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Posted By: FrancisDrake
Date: Monday, 16-May-2016 14:51:27

Whew! let's see if I can get this all in here, this will be a magnum opus if it flows properly.

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of Chairman Mao announcing the brutal "Cultural Revolution" which lasted for ten years until Mao died in 1976. It was, by my account, Mao's lunge for a "New Jerusalem", the ideal city state, but like Napoleon and Hitler's attempts at same, its credibility drowned in bloodshed and torment.
Believe it or not, this morning's magnitude 5.6 earthquake north of Tokyo was on a precise time cycle (to the minute!) from other other earthquakes which tie in with other attempts to establish a "New Jerusalem," or I guess you could call it, a "New World Order", an attempt to unite the scrabbling factions of the globe under one god or idol, in every case...something which ancient Babylon and Israel (and Druids?) alike sought, or at least the prophets in each society sought.

Cutting to the chase, from an online timeline about the Second Vatican Council "1961...December 25:
Pope John formally summons the Council in the Apostolic Constitution Humanae salutis

A year earlier, residents of Melbourne, the largest city in the most densely populated State in Australia, were among many shaken awake at 2:42 AM by an earthquake on Christmas Day, 1960.

...but on the morning of Pope John's announcement, the "Mormon" New Jerusalem was shaken with two very unusual earthquakes! Specifically, Kansas City Missouri, Independence, Liberty and Excelsior Springs Missouri felt the jolts the most, these are all located in Jackson County Missouri, which Joseph Smith announced in 1831 he had been told by God was the site of an eventual "New Jerusalem",_Missouri#Latter_Day_Saints

(Note that the Temple displayed on that section of that page was designed by a JAPANESE architect, and during events at the Temple, flags of all nation are flown on flagpoles in front of the building, as at the United Nations, and a U.N. Peace Plaza is located just yards east of that Temple:,_Missouri))
--in the Domed Auditorium pictured with that Wikipedia article, President Harry S Truman announced the U.S. would join the United Nations (USA signed on August 8, 1945) to an overflow crowd of 10,000 on June 27, 1945. Here is a photo of Truman departing that Auditorium that day:

So anyway, so rare is an earthquake epicenter in Jackson County Missouri, that the quakes sparked a lot of confusion, the Associated Press reports state that the two jolts were "probably" earthquakes, and that the last time Jackson County shook was from a distant Oklahoma earthquake in April 1952. That the two WERE earthquakes is confirmed by the contents of these two links:

Those two earthquakes happened at 6:20:03 AM CST (7:20 AM CDT) and 6:58:22 AM CST (7:58 AM CDT).

Now watch that 7:20 AM CDT borne out in other historic earthquakes on time cycles before and after that Christmas morning, including today's earthquake which shook 7:23:03 AM CDT today,

Fast forward 42 years from December 1961, and as usual, the prophetic Mayan Calendar 260-day count re-aligns with "our" 365.25-day December 25, 2003 is the same in the Mayan Calendar "Seven Tooth" as December 25, 1961...and on that 2003 date happened the deadliest earthquake of the year:

That earthquake happened at 01:56:52 AM UTC December 26, which is 7:57 PM Central USA Time December 25, 2003. The location of that earthquake is meaningful, considering that the Book of Daniel describes a chief Satanic opponent to the "New Jerusalem" of God to be the "Prince of Persia," a Satanic lieutenant who reigns over self-righteousness and religious extremism (ultra-fundamentalism, narrow-minded bigot type stuff)....damaged in the quake were ancient Persian ruins.

Go forward yet another year, and arrive at December 25-26, 2004, the timing of the Indian Ocean/Sumatra earthquake, one of the largest and deadliest earthquakes of all time, the worst flooding disaster (tsunamis) in recorded history:

That earthquake happened at 6:58:53 PM CST (Central USA Time) on Saturday, December 2004, and was predicted by me, or rather, the Mayan Calendar, in a posting to sixteen hours before it happened, I pointed out in a posting entitled "Its 91,000 days since the Great Lisbon Quake and Tidal Wave" that Saturday December 25, 2004 is the same in the prophetic 260-day count as Saturday November 1, 1755, both are day "Nine Blade" and that's what today, May 16, 2016 is, as well.

To repeat, tonight is the same in the prophetic Mayan Calendar 260-day count as Saturday night, December 25, 2004.

Do I therefore expect another monstrous earthquake to strike near Sumatra and cause deadly tsunamis?

No. I do expect today and the next 24 hours to be fraught with potential with significant earthquakes, and several have already happened, you can follow the days progress at

....but more importantly, I am following the significance of today being an anniversary of sorts of the Pope's announcement of the Second Vatican Council on December 25, 1961...and Mao Tse-Tung's announcement of the Cultural Revolution on May 16, 1966:
"China's Cultural Revolution: 50th anniversary unmarked by state media"

And oh, I'm only scratching the surface so far... feel free to help me figure out what is implied. Some more notes about earthquakes and time cycles...

The Sumatra earthquake of December 25-26, 2004 was a certain time cycle from this earthquake, I want to point out:

Incidentally, that article used to be entitled "The Universal Event" apparently because some historians described the massive civilization-changing destruction as such, click on the old title for the new:

Exactly (to the hour) 1605 times 364 days after that "Universal Event" earthquake in the Mediterranean, one of the stronger earthquakes in U.S. History struck the Rat Islands (where Japanese invaders were beaten back during World War II)

Let's take a moment to remember that the Japanese invaded Alaskan islands to establish their Imperialist-proclaimed "New World Order" in the Western Hemisphere. I hadn't thought of it this way, but indeed, everyone wants established his or her own version of the Holy City...and who will prevail? The Bible basically says only Jesus will, and I ain't Jesus, so I don't know the details...but these earthquakes and events do provide clues...

Anyway, that Rat Islands earthquake at the stroke of midnight Central USA time February 3-4, 1965 is a multiple of 5 times 364 days, that's the same as seven times 260 days, so once again, the Rat Islands earthquake was the same day (and time) in the Mayan Calendar as the July 21-22, 365 A.D. quake, day "Thirteen Water" for both, if you want details. Remember, I go by the Albert Escalona Ramos correlation, revised one day...enter JD# 679107 at to follow me, if you wish.

The Rat Islands earthquake preceded by one prophetic 260-day cycle the origin of the book "Course in Miracles",

And significantly to this discussion, a further thirty times 364 days after the Rat Islands earthquake of February 3-4, 1965 brings us to December 28-29, 1994, and this earthquake struck offshore Japan on December 28, 1994...
"...occurred on December 28, 1994 at 12:19:23 UTC (21:19 local time). This was a magnitude Mw 7.7 earthquake with epicenter located in the Pacific Ocean at about 180 km east of Hachinohe, Aomori..."

Does that place and time look familiar? 12:19 UTC (7:19 AM CDT)....ten times 365 days before the Sumatra quake December 25, 2004, according to the Maya and Aztec, the 365-day and 364-day and 360-day cycles are all, May 16, 2016 is 7810 days (a multiple of 110) after that Northern Japan quake, and this morning at almost exactly the same time, a notable earthquake struck Southern Japan...Let's have a look at another time Asian troops arrived in the Western Hemisphere on behalf of a "New World Order"....

Nostradamus wrote that "the great raugon (dragon?) would be released on October the third" which in the Julian Calendar he observed equals October 16 in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Late on October 16-17, 2004....well, I'll just copy and paste from a previous posting:

On the morning of April 29, 1965, a deadly magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck Seattle, Washington:

...the next day, The U.S. invaded the Dominican Republic...

This concurrence of a historic earthquake with war and invasion (something referred to in the Gog and Magog prophecy in Ezekiel Chapter 38 & 39) reminds me also of the fact that:

Chinese troops (U.N. peacekeepers) who had arrived in Haiti on October 17, 2004 for the first intervention in the Western Hemisphere went into action in Haiti's capital for the first time on December 14, 2004, and the next day, the largest earthquake "in a hundred years" struck the relatively nearby Cayman Islands, here are links to reports about both events:

News of that earthquake in the Caribbean was soon eclipsed by the monstrous December 25-26, 2004 Sumatra Indonesia quake, which was said to have shaken the entire globe!

The concurrence with of that earthquake in the same month which saw Chinese troops in unprecedented operation in the Western Hemisphere calls to mind a quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte:
"Let China Sleep, for when the Dragon awakes, she will shake the world."

Well now, I've gone and mentioned Napoleon twice in this posting, so I reckon a pic of him in his playtime-clothes might be appropriate. Seriously though, let's see what the next 24 hours brings in light of earthquake-and-world-domination cycles are concerned. I still think the volcanoes rumbling indicates something big for Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

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