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Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Stars Align…The Visitor…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 22-Dec-2016 13:33:48

Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Stars Align…The Visitor…

*SONG* “Voca Me” by Libera

If by chance you meet…and the stars
Align…The stars will show you the way.
Every year now you know
When the time comes…it’s there for you…
The window begins with the constellations
Orion, Orion’s belt will point the way…
To the Seven Sisters…of the Red Bull,

Taurus…The Ring around the moon…
The Red Moon…The Red Light in the Sky…
Pegasus…prime with the Leonids, when
The star showers, shooting stars…
The call will come…and the Window
Will remain open until the Winter Solstice…

There will be no coincidences…
The harmony, that feeling will be there…
For the right ones…the chance
Remains true every year…Because they’ve
Got the Golden Ticket…
And when by chance they meet,
As though for the first time…
It will feel old and new in the same…
The stars will light the way
And they will know where to go…
The coordinates…like lottery numbers…
Good luck…to each their own, to each
Their circle…
Songs hold the key, like Earth, Wind and Fire…
“September.” September through December.
The stars will light the way…

It’s done…the call sounded…and their voices
Were in the stars and called…
Resounding throughout the soul.
Now somewhere inside there is no choice
But to act, to make it happen, again and again
Until the bridge remains…and the dots
Connect, the dots that were mysteries and
Now show themselves in the stars.
Some will never understand, they will be
Distracted by whatever means they
Seek to find their own answers. It doesn’t
Matter anymore…They can say what
They will, they didn’t hear them…
So many voices, like ours out there
Reaching out to connect, lost and confused
As much as we are…Full of questions,
Questions about us, about them…
With answers and mysteries of their own.

The Universe is so big…untamed, settled
Here and there…An ocean of stars, of
Worlds and all we see is the surface.
I’m tired of waiting, hesitating…
I’m just responding to a request and
Sharing what they said. Believe it. Don’t
Believe it…I don’t care.

Now by the light, the box opens
To the bridge…The Circle of Light…
Where they wait…

“So many odds and ends,” Brishan says
As he sits calmly. To put the little clues
Together…takes time…”

“Years…” I said… “Years for me. Bits
And pieces scattered across a lifetime,
Gathered together in dream journals
And sketchbooks…and stories written
Down…few will probably ever understand.”

“That’s alright,” he says, “That’s alright…
Sometimes that’s better…Take your
Time…Some things sound like nonsense
In bits and pieces…in broken moments…
But when you write them down…
And look at them later in a big
Picture…like a puzzle…it makes far
More sense.”

“You’re giving me another clue right
There, aren’t you?”

Ceres sat smiling calmly…Flawless,
Charming and beautiful as ever. They both
Were far too calm. “I think,” she says,
“You know why…Of course there is more
To it…puzzle pieces…There’s even
More hidden in what we say than you

“If I gave it to you all so quickly,”
Brishan says, “You would be entirely

“It would be easier! Less confusing.”

“Are you sure about that?” He asks,
Seriously yet kind. “Think about it
For a moment. You know more than you
Write…You still fight it. That is why
The Little Old Asian Man told you to
Write it down…Who has given you
The best advice so far? The help you
Needed…exactly when you needed it…”

“He has been given more advice than you
Would believe.” Ceres laughed.

“But you keep going.” Brishan said. “Why?”

“I don’t know. I just do.”

“There’s your answer right there.” He smiled.


“The will is in that light,” Brishan went on,
“You could not stop it if you wanted to.
You tried to stop it…others have as well…
And what happens?”

“It only gets stronger no matter what
I do…write, draw, paint, draw some
More…write some more…It doesn’t
Matter. I take a break…and it

He eyed Ceres curiously. “You were right,
This is far more fascinating than I
Would have believed. You’ve watched this…
For so long already?” He asked her.

“Quite some time,” she answered. “Well,
His time…our time, to us has been more
Brief…But in that time it has grown
Stronger. The writing part I never
Expected…I am quite eager to see
Where it goes.”

Brishan arched his brow then turned to
Me. “May I ask you a question?”


“Of this I mean, I would like to
Ask Valiant a question.” He explained.


“Just go with it.” Ceres nodded.

“Humor me.” Brishan said. “Now, let
Me ask…Valiant, what has been on
Your mind recently?”

Without thinking… “That dream about
The lost city they took me to. The
Crevasse…the one that opened…out of
Nowhere it seemed…In the ice, in
The cold place…The military took
Me there in a dream years ago…
I don’t know why…I didn’t say
Much…But I remember…”

“What?” Brishan asked.

“It was a piece of city the Earth
Swallowed.” I told him. “How or why…
Not sure…But I know this had them
Seriously amazed…mystified…
Because it seemed like a city
Swallowed by time…Ancient? A
Disaster in time. Was it a city of
The past? Or was it in fact a city
From the future…”

“And?” He asked.

“You tell me.” I said. “Is it a city from
The future? How is that possible?”

“With a Quantum Singularity anything
Is possible.” He said. “There are no
Rules when you play with time. Do you
Think there are mathematical formulas?
Equations to rationalize time manipulation,
Variations? Because there are not.”

“Why can’t I stop thinking about it now?”
I asked. “Does it mean something?
It has to, doesn’t it?”

“What did you see in this place?” He
Asked. “Do you remember?”

“That it was not what anyone
Expected…I remember seeing houses, or
What looked like houses…but of no
Architecture I know. I remember going
Into one…the furniture, the dishes…
The city, or what there was of it
Seemed alive…There was no power still active…
And something else…it seemed to be
Activated by touch I think…”

“A genetic activator response.” Ceres said
To him. “One of the more complex
Power systems designed to respond
To specific lifeforms…A bio-security
Measure…In this case, humans.”

“So you know something about this?”
I asked. “What is it?”

“If it’s what I think, it’s nothing
Standard in our database.” Brishan

“How can that be?” I asked them. “You
Have been around like for millions of

“Because it’s new.” He said.

“New?” I asked. “How can a buried city
Be new?”

“The consequences of the Quantum
Singularity.” He said. “As I told you
There are no rules…if at some point
In the future they were experimenting
With time…time travel…It could
Have created various instabilities.”

“Perhaps that is why the counsel
Gave them this, their time technology.”
Ceres said, “In an attempt to
Correct or control whatever time
Displacement that occurred in that
City…It would explain the energy
Readings…and the Empire’s presence
And interest in Earth.”

“They would never surrender such
A prize.” Brishan told her. “Time
Technology is one of THE most coveted
Sciences…any and all experiments
Are highly sought after.”

“It would explain also why so many
Races of aliens have a presence in this
System.” Ceres said… “Because of the
Growing phenomena.”

“Any sensible advanced race would
Avoid exposure to that sort of
Influence.” He told her.

“But not the harvest of resources
They could gain from it.” She told him.

“It’s too unstable.” He said. “If it’s true,
And it was a city experimenting with
Time travel…then it was destroyed…
And there are no present races capable
Of containing or controlling it.”

“Except ours.” She said. “It is something
You should have them look into.” She
Paused carefully… “Time travel readings
Do not show on our scans…consider it.”

He nodded as he stared at me intently.
“Can you remember anything more?”

“I don’t know, it gives me a headache
To think about it for too long.” I told him.
“It’s like when I do…worlds collide
Inside my head…Memories of things
That never happened…things that
Should…I can’t even read or
Watch the news without getting
Angry…everything feels wrong. My
Whole life feels wrong…like
Someone has been manipulating
Everything to rule the world and it’s
All screwed up…”

“Well…” He laughed a little…

“But it’s different now.” I told him
Sharply. “It’s like that box inside
My head where the light is, is getting
Angry…like time is up…Certain
Things should not be happening…
And will NOT be allowed to…and
If whatever power that is messing
With things…doesn’t like it? Well
That’s too bad…Because things are
About to change in a big way.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“It has something to do with Christmas.”
I said without thinking… “Christmas
Time…One magic Christmas…when
All the evil can be undone…when
The rules will change…and finally
A proper balance can be achieved…
I think people sense it too…That’s
Why there’s always been such hype
Over Christmas…because of the
Possibilities…of what was, of what
Might have been…of what could
Happen…and what as to happen
At this time…And it’s a cycle
That repeats every year.”

“This holiday phenomena is important to
Your people?” Brishan asked.

“Don’t you have holidays?” I asked.

“We have celebrating festivals…” He answered
“Many worlds do. Some celebrate constantly.
But nothing quite like this…that
I have seen. There seems to be quite a
Lot of…expectations…and disappointment
With this thing, this celebration…of

“Exactly,” I said, trying to explain to them.
“That’s what I mean…It’s everywhere. It
Always has been, for as long as I can
Remember…even in history…They call
It the season of perpetual hope. It’s
The best time for good things to
Happen. If you were ever to do something,
To intervene…now is the time.”

“How so?” He asked, with Ceres listening

“Hopes are, Faith is high,” I told them,
“Yet in the same…even for people
Who won’t admit it…This time of
Year comes around, deep down everyone
Hopes or hurts…Some of the most
Fantastic things happen at Christmas.
And people remember it. It’s a
Magical time…They say anything
Is possible on Christmas Eve…
Tell that to your friends…If you
Want to make a good impression.”

“You will have to explain this to me
Some more.” Brishan said intensely.

“I think it starts when we are
Children…The hopes…the belief in
Magic…of something wonderful
Happening…They have this figure,
A sort of legend…of Santa Claus, a
Man that brings toys to all the
Good little children…it appeals to
That innocence we all have that
Many lose over their life…and a
Lot of it has to do with a loss in
Hope, in magic…That people think
God doesn’t hear their wishes…because
They don’t get the life they want.”

“But life isn’t about getting what
You want.” He said. “Prayers aren’t
About asking for gifts…it’s about
Growing…becoming more fulfilled…
A refined spirit.”

“I realize that,” I told him, “I realize
You have to work for things, grow…
But this…Christmas is different…
It’s about magic…about something
Good and right happening…with
Little effort…everyone needs that,
Everyone. Something to believe in.
Do you know how many people
Fall down a dark path over one
Lost dream? A lot! Give them hope,
Give them faith…give them something
To believe in…Then give them magic,
A gift…a miracle at Christmas
And they won’t forget it…That’s
Something our world powers take
Advantage of…and it crushes people.”

“I think I see.” He said.

“You have to realize the power of
This time of year, you must?” I said
To them… “It made me believe…Don’t
You remember?”

Their curious faces led me to continue…

“When I was little,” I explained, “About
5 years old…I had just started
School, it was hard for me because
My family didn’t celebrate Christmas
Then…And all of the other kids
In school did…They would talk about
This magical season…with decorations,
Cookies, candies…Christmas trees,
And toys…and Santa Claus…the magical
Man that brought gifts no matter
Who you were or what you had…like
Magic this man would come and give
Gifts for no reason at all…it was

“That Christmas, when I was 5…it
Was awful…There were celebrations
Everywhere…decorations…candy canes
And cookies…and at home, for me
It felt lifeless…empty…like the rest
Of the world was celebrating, hoping
And believing…and at home we
Weren’t allowed…It was a strict
Religious thing…my grandparents
Enforced…we had to live it…But
I never understood what was so
Wrong with Christmas…

“Imagine feeling left out of that hope
And magic…and having to wait for
It to pass just to feel…normal…

“Many adults get so sour at this time
Of year, because it’s about money and
Things they can’t afford…and everywhere
All around all they see is what they
Can’t have…instead of what to
Hope for, believe in…

“Some are selfish yes, and want everything
For free…and I mean everything…
My sister’s friends were like that…
The stories about what they got…
Ridiculous…One of her friends would
Literally get bags full of money,
Jewelry every year…it was sick…

“But some people are so kind and
Generous at Christmas…They send
Cards, they bake, they share,
They celebrate together…It can
Bring out the very best in people…
The best people always show their
True colors at Christmas…Those
Are the ones to watch for…to help…

“Forget the ones who just want to
Take and take, they just want, want,
Want and think they deserve everything…
Look for the ones that give, those are
Some of the best people…

“But like I was saying…when I
Was 5…that’s when it began for
Me…What made me believe in more…
In you…Because that’s when my
First visitor came…your sister…

“I will never forget that because it

“It was Christmas Eve…And I remember
Watching the cartoons, hearing the
Stories about Santa Claus…about
Believing in magic…

“Christmas Eve that year was cold…
There were lights everywhere
On other houses but ours…It felt
Like the whole world was believing
In miracles except at my house…

“That day was so long, and night so
Cold…I was little…I kept hoping
That there was maybe enough magic
And miracles in the world that it
Would find me because I wanted to
Believe too…I always wanted little
Animal toys, especially horses, but
It was more than that…I wanted
Magic to find me…and save me
From the dark place it felt I was
Trapped in that didn’t believe in

“And in some ways now I think it
Did…Because that night…I went
To bed hoping and waiting. It was
Cold and dark…but I could still
See the Christmas lights from the
Other houses on the street through
My window…I couldn’t sleep…I kept
Waiting…The kids in school told me
That if you wished enough, and hoped
Enough that Santa would find you…
So I kept wishing and hoping…

“On Christmas Eve night…I kept
Waiting…later and later the hours
Went by…every sound caught my
Ears…And then, it must have
Been after midnight…I swear I
Heard something on the roof…
The sounds of sleigh bells…
Like Santa’s sleigh with reindeer
The kids in school talked about!

“So I ran and woke my sister, to
Tell her Santa was on the roof. She
Said I was nuts, to go back to
Sleep, there was no Santa Claus.
But I swear I heard sleigh
Bells. To this day I would swear it!

“So when I went back to bed racing
To listen for the bells…I swear
This is the honest truth…I heard
The bells…something was on the
Roof of the house! I got scared
And hid under the covers of my
Bed. No idea what was going on!

“Then silence…eerie silence, but I
Was curious not scared…I pulled
The covers down…It was like I was
Dreaming…This hazy warm light…
And there was this…beautiful
Woman with long wavy pale blond
Hair sitting on the edge of my bed!

“I said, ‘You’re not Santa Claus!’

“She just smiled and said, ‘No,
I’m not. But I wanted to sit with
You, visit with you.”

“I was like, ‘Why?’

“She said, ‘Because I have something
To tell you…’ And she went on to
Explain that things would happen in
My life, not to be scared, that I would
See and do things one day that
I could not imagine…And that she
Would help me. So you see you have
To believe in Christmas. Because,
Like she said…that’s when things
Will start to happen…ready or not…”


PS—I am his sister and I type up the posts for him. I just wanted to add that I do remember him waking me in the middle of the night to tell me about Santa. I did call him crazy and that Santa didn’t exist, but that’s because our grandmother had completely dashed my dreams of Santa.

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