am surprised to see how seamlessly one learning lesson has led to another.

I knew something about the ET situation already when I began editing Illuminati News, and I dedicated a section to that topic, but I was just in the beginning stages of learning about the truly amazing complexity of what we're facing with the ET issue.

To answer your question, the turning point came when I found two essays online, co-written by Dr. A.R. Bordon, a retired quantum physicist (now deceased), who together with a few other scientists formed the "Life Physics Group California" to explore and expose the ET issue—more specifically, the "Anunnaki issue."

I posted these two essays on my blog and they are still there. One is named "The Link" and the other is named "Between the Devil and the Returning Rock".

Shortly after publishing these two essays, I was contacted by Dr. Bordon, who thanked me for posting them. He wanted them distributed as broadly as possible, and I had a fair number of visitors to my web site. Dr. Bordon and I began to communicate, and I learned that he and his group of quantum scientists apparently were in physical contact with some of the "Anunnaki," whom I most commonly call the "Alien Invader Force" (AIF) in my papers and in my new book:

I learned a lot from my discussions with Dr. Bordon, and some of it was used to create the "Wes Penre Papers—The First Level of Learning." This had a lot to do with the "Anunnaki issue," as Dr. Bordon sometimes called it.

I had read Zecharia Sitchin years before that, but when I started digging deeper into ancient mythology, I found a totally different story emerging than the one Sitchin had given us in his "Earth Chronicle Series."

Therefore, one major catalyst that made me look deeper into this subject was my discussions with Dr. Bordon. Our conversations inspired me to begin to seriously research the "Anunnaki enigma."

The Second through Fifth Level of Learning in my Papers are the results of my diving deeply into the ancient texts that are available to us. I was analyzing and then reanalyzing them and reaching some interesting conclusions.

I found that there are hidden stories within the stories, and that the real connections could not be made until these subtle stories, hidden in plain sight, were found. The ancient texts were often dictated to a scribe by the "gods" themselves (the AIF), so the AIF decided what was going to become our history and what was to be excluded (and or altered).

It's a trademark of the gods that they want to hide the truth in plain sight (the Global Elite do the same thing). You have to be willing to look at what is really there below the surface, and not focus only on what is obviously on the surface, in order to get a more complete story.

UNICUS: Well, I found that your five Wes Penre Papers contain a comprehensive account of a very complex history of our Creation and the corruption that took place after a civil war in Orion began, and it is still going on. Your diligent research helped me fill in some blank spots in my quest for answers, which I am very grateful for. You have published an amazing amount of research material on the Internet, which must have taken a lot of time and effort, and it’s all free. Why is that?

WES PENRE: Since I was a little kid, I have always been very curious about things that have to do with what we cannot see, hear, touch, smell and taste. I "knew" that there was more to existence than what I was experiencing here on Earth. From the third to sixth grade, I often went to the library after school and studied astronomy and other interesting topics.

I could sit for hours in the library just looking at pictures of planets, stars, and galaxies and learn about their distance in light-years, which Spectral Class certain stars were in, according to the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, etc. I thought it was mind-blowing, and perhaps most of all, I found the Universe immensely beautiful and mysterious.

Throughout my life, I have almost always researched one thing or another--things we never learned in school. When the Internet came along, and I could afford my first personal computer in 1998, I saw the opportunity to share with others what I've learned. This was something I had always wanted to do, but up to that point hadn’t had the chance.

I began to realize that what I was looking into was very important--not only for me, but for everybody. I couldn't just sit there with all that information and not share it. Therefore, I created my first website, the Illuminati News, and I went on from there. The more I learned, the more passionate I became about sharing information and insights.

Although it's very hard work (I've spent countless early mornings doing research and writing before going to my regular job), but when I see the response I get from my readers, it really encourages me to keep doing this.

I could probably make some money out of this, which I perhaps would be entitled to because I have been doing this without getting paid (in fact, it costs me money to do it), but I can't justify charging for information that should have been free in the first place if it hadn't been covered up by the "authorities."

Moreover, if I decided to charge for it, fewer people would read it because not everybody has the means to pay for things they read on the Internet. I want everybody who has a connection to the Internet to be able to read what I publish, whether they are rich or poor.

I will probably continue doing this as long as my body/mind/spirit hold up, and I anticipate that will be for many years to come. But in order to do this, one has to have a passion for it. Without that passion, you can’t work at this pace for a very long time.

UNICUS: I know what you mean. I also know that no matter how well you communicate what you learned about the Alien Agenda and its effects on mankind, it's all a bit complicated for some people to follow.

You once told me that there are actually only a small cast of characters known by many different names. If possible, can you summarize who's who in all this?

WES PENRE: There is no doubt that there were many different "gods" here in ancient times. However, only a few are actually mentioned and named in the old Hindu, Sumerian and Babylonian scriptures, as well as the Egyptian, Roman and Greek records.

Their names (which are really often titles) are many, but when we begin to research this, we realize that most of these names correspond to the same few beings. And sometimes, Marduk, and Ereshkigal hijacked the names of known leaders to otherwise discredit the Queen of the Stars and King En.lil (Sr.), who have little to do with the agenda that, Marduk, and Ereshkigal set up here on Earth. Here are a few examples off the top of my head to illustrate how a few beings share a number of different names:

Queen of the Stars, ('s and Ninurta's mother and En.lil Senior’s consort): a.k.a. Mother Goddess, Ninhursag, Nammu, Ma, Orion Queen, Nin, Ninmah, Artemis, Sophia (Earth in the Gnostic texts), Hera, Diana, Antu, Gaia (Earth).

King En.lil Sr., ('s and Ninurta's stepfather): a.k.a. Anu/An, Oceanus, Geb, Uranus, God of the Hunt (Orion).

Prince, (son of the Queen of Orion, brother of En.lil Jr.): a.k.a. Ea, Sin, Nannar, Osiris, Ptah, Zeus, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, Loki, Ningishzidda, Nergal (King of the Underworld/Hell), Poseidon, Neptune, Mercury, Oannes, Saturn (after the Invasion. Saturn used to be Ninurta/Prince En.lil), Hermes, Krishna, Vishnu.

Marduk, (son of a.k.a. Amon Ra, Zeus (sometimes), Jupiter, Mars, Apollo, Shiva, Horus, AST-AR (Ashtar).

Prince En.lil Jr., (son of the Queen of Orion, brother of a.k.a. Ninurta, Saturn (before the Invasion).

Isis, (En.lil Jr.'s daughter): a.k.a. (Ishtar, Inanna, Hathor, Venus).

Ereshkigal, (Queen of the Underworld/Hell, Isis' sister): a.k.a. Hera (a name hijacked from Mother Goddess, Queen of the Stars), Irkalla, Hel in Norse mythology.

How I came to these conclusions is too complex to go into here, but I have thoroughly referenced and cross-referenced my research in the Wes Penre Papers, Level IV-V:

The seven beings mentioned above are the only beings I've encountered in the ancient texts that I've studied so far. However, the names I have not mentioned here can in one way or another be traced back to any of the above beings, as far as I've seen.

UNICUS: Thank you for providing the names of some of the key players in this cosmic passion play. My understanding is that in the Annunaki empire, the more powerful/important a person is the more names/titles they have (60 or more). Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for people of earth to know who's who among the “gods.” A simple example of this on earth is Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice Great). He is called that because he was given different names by three separate earth cultures: Thoth/Hermes/Mercury.

It is a matter of public record that a minority of people on our planet claim to have had contact with alien/ET entities. Some people report being abducted and returned by these entities relatively intact. However, based on the investigative research and reporting of David Paulides (Missing 411), many people have vanished under very strange circumstances without leaving any trace and they are never seen or heard from again. During your years of extensive research and analysis, have you found any information re. alien abductions related to the Annunaki?

WES PENRE: In more recent time, it seems the abductions people experience are conducted either by the Military or they are joint abductions by the Military and the AIF/Anunnaki. Since the founding of America, we are living in the New Atlantis, and at least for the last 60 years, give or take, the Military is behind most of the abductions of both humans and animals for genetic experimentation/manipulation. Whistleblowers have told us of horrific experiments going on in underground facilities--not only here in the U.S., but all over the world (and it extends to the underground bases on Mars, as well—Mars being an ancient AIF genetic engineering center).

The Military has created clones, experimental creatures who literally look like something "out of this world," artificial intelligence, androids and much more. As I wrote extensively about in my new book, the goal of the Military right now is to fulfill the goal of “Singularity,” where humans become cyborgs connected to a central Super Brain Computer (SBC). They also want to create super soldiers—a cloned army, where the soldiers are half machines/half humans—to be able to complete "supernatural tasks" that our biological bodies and minds can't accomplish in our current state.

Thus, there are many reasons behind the abductions. People who come back have often been given screen memories of different alien races that allegedly abducted them and harshly and horrifically experimented on them without anesthesia, when it could just as well have been branches of the Military—most likely the Navy (not so much the Air Force, which would otherwise seem more logical). However, on some occasions, there HAVE been AIF abductions as well. There are certain soul agreements made in the astral between human souls and the AIF that in the next lifetime, a certain soul/mind/body complex agrees to be abducted by the AIF themselves. This way, the AIF can swear themselves free from guilt; after all, the human "allowed" the abduction (although they probably won’t remember it in their human incarnation). As I have reported extensively, the manipulation of mankind by the AIF continues in the so-called “Afterlife.”

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has the technology to abduct people and make them vanish from the face of the Earth. Many of them are taken off-planet and tampered with. It has been reported that the latest abductions consist primarily of young males of certain bloodlines that the AIF have monitored for generations, and now the DNA and the sperms are being extracted from selected members of these bloodlines (and the abductees don’t necessarily have to be of the Illuminati genepools). Witnesses have declared that people have disappeared into “thin air” right in front of them, in a public area, never to be seen again. I have encountered information claiming that the sperm of these males is used to create a cloned army to fight space wars both for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the AIF. They are secretly creating hybrid super soldiers to serve in the ongoing galactic civil war that started and plans to win with our help.

The AIF is not behind as many abductions as one would think--they let humans take care of it for them. In the distant past, abductions were more often done by the AIF. Also, people need to realize that the AIF Overlords are the only alien entities that are directly interfering with us and our planet at this point, but they consist of different interdimensional species working together. They often play the roles of the bad and the good guys to keep polarity intact (polarity and separation are basically what keep this 3-D hologram together), and they often deceive us so that we think some of them are benevolent toward us.

This group of ETs are probably deceiving 90% or more of the so-called UFO research community. However, there are some exceptions regarding other neutral ET entities that are highly interdimensional beings, who observe at a "distance" what is happening on Earth. They don't intervene, except on very rare occasions, and when they do, they strictly follow the Law of Free Will. I have found that there are no "good aliens" trying to contact humanity at large to lead us toward Total Freedom. Be particularly suspicious if you hear that ET technology is going to help us live a better life or take us to the stars—that is just more Overlord deception.

There are those seemingly working hard to have zero-point energy released to the public, i.e. free energy and an "easy" way to space travel that will take us to the stars (which stars… the ones in's hologram?). This will ancient technology will probably be released quite soon, but NOT because certain people have been lobbying for it. It will become reality for us because the Overlords need to release this information anyway, in order to plan for their future agenda; it’s time for humanity to get this information soon, but it's not for the good of humankind. Our future is dictated by the AIF agenda, which is unknown to most humans here on earth.

It bothers me when prominent people in the alternative field tell us that all aliens are good and should be welcomed and embraced. These people are either very naïve, or they know exactly what they are doing, if you get the drift. It's all deception, and the AIF plays both roles –the good cop and the bad cop. This is their realm because they created the hologram we live in, which is the physical universe we experience with our 5 senses. Our real realm, our true home, is “outside”’s illusionary empire… and it is called the KHAA or the VOID. I would go so far as to argue that everything that is made out of atoms is’s hologram and is therefore part of the trap. The real Universe is the VOID (dark matter/energy) between the atoms! The spiritual universe, which is us, and the unlimited creations we are capable of manifesting, does not consist of atoms, electrons, neutrons, and positrons, etc.

This is tough information to take in, but I would be a hypocrite if I said anything different. This is the reality we all must face, but it doesn't mean there are no soulutions. An immediate thing an abductee can do is to energetically nullify any previous agreements that might have been made with the AIF and their subordinates. Because it's often difficult to know if the abduction is Military or ET in nature (or both), I would take the following action regardless, if I were an abductee (even if it's the Military, in many cases they follow orders from the Overlords and the high level Military is told whom to abduct. However, this is not always the case).

Condition your personal space by first grounding yourself thoroughly as described on this page:

Next, imagine a solid bubble around yourself and another one around the house/apartment you live in. Then either say out loud or think the following (it doesn't matter which, as long as the intention is very clear and sincere):

"I cancel any and all agreements I may have with those who think they have the right to abduct me. I don't allow anyone, anywhere, at any time, to ever abduct me again. From here on, an abduction of my person will be a direct violation of the Law of Free Will!"

An abductee may need to repeat this every night, and perhaps even twice a day for some time, until the forces conducting the abductions take the abductee seriously. They may, or may not take that person again, but if the abductee continues to insist on their right not to be abducted and experimented on, the abductors will eventually take the abductee seriously and leave them alone. But the abductee has to condition their personal space as a part of their daily routine, with clear/focused intention. It's not enough to just casually think it.

Once the abductions stop, it’s time to release the trauma. This can often be done to a large extent when the abductee not only forgives themselves for having made the agreement with their abductors (directly or indirectly—it doesn’t matter), but also forgives their abductors. Many people who read this will object and say that these people/beings don’t deserve to be forgiven, but the point I’m making is that the abductee needs to forgive the perpetrators in their own mind in order to create closure and move on with their life. Of course the perpetrators still need to come to terms with what they have done, but that is their process, not the abductee’s. If the abductee does this – and really means it – a large burden should be lifted from their shoulder.

UNICUS: I understand that alien abductions are a very sensitive subject. Thank you for addressing this issue. I hope the abductees, and their families, can find closure on this someday. And I hope the criminals behind it are brought to justice.

Are you familiar with the crystal skulls? If so, who do you think created them and why?

WES PENRE: The first skull was found in the 1920s on an ancient Mayan site in the Yucatan by a British expedition. Of course, this skull, as well as other skulls in this series of crystal skulls, are physical—at least on one level. This means that the skulls we can touch and see cannot be older than approximately a couple of hundred-thousand years, the way we look at linear time, because the physical universe as we know it, which was artificially created by, is not older than that. This was about the time when implanted the hologram in our physical and astral bodies that make us stuck in what we call 3-D.

I don't know how old these skulls are, but Anna Mitchell-Hedges, the archaeologist who found the first skull (see link above), said that she thought it is much older than the Mayan culture. One thing we can say with some certainty, (if the skull really is from the Mayan culture and the rest of the skulls are from the same time period), the Skulls were created by and his team, i.e. the Alien Invader Force (AIF). The word "Maya" originates from the Pleiadian star Maia, and as the reader of my papers know, the Pleiades (the Constellation of Taurus) is basically's residence in this sector of the Universe. The early Mayan civilization was run by himself. And to the Aryans of India, the term Maya means “illusion,” which is another reference to’s artificial universe.

People who have had a skull in their possession for a while tell us that it has healing abilities, but it also "communicates" telepathically with sensitive people; similar to a crystal ball that a psychic Gypsy looks into. The skull tells the story of a very ancient past; often from the beginning of earth time, when continents were formed, etc. Allegedly, it also shows pictures of many ancient sites and of UFOs and other "paranormal" phenomena. Therefore, the skulls seem to be another "device of the gods," similar to the so-called MEs in Sumerian records, which were advanced technology (most likely quantum computers) made of artificially-grown nano crystals. It appears as if the skulls are keeping records of Earth's entire history from beginning to end, and that they also have healing capacities.

It makes me wonder; if these skulls are’s creations, why did he leave them here, and why do they have healing capabilities? Well, we can only speculate, because we don't know for sure. Native American Indian legends tell us that humans were using these skulls for healing, but for other reasons, too. According to the Indians, these were communication devices between humans and the gods (the AIF) across the dimensions. It appears as if humans, such as the Mayans and others, used them while the gods were here, but perhaps they were also being used even after many of the gods had left – or pretended to leave. At one point or another, the skulls were hidden, and only now, in modern times, are they being found, one by one.

Were ancient human civilizations instructed by the gods where to hide these skulls, so that they could remain intact for thousands of years, until they were meant to found again, in our time?

Are some select humans in modern times programmed to be "drawn" to these hidden sites where the skulls are buried, in order to find them, without these people realizing that this is the case? Is this process being manipulated by the gods? To me, it certainly seems possible.

As mentioned in Zen Gardner's article, the old Indian legends say that there are 13 skulls, and when they are all brought together, humanity will once again be able to communicate with the gods. According to the legends, these skulls were first and foremost communication devices for the civilizations on Earth to stay in touch with their gods (the AIF) when the gods were off-planet and dwelled in other dimensions (thus, the gods could also “keep an eye” on humans here). If we are to believe the legends, it seems as if these 13 skulls are waiting to be found and brought together, and once they are, will that be the time when the gods return and show themselves to us? Will these skulls be the communication devices we use to communicate with the AIF across the multiple dimensions, like quantum computers, the way it supposedly used to be?

Another thing that comes to mind is that these skulls could be 3-D versions of earlier crystals that were created in the VOID/KHAA (the Spiritual Universe we humans lived in before the AIF invaded our solar system and trapped us here), and were used before the Invasion. I can't confirm if they were or not, but I don't think so—it doesn't fit the picture. You don't need crystals in the Spiritual Universe, although they can be very helpful in the physical universe and across all the holographic dimensions. In's universe, with all its astral dimensions, crystals are used both as storage of information across these dimensions, as communication devices, and as healing devices.

UNICUS: Wow! Your insights triggered a powerful memory in me. I have had many lucid dreams in my life where I either find crystals in nature or, I am in a room where crystals are displayed. Those dreams have always left me feeling extremely excited. In fact, I believe I was allowed to touch an Annunaki ME crystal during a lucid dream in early 1991. At that time, I was invited to touch that incredibly-powerful, truly-bizarre crystal to accelerate the healing of my emotional and physical body which was incredibly weak… I wanted to die. And I should mention, the woman that possessed that crystal seemed to be the polar opposite of, but related… that was my impression based on our brief encounter. She really did help restore me to health and balance. Therefore, based on my life experiences, I feel it’s quite possible that crystals can and do exist in a non-physical state and are still being used by the Annunaki, etc.

WES PENRE: That’s interesting because another crystal skull, other than the one found on ancient Mayan ground, also telepathically communicated with its owner, we are told. The skull revealed to its owner that it originates in other dimensions, which fits into the picture we are painting here. We need to understand that the AIF created all the "other dimensions," and they guard them closely. The other dimensions, as we think of them, are's creation. The authentic, Spiritual Universe (the KHAA) exists "beyond" any dimension in our known Universe. This is one way of looking at it in order to make a complex subject a little more comprehensible.

Scientists today are baffled over these crystal skulls—they don’t understand how they were created. If you carve out a crystal to create a jaw bone such as the one on one of these skulls, it would shatter—even with modern technology. However, the gods have no problems creating such skulls—they use energy to create these things, and they can then manifest them across all the dimensions. They don't carve out anything.

The skulls hold the properties of quartz crystals, and we know that quartz is used in computers, and silicon is used to store memory, and quartz is also the most important component to make watches work. Crystals can be used for psychic protection, as well.

UNICUS: OK. Man… That’s really interesting. I have studied the so-called Tablets of Destiny, aka the ME (pronounced may) and they were some type of very advanced crystal technology that was used for warfare, communications, healing, etc. I believe this is directly related to what we call a Tesseract which acts as a bridge or gate between universes/dimensions like a quantum computer.

Having read your Wes Penre Papers, I feel you are uniquely qualified to answer my next question. Why is society being forced to accept transgenderism as the new norm?

WES PENRE: Before I answer this question directly, I want to digress and share what I heard from Barbara Marciniak, who channels "the Pleiadians." She said she'd heard first-hand that in one of the United States universities, it is now forbidden to refer to genders in speech and in writing so long as you're a student and you are on campus. If you violate this rule, you'll be written up and eventually expelled. Also, if you refer to a specific gender in a school paper, that paper will not be accepted. I have not been able to verify this yet, but I believe this is true.

Barbara is in a position where she wouldn't lie about such a thing that could be quite easily debunked if it weren’t true. Therefore, presuming that she is correct, this will in all its absurdity make sense. Now, when we are going toward the Singularity, when man and machine will merge into one (see my new e-book), it makes sense to manipulate young people into thinking that genders are not important.

This is why: Before the AIF came to earth, the first humans here were androgynous. In fact, they were considered feminine in nature, just as the Spiritual Universe is a feminine force. The entire point of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Singularity is to imitate the spiritual world in the physical realm, but here on earth it's done with technology and with the intent to trap and control. The Gnostics called these intruders the Archons, although not all members of the AIF are AI/Androids (but some of them are—think Grays, Reptilians, Dracos, Nordics, Insectoids, etc.).

Now, when we're getting close to the Singularity, the High Schools and Universities want to "educate" (manipulate/conform) the younger generation, which will experience the Singularity first-hand (the Singularity is scheduled to be in full effect around the year 2045). They want to confuse our children about genders and teach them that "anything goes" (please understand I do not judge people for their sexual preferences, and what I'm going to say next has little to do with the individual; this is about controlling the collective. Some categories of people with alternative sexual preferences are just being used in a what is now becoming a giant propaganda machine).

Not too long ago, homosexuals had a very difficult time existing in society. They were put in jail, beaten up and murdered, just as black people have been (and still are). However, in the year 2016 we are openly discussing gay marriage being legal and accepted. Transgenderism was rarely even discussed until recently; this type of sexuality was swept under the rug and kept out of sight and out of mind. Recently, an incremental transgender movement has arisen, however, highly educated people in society, who are spokespersons for their professional field, are now suddenly supporters of the transgender movement.

Keep in mind that the Feminist Movement in the 1960s – 70s was funded by the Rockefellers. That's where it all started. People who are older may think back to the 1950s and compare it to now. If that's not polarity, I don't know what is (divide and conquer). From stability in a strong, safe family, that was society’s norm in the 50s, to total confusion and chaos today (diversity and alienation).

Again, all this is done to confuse and divide people. If you don't accept that genders don't count anymore, you're soon going to be treated like you would if you talk badly about other races today. The AIF wants us to get used to a more androgynous way of expressing our sexuality. This is, in due time, is going to be obvious in video games as well, so that younger people can get used to the idea as a normal part of their life.

Then, in the near future, when humanity is connected to the Super Brain Computer (SBC), run by AI, and we lose more and more of our individuality, sexuality will become obsolete over time. However, before that, people will have virtual reality sex instead of real sex, and this is already being introduced, as I proved in my new book.

The thing is that the AIF does not want us to reproduce anymore after the Singularity because we have already exceeded the number of people they need in order for us to reach immortality and for the AIF to have a decent legion of foot soldiers for their future space wars. They are actually working on reducing the population—more so over the next couple of generations after having the older generations of today die.

The Singularity will not be implemented in full until about 2045, so part of the population control is to let the older generations just naturally (and sometimes “unnaturally”) die when their time comes and make the younger generations more and more infertile and interested in virtual reality sex and sex with androids rather than having sex and real relationships with human partners. I provide more details about that in my new book.

After we arrive at the Singularity and beyond, when our organs begin to fail because of illness or old age, they will be immediately replaced with younger versions of that same organ. This is done with the assistance of nanobots implanted in our blood streams. These synthetic nanobots will replace our organic cells, which are all considered flawed according to the Singularitists.

Nanotechnology will replace the human body as we go along—the faster the better according to Singularitists. However, the AIF still wants our souls intact and trapped in those more or less immortal bodies for a reason, which I discuss in detail in my new book.

It’s important to remember that once a person is connected to the SBC, there is no turning back. There will be no more death after that because the soul cannot leave the cyborg body. The entire Transhumanism Movement is about the AIF getting absolute control over a world population of human bodies and human souls, who all have individual minds, which are difficult to control.

Conversely, a hive-mind is easy to control.

Therefore, we can say goodbye to individual thinking.

Do not get seduced by promises of eternal health and immortality—we're heading toward the biggest trap in the history of humanity.

It's the ULTIMATE trap!

We have never been in this much trouble before as a human soul group. It’s literally a matter of life and death—on an eternal level! This is very serious, and it concerns every living human being as well as any life in the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Everything will be run by artificial intelligence, if the Singularitists get their way. We – humanity – are the only ones who can stop them, but we can’t stop them if we refuse to look into this matter and object.

I may have diverted a little bit from your question, but I think this is important. I hope you don't mind.

UNICUS: Not at all Wes. I value your insights. I know from my experiences and research that everything is connected, which sometimes makes matters complex and difficult to comprehend. That is why humans tend to try and separate everything into small segments before they study it.

In your amazing new book, Synthetic Super-Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind, you provide a dire warning to humans. You reveal that AI and the Singularity are part of the Luciferian Agenda. When do you expect Lucifer/ to return to earth? Will he be opposed? Or, will he openly reign supreme?

WES PENRE: When we start doing this kind of research, we quickly realize that we don't even have to be religious to understand that historic Prophecies, such as those in the "Book of Revelation" and the "Book of Daniel," are about to be fulfilled because they are blueprints for what’s been planned to come by the AIF gods. The "Battle of Armageddon" will most likely take place when the Third World War is a reality. Quite often, we hear rumors of war, whether they are legitimate or are just more fear mongering and manipulating. However, those who have read the books in the Bible that I mentioned above, know that parts of the Prophecies are already beginning to be fulfilled. And it's not just the Bible; many ancient texts talk about the Return of the King, the Lord, God, the gods, or whomever their scriptures tell people to worship—what they all have in common is that someone "divine" is going to return, and many people are anxiously waiting for that day to arrive!

As a side note, the Third World War does not necessarily have to be fought on the battlefield—it could very well be the “war on the human mind,” and if so, we’re in the middle of it.

As I wrote extensively in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), there are many, many people in positions of political power that are Born Again Christians or Theosophists (following the teachings of Helena Blavatsky from the 19th Century). The U.N., for example, is full of members who are Theosophists, who are waiting for the Maitreya (their version of Christ) to come back. All these people – particularly the Christians – WANT the Battle of Armageddon to happen because then they "know" that the Second Coming and the Resurrection are near. I know this sounds crazy, but it's true, and most people know enough about Christianity to clearly understand this part of the jig-saw puzzle we are discussing.

This is exactly what the AIF, or the Overlords, are counting on; they need our participation in and preparations for them to return, so they can be accepted as God and angels when they appear to come back. This is more extreme manipulation, but it is basically what the World Religions are there for. That's why they were created in the first place. The Overlords are immortal, so they don't plan in terms of a few years—they plan for many millennia, or even millions of years in advance.

What is End Time Prophecy? Is it really the God of all things who has planned this a long time ago, and now it's being played out just as He said? No, the Prophecies were not created by the God (or Goddess, rather) of all things. Religious prophecies were created by ETs—by the AIF specifically, and one of their most important symbols when it comes to human affairs is the all seeing eye of John the Divine and Daniel, and other religious prophets, simply channeled various AIF beings. They were told that they channeled God, and that they needed to urgently spread the message to the rest of humanity.

In reality, the AIF is fulfilling their own Prophecies with a lot of help from fanatic, religious people all over the world. Unfortunately, we are helping the AIF to trap our souls here by continuing to worship/work for them—that's why religion is actually evil at its core. In order to break the spell that has been cast on humanity, we need to look at religion as a massive disinformation campaign with a lot of truth mixed into it to attract people. However, the rest is clever manipulation, steering the population in a certain direction toward the “Return of the gods” and “the Singularity”, which is rapidly approaching.

It's impossible to predict's/Lucifer's exact time table without asking him, and I'm sure he wouldn't give an honest answer to that question, anyway, if we were able to ask him. We know that astrologically, the Age of Aquarius, which is not going to appear in our lifetime, is's sign— being the Water Carrier, or the Water Bearer. Currently, in 2016, Earth is under control of's son, Marduk/Ra, who could be compared with the Biblical Satan. The problem is that when it's time for the Changing of the Guards, we know, from a historical perspective, that infighting usually take place among the AIF gods. Therefore, Marduk might not want to give up his power – even to his father. This power struggle creates competing factions within the AIF. It usually also creates a third party, consisting of other gods who want to be in control. A space war is currently raging in our solar system, where even human military is involved, as well as different factions of the gods.

There is no way for us to know the outcome of all this, but the way I see it is that if the Singularity, which is a long-term plan, instigated by the Overlords, arrives on schedule around 2045, it makes sense that the Return of the King will happen before that, but who can tell for sure.

Another related event is the so-called “Rapture”. Will it happen as predicted? Yes, I believe so. The Ra Material (which was channeled in the 1980s) tells us there will be a "harvesting of souls" into the Fourth Dimension/Density, but this is just a New Age version of the “Christian Rapture”. What will the Overlords do with the raptured (captured) souls? I can’t say for certain, but I know enough to stay away from that with all my might.

If I have interpreted the planned chain of events correctly, regarding the AIF agenda, a global financial collapse is right around the corner. According to President Obama, he recently said in one of his speeches that a new Global Financial System is not being in the planning anymore. He said, “it’s DONE!". A new system is ready to be implemented, and interestingly enough he said that this new system will give everybody a "fair shot". He is referring to the Singularity, even though he doesn't just come out and say that.

In my new book, I warn that robots will take over the job market within just a few years (we see the trend already, and even the mainstream media is all over this subject). Therefore, we must ask what will happen to human jobs? We humans will be more and more obsolete in the job market. The New Economy will make sure that humans can be financially compensated and given a "fair shot" until the Singularity is established. By that time, the building of gigantic Smart Cities will already be in progress, and as the Singularity Guru, Ray Kurzweil, says in books and interviews; once we start building these giant cities that will house the future cyborgs (the new humanity, which I call Posthuman), there will be plenty of jobs for everybody. They are already planning on New York becoming the first Smart City on earth.

Curiously, they have not released the new global financial system yet--they have put it on hold. Why? I think it is because they need to totally crash the old world economy first, and that is most easily done by creating a WW III. This war, if it happens as a war fought by soldiers, will most likely be a space war. It may start off as a common war here on Earth, but fleets of ET space craft could suddenly appear in the sky, possibly as a majestic hologram (Project Blue Beam), and it will look as if we are being invaded by space aliens. All nations will then forget about their internal disagreements and come together as One Humanity to fight this new threat. Governments will encourage people to come together across their borders to protect humanity as a collective species against the alien invaders. President Reagan spoke openly about this a few times in the 1980s as he was promoting and funding SDI (Space Defense Initiative, aka Star Wars), and he and Gorbachev discussed the issue in one-on-one meetings.

This is where the “war on the human mind” that I mentioned earlier in this interview comes into the equation. The deception that’s going to unfold, regardless of how it is done, will be massive! This invasion will appear very real and many people will die during this supposed staged invasion. However, the main reason for this fake invasion is for humanity to experience how to become ONE—ONE HUMANITY UNDER KRIST, as the god Marduk explained it to me when I was in contact with him briefly in 2011, which you can read using this link:

"BY THE KRIST WE ARE ONE" were the exact words he used. He emphasized to me that we are all ONE, whether I wanted to believe that or not, and that we need to come together, forgive each other, but not forget, and live in peace together--the "Anunnaki" and the humans as ONE.

At that time, I hadn't connected the dots that I have connected today, but now I understand what he meant and why he contacted me. He wanted me to post the message from the KING in the above link, and this King was said to be his father,—the King of Nibiru. The message was a message of war against the Global Elite and all their proxies. No one, he said, would get away with having controlled humanity.

At first, this might sound compassionate and benevolent enough to many people, unless we look closely at the intention behind this (which I actually did at the time). I refused to post his message, unless he allowed me to also post a disclaimer, saying that I am totally against this because it will inevitably start a World War. Nations all over the world will see this as a Declaration of War against humanity, and nations will come together and fight Marduk's legions. He was apparently not happy about my disclaimer, but it was approved. So, I posted the message with the full knowledge that I can't stop these beings, but I can at least inform people of what's going on.

Here's a continuing possible scenario: after the staged invasion, another "real" armada of other space aliens will arrive on the scene and defeat Marduk's fleet and appear to “save” humanity. However, this armada will be led by The war will be over quickly and mankind will have their Father/Savior in charge once again—the Second Coming becomes a reality and the King will sit on the throne for 1,000 years, according to what the AIF/Anunnaki told Dr. A.R. Bordon and his science team a few years ago. You can go to to read Bordon's essays, "The Link" and "Between the Devil and the Incoming Rock."

After the AIF war, people will realize that they are ONE nation under GOD and this will manipulate most of the population into accepting the Singularity. The AIF, in order to not break the Law of Free Will, need our approval to be able to establish their New World Order, which means a world currency and a cyborg population (the successors of the current Homo sapiens sapiens, i.e. the Posthumans), controlled by an AI Super Brain Computer. It's not that the AIF genuinely care about the Law of Free Will, but those who created us do (the Queen of the Stars and her Helpers—see the WPP). If the AIF does not have our consent when they make major changes, they are in serious legal trouble with the Court of Orion.

If we stand up against the Overlords, the Orion Queen (’s mother) can interfere and help us to get out of this trap in a way that I describe in my new book. It would be our final release from this entrapment, and the AIF would be put on trial for crimes against humanity. However, so long as we agree with the AIF and work with them, wittingly or unwittingly, the Orion Empire can't do anything to assist because if she did, She would be the one to break the Law of Free Will. Intelligent criminals, such as the Cosmic Overlords headed by, are experts in circumventing the law. Personally, I don't believe we have time to wait for the AIF to make a mistake because they haven't so far. We need to stay on top of this, and we need to do it now.

I can't guarantee that the above events will take place—this is just what makes the most sense to me based on the years of intense research I've done thus far. However, regardless of the order of events, the end result will be the same – the Singularity – unless humanity wakes up and acts in their own best interest very, very soon.

This may all seem quite depressing, but it's always better to be informed and prepared. If a pack of wolves are ten minutes away, and they are out to get us for their next meal, would we rather not know about it and "hope for the best" that someone will save us. Or, would it be better to be told about it in advance and have time to climb up a tree before the wolves arrive?

Nevertheless, even if the majority of humankind can't be saved from the Singularity, there is still a workable soulution for those who have invested enough time and energy in learning about what is going on. I have presented a possible soulution to this situation in my new book.

UNICUS: I feel it’s important to publicly identify the problem we are all facing, and put it in the proper context, before it’s too late to do anything about it. Having met face-to-face in Malibu in 1985, I know that one of the personas/titles he likes to use is The Father because that’s how he introduced himself to me. He looked like Jesus with long hair, a beard and a white robe both times I encountered him.

It took me nearly 3 decades to figure out who he really was/is. And then I was even more shocked when I realized He is the Biblical Father in Heaven which explains why millions of people have been murdered in his name and millions more will be murdered as a blood sacrifice to him before he returns to openly reign supreme during an alleged 1,000-years-of-peace.

However, thanks to the books of Zecharia Sitchin, there are quite a few people in our time that are claiming that the God of the Bible is’s brother En.lil.

Can you help set the record straight on this sensitive subject?

WES PENRE: This can be very confusing because the AIF, specifically and his son Marduk, are brilliant at tricking and manipulating us humans. Actually, that is one of’s titles among North American Indians: “the Trickster.” Their type of manipulation is not limited to humans— has even tricked former inhabitants of the Orion Empire to rebel against his parents; the Queen and the King of the Orion Empire. Scripture tells us that Lucifer/, being the manipulative trickster that he is, managed to manipulate a third of all the angels in Heaven.

If this is true, a third of the inhabitants of the Orion Empire were manipulated into rebelling against the current system, but were defeated and cast out of Heaven (the Orion Empire) by “Archangel Michael.” He is the equivalent of En.lil Jr., aka Prince Ninurta. He is’s brother, which is something I explore in detail in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), in “The Fourth Level of Learning.” still has most of these interdimensional beings trapped in his rebel empire under his "spell."

Yes, many times has manifested himself as a man with long white hair and a long beard—often dressed in a robe. That's the archetype of a god or an angel, right? However, any interdimensional beings can manifest in whatever shape and form they wish. We call it "shapeshifting," but these manifestations are actually thought forms, manifested by energy and frequency. Therefore, when interdimensional beings do this, they can appear just as solid as you or I if they want to, or they can be more ethereal if they wish to make more of a "godlike" appearance.

Normally, they don't stay in that form very long because it takes a lot of focused energy to remain manifest here in 3-D for a long time. It’s more convenient for them to take control of one of the bodies in stasis that the AIF possess, both here on Earth (underground) and on Mars (underground), which they can jump in and out of in case they need to stay in 3-D for a while. When they use those bodies, we are unable to distinguish between them and us because at that moment they are human—their bodies are as human as ours.

The only difference is the brain capacity; these bodies are wired so the host can use 100% of the brain/DNA connectivity, while we only use about 5 - 10% (unfortunately most earth people use less than that, on average because of thousands of years of genetic/spiritual manipulation).

What and his son Marduk/Ra often did was to shapeshift and take on the persona/appearance of the King of Orion (also known as Khan En.lil, or Anu/An), and his son Prince En.lil/Ninurta, in order to confuse humans and other interdimensional beings, when needed, to further their AIF agenda.

Zecharia Sitchin and many others, who wrote and lectured publicly about the ancient Sumerian gods (Sitchin died in 2010), claimed that YHVH/YeHoVaH was/is Prince En.lil. But before we hurry to establish that claim as factual, we need to be clear about one thing; En.lil,, and Ea, among other "names" used in the ancient text are actually not names. They are titles. Most scholars are in agreement on this.

That is why we have two En.lils, for example—stepfather and son have the same title, but one is the King of Orion and the other is the Crown Prince of Orion. Therefore, and Marduk think it's legitimate to toss these titles around as they please when they take on new roles in this 3-D realm; roles that correspond to these titles. It's also convenient for them to portray friends of humanity (the Queen, the King, and the Crown Prince En.lil) as enemies, and vice versa. However, if we take the time and effort to put all the pieces together, we realize that it's crucial for the AIF to trick us in this way.

The real name of these beings are not known to humanity, but the question is, do they actually have names? Do they need names in the Spiritual Universe? Could it be that beings recognize each other through spiritual energy signatures, just as every song has a distinct melody and mood?

Based on my years of research, it's easy to see that the entire Creation Story we read in the Enûma Eliš, and other creation stories from around the world, are fabricated to a certain degree. We need to keep in mind that these texts were often dictated by the gods and written down by their scribes. Therefore, what became the ancient texts that we know today were the stories the AIF gods wanted us to believe. They do not always reflect what really happened. But, as we discussed earlier, the gods (as well as the Global Elite today) love to hide the truth in plain sight. They just can't help themselves. However, more importantly, they need to always tell us the truth in one way or another in order to get our consent, as I've mentioned many times in my writings.

It’s important for people to understand that Adam and Eve were not two specific individuals. They are archetypes, and if we don’t realize this, the entire Lucifer/ and En.lil/YHVH story makes no sense, and neither does the Bible or any other sacred texts. It is no secret that is known as Satan/Lucifer in the Bible. He is the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Thus far, I believe most readers who have read Sitchin, or similar material – or the Bible, for that matter – are in agreement with me up to this point.

We also know that was/is the Master Geneticist among the AIF (he learned much of it from his mother, the Queen of Orion, before he rebelled). Therefore, doesn't it make more sense that Prince En.lil, in the case of the Garden of Eden, is the Protector of the Primordial Man, whom I call the Namlu'u in my papers? Doesn't it make sense that the Garden of Eden is the "Golden Age" in the Spiritual Universe before arrived? After took over, he manipulated the Namlu'u (the Spiritual Humankind) into entering human bodies that were 3-D in nature and infested with implants that would trap these souls—and he gave us death and amnesia so we don't know who we are and whence we came. We, the Namlu'u, fell for it. How else would it make sense?

Subsequently, and Marduk both played the role of God Almighty to their new, genetically modified species—Homo sapiens. Thus, we have this schizophrenic "God" (Jehovah) who sometimes is mild in nature, and then all of a sudden changes personality and becomes a jealous, brutal and blood-thirsty psychopath. It's just and Marduk taking turns playing GOD. is the "mild manipulator" while Marduk is the blood-thirsty "no-nonsense, right-to-the-point” God of wrath.

Why would En.lil want to become Jehovah and lead the genetically engineered humans, whom had created, and why would he want to control them? En.lil (and the Orion Empire) was the one who was defeated in’s invasion of Earth, and Homo sapiens were abominable manipulations of the original Experiment En.lil and the Queen of Orion embarked on so long ago.

Why would En.lil want to be God (YHVH) and protect the hijacked Experiment that he and mother created on Earth?

It doesn't make any sense when we really think about it. There is more to this, and I write about it in my papers.

However, this is a good summary.

We humans have one big weakness when it comes to learning things—we listen too much to authorities, and then we absorb this and make it part of our overall belief system without questioning it. Once absorbed, we begin to spread this information to others, believing that it's true because some authority figure said it or wrote it. We then firmly defend our beliefs (based on what authority figures tell us), even past the point where it no longer makes sense, because no one wants to be wrong. Most of us have been guilty of this to some degree at one point or another, and I'm no exception. However, these days, realizing how easy it is to unwittingly do this, I do my absolute best not to take anything as gospel just because someone says so. If it sounds interesting, I try to figure out on my own whether it could be of any real benefit for humanity or if it’s just more hot air.

The story of En.lil and is the key to our true history, and it's crucial that we figure out who is who and what is what. Don't take my word for it—read my papers and my new e-book for more information (it's all free of charge).

If what I'm reporting rings true to you, do further research on your own. However, if you research the ancient texts, please be sure to crosscheck what you learn.

More importantly, read between the lines and see if you can connect some of the dots. It’s easier said than done because the AIF are masters at mixing truths with lies."

To be continued: below . . . . . . . ________________________________________________________________________

RMN is an RA production.

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