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The Thunders…The Watchers Files…Warnings…Abductions…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 25-Aug-2016 13:00:28

*SONG* “Show Me Heaven” by Maria McKee

The Circle of Light…
A call sounded, the feeling of urgency being
Pulled in…into the chair, to listen, watch, write.

“You are being summoned, told to listen now,”
A strange New voice seemed to command, a male
Voice that I did not recognize…stern and cold, blunt.
Then I saw him, he was tall, chiseled, strongly built
With wavy blond hair just above his shoulders and a

Fierceness about him. He stood front and center
Before the chair in his pale blue uniform…at the
Center of the circle of light before the assembly…
Before Brishan, the great Lion Man BR’Riel and the
Aquatic humanoid; who seemed absolutely innocent looking
By comparison. “You will listen, and you will write
Down these words with no hesitation by command.”
He said, his eyes firmly on me. “I am Malik,
7th son of the Royal House...I will be standing
Forth to represent the voices of Watchers of other
Worlds…There will be no jest to my words, I am
Not here for friendly words.”

Ceres was beside me, she met his eyes squarely
And fearlessly. “Measure your pace more passively,
Malik, he is not your toy.” A calmer manner
Settled on the arena as Ceres seemed to tone it
Down by confronting him. “This is Malik, our brother,
Bill,” she explained to me, her eyes never leaving
His. “He is Vala’s brother, they share the same
Mother…and as you can see…he has a way
About him.”

“Oh Forgive me, sister, if my ways are not as
Sweet and tender as yours,” Malik said, “But
I do have a voice here. Too much time has
Been wasted, too much at stake. As for the
Matters at hand they must be addressed more
Seriously with concern to time. As this does
Involve many worlds.”

“Where is Varence?” I dared to whisper to her.

“He and Kierista,” Ceres told me carefully,
“Had urgent matters to address…in time.” Her
Eyes seemed to convey her meaning secretly…
Varence and Kierista were going back in time
To visit me earlier in my life…

“He does not need to know that now.” Malik

Ceres was clearly not happy with him. “Do
NOT correct me, brother.”

“The matters at hand, Malik.” Brishan said
With a loud more imposing voice. “Do NOT
Issue orders at him, is that clear? Time is
Sensitive. Remain on course. Speak plainly.”

“Several matters have been addressed so far.”
Malik said firmly as he walked up to me
More closely, but Ceres’s fiery stare held him
To a safe distance. “This will be more direct.”

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked,
Whispered to Ceres.

“No, of course not.” She said. “It’s just his way
Of behaving.”

“Do not ask questions unless you are directed.”
Malik said. “It wastes time.”

“Control your voice, Malik.” Ceres told him
Angrily. “Or this will change fast. I am sure
Rana would not mind assuming your place.”

Immediately Rana appeared, walking strongly
Into the light up to her brother. “Oh Malik
Always did so indulge in his speeches.” She was
As formidable as I remembered, her eyes were sharp
And piercing; her eyelashes could have been blades.
But she looked as beautiful as she did fierce
As she confronted Malik without hesitation. “Is
There a further tone you would wish to take
Or would you rather ask questions from
The flat space of the floor?”

“Things need to be said NOW.” Malik
Said without retreat. “Or are you to wager
More time for Earth’s consideration?”

“Are you asking or TELLING…ME?” Rana
Nearly growled at him through her teeth.

He pointed at me. “Ah I see, this is your pet
Now too? Soft words for the sensitive pet.
As if he is not familiar enough with what
Must be done.”

“Has nothing changed between you?” Brishan
Yelled. “This is not a sibling debate of reasons.
Control yourselves.”

Rana was wide-eyed, she looked as though
She wanted to claw Malik’s eyes out. “You
Speak to me like that again and we will
Require a new representative for the other
Watchers! Pet? Pet?”

“You will not embarrass our house like this.”
Brishan commanded. “Sit down NOW. Both of you.”

Rana, Malik and Brishan squared off
Briefly with glaring eyes. “Do it.” Brishan
Ordered. “SIT DOWN. GO.” He waited, as
They conceded to his commands. Then the
Circle was empty…leaving Brishan to
Carry on. “I apologize.” He said more
Kindly to me. “This was not our intent.
As you can see…we do share similar
Weaknesses with attitudes, Bill. But perhaps
That is a fair demonstration for you and
Your people as well. You were summoned
Rather fast. Are you alright? May we continue?”

“I’m fine, yes.” I wanted to laugh a little, I
Think I did. “Please continue.”

Brishan smiled widely, sensing that I was
Amused by what happened. “Still, for us, that
Was embarrassing. But hopefully others will
Laugh also. Thank you for understanding.” He
Kept smiling. “Now if I may, I will continue
With the address.”

Ceres smiled. I smiled. Suddenly the entire mood
Changed, and for the first time Brishan
Didn’t appear as imposing as before, and
Instead more…human I would say.

“Oh make no mistake, I am imposing.”
He laughed to my writing. “I am the tallest
One in the family left, that gives me fair
Threatening advantage.” He grinned. He was
Actually being friendly!

There was a subtle laughter from the
Assembly I could not see past the light.

“I’m sorry but you never laughed before.” I said.

“You never gave me the chance.” He smiled.
“I laugh often. I find your climate report
Transmissions very funny.”

“Climate reports?” I asked.

“The weather.” Ceres corrected.

“You mean the Weather Channel?” I laughed.

“Yes.” Brishan said. “Isn’t that one of
Your entertainment programs?”

“No, it is supposed to be the news.” I told him.
“Weather Forecasts.”

“Really?” He smiled with surprise. “On purpose
Or by accident?”

I laughed, not sure what to say. “You laugh at it?”

“You must remember our point of view of time.”
Ceres explained.

“From where we sit,” Brishan said smiling. “We
See the patterns flow…We see it happening…
Yet they say it like it’s some surprise, your
Weather. It is no surprise. You see we do not
Engage in such things. We feel the weather,
The rhythm of nature…Such things are
Monitored when a planet is in a state of
Duress…then the weather is volatile. When a
World is in harmony with nature…It is not so…

“Wow. Ok.” I said.

“So now, if we may.” Brishan said very politely,
And kindly. “For the assembly, as well as the
Eyes and ears there…” He pointed to the notebook.
“There are a few things we should like to discuss
With this message before moving on to heavier

“Sure.” I said.

“We are primarily interested in your groups’
Encounters and interactions at this point.” He nodded.
“So we would like to discuss warnings and
Abductions…Psychic and precognitive powers were
Intensely studied in abductees…” He said carefully.
“Abductions, abductees…That is the correct
Terms for those taken without consent, yes?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Alright then.” Brishan said. “I would like to
Inquire with you on your last meeting with your
Group…It was monitored when there was only 12 left.
Varence had this recorded as the meeting
At the Firehouse. Could you explain?”

“The Firehouse?” I said…thinking back…
“Yes I remember.”

“Please,” Brishan directed, his mind engaging
The memory for it to flow for them all to hear.
“Please explain…”

“The Firehouse,” I said, “It was the night of
July 23rd, 2011…according to my dream journal.
These dreams were still very foggy but I do
Remember the vital details. I did write this one down
Because it felt important…

“That night I went to sleep, nothing unusual…I
Hadn’t dreamt about the group in months, but I
Remember by that time, the numbers had shrunk
A lot…from the great crowd, to the previous smaller
Crowd…But this time there was only about 12.

“The meetings were always in the dark, a big
Dark room it felt like, and a circle of light. But
This time was different…It looked like
An empty or abandoned Firehouse, at night.
At the end of the garage-like room there
Was a raised platform, with those foldable
Steel chairs set up on it…There were 2 rows
Of these chairs…6 or 7 in the front, and 6
Or 7 in the back…
Everything felt pre-arranged somehow, like this
Was for a specific purpose. I have no idea how
Or why…but this is what happened.

“We sat in the steel chairs, I was in the back row
Too afraid to talk as usual. There was Kathy, on
My left…me, then the big black guy that looked
Like a football player, Joe…to my right, then Julie,
Jacob…then last Jason…We were the back row,
And youngest left. In the front row, I didn’t know
The names of the men and women but I remembered
Their faces…Most of them had gray hair. One woman
Stood front, facing us…assuming the role as
Leader, as usual. She was the very religious woman
I had seen before that always talked loudly,
Forcefully…She had a very proper, disciplined
Way about her, she was in a very old fashioned
Night gown, had shoulder length flat straight
Modestly cut blond hair.

She stood facing everyone there that was left,
Who had shown up…And spoke like a preacher.
“We are the chosen ones. We must remember
That as we come together each time, that we are
Doing God’s work…” She said standing tall,
Clasping her hands together like a prayer. “We
Are the only ones left. We must accept that…”

“Why are we here?’ Joe asked, talking loudly,
He barely seemed to fit in the chair with his
Massive frame, in his red T-shirt and boxers.
“And why am I always dreaming of this
Crazy white mother giving speeches. It feels like
Some Jehovah’s Witness is at the door!”

“Quiet,” I whispered to him, “She’ll hear you.”

“Why are you always so afraid to talk?” Joe asked
Calmly, but loudly; he was never afraid to
Be heard. “Who cares what she says…And
What is this place, it looks like a Firehouse. But
Where are the trucks?”

“Can you please be quiet just once so we
Can get this over with and get back to sleep.”
Julie, the beautiful Hollywood-looking blond
Replied fast; she also was never afraid to speak.

Kathy whispered to me, “This is the
Strangest dream yet. A Firehouse? These
Chairs, what’s it for?”

The bible lady cleared her throat, and like
Some angry teacher said, “Could everyone
Please pay attention? We are obviously
Here for some higher purpose. Now we must
Maintain good behavior.”

“Who does she think she is?” Joe bellowed.

“Please, sir…” the older preacher lady said,
Her eyes lock on us in the back row. “Can
We all agree to get along?”

“Get along?” Joe laughed loud. “Is she nuts?”

Just then there was a commotion, and
People began filling the Firehouse. They
Seemed angry, impatient.
“Ah, and we begin.” She said to the people.

This felt so, strange…The crowd, the
People filling the room, the light.
This had never happened before!
It was a mixed crowd, mostly blacks,
Some Latino, with a few other minority types
As well. This was no accident.
The crowd was led by an elderly black man
In his late 60’s…He looked like he had
Been very badly beaten. His
Face looked like it had been badly burned, with
His left eye very red and swollen as
Well from whatever burned him…He led
The people up to the platform urgently.
“You people have to listen to us.” He said,
Even his voice sounded in pain.

Everyone gasped…The twelve of us, especially my
Back row were in horrified shock. Joe was especially mad.
The blond preacher lady held her noble
Self-righteous pose and took the lead
To speak; of course. “How can we help you?”
She asked remaining calm.

I don’t know what this was, but it felt
Awful! The sight was gruesome…That elderly
Black man had been beaten and abused
Beyond reason…He
Spoke fast, with many surrounding him,
Helping him stand to talk…While the
Preacher lady tried to remain calm and

“There are things coming.” The old man said,
“Bad things, very bad things. Worse things
Than you know. These things have been
Building for years and you people have to do
Something about them! There will be racial crimes,
More than before…riots, protests, civil unrest…
Revolutions, all over the world. No one can
Shut that up or hide it.”

“Sir,” the preacher woman tried to say…
“I don’t know if we can or do have
The power to do anything.”

“You do. You have to! You must!” He struggled
To say as the crowd around him supported him,
Spitting protests.

I could not understand for the life of me
What was going on. “What is this?” I whispered
To Kathy, Joe, those around me. “I don’t
Understand what is happening. This is like no
Dream before. Why are they asking us? Why are
We on this…stage-thing? Why are we in a

“The Firehouse must have some meaning.” Kathy
Whispered. “And look at him, he looks burned…
Maybe something happened here or will?”

“I don’t like this crap.” Joe groaned. “What
The hell is going on? And why is that bible
Bitch always speaking like that? She doesn’t
Speak for me.”

The elderly maimed black man kept
Arguing with the blond woman in front…
He kept urging her, for everyone on the
Platform to listen, begging for someone to do
Something. “Look at me,” he said, “Do you
Think I want this life, do you think I
Asked for this? What about my wife, my
Children? And all these people…The world
Is falling apart!”

“Sir,” the bible lady said too calmly as
Everyone on the platform struggled with confusion.
“I realize you are upset, but you have to
Understand we are struggling to figure what it
Is we are supposed to do here.”

“Well, struggle faster!” He shouted through
A gagging cough. “People are dying, will die.
We were told you were the ones to ask!”

“You were?” The woman asked, stunned.
“You were told this?”

“What is he talking about?” I whispered,
Afraid to speak. “Why would someone
Tell him that? How would they know
About this? What is this?”

“It feels awful whatever it is.” Kathy whispered.
“Desperate. I don’t understand why he
Would ask us…it’s like someone knows
Something that we don’t? Was this planned?”

“How could it be if it hasn’t happened yet?”
I whispered. “The Firehouse, is it important?”

“Maybe it has to do with some disaster that
Will happen?” Kathy whispered. “Look at him,
He’s so badly burned. Many of them are. Or
Beaten up?”

“He said race riots, revolution.” I whispered.
“That’s major stuff, no small thing.”

Joe grew increasingly angry. “Whatever this
Is, it sucks. We have no choice in being here.
And worse no say…not with that bible bitch
Talking for us all the time. Who put her
In charge?”

“Maybe you should tell her about the angel,”
Kathy whispered to me. “It must mean
Something, it has to.”

“No way!” I whispered hard. “With how she is?
Her attitude? They’ll call me some freak,
Think I’m like Moses or something. I don’t
Want to be some…voice like that. People get weird
About religion, the whole savior thing. That scares
Me to death, the fever…”

The preacher lady kept arguing with the
Elderly man…He and the crowd were demanding
Action, and she only begged for patience…things
Grew more heated.

“This is freaking me out!” I whispered. “What
Is building?”

“Whatever it is, I know one thing.” Joe said
Angrily. “I am fed up with hearing that
Bible lady talk for me. Every time we
Get sucked into this dream she’s talking
And I’m sick of it. She never asks anyone
Anything, she only lectures…”

“Why, because she’s a woman?” Julie spat
From the other side of Joe. “I hate being
Here too. I just can’t wait for this dream to
Be over. This is like a nightmare.”

“So say something, Barbie.” Joe groaned at her.
“You’re a girl, you’re fed up…You chew her out.
I open my mouth and I’m always the big
Bad black guy.”

“No one said that about you.” I told him;
I liked him…But he was right we never got
To talk unless we were standing to the side alone.

“Well bible lady over there seems to think she’s
The boss.” Joe pointed at her angrily. “Quoting
Scriptures all the time…Revelations all the time.
What is this, a dream or is it church?”

“Religious nuts are always like that.” Julie
Moaned, shaking her head, wishing for it to
Be over. “Everything is some symbolic
Meaning from the bible. All they do is quote
The bible, they can’t even think for themselves
Without it.”

“The bible is like 10,000 years old,” Joe groaned,
“I don’t see what it has to do with now…
The end of days…The year 2000 came and
Nothing happened…So why this?”

“The bible is not that old, you ape.” Julie
Told him. “Don’t you know anything?”

I turned to Kathy nervous, and whispered to her,
“But something did happen to me…New Year’s Eve
1999…The Angel.” It freaked me out. “That
Can’t be this, can it? It can’t have anything
To do with this, it can’t!”

“But maybe we are supposed to discuss it
Though?” Kathy whispered.

“I don’t want that responsibility. No way.”
I whispered, nervous.

Joe tapped me on the arm to relax. He seemed
To sympathize…We always did agree none of us
Wanted any big deal made of this… “All I know
Is I am getting sick of listening to that bitch
Talk for me.”

“Don’t say anything.” Julie protested with a
Hard whisper. “Just let her talk so this can
End and we can wake up. This is awful.
What are we supposed to do about this, it makes
No sense at all. How could we?”

As the bible lady continually tried to calm
Down the group of arguing men and women,
Especially the painfully disfigured elderly black
Man…Joe finally lost it…

“Hey you, Little House,” he shouted at her, “Why
Don’t you shut the hell up and let someone
Else talk. I’m sick of hearing you talk!”

The woman sharply turned to him. “Excuse
Me? But I believe we discussed this—“

“Excuse you, Miss Prairie Town? What were
You born with a bible in your Mama’s lap
Or somethin’?” Joe shouted, pointing his finger.
“The man is talkin’ there and you’re not
Listening. You never listen. You only talk and
Talk and spit words at us, lecturing at us
Like you’re the sister of Jesus. Why don’t you
Shut up and let someone else speak?”

I bit my lip to fight to laugh.
Julie grabbed her jaw and winced. “I cannot
Believe you said that. Why couldn’t you just let
Her talk?”

The woman turned all her frustration on Joe,
“Oh I suppose you would like to lead the
Group in a sermon of your wisdom, young

“Young man?!” Joe shouted in rage. “Listen I
Ain’t no little boy Miss Heartland Mama, I may
Not recite the bible like some looped recording
Or something. But I swear I can tell you
One thing is Faith is one thing you ain’t got.”

“And how would you know this?” The woman
Asked him defensively. “Would you care
To enlighten us here?”

“Don’t talk to me like some kid!” Joe grew angrier.

“Why did you have to antagonize her?” Julie asked,
Holding her cheek as if in pain. “You couldn’t
Just let her talk?”

“I am doing the best that I can.”
The woman shouted. “I suppose you could
Do better?”

“The man is in pain,” Joe insisted, “He is
Not asking for some recital from the bible!”

“Clueless.” Julie whispered under her breath. “God,
I cannot wait for this to be over!”

“Maybe if you and your little friends
There paid attention more, and spoke less,
You would understand my point instead of
Making juvenile wise cracks over something
You do not understand.”

“Whoa, Little House of Horrors,” Joe
Was ready to leap out of his chair he was
So mad now. “Listen, I’m
No little lost boy for you to talk down to,
I am in my thirties!”

“And where has it got you?” The woman
Snapped. “You and your little friends don’t
Have the answers! You can barely
Dress yourselves properly…” She said referring
To Julie’s nightie.

“What?!” Julie immediately shouted. “You
Had better not be referring to me, you
Mother F—“

“Go mean Barbie, go get her!” Joe cheered
Her on sarcastically.

Julie jumped to her feet to face the woman.
“What did you say to me, what was that?”

“Oh dear,” the woman returned with a bitter
Tone, “Don’t upset yourself, I realize it’s hard
To think and dress yourself properly, especially
When we are confronting more serious issues here.”

Everyone’s eyes were popping, although the black
Man asking the questions before still struggled
He somehow seemed amused along with the

Julie, I had never remembered her so furious,
Stood violently strong to face the woman. “I
Am so sick of people judging me…You stupid
Preaching cow! Just because you tie yourself
With some self righteous mythical golden
Chain to a religion like a hypocrite…Making
Excuses to judge others through your religious
Beliefs to hide your insecurities…Miss let
Me fill my face with donuts for breakfast,
And coffee, cake and ice cream every day…
Fattening yourself up because you can’t
Control your mouth or appetite, hiding
All your problems in food then judging
Others before you judge yourself…you can’t
Control or judge yourself…because you’re

“How dare you!” The woman shouted as it
Seemed to turn into a cat fight. “Why don’t
You dress and behave more like an adult
Before you open your mouth!”

“Oh you’ve had more than enough time to speak!”
Julie yelled with an unstoppable rage. “That’s
All you’ve ever done is judge and talk and
Lecture. You have no answers of your own. You’re
No leader. All you do is repeat quotes from the
Bible. And you call that spiritual? You’ve
Learned nothing from that book but how
To condemn others!”

The woman’s jaw fell open in silent shock…

But Julie was so fast to attack she left her
No opportunity to give some petty defense. “You??
You miserable lecturing overzealous cow!
You’re judging me on how I look? You don’t
Know me. You know nothing about my life,
NOTHING. And I owe you or no one no
Explanation for how I dress when I go to bed.
I take care of myself because I learned
Long ago that all people do is judge others
By how they look…and tear them apart about the
Same, if they dare to shatter any ego they
Create in a mirror. Oh she must be stupid,
That blond, she must be a slut, look at how
She dresses. What a stuck up idiot. You’re
The idiot! All people do is use others, try
To manipulate them to get their way, that’s
What I’ve learned. Some smooth talking fat
Pig always thinks he will connive his way
Into my life thinking I’m so dumb…I know
The game, I’ve heard all the lines you cow.”
She pointed to the crowd, to the elderly
Black man who had been trying to talk.
“You have no answers for him? Why, because
You can’t find a quote in the bible to guide
Him with? Stop using the bible as some
Tool or weapon. Think for yourself. Anyone who
Constantly quotes others nonstop cannot
Think in their own words! Tell him
Something yourself from what you see, you
Can’t, can you? Can you?”

The woman couldn’t speak.

“Well, let me tell you something Miss Prim
And Proper Fake Virtues…These racial issues
Constantly on the news. Why is it always about
Men? Oh sure they put some pretty girl
Newscaster to report the stories…horror stories
About violence…About MEN fighting…MEN
Beating up other men…hate crimes, racial
Violence…I am so sick of always seeing
The MEN’S issues all over the news! White
Police beating up black men…Black men
Rioting or spewing complaints about it…The
Women talk and no one listens…They are the ones
Shouting out the heart stories…The women
Aren’t the ones making the headlines with
Violence, are they? Oh sure there are some,
But by far it’s a man’s violent playground
Out there!”

Joe had to swallow at her words, everyone
Was stunned at her point.

Then Julie went on angrily, “These hate
Crimes are disgusting! They’re also nonsense!
All the media does is hype them up…
And it’s always the men doing it, losing it…
Making speeches and excuses…While the
Mothers, sisters and wives are crying picking
Up the pieces! And these gay hate crimes…
I don’t see any lesbians on the news?
No, why? Because it’s so easy to get these
Men all worked up until they fight, preach,
Scream or cry…Gay hate crimes? They’re
Really men hate crimes, aren’t they?
Because they’re so easily worked up! Such
A perfect distraction! Then everyone
Is crying and carrying on…protest, memorials,
Fund raisers…Because all the little boys
Can’t get along.

“And let me tell you something else, you bible
Witch. I have many friends of all creeds and
Colors, all religions…It’s always the men making
The lectures like they know everything…
Looking for some sweet pretty girl to charm,
Some benign, naïve, seemingly innocent
Youth to win over. Women aren’t stupid. But
They sure do let the men talk too much. I
Only follow along because I say let them
Make fools of themselves, they can’t shut up
Or stop talking about how brilliant they are.
But they don’t win me over. Only the weak
Women let men take care of them, use them
Because they’re too lazy to get off their ass
And take care of themselves…They hide behind
A man sp they can preach behind him…
No one takes care of me. And I don’t allow
Men in my life to use me.

“You want to give this poor man some advice?
Tell him to stop giving in to this ridiculous
Frat-boy bullying…These problems are nothing
New at all! They’ve always been there. The
Little boys are always fighting and I am so
Sick of it. He is a victim of society, of the
Media’s hype and manipulation and obsession
With violence and prejudice. They don’t want it
To go away, so they keep fixating on it. And
It’s never going to stop until we stop allowing
The abusers to control everything. Stop the
Bullies from having power. Take the power
Away from those men obsessed with it
And let the right ones have it…”

There was a sense of final silence as
Everyone took in Julie’s words. She had a
Good point, several actually.

“And who would the right people be?” The
Woman dared to ask her.

Julie stood strong, unbreakable. She smiled
Sarcastically. “The ones too afraid to take
It, because they’re the only ones thoughtful
Enough to respect it…both men and women.
Not the ego driven maniacs obsessed with
Standing in front of the room…The
Ones standing quietly in the back have
Been trapped there for too long. It’s time
For the big mouths to shut up!”

Apart…back again to the Circle of Light…

“Was there any resolve to that confrontation?”
Brishan asked.

“If it was more than a dream, I don’t know.”
I answered. “But I can tell you I learned
A lot from Julie…She was, is, pretty and
Smart…And when she speaks there is a sense
Of thunder about her.”

“Was she right about the violence, and the
Men leading it?” He asked.

“I would have to say yes.” I answered. “There
Are many issues the news depicts that gets
The public upset…men and women both have
Issues…but men lead with the violence…”

Malik stepped into the circle once again.
“That’s a very interesting story but we are
Delaying important talks.” He said as I
Noticed he was holding a thin bundle of papers.

“And those would be?” Brishan asked.

Malik held his notes up. “The matters of
The Watchers Observations…involving abductions
And experiments.”

“I do believe these are all related.” Brishan said.

Rana then stepped forward to Malik’s side…
This was seeming more like a heated debate
All around! “Have you not paid attention to
Anything he just said? This is all relevant
To the experiments and abductions.”

Malik made some face…some grim, confused
Expression. “And how is that?”

Rana pointed to the notebook. “The Firehouse…
The meeting they were summoned to…
The warnings…race riots…revolution…
Civil unrest…It was a premonition. They,
The overseers on their planet use their
Premonitions to manipulate the population.”

“But this hostility continues…” Malik
Insisted. “They aren’t using their premonitions
To fix anything.”

“Exactly.” Rana said. “Can’t you see it? They
Are using their premonitions to make things
Worse! It’s a game to them, not a solution.
They see how the public reacts and utilize it
To make it continue, utilizing weaknesses
And vulnerabilities to incite further violence.”

“But I am talking about physical cases.”
Malik said, waving the papers. “Generational
Abductions…experiments on a physical level.”

“And his Firehouse story is the result of that.”
Rana explained. “On his world that is.”

“The matter of abductions varies greatly.”
Brishan added.

“But that is regarding all worlds.” Rana
Insisted. “Are you judging all worlds or this ONE?”

“What are you suggesting?” Brishan asked.

“I want to address the physical threat of
These abductions…on the whole.” Malik

“That is not the issue here.” Brishan said.

Rana grabbed the papers from Malik and
Reviewed them. He allowed this, curious
To her intentions…as everyone was. She
Studied them quickly and decisively.
“Alright…” she said… “Yes, there is
Much to cover here.”

“I said this!” Malik insisted.

“The point is what to express here
Right now.” Brishan told her.

“The Firehouse story was important,” Rana
Said, “Due to current conditions of their
Society. Prejudices are massively destructive…
And a tool of manipulation in their culture.
But there are also other aspects of
The Abductions…

“For generations on this planet bloodlines
Have been cultivated…Many of them, for
Varying purposes…
The group the Watchers selected on
Earth were taken from many groups…
Samples, if you will of all forms.”

“And the research was for?” Brishan asked.

Rana looked the papers over briefly again.
“Like we have learned…the metahuman
Project…to push the human form to its
Limits…of what it is capable of becoming
On this Earth…some sort of super-human…

“Some groups were studied for precognitive abilities…
Others, telekinetic abilities…physical regenerative
Powers…While others were more sinister…
Involving breeding, hybridizing and testing the
Limits of endurance and pain…
How much suffering could they take before they die?

“How far could they take the brain’s
Lucid and delusional tendencies to its limits…
In other words, brainwashing and control…
How to control the brain, thought patterns,
Interests, obsessions, behavior…fantasies…

“Control aspects…subterfuge…reward and
Indulgent mechanisms…such as with the
Senses, sex, food, material pleasures…

“Every group was measured differently. Some
Were tested on many levels…in various,
Often diabolical ways. Fear seems to be the
Key factor of control, but then, all the bullies
Know this. The overseers of the abductions
Would know it well. Thus, making most
Subjects afraid to discuss their experiences.
They would be humiliated and embarrassed.

“At least 10 percent of the population
On this planet has been studied this way.
The Watchers selected 144 from key

Brishan studied Rana’s face. “You
Seemed concerned?”

Rana hesitated as she looked at Malik
Quietly before answering. “The 144
Selected were from…some of the most
Intense experiments…I do not believe
They fully understood what level they were
Subjected to.”

“Meaning?” Brishan asked.

“They had the greatest risk,” Rana
Answered, “And the greatest potential.
That’s why they were selected.”

“And eliminated once they discovered
The Watchers were monitoring these
Abductions.” Malik added.

“Please clarify.” Brishan said.

Rana spoke carefully avoiding my eyes.
“This was, and is…the culmination of
Years of their program…Meaning
Whatever the plans for the project
Of Earth has been…This generation
On the planet now…contains the
Vital components of release…The
Final formula…The end result…

“Scattered amid these groups
On the planet…awaiting activation
Are the end result of the Metahuman
Project…Both its doomsday…and ours…

“That’s why the Five we have are
So critical…Both to save and stop
The others.”

Ceres tapped my arm, “You need to
Rest now.”


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