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To: How to be “legal” in everything you do...even that is “illegal”....IF!

Posted By: sonofthewind
Date: Thursday, 18-Aug-2016 20:32:37

Yes, there is an “if” in the process. IF the status quo really has any honor!

I tell you readers my first hand example, which was also publicly posted in a local newspaper a few years ago.

This is the actual newspaper article but the followups (conversation with the cop and replies were deleted).
Wonder why...hmm.

“I went to the courthouse in late March because I wanted to talk with the judge but, as I found out, the judge doesn’t talk to anybody.
My next choice was to talk to the Crown attorney but, as I found out, the Crown attorney doesn’t talk to anybody, either. However, the Crown attorney’s secretary came out and asked me what I wanted.
So I told her that in April I’ll be committing a crime. My vehicle’s insurance will expire and I don’t have the money to pay for it, and because driving is a necessity in this part of the world, I’ll be breaking the law.
By the look of shock on her face, I knew that nothing like this had ever happened in the courthouse before.
She made some phone calls and came back with the answer that there is nothing that can be done, legally, because the crime hadn’t happened.

My next stop was the OPP office. I stated the same situation to the OPP officer and again the answer was the same — “no crime, no time” so to speak.

Needless to say that the OPP officer also was surprised at my action and I was “evaluated” in the background during the conversation. I am sure that nothing like this ever happened there, either.

Somebody giving himself up for a crime that hadn’t happened yet — and giving notice of it? Unheard of! Something must be “wrong” with this guy.

These reactions of the authority figures showed me the sad state of the legal system and of society. The authorities are shocked by “honesty/truth”. Isn’t that something!

At this point in time, I request from the authorities to submit the law, act, or statute — for printing in this newspaper for everyone to see — which states that the people of Ontario must have automobile/vehicle insurance. Thank you.

After this was printed in the local newspaper, and my vehicle insurance expired, I went back to the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) and “gave myself up”, saying I committed a crime. I drove here without automobile insurance. The secretary called in an on duty cop and I told him the same thing.

Listen carefully readers! This was the conversation.
Cop – What can I do for you?
I – My automobile insurance expired and I drove here without automobile insurance.
Cop – What do you want me to do about it?
I – I broke the law, so do whatever you normally do in such situation.
Cop – I can't.
I – Why?
Cop – Because I don't have evidence and I can't take your word for your crime. We have to “catch” you first, before we can do anything about it.
I – Okkkay, how about if we go out to my car, I sit behind the wheel of my car (technically that is “driving” already) and there is your “evidence”.
Cop – I can't.
I – Why?
Cop – Because that would be; “staging a crime”.

That's all folks! The cop left, I saluted to the secretary with the traditional NAZI salute and left. I was “driving” for almost a year, without automobile insurance. While “driving”, I saw cop cars pulled behind me but none stopped me.

Do you readers realize the importance of what that cop told me?
If you “stage a crime” and report it to them, they have no “teeth”. They can't do anything to you....IF they follow their own procedures.

This procedure, falls in lock-steps with their “collecting evidence” scheme, which is also permitted and legal even if the means are illegal! Under the umbrella of “collecting evidence”, they break into your home and get away with it.

Do you want to grow pot and do it freely....and I don't mean “get away with it”, by sneaking around?
This is how you do it and you won't be “guilty”, IF they follow their own procedures.
Go, and tell them your intention first, (I need to survive, I have no job, I need money and to “make” money I have to grow pot to sell it). Follow up on it, go back and report to them you did it and doing it and also tell them you broke their “law” about growing and selling pot.

You just reported a “staged crime”, you committed yourself and they can't follow up on it, IF they follow their own procedures.
If I am correct, it falls under, you can't testify against yourself.

If you want to sell it, do the same thing. Report to them, you'll be committing a crime and when you did or doing it, report back to them that you are doing it. Again, you reported to them a “staged crime” with you in the center of it.

A “staged crime” is NOT a “crime”!!! A “staged crime” is artificial. When you do a “staged crime”, you just made a “movie” within the accepted fiction movie you are already in. This present reality....that sucks.

As many people know already, the status quo does “staged crises” all the time with “crisis actors” and it is legal! To them anyway.
How about you, when YOU create a “staged crime”?
Which is a greater crime?
Staging false shootings, to influence the entire nation for whatever agenda or grow pot in your backyard so you could pay the bills they give you?
Is corporate status quo justice “good for the geese....” too, or just us?
What is fair and equitable?
To get filthy rich “legally” or to survive by “illegal” means?

There are two sides of an equation and it is always balanced...eventually.
Make sure, when you “stage a crime” such as growing pot, there is something fictitious in the process. Like in movies, the guns and knives are fictitious, “actor's props”. The actors are real though. You can really state that your “staged crime” was/is based on actual events and it still remains a “staged crime” NOT a crime.

It is interesting that when the status quo “gets” you, they definitely accept your self confession of your crime. As a matter of fact, over ninety percent of all alleged crimes end with self confessions, because some kind of underhanded operation (threat, intimidation, pressure, beating, etc.) against the victim, by the “useful idiots” of the status quo.

If anyone of you readers have the guts, tell them you are going to get a plant, get it, then report it to them you have it. You just “staged a crime”. Now sit back and see what they'll do. If they come and “get you”, they just violated their own procedures. If they don't, they committed “negligence” to follow up on a REPORTED crime!
Checkmate, isn't it for the status quo! But the thieves and robbers are always right. Their power comes from the barrel of the gun....Miaoooo. If they come and “get you”, tell their judge that you were testing them and their procedures. You just wanted to know what they'll do. You staged a crime.

It should be your free domain to grow pot or not, sell it or not. I never used any “illegal” drugs in my whole life and don't intend to either. This is a free domain issue, not a subject matter! Some are very hypocritical! Like Dave Miller stated; “I don't protect drug dealers”, yet he protected Slick Willy from impeachment.
Who is the greater criminal Dave?
Joe on the street corner or Slick?

The drug issue is nothing more than fighting for turf. Period! Joe on the street corner sells higher quality than big pharma, so big pharma uses the legal system to squeeze Joe out of business. Big pharma got a “license” from the corporate status quo gov of the day to do what is illegal legally.

Your option is to “stage a crime” because they don't give you a license. DON'T commit the crime, only stage it. Either you also should have a “license” to grow pot or nobody should need a license. The entire scheme of this corporate shittim wood is fighting for turf.

When Lucky Luciano was interviewed, the reporter asked him; “What would you do differently, if you could start over?” Without hesitation, Lucky said; “I would get a license”.

License gives you freedom from crimes. Killing is illegal but if you have a “license to kill”, you are exempt. You are not guilty if you kill somebody. At least that is what them corporate, insane psychopaths and those who kill with their licenses believe. If you are a soldier, you have a “license to kill”, it is simply suspended during peace time but it can be reinstated at any moment. Cops have a “license to kill”, any time they “fear for their lives” puke.
Oh, what a wonderful life these psychopaths created for us, “living-souls”!

Again, I can't state it enough times, you have only one course of action left, against these psychopaths and “useful idiots”, which “radiates” way beyond their present Earthly existence. The dummies just don't know it, because they don't want to know it. Their consciences are seared.

Curse each and everyone of those by their own devices, who move against you directly and/or indirectly, overtly and/or covertly, in any way, shape and/or form. Curse the entities themselves, NOT their names, titles and/or numbers and/or genders and include their family members, relatives, friends and co-workers!

Avoid “psychic warfare” if you are smart, because there is always somebody who is better than you. Cursing takes care of everything and you stay neutral and clean, smiling like a rose, in your spirit.

NOBODY and NOBODY has ANY authority to move against you, the “living-soul”! Only bullies, dictators, religious leaders and detestable monarchs move against you, by instructing their “useful idiots”, who are mostly the cops these days! Especially them macho room temp IQ, itchy trigger-fingered aholes. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

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