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Knock Knock…The Watchers…Constellations…Voices from the Stars…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 1-Dec-2016 13:26:36

*SONG* Under The Sky by Heart

It’s different now…
No matter who, no matter where or how
Everyone knows it…Of course each will
Explain it a thousand different ways,
To each their own, everyone needs different
Answers…If you can accept that then you
Can move peacefully on…

The pulse, the drive, to feel alive, to feel free…

The pen and the paper becomes the
Dialing device…waiting for them. Then there
Is the Circle of Light, from the Mind
And the Mind’s Eyes…The Bridge to Them…

Brishan sits waiting, with a firm, serious
Expression…like no man I’ve ever seen,
That’s a good comparison…Perfect. Strong and
Chiseled…I’m jealous of his hair; wow.
He laughs at that, but remains serious.
“It’s time to talk some more.”

“I know.” I say.

Ceres looks quiet, calm but confused…still
Amazingly beautiful. There is no doubt in my
Mind if anyone saw them this way they
Would lose the power to think. This is no
Game, that becomes more and more clear.
“It’s changing you again.” She says.

“Maybe. I think so.”

“Start slowly,” Brishan says. “Tell me
Exactly what happened, including your feelings
As best you can…those are very important.”

“But you know all that already.” I told
Him, them. “I don’t even have to speak or
Write it…you know.”

“You have to realize these things are rare to us.”
Ceres said softly. They were really
Communicating carefully; that was clear.
“And when and if we do find these
Things…it’s always so different. It must
Be recorded carefully each time.”

“What do you want me to say?”

Brishan thought fast, but held the manner
And posture of a powerful commander
Without blinking. “Just tell me, us, everything.
If you write it down this way like you
Were told the meaning will become clear
Without so much noise confusion in your
Thoughts getting in the way.”

“I was stressed out a lot,” I told them,
“for various reasons…no one particular thing,
But like…a series of things compounded

“Alright.” He said. “I see how that
Frustration works…”

“And then at night,” I said, “Especially
At night…when the sky was clear
And the stars and moon were clear
And bright…I could not stop
Thinking about constellations…star charts.”

“Oh?” Brishan asked.

“But the thing is I know nothing about
Those things…star charts, or constellations…
I mean.” I replied. “I couldn’t stop. I
Don’t know why.”

“Something triggered it.” He said calmly.

“I was furious one minute, then seeing
Stars. It’s funny to say that. But it’s
True.” I said.

“Just go with it.” Ceres kindly
Encouraged. “Just tell us what

“When I first started with the lines
And light paintings I was driven
To find the right combination and
Composition…There are no words to explain…
It simply had to be…And when I
Succeeded with one set, there were
Always words…from phrases or songs
That shouted out…like clues…

“Wait for the call…keep going, don’t
Stop…wait for the call…

“What does that mean?
So I’m sitting there fuming,
Boiling…my insides are screaming
Like I am going to explode.
The lines are moving, the light is moving
Inside my head. Nothing matters but
The mission. Ignore any distractions…
The fuel, the fire explodes…And all
I see are star charts, maps of
The stars, of the constellations. I
Have no idea why. And it keeps
Going faster and faster…moving,
Spinning lines and thoughts…Nothing
Can stop it, and any threat only
Makes it stronger…

“Wait for the call…
My mind and insides explode…
Then all at once…it was there
In the dream, I cried out…Enough,
Let me out…And then it happened…
The stars answered.

“The Brightest Star, then Orion…
Orion’s Belt…then on to Taurus.
The Pleiades…on to Pegasus…
So fast…there it was…The call.

“It started out as a dull sleep…like one
Of those nights where you fall asleep
Without thinking, without trying…
Like something else was taking over.
My mind was free yet working fast.
The anger from before turned into fuel…
Like a rocket going off…
The box must have opened I think…
The Stars, the Constellations…
Orion…Orion’s Belt…pointing the way.
To Taurus…the Pleiades…
Free Lightning shooting through Stars.
On to Pegasus. The Stars became…Alive.
They weren’t just bright lights in
The Dark Sky anymore…

“I can’t stop thinking about it everyday.
The Stars, the Constellations…
The Monuments of Earth, ancient
Monoliths…mysterious to modern man
Yet precise calculations built by Ancient
Hands guided by Higher Forces.
All things have meaning, have purpose…
Distract the Minds not meant to see,
And guide the Hearts led in their genes
For generations to Destroy.

“Coordinates, patterns…patterns in everything.
Circles…Bloodlines of families…
For thousands of years…by Blood Apart…
No doubts in the heart, some just know…
While others wish for it, and only complicate
Things unnecessarily. It’s in our genes,
A genetic memory…They possess the answer.
But why?

“The Circles…And the planet talks this
Way too…catching the echoes from
Dream time and even the songs of whales,
Through the sun, the moon, and even
Star light whispers…The planet
Talks through crop circles…riddled messages
For some to read…put the clues together
For the solution.

“Always waiting for the call.
The Crystal Skulls have waited for thousands
Of years…Proceed.

“Sacred Geometry, Mystic Lines woven
Together with perfect form to harness the
Pure power thought, memory and essence
Of crystals…The Planet’s nerve network,
And brain…to form a higher brain.
Find them…the Right Moment.
The Good Spirit…when the Right
Bloodlines connect the Sleeper awakens…
Then All Sleepers awaken, not just here
But across the Stars…everywhere.
Across the Stars, Across the Universe…

“Orion…Orion’s Belt…pointing the way
To Taurus, the Pleiades…Then on to
Pegasus…Lightning shooting through
The Stars…
It’s like Dialing a Telephone number
If you know the number,
At the Right Time…if, you know how…
Or even how to use the phone…the Planet…

The Spirit…Torn, Split, Confused, Raging…
And the Dial is Spinning, the Lines
Are Spinning…

“Then all of a sudden There I was standing
In the Stars…A dream? No it was more
Than that. Floating yet standing…
Turning around…The cosmic view was not
Frightening…It was simply a position,
A place and point in time…
And then there was a voice, “Hello?”

“So I turn to the sound…I see
Galaxies, by magnified view.
And suddenly the Silhouettes of
People start standing up in distant
Galaxies…And They start Talking!

“First, “Hello, are you there?”
“Here I am…over here…” It’s Mesmerizing.
Indescribable. There are others out there!
People in those Galaxies! And they have
Been waiting for this, lost, searching and
Waiting just like we have!”

“And what did they say?” Brishan
Asked, intensely intrigued. “Can you

“Yes, I remember.” I answered. “But
My mind is like…Locked. It’s hard
To explain. All I can see is those
Silhouettes of people standing in
Those Galaxies…It’s like then suddenly
I woke up and just knew, or heard…
Then the Silhouettes of people started
Calling out names…They Knew!
How could They know? But They did…

“Was this meant to be?
It sure felt like it was…
I know how it sounds, like that old
Saying…it’s written in the stars…
Maybe it really is…it really is.
I can’t stop thinking about it. That
Powerful connection…that sense of them
Waiting for it…of deep inside waiting
For it…I didn’t know then, but I did…
It’s like that long lost person you expect
To find in a distant land or country…
They’re not in California or Europe
Or someplace far away on Earth…
They’re far away on Another Planet!
Other Planets.
And they were calling out names to each
Other looking for one another…
“Hello are you there?” One would say…
“No, I’m over here…”
And the names!”

“Could you make out all the names?”
Brishan asked, very curious, as if he
Were taking notes.

“Some yes,” I told him, “But some were
Unlike any names I’ve heard before…
But they felt familiar…
They kept calling my name, but it wasn’t
The name I knew…it was the name
I knew inside…But other names
I recognized…They called my name
Excited…Then asked for Brianna, Christin,
James, Julie, Marta, Mary, Melanie,
Melania…and a whole list of names
In other languages I couldn’t spell or
Pronounce…They were intensely looking.
It felt amazing, like this huge bell
Was sounding in your soul.”

“Then what did they say?” Ceres asked.

“They asked…” I hesitated. “Where have
I been? Where I was…The more we
Talked the faster the talk became…
Like a lightning conversation…
Faster and faster…finishing each other’s
Thoughts and sentences…

“They said things would happen now,
That it was time now. Nothing could
Stop it…Then the voices overlapped
And everyone was speaking the same
Words at the same time…Thoughts in
Sync…as one…like sharing information…
They talked about the circles gathering
Here and there…Circles…Secret Circles…
And…something that didn’t make

“What was that?” Brishan asked.

“They talked about building a bridge,”
I told them, “A Bridge between galaxies
To bring the circles together. Then the
Conversation sped up like a download of
Information, really intense…things to know
Not to speak or share…just to know
Like for the right time…This was the
First connection…I think, to get
Started…It was so overwhelmingly
Strong, undeniable…They knew. But
When connected we knew more.”

“And then?” Brishan asked.

“I woke up,” I said, “Fast wide awake.
But the feeling was strong and clear.”

Brishan and Ceres just looked at each
Other curiously, eyebrows raised. They
Were clearly fascinated.

“What is it?”

“It’s just this has never happened before.”
Brishan said. “It’s been talked about…
Debated over for years…The chance,
The possibilities…but the factors to
Create it, to make it happen…let alone
The fuel to make such a connection
Without assistance…”

“So what does it mean?” I asked.

“Can you remember how many
There were?” He asked. “Or their
Locations…in some respect?”

“The constellations…Orion, Taurus, Pegasus.
That’s all I know…The strongest
Voices came from Taurus…The Pleiades
I think? And Pegasus…Many were
In Pegasus, in fact most were. There
Were some in Orion…but those seemed
The weakest and few…And most
Desperate and alone. Why?”

“If I am to make an approximated
Conclusion?” Brishan said carefully. “It
Would be that those in Orion are from
Fallen or occupied worlds…looking for
The most…help.”

“And the others?” I asked.

“There are a number of worlds there…
Like yours…in Pegasus.”

“This has something to do with that
Dream about the Great Hall, doesn’t it?”
I asked. “About what happened there?
The Paradigm of Nine Worlds? The people
That filled the hall from other Planets?”

“Yes.” He carefully offered.

“But I never spoke to any of those
Other people…They were in separate
Sections…we never spoke. I don’t
Remember dreaming about them.”

“That you are aware of.” He said again,
Very carefully. “Not every dream
You or anyone experiences is on direct
Or instant recall. Some are meant to
Be forgotten…until the right time. That
Is how the brain works…”

“If everything were remembered too fast
It would corrupt the mission.” Ceres said.

“And it would influence outsiders,” Brishan
Explained, “Or draw the wrong ones in.”

“What does that mean?”

“All were given key codes of information.”
Brishan went on. “Coordinates. Directives.
If they succeed, they move on…First
And foremost for each to fulfill their
Individual plan…Then connect with and
Assemble the others…and or any that
Might be compatible for the plan to

“What plan?”

“To build the bridge to bring them together.”
He said firmly.

“Now? Why not sooner?”

“Too soon and it falls apart.” Brishan
Answered. “You know this. And there
Have to be enough ready at the same
Time. Things take time you know.
Learning and experience take time.”

“To do what exactly? To build this
Bridge to bring us together? How am
I supposed to do that? I’m no
Technician or engineer.”

“There are other ways to build things
Then with machinery.” Brishan laughed.
“The mind alone is power, has power.
Consider this…surely you have some
Theory or suggestion in your society
Of Alchemy? Of converting energy
Or matter?”

“Like turning lead to gold?” I asked.


“But that’s chemistry,” I said, “like
Talk of magic and science…of
Turning lead to gold…that’s more
For fortune’s sake or wealth.”

“You’re thinking in limited terms.”
Brishan said. “Free your mind…
Lead to gold…is simple if you
Expand understanding…you draw
With a pencil…a scientist writes
Equations with a pencil…Well, if you
Take a simple pencil and draw
A masterful work of art…That’s
Worth a fortune…That is turning
Lead to gold. If a scientist writes
A brilliant equation that solves a
Mystery…or creates a priceless
Formula…That…is worth its weight
In gold…There you have your
Fortune…Then you have turned
Lead into gold. It’s far easier than
You think…yet impossible at the
Same time…unless it’s done by
The right person. Do you see now?
Not just anyone can do this…but
For the right one…”

“It becomes limitless.” Ceres said.

“Still,” I struggled to find the words…
“Why now? How? This is just not what
I thought.”

“I can’t explain what is in your head,”
Brishan said very calmly, his expression
Was calm, cool and rational. “If we
Understood everything about the light
And what was put there…Then we
Would not be here, would we? Some
Understand this…You don’t know why
You write…or how…The Little Old Asian
Man gave you the clue…write it down,
That is how it comes, that is how
You access it.”

“We assume it must work the same
Way with the artwork.” Ceres said, she
Too was very calm and comforting. “You
Don’t know why you draw or point
This way…You just do it. The
Information comes when it comes.”

“This is what we know.” Brishan said,
Leaning forward confidently. “We,
Have watched…The Watchers observe…
For ages…watch, wait, observe, listen,
Learn, do not interfere…so we can
Gain some understanding of how things
Work…In the hopes of grabbing
At chances…when they present
Themselves. The Dark Side throws
Countless distractions to confuse
People…to sway them from their
Path, from fulfilling their dreams…
Especially from pursuing the mysterious
Mission each is given in their own
Independent journey…This way they
Can keep their system going…

“But sometimes, though very rare…
Some break from their influence,
Break from the herd…and discover
Things. They could be very small things
Or very significant…In any case,
Life is always a difficult for them.”

“And then there are those,” Ceres said,
“Who are gifted with misinformation
To misguide people’s hopes…No doubt
Many sense that.”

“They play off weaknesses,” Brishan
Explained, “The desire to feel special…
To be granted gifts…A better life…
Every world has them…Those unhappy
With their life so they look to the stars
For help…Remember, it’s like I told
You…You will never find fulfillment
In the stars until you make peace where
You are, with your home…Honestly,
Consider the value here…who would
Or what would want to rescue
Anyone blindly that would abandon
Their home for the dreamy chance
To pursue a life in space? Someone
Who would take advantage of
Desperation, that’s who.”

“I get that.” I said. “But who are
These people, the ones who called
Out from other galaxies? They’re
Looking for something, someone
Specific…They know. It didn’t
Feel like they were giving up
On their homes…They were looking
For a connection.”

“It must have something to do
With bloodlines.” Ceres interrupted.
“The old ones. From the First home.”

“The ones that fled into space,” Brishan
Said, “After the conquering of that
Star system, the First one?” He asked
Her. “That was our home.”

“You’re that old?” I asked in shock.

“Refugees from that time, yes.” Ceres
Answered. “You have to remember
Where we found sanctuary…was in
A place outside of time, a world
Outside of time…Suspended in a
Quantum Singularity of Time…A Haven
If you will…”

“That is where the Watchers originate
From.” Brishan said.

“Okay,” I said. “But about the

“There were twelve powerful bloodlines,”
Ceres explained, “And one royal
Bloodline…from the first home…13
Families…This pattern repeats itself
Over and over throughout space…There
Are descendants of these bloodlines
On every human world…All related
Down through the ages in some way
Even if they are light years apart
On other worlds in other galaxies.”

“I don’t know how anyone will be
Expected to listen to that.” I told them.

“It will strike a chord deep inside. Do
Not try to convert anyone. This is not
About creating some kind of religion
Or cult. It’s merely about sharing
Information and educating. That is all.”

“So you are saying we are connected
To those people?” I asked.

“Some are.” Brishan nodded. “Yes.”

“But they were not in that assembly
At the Great Hall.” I told them. “There
Are only 5 left from there…I don’t
Recognize any other names from

“Now the Great Hall was an entirely
Different project.” Brishan explained.
“That was about bringing these worlds
Together…in the hopes of uniting
Them, the lost descendants of the
Human worlds…To stand together
One day…to help us solve the problem
Of dealing with the Empire…while
At the same time reuniting all the
Lost Worlds together…”

“The 5 left are supposed to do
That?” I asked.

“In part, yes.” Brishan said. “I can
Not reveal the full plan of that
Mission…it is still unfolding and
Would affect anything and everything
You do…Right now we have to address
This…you making contact with
Those galaxies.”

“And the other names they called out
On Earth?” I asked.

“There are many circles,” Brishan
Explained… “Many experiments…
Subjects from different projects…We
Just chose selections from one particular

“This is a headache.” I told him. “What
Am I supposed to do with this? Build
A bridge?” I laughed.

“For now, you wait.” Brishan explained.
“You made the initial contact…at
The right time…The alignment during
The Leonids…it happens each year.
Trust me, it will happen again. They
Know you are out there now…And
Are no doubt eager to contact you
Again, as you are eager to connect
With them. It will happen again.
Give it time…Too much too fast isn’t
Good. Rest.”

“Trust that it will continue.” Ceres said.

“And for now?” I asked.

“For now,” Brishan said, “we continue
With what we are doing…And
Varence still has work to do…with
His companion…Rana is with him.”
He smiled. “Just rest for now…We
Will continue this more…later…”


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