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The Thunders…Letters from the Future…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 28-Jul-2016 12:59:59

*SONG* “Magic” by Olivia Newton John

He stood there holding a piece of paper
In his hand…a solemn look on his face…
Varence was hesitant to speak…he turned to
Ceres, who was never short for words…

“Well,” she said impatiently folding her arms
Across her chest, “Are you going to begin or

Varence studied my face…The strangest expression…

That piece of paper… “What is that?” I asked
Him as I waited to write down…whatever it
Was he had to say. At this point, I have no
Idea what I’m writing. Only later after it
Is typed and posted online do I get the
Chance to process the written words…

“This,” he nodded to the paper in his hands,
“Is a letter…addressed to you…from a
Girl…in the Future.”

I froze. “What? From who? From where?

Ceres simply smiled at him. “I told you…”

Varence smirked at her words, then focused
On me, the notebook. “Now, I am going to
Read this…and you write it for them to
Read, understand?”

“How did you get that?” I asked him, but
Before I could ask more he interrupted me.

“Just write down the words I read aloud…

Ceres laughed. “The mystery man of time…
Now, he says…please.”

“Just write it down…Please.” He repeated.

I nodded, asking questions was pointless.

He held the paper carefully and spoke VERY
Kindly as if to mimic the tone of the one
Who wrote it…
“Dear Valiant,
I have studied and read all of your messages
For years, many of me and my friends have.
I realize you will never get to read this, but
It is the only way I thought I could reach
You…just as you wrote down your messages
With pen on paper, that is what I am doing
Now. Somehow it feels right.

I am 25 years old, I live with my parents and
Two older brothers in…”
Varence omits the name, I can tell by the
Look in his eyes; typical…
“I think it is close to where you grew up…
To where you wrote down your messages.
Maybe that will give us a connection…
So that I can find you, or even talk to your
Friends from the stars that talked to you…”
Varence paused to look at Ceres, she did not
Seem amused…Then he continued.
“My friends and I talk about you a lot…
I realize that is probably not important, many
Do…Maybe this is only some silly girl’s dream,
Writing to her diary, Dear Valiant…but to me
It’s better than writing simply, Dear Diary,
Or some other name…
Sometimes I feel like I know you, or am
Supposed to…or did once. I don’t know.
There is so little about the past that survived
The old age…only bits and pieces here and
There from houses that survived the Earth
Changes, the asteroid or the pulse…
There are so many theories about the past,
It is a wonder the world ever recovered.
It must have been a hard time to live
With so much hatred and violence. Why
Were people so angry all the time?
We learned in school that people had
So many beliefs that they couldn’t get along.
Is that why?
This is the beginning of my diary, Valiant.
I should really introduce myself. I’m Ann,
My parents named me after the great, famous
Actress of your age, Annette Funicello.
People, my friends, tell me I look like her…
I don’t know. But my parents enjoyed
Her movies. You were so lucky to live
In a time with so much variety and music.
It is not like that now. People talk, dream,
Theorize. It’s very boring.
I have two cats, Jojo and Romeo…
I think they’re smarter. I believe what
You wrote about cat’s eyes…I know they
Can see things that people can’t.
Am I making any sense? I
Do ramble when I write.”
He put the paper down, which informed
Me he was done, at least with the piece of the letter.

Ceres met his eyes with frustration.
“And the point of that was?”

He gestured to the notebook. “For them to
Draw a few conclusions.”

“From what?” Ceres asked boldly. “The great
Thinkers of Earth? Really Varence, you
Should have simply tossed
Them a few balls.”

I laughed.
Varence folded the piece of paper and tucked
It away in his pocket. “I wanted them to
Hear it.”

Ceres eyed him heavily. “The manner of
Faith that you give…is far too generous.”

“But how did you get that?” I asked.
“What was the date? So little survived?”

Varence just stood there tall and
Mysteriously elusive; was he ever not?
“The point is NOT those details…but
That THEY survived, that no matter
What comes…They will survive.”

“How kind of you to state
It that way.” Ceres groaned. “May we

“Of course,” he said, constantly smiling
Now. “But I do have other letters that I

“Stole.” Ceres corrected. “Letters that you

He frowned, ignoring her words. “And now, you
Said you wanted to continue?”

“By all the graces,” Ceres rolled her eyes. “Finally.
Must you always complicate things so?”

“Ceres,” he seemed to whine; “You said this
Was your mission…I just thought I would
Add a…little interest of my own.”

She scowled at him. “Of course you would. Should
I be surprised any less?” She shook her head and
Focused on me. “Regardless…the point…is that
We need to finish this with a brief trip…
To the future…”

“3126…” I replied. “Last time you said 3126?
But how?”

“Of course that is but this part’s conclusion…
The next step, the conclusion of what
You are writing as the Thunders,” he said
Very seriously, “will be…a bit harder
Than anything so far on you.”

“What?” I asked…They had never mentioned
That before!

“Wonderful, Varence!” Ceres exclaimed. “Do
You wish to add anymore irritation?”

He only smiled…smiled with wide eyes. I
Could have spit.

She turned to me. “I need you, Bill, to focus.
Listen to me, my words carefully…to guide
You…This next part is far more simpler
Than you think…”


“Remember your dreams,” she said
Calmly, in a warm melodious tone, “Where
They’ve taken you…What you’ve seen…
What you’ve felt…Focus on your feelings.”


“Let it come…” She said, as a strange
Sensation took over my head… “Look at us
Now, we’re here with you…The three of us…
Now see us standing outside in your yard…
Don’t think, just see it…The house, the
Pine and oak trees…The daily chores you
Had…the routine…We’re with you, take us
With you…The chores…to the backyard…
The chicken house…”

“The chicken house?” I repeated.

Her eyes were low and serious…sparkling…
Focused…intense yet soothing, commanding…

“10 years ago…You saw it…felt it, lived it…
Take us there…”

“A typical night asleep…as usual you’re
Dreaming of your daily chores…very typical,
Very normal…and then it comes…The
Mind storm, that without warning swarms
Within you…The box opens…The light
Commands and calls what must be…”

I’m standing in the pen…for the animals…
The birds…The chickens, the turkeys, ducks,
Geese, the pigeons…
But Ceres is there, Varence is there…
That part is new…
The wooden pens, the houses, the fence…
The trees…The wind blows…harder and harder…
The trees sway…but the sense of things,
The chores are gone…silence…The animals
Are gone…It’s the wind, the wind blows…
Gusts…Nothing is moving but the trees
And wind…And time…Time is speeding up…
I’m standing with them and the wind…
But it’s like I’m in some kind of bubble.
The wind blows harder…The trees begin
To snap…torn from the ground…They disappear…
Panic…Time keeps moving…faster and faster…
I remember now…
The landscape changes…The trees are gone,
The house is gone, the neighborhood is gone…
An immense tide washes things away
Then recedes…The powerful wave returns
To blasting wind…As far as I can see
Emptiness…just sand…not fertile ground,
But something like an endless sandy
Beach, but with no dunes or water in sight.
And snow…
“Where did everything go?” I asked them.

“Keep moving.” Ceres said calmly, that tone of hers,
“Keep going…”

It just goes on and on…The sandscape, the wind…
The sand blasting wind…And snow…
The sky above racing by with clouds,
White thunderheads; blue sky, gray sky, snow…
Overcast…night, the stars, night day night day
Over and over…racing forever…and snow…
That panicky feeling…I’m not here
I’m not anywhere…It’s all gone. All of it…
My mind, something inside my head pushes
Forward…You have to see this now, have to see
Have to know. Tell me tell the light.
Show me things, show everyone…
A thousand years from now the woman
Told me once…a thousand years…

No trees for a thousand years? Only sand?
Where did everyone go? What happened?
Tell me! The snow…

Endless blasting wind and rolling skies…
Night-day night day…The stars…
Guiding me…Guided by a light no will to
Command…The light wills it, and the eyes
And senses obey…Tell me…what I need
To know…now…
Then it slows down…In the distance of the snow,
Sandy sea…commotion, activity…by land and
Sky…I watch as this colossal structure
Rises…Blocky…Towers rise…Stretching
The distance…there is no more emptiness…
Only these towers…A city rises! A city built!
Huge, it aims for the sky…rows of towers…
Woven into with and by swirls of metal.
What is that? Like no city I have ever seen!
Unlike any movie! It’s gray and cold
Looking but bustling with life…activity…
There are many people there!
Then the city is complete and by night
Flashes of day and night…The lights of the city
Flicker off and on…Activity…a city so
Alive with life…I have to see more…

Pressing forward, by will the senses see…
And then I’m there, standing there so
Close to it…A rocky sandy landscape
Surrounding this great city…closer and closer
Moving with them, Ceres and Varence…
To the edges of the city where vehicles I
Cannot quite understand? They move
On the ground like cars…then rise like
Small passenger planes to the sky…
Moving closer…Are they cars?
Some kind of miniature passenger shuttles?
Go on, go forward. I have to see…
This place, this city?
Then we’re standing in the street…between
The buildings…no one sees us…
I look up, Ceres and Varence are
Noting everything I see and feel…
This is a journey for them…
I look up…between the buildings the
Most amazing view! The blue sky…
Trees among the buildings…some kind
Of thick metal braces connect the towers…
There are platforms above…supported…
I have to see…
Instantly I’m there…There’s so much activity!
A massive building…
Everywhere people…racing. So alive!
We’re standing there watching…near one
Of the platforms…it’s huge? But how?
Suspended by some fantastic construction
I see it now…like some park
Held in the sky between the buildings…How?!
Trees in this park in the sky?
I could see the people…handsome…
We move along…I take them there…

We go to the nearest buildings.
We’re there. It’s there! The future…
But this building you can’t imagine…
Up high to the building we go. Above everything…
The passersby, street-side, sky-side,
The new, it’s like a department store!
Like walking through the city streets, stores,
Businesses, large glass windows…
People keep passing by, do they see me?
I can’t tell…
But Ceres and Varence watch everything…
They’re studying my reactions…

I stop in front of what seems like a giant store…
A huge glass window…Inside, the whole
Display is of white, only white, all white
Sneakers? No brand names, just simple plain
Sneakers? I notice now everyone is wearing
Them…like some fad, from the past…
And many people, the children, all of them
Are wearing the same blue jeans…
Boring blue jeans…a style of our today,
Their past. What the heck?
No labels, just simple blue jeans and
White sneakers…Brand names mean nothing
To them…Nike, Champion, K-Swiss,
Lee jeans, Levis, etc…
These people, it’s the fad, to wear some
Style from the past…How? Why?

Varence just smiles. “It’s very interesting,
Don’t you think?”

But I can’t understand, “Why is everyone
Wearing this stuff? This huge city, of the
Future…and they are all wearing blue jeans
And sneakers? I had to just laugh.
I mean, it’s ridiculous.”

Ceres nodded to the right…The huge wide
Open…it’s hard to describe, it looks like
A small park…shrubs, trees, even grass…
But it’s suspended high in the air between
The buildings…maybe twenty stories high or
More? No higher…Maybe 40 stories…
How could it support the weight?

I walk over to the entrance…There is railing,
Old style park benches…and at the very
Front of the entrance…a huge…memorial
Plaque…I stand beside them and start
To read it…my eyes are popping…
What is says…It can’t be, it doesn’t
Make sense…A memorial park…it has
My name on it…I keep looking at Ceres
And Varence, then the people and children…
We walk inside a little…
There is what looks like…a petting zoo?
They have chickens…goats…pigeons…
There’s a plaque about the chickens…
Describing the chickens as my favorite breed?
But they don’t look like any chickens
I remember…fluffy and gray, pale gray…

What the heck is this?
Varence just nods and laughs…
“Why is that for me?” I ask…

What does he do…He pulls out another
Folded piece of paper from his pocket, opens it
And starts to read it…

“In the days following the great unrest…”
Varence says in the strangest voice, some
Attempt at imitating an aristocratic
British accent, “Mankind has forged itself
A new beginning once again…Following in
The footsteps of our ancestors we move ahead
To build a better future learning from our
Forefathers past mistakes…”

Ceres groans, rolls her eyes, “What are you
Doing?” She snaps at him.

“I’m reading this letter.” He says…

“Please stop. You sound ridiculous!” She
Winces as though his voice burns her ears, then
Grabs the paper from his hands and
Reviews it…

“I wanted to read that to him.” Varence
Insisted, holding out his hand for her to
Return it.

“I think not!” She snapped…She starts reading
It very fast out loud, “Nonsense. Nonsense…
More gibberish…Oh this is quite funny…
Written by a scholar?” She says, her eyebrows
Arching humorously. “A professor wrote this?
How typical…too wordy…blah blah…Ah!
Here’s something… ‘With regards to the
Matter of time and destiny…The rudimentary
Understanding of the future is that we
As individuals shape our own lives by the
Choices we make…If we continue to assume
The fate of our future lies within the realms
Of stories told long ago, then our fates are
But imprisoned by the words written then…
And we are doomed to repeat the mistakes
Written in the past if we cannot stand for
Ourselves and make wiser decisions to shape
Our future…Professor of Historical Sciences, Arthur Hill,
The Academy of New York…3122…” She
Slams down the paper… “There was that
So difficult?”

“I cannot believe you just recited that closing
Part.” Varence said regarding the credited author
And date of the letter…

“March 22nd, 3122?” Ceres laughed, then tore the
Paper to pieces and smiled.

Varence’s jaw dropped. “That was his speech!
I had to return that!”

Ceres further shredded the letter to bits and
Tossed them. “I am sure the world will be
Grateful to miss it. Let him write another.”

“Ceres!” Varence snapped. “Would you please
STOP judging and executing actions on our
Behalf…I had good reason…”

“Oh I am sure you did.” She scowled at
Him. “As did I.”

As I stood with them in this…place…
Some recollection of a dream I had…
This place…I studied everything…

They read my mind…again.
“It is not made up,” Varence told me flat.
“You really did visit there…You were taken

“Why?” I asked. “What for? I don’t
Understand these letters…This place…That
Memorial plaque…For me? What for?
The Dear Valiant letter…Annette Funicello?
That was not my time! It makes no sense!”

“No,” Varence said with a calm face, “It
Makes perfect sense.”

Ceres, very calmly nodded in agreement. “I
Am amazed to say this…but it does.” She
Then nodded to the building behind us on
The far side…for me to look… “Look at that, go.”

I walked over, they followed.
On the side of the building was…This giant
Architectural schematic…of the entire city…
It was carved, etched…relief lettering…
I studied it…not really understanding why…
But it was a fantastic designed city…
It said it was…impervious to earthquakes…
To weather…even tsunamis? 2599…a date?
Designed or constructed?

“Study it carefully.” Varence said with a
Mysterious tone…

I kept studying the towers…the layout…
The arches and braces…the platforms…
The swirling lines of these that
Interlocked the buildings…fortifying them…

“Now he sees it!” Varence exclaimed.

“The lines,” I said, “Like in my paintings?”

“Precisely.” He grinned. “Exactly.”

“You’re telling me, that I influenced this?
It’s construction?” I asked. “How?”

Ceres touched my shoulder, then made a gentle
Gesture waving her hand around us. “Look…look
Around you…Tell me what you see…Do you see it?
Don’t think…Feel…Sense it…What do you see,
What do you notice?”

I scanned everything…confused. OK, it was a
Brilliantly designed city, like nothing I had
Ever seen or thought of…I definitely
Never drew it, I’m terrible at drawing
These things, objects…cars, planes, buildings,
Inanimate objects…They bore me to death…
“I can’t draw a city?”

“See beyond that.” She said.

I thought hard…OK OK…Feel it…Senses…
What was different than the cities I knew?
This really sucked!

They chuckled at my frustration. “Just relax,”
Varence said… “It will come to you…”

Ceres smiled. “You’re good at reading signs.”

Signs! The signs…There were lights…Lit signs…
Nothing was digital! I looked at the people…
No one held any devices at all…No scary
Cell phone obsessed, IPad obsessed persons
Walking blindly about glued to some device.
“I see no computer devices of any kind!”

“Exactly!” Varence said.

“A future with no computers? No
Cell phones or anything like that?” I asked.
“How is that possible?”

“The first letter I read you,” Varence said,
“A simple girl…25 years old…living at
Home contently…with her parents and two
Older brothers…innocently…no complaints…
Indulging in writing a soft, delicate diary
Type letter…actually it was from her diary…”

“That was some big piece of paper!” I said.

He gestured with open arms. “This…was,
Is her time…This is where I took it
From her…3126.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“People write letters in 3126?” I asked.

Ceres smiled… “Lots of people write letters…
And not all the people you see here
Are from…Earth.”

“What?” I nearly screamed. “What?!”

Varence then took the calm cool lead…
Smiling…It was almost annoying if I
Wasn’t so shocked… “Now listen to me,”
He said, pointing to the notebook…I was
Writing and seeing all this? “Write this
Down…Tell them…Now I am speaking
To you…and to them…My words to
Their eyes and ears…They want my
Contact, this is…” He waved, Ceres waved,
Then he continued… “We share these
Stories with you for good reason. You write
Them down…Now listen, listen carefully…
Think…Think about what I am telling
You…Any fool can doubt and ridicule words,
Especially when they do not want to hear it.
So this time I am telling you, not asking…

“You live in a digital world…Made so
Convenient…by computers…indulgent
Entertainment and communication…
Oh the masses so embrace new
Technology! Children play wargames
On computers…Insanity! Numbly
The masses are addicted to this
Digital convenience…

“Remember our discussions of the Empire
And the slave mind?
Simple, primal…Work, eat, sleep…
Indulge, self-satisfaction…

“What did you do yesterday? The day before?
The day before that? How far does your
Memory go? How involved, dependent is
Your life on the digital machine?

“Now I speak plainly…No riddles…No
Games…For years your world has surrendered
It’s dependence to the digital scheme…
The plot…
Converting all your recorded knowledge
To machines…Your entire history…
Letter writing? Is nearly gone…
Do you understand what I am saying now?
HA! Because if you do…Think…

“Because when the disaster comes…
In a future not too far from the present
You know…Every computer, cell phone,
All of your digital data…
Your entire history…will be erased…

“Confused and dependent, craziness will
Descend…Where upon another calamity
Shall consume the world plunging it
Into an age of darkness…”

I was horrified. “But isn’t your technology

“We are not dependent on it.” Ceres insisted.
“Everything is always rendered physically
Also. And mental abilities are primary…
We do not learn with computers. We
Learn by experience. That is how it is
Done…by all advanced races.”

“Digitally dependent races always fail.”
Varence said. “Always.”

“It is another plot of the Empire to weaken
A world for dependence, enslavement.”
Ceres said. “To make them lazy with
Digital dependence. All they do is sit there…
Push a button…Search scheme plot play
Indulge…Foolishly thinking they master
It all so well…And then they take it
Away from them…”

“And the world crumbles so fast…”
Varence laughed… “So fast, hard and
Easily that it is ridiculous.”

Ceres then became a bit cryptic… “Long
Ago the conquerors came…in great
Cubes…Then pyramid type ships…and
Now…spheres…ball-like vessels…”

“The digital age is upon you, my friend.”
Varence said. “And with it…the descent…
The fail you cannot fight alone…That
Is why I have been telling you for
Years…get off the computer…spend less
Time on it…Those dependent on it will
Succumb to the insanity…It’s already
Happening…it’s already begun…”

Ceres agreed. “And they will argue this
To no end…Not me, not I…”

Varence leaned into me. “That is what
The wise Ascended Master was trying to tell you…
Write it down…That is how it comes…
Through the mind…From the mind…
Down the arm, the hands, the fingers, the pen
Onto the paper…Write it down…”

Ceres nodded to me as they stood together
For the first time in solidarity talking,
Agreeing together… “Do you see?”

Varence arched his brow. “Some know
This very well already. It has been taught
To them through careful instruction by
Their own…personal…counsel.” He waved
With a smile to the notebook. “Hello Mary Ann,
Hello Jillian…” He winked. “Keep writing
Now…Write it down…They know this
Now…they understand…”

“Oh you just had to say that.” Ceres rolled
Her eyes. “Shock them why don’t you.”

“By parts played in steadfast motion,” Varence
Mysteriously went on… “The words imparted
To weave a story their minds, your mind,
Cannot grasp…but must write down…
Must…Why? Because that is how we
Work…The Watchers, the Star Visitors…
The Ambassadors of Other Worlds…” He
Turned to Ceres to validation. “The Good ones
That is…”

“Correct.” Ceres agreed.

“To share these stories that inspire.” He
Laughed. “Oh but some will say and
Argue…How creative, how made up. They
Are not made up. They are true…

“But they must be told carefully…
Very carefully…And only certain minds
Can grasp this…And they must then
Be printed…Shared with the world…
Published as you would call it…put them
In books…Share them with as many
People as you can…Stories, stories that
Teach…that you learn…that you
Can feel…and remember.”

“I’m doing what you told me, I’m putting,
Having the Bell Tolls published into
A book though.” I said. “What else can I
Do? They’re just stories…”

“They’re more than just stories.” Ceres said
Seriously… “Why do you think this brash,
Irritating age old boy ripped open your
Hidden memories to write them down?”

“To embarrass me.” I groaned. “To get
On my nerves!”

Ceres laughed loudly. “I love the way he thinks!”

Varence curled his lip and winced uncomfortably.
“I apologize…But it was necessary…
And you will probably…hate me for this,
But there is more that I will need you
To share…and write down soon as well.”

“How much more?” I was getting angry.


“How much?!” I asked…OK, yelled.

Now Ceres was scowling. “Yes Varence. How
Much more?”

“You did as I requested,” he said very, very
Cautiously. “You told…your…little secret…
To someone…carefully selected…Just enough?”

“You know I did!”

“I will need you to find a few more to share
It with.” He said slowly.

“Is this a game to you or something?” I snapped.
“If what you said is true and someone
Did…eavesdrop on that confession…then
They know…They will hunt me down!”

Ceres signed as though it were nothing. “Oh no
Need to worry about that…Rana and Vala
Eavesdrop on all your conversations and such…
If someone threatening gets in the way they
Will crush them or toss them across a
Continent safely away…Unless one of them
Is seriously aggravated…in which case
One or the other will mangle their brains
With delusions…or shred their minds and
Anyone involved…”

Varence laughed. “True…No one makes
Vala angry or Rana…You know what
Happened to that doctor.”

“When Vala wants something to happen,”
Ceres said. “It happens…If only you knew
Of the assaults she has already intercepted.
Ha! Those…Those were quite amusing.”

“And there is no magic on Earth that
Exists to rival hers.” Varence attested.

“Do I have any choice at all?” I asked,
It sure felt certain they had it all
Played out so well.

“It feels like some twisted version of
The Wizard of Oz!” I said.

“What’s that?” Ceres asked.

“It’s a movie.” Varence told her. “Remember,
Their rendition of theater?”

“Those ape movies?” Ceres asked.

“No, no,” Varence explained. “This
Is different. There are thousands of different
Kinds…Although I do believe this one he
Is referring to has…Flying monkeys.”

“Flying monkeys?” Ceres exclaimed.

“Yes.” He said.

“Monkeys that fly?” She asked with
A peculiar wide-eyed expression…
“Balls and monkeys are a popular theme
With them, aren’t they?”

He groaned.

“Do the Flying monkeys play with Balls too?”
She asked. “Do they utter prophetic words
Of wisdom? Do the balls sprout wings
And people chase them with flying sticks?
Uttering some winsome magical words as
Well…or do they simply just bellow
Unto some gigantic ape and stomp
About in wanton carnage terrorizing
Cities in beastly nonsense?”

A moment of profound silence…when
Ceres spat our words…Boy, did she
Toss them out with amazement.

Varence couldn’t even find a word to respond.

“Do not even look at me that way!” Ceres
Shook her head. “Do not say it!”

“Alright.” Varence said wide-eyed. “I will
Not say it…Bill?”

I had to. “There are movies like that too.”

Her mouth fell open, eyes popping. “But of
Course they do!”

I wanted to laugh so hard.

“What’s next,” she said with disgust, “Do
They have movies where they chase each
Other around with axes, knives, weapons
Of death for terror or pleasure?”

Varence held out his hands flat. “We
Need to stop the direction this is going now…”

“Oh my Heavens!” She shouted. “They do,
Don’t they?! Like those awful blood
Sucking leeching movies! No wonder this
Planet fell apart…Look what entertains them!”

Varence held the silence for a generous
While as Ceres breathed hard…waiting for
Her to calm down…Then he withdrew
Another piece of paper and opened it…
“Now…Let me just read this…”

“Not another letter!” Ceres said. “Not
That again!”

“Please.” Varence replied calmly…His
Insisting meaning… “Let me…Please.”

“Oh alright.” She agreed. “Read it.”

He looked at me very calmly…waiting for
Me to listen…as he hoped… “Dear Valiant,
You don’t know me…Maybe you never
Will. I’ve read your books…over and over…
And not just because there’s nothing
Else to do in these long winters…I’m sitting
By the window watching it snow…June 1st…
And it’s still snowing. Will spring or summer
Ever come? I read in an ancient almanac
That it was nearly summer in Maryland by
June 1st, is that true? Snow, snow, snow.
At least I have my books…And when I
Have paper I write things down…like
You said…It does help. It does. I still wish
I knew you, or had the chance. I know
It’s crazy for a 31 year old guy to say
That but friends are hard to come by
These days. All I have are my favorite
Things. My dog Moxt. My books…And this
Magazine with an article about you. Before
You disappeared. That picture…The faded
Print of the article. The last picture of
Valiant, seen with these two mysterious
Companions…A beautiful blond woman…And
A tall, dark handsome stranger…Ceres and
Varence? Were they real? If you can hear
Me through this, my writing…Valiant, Ceres,
Varence…Could you talk to me please? Could
You please help me? Signed…George.”

“Oh my God!” I said.

Just then…a tall, familiar, beautiful dark
Haired woman appeared through the crowd…
It was Ceres’s sister…Venus. She came
Closer and the entire setting of the
City faded away…The next thing I
Knew I was sitting in the captain’s
Chair in the circle of light.

“Sorry to interrupt.” Venus smiled. “But
It was time. He has to finish now.”

“It’s done then?” Ceres asked.

“Yes.” Venus answered. “Vala has selected
And set the specimen to seed…1970…Hollis
Was born again…An Adam
Again walks the Earth.”

“The time bubble should be collapsing then.”
Ceres said.

“It is.” Venus told her. “It’s begun. You
Should let him rest now.”

“One last thing before you go this time…”
Varence smiled at me…his eyes even
Appeared to smile… “I would like
To offer you…them…one little thing…
Take it as you wish…Perhaps it
Means nothing…and yet maybe…it does.”

“Just say it Varence!” Ceres was about to
Scream at him.

His eyes beamed, looked upwards and all
Around…That smile of his… “There was
Once a great kKng…of great wealth…
That ruled a land before a terrible
Calamity came…during a time of great
Unrest…This King built a Great Castle…
A Dynasty for his Queen…A Queen so fair,
She won the hearts and was beloved by
Many people…of many lands…Her name…
Was Melania…That’s what history said…
Take that as you wish…Sleep well…”

PS: my artwork: Ceres and Venus

Footnote: The great King Markan, Ceres Father…had 7 wives, who were also sisters.
This King fathered 25 children: 9 girls, 16 boys. One of whom was Ceres.
One of the 7 sisters was named Melania! And no, she was not Ceres Mother.
The Seven Sisters, aka: The Pleiades, which can be located in the night sky in the shoulder of Taurus, the Bull, which is to the right of Orion, the Hunter.
Taurus’ astrological date is from 4/20 to 5/20 I believe.
You can fill in the rest….
Lida, Valiant’s Mom

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