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The Echoes of Thunder…The Starchild…In Rome…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 21-Apr-2016 13:18:44

*SONG* Invincible by Pat Benatar (You really need to listen to this one.)

They say things are written in the stars…
Destiny…but some would argue we choose
Our own fate, our own path…
If that’s the case…then why are
Things decided for us from the day
We are born?

We are taught how to think, what to think…
How to learn…so where’s the choice?

From birth, the home, to school…to how
We enter society…we are individuals, shaped
By our local and home environments…
And so shape our towns, states, countries…
Divided and united we stand…
The strongest, the richest, the most virtuous…
Which is most important?
Do the leaders decide…the leaders or the
Powers behind them?

Again…The question comes…
Destiny or choice?

We are taught a history we, for the most part,
Never saw…We can but only rely
On our most recent elders to tell us the stories…
Which are selectively told; edited, fixed…
If an immortal walked the Earth what
Would they see, tell?
Shouldn’t there just be one book, the truth?

Are the great geniuses the scientists that
Give us technology or those that control
Education…that write and edit the words, works
And books…history? The media?
United we stand…divided we fall?

…And there she stood again…strong. The titan…
Bathed in a golden light…on the mysterious ship…
Rana, her auburn curled hair crown…Eyes
Piercing, flashing like a Thundercat…
“I am not here to serve; I am here to roar.
Make no mistake. If you do not like it, go…
Go somewhere else. You are completely free to
Choose…These are just words, just a story…?
Breathe, think, feel…decide. Paint me a
Picture and tell me why you painted it.
Go to work, do your job and tell me why
You did it? Your world is full of indulgences
And contradictions…And you have all the
Answers that you need…don’t you? Or are
You searching for something? Some missing
Piece of a puzzle that you just can’t explain…
I’ve filled his head with words I confess,
Begging to say things…
Dare to walk, dare to run, dare to chase
A dream…But what are your dreams worth,
Money? That’s what you’re chasing isn’t it?
Truth? What is that?

She pointed to the notebook, “Write it…Tell it…
Share it…Make them feel it…Paint the
Picture with words…in a dream…Shout it…
Roar it…And have all who read it share it…
And dream…doubt…question…wonder…and
Believe…Because there is much you do not know.
Now…tell them the story…of the starchild’s
Coming to Rome.”

Rome…The mighty empire, perhaps the mightiest
Of Earth…that the world has ever known…
And still lives today…
Was born, forged and delivered by bullies…
Cast by the dark one’s serpent seed…
In the form of two brothers…whose abusive
Mind was shaped by traditional education…
Build the bully with a criminal soul to thus
Build its family, own town into a city that
Would serve such a criminal need…
A dark empire to mirror that of the
Master…That unto hardens and corrupts
The universe…
This is how it has always been…
The details and insidious nature revealed by
Its actions…look around you to discover why…

Every nation that you know reflects this…
One definition is impossible because for each
One has its own understanding…
Back…into the past…
For weeks the Roman ship that carried those
Early slaves to the seaside ports to Rome
Struggled on the stormy seas…its human cargo
Dwindling down…lives lost from the agony of
The journey…brought the last of the starchild’s
Villagers…and when at last it landed hard
To deliver them…Hell came with it
From wrath of the watcher’s post.

Throughout the lands of Rome animals had
Gone wild…Horses reared with protest fighting
All command, livestock ran astray…The
Animals of the wild gave grief to all people…
The bees and insects bit and stung. The birds
Flew blind and wild with nuisance…And in
The beast cages of the coliseum, where the
Lions, and bears entertained the crowds by
Mauling the offenders of Rome…The animals
Ran out of control, turned upon the spectators…
Killing dozens…The bears in particular were
Ferocious, tearing the heads off nearly 50
People…For no apparent reason…It was as
If nature were in rage at Rome?
The people feared the gods were angry…
They thought ignorant reasons of course…
Not enough offerings? Disobedient slaves?
Not enough blood?

So the people sought the counsel of the
Oracles…Why were the animals so angry?
The seers cast their visions upward…
And found a name…somehow…
The goddess of nature, Ceres, was angry…
Spare the bears…or see endless
Suffering to Rome…
And so no more bears were held in the
Arena again…
They were stupid people…Still, someone
Whispered something…

At the ports the slave ships emptied their
Surviving cargo…
By chance a powerful man of the
Senate was there that day seeking to
Purchase new slaves for his estate…
The mighty Magnus…well known for
His wealth, wisdom and name…
In other words, a power hungry arrogant
Man who stepped on anyone in his
Way…he had a huge ego…and a very
Big mouth.
Magnus was immediately taken with the
Cargo from Britain…The newest prizes
Taken, and highly sought after by all the
Names in Rome…They brought feisty
Stock, ruddy angry men…perfect for
The blood sports in the arena…and women
Of fair skin, blue eyes…gold and the
Most striking red hair…something they
Had never seen!

There were 10 of the starchild village that
Stood alive in the lines for inspection…
All caught Magnus’s eyes…In particularly
A beautiful strong-willed young woman
With strawberry blond hair and eyes that
Shined like the sea…Corin was her name…
Upon sight of her, he purchased the
Entire lot of the ship just to have her…

None of the slave cargo understood what
Was going on…The language spoken was
So odd and quick sounding…The Romans
Spoke and carried themselves so tall and
Proud…as though everything was beneath
Them. And they were dressed in clothes unlike
They had ever seen…in flashy robes and
Sashes…with sandaled feet and finely cut
And styled hair…They were very well groomed…
They were impressive and imposing to behold…
And impossible to reason with. There was
Nothing humble about them.

But Magnus strut about the port with his
Assistant Corpius, and an entourage of
Meager half-dressed slaves…He kept
Pointing at Corin, “I want that one…
Clean her, have her well dressed for my
Personal attendants to my home…”
He quickly assessed the rest…The men
Were all to be sent to the Arena cages
For the weekend’s sports…Where they
Find selections for who would survive the
Trials to be selected as gladiators…

Any man that survived the trials of the
Arena, which were very few, were then
Sorted and selected and sold to gladiator
Schools…where they would be
Broken in spirit, then instructed in the ways
Of weapons and fighters to entertain
The crowds for the games…

Magnus seemed very pleased with his purchase
That day…wickedly eyeing the lovely Corin…
Who met his eyes nervously…Then he
Departed for his villa…and left the slavers
To do their jobs.

Once purchased all slaves were sent to
Training, aside from the men chosen for
The arena…no need to train them unless
They survived…
The training schools were a gross version
Of the schools of today…Slaves were
Stripped and washed down like cattle
By other slaves…mostly big brute men
That were spared the fate of the arena…They
Were then sparsely dressed, unless otherwise
Ordered; like Corin…and immediately
Taught the harsh ways of obedience by
Whips and the fists of the overseers…
Here they learned more Roman vocabulary…
All spirits were broken…obedience was
Absolute…any that fought were beaten
Severely…There were always those that
Served as brutal examples…and some were
Deliberately beat to death to scare the others
To serve and learn quickly. Once fear
Was established…The lessons moved
Fast…and the slave students were ready
For their master’s home…

For Corin, it was different…
Those that were found of special beauty
Were trained more carefully…less force
Was used…They were forced to watch the
Beatings to gain their fear…This made
It easier to break them down…
Then they were bathed and finely
Groomed and dressed…and taught greater
Manners…a finishing school of sorts…
Where they were taught how to speak, how
To stand and carry themselves respectfully
As they would serve more prominent
Roles as body slaves to their masters…
Personal slaves who often accompanied
Their masters everywhere…

As far as the rules of virtue and
Dignity go…There was one rule for ALL
Slaves…anything goes…The slave was to
ALWAYS accept any request of their
Master…Their bodies belonged to their
Masters…nakedness was irrelevant…
All sexual requests were acceptable…
The notion of rape or abuse did not exist
To the slave…for their lives meant
Only what their masters said they were

For slaves chosen of more special prize, such
As Corin’s class…it was slightly different…
These slaves were owned…To be handled
Not by anyone but only ONE…and that
Would be the one they were bound to once
Sent to the master.

Unruly slaves…or those who were found
To be less attractive…were sent to the
Most undesirable places in Rome…
Where they became city workers, servers
In whorehouses…or the lowest lost ones
That served as food for beasts in the
Arena games…momentary entertainment
For spectators…
Life held little remaining value for slaves in Rome…

As this was a city that was built by
Bullies…It was the perfect school for
The bully to break and brainwash
Any soul to serve or lose its self respect
And worth…And the ideal place of
Egotism to thrive…
Civilizations of the era thrived this way…
By breaking the spirit of anyone by
Bullying…by controlling people through
Fear…To crush hope by emphasizing
The glamour of the bully…refining it
With beauty and mocking all virtues
With acquisitions of wealth…fancy living…
And the ownership of slaves.

Corin…was delivered to the estate of the great
Magnus dressed in finer lines, beads of gems…
And a leather collar bearing the mark of
The master who now owned her body, mind…
And spirit; or so they said, the spirit is
Always free.
She entered a home unlike she had ever
Seen…built of stone with columns and masonry
Set by those of fantastic skill; artist slaves
Of course…There were marble floors and
Statues and busts…carvings of figures…The
Artwork was amazing…The buildings of Rome
Were imposing enough to subdue the confidence
Of anyone…For is such things existed and compared
To the humble dwellings most knew…then
Maybe in fact the Romans were a superior
People…and all the rest were but inferior
Slaves? Corin had to wonder…she was
Obedient, yet inside she managed to fight to
Hold on to something few knew of themselves…
That inner light…

House slaves greeted her at the door…led her
Inside to a front hallway that was
Luxurious…Her eyes seemed endlessly
Overwhelmed everywhere she looked…Yet she
Focused attention on the people foremost…The
Slaves, for that’s who taught her the most.

There were many slaves in the house of
Magnus…of various skin colors, and hair…
All young women and men…All of them
Moved quick, were scantily dressed…and
Held terrible fear in their eyes…

“This way,” a young olive skinned girl said
As she led her inside, in Roman; all spoke
Roman, it was commanded. “The master
Will be with you shortly.”

“This is an amazing home.” Corin tried to
Say to the slave girl. “I have never seen
Such a place.” But the slave girl would not
Answer…it was as if conversation was forbidden.
She took her to his meeting room, which
Was immense like everything…ordered her to
Stand by the table and wait, wait for HIS
Greatness to arrive…Then left as quickly and
Quietly as a mouse…leaving Corin alone taking
In her surroundings, clinging to what remained
Of herself with all she had.

Then finally he entered…He was a tall man,
Firmly built, solid not quite athletic…It was
The way he walked and carried himself that
Said everything…Very straight, his chin held
High; flies could have flown in and out of his
Nostrils. He wore robes of white and blue
That wrapped around his shoulders and
Waist to the knee, one drape drawn over
His left bent arm…with sandaled feet
He seemed to strut into the room…followed by
Two men closely, one a fellow Roman
Dressed like himself, the other a very mild
Mannered slave whose eyes never left
The floor.
“Ah, I see you have arrived.” He said coming
To a stop before her. “This is my assistant
Corpius…” He watched her face carefully,
She barely blinked. “Do you know who I am?”

“Magnus.” Corin answered.

His eyebrow arched…He waited for the proper

“Master.” She immediately added.

He nodded. “In time you will learn how
Things work…I realize this is new to you,” he
Said as he strolled around her, his eyes
Studying every inch of her. “You are very
Beautiful. I see the taskers have groomed
You very well. Yes, a fine job from the
Land you come from…Do you have a name?”

She paused briefly; was she allowed to answer?
“Corin.” She said.

He nodded. “That will do for now.” He stopped
Directly in front of her then lowered his brow
To stare into her eyes. “Leave us.” He ordered
The two men, never taking his eyes off her.
Once they were alone… “Now…we can speak.
Do you know who I am?”

She stood confused. “Master?”

“I am the great Magnus, of the senate of Rome.”
He said with pride, an arrogance that was
Revolting. “I am one of the most powerful men
Of Rome, of one of the greatest families that
Our city was built on…13 families to be
Specific…built our nation into what it is
And will be…We are the world…And I am
The voice and fist on which it makes its
Mind. Do you understand this?”

“I believe so.” Corin answered, wide eyed…

“It means I am the law of Rome.” Magnus
Told her. “But I am not the you think…
I see the fear in your eyes of the slave…I
Understand you are afraid of what has been
Done to you…You have been taken from
Your homeland…stripped of freedom to serve…
But it is for your benefit…so as to serve
The will of the gods, the chosen of this
World that will command the shape of things
To come…THAT is what Rome is…it is the
Present and future of the world…No more
Will there be barbarians ravaging the
Countryside living like wild animals…We are
Building a civilized world…And though it
May seem otherwise…you play an important
Part…” Magnus smiled. “This is true.”
He studied her for a response. “Do you know
What is expected of you?”

“To serve you.” She answered…numbly.

He nodded… “More than that…To give yourself
To me completely…Anything I deserve…that
Is the only way this will work…My prior
Slave did not understand this…That is why
She was sent away.”

“Sent away?” Corin asked.

He frowned. “Yes?”

“Master.” She corrected.

“What I ask of you is to completely obey me…
To read my needs and desires…without question
Or hesitation.” He told her…deceitfully sweetly.
“I have a wife…but what I have with you will
Be more…personal…and intimate…”

Her eyes widened as she sensed his intentions…

“You understand; I see it in your eyes.” He
Told her.

What could she say? “Yes, master.”

He nodded. “I wish to make an understanding
Between us…Today, offers the games at the
Coliseum…it is a marvelous event for all of
Rome…There, you will be at my side to
Witness this…How we celebrate that which
Makes our city the greatest in all the land…”
He kept studying her. “You have people…
From your land…there, that will perform

“Perform?” Corin asked. “Master?”

“I am going to have you taken there today,”
He said as he strolled again about her. “To
See your people…visit with them…As a
Gesture of understanding between us…To be

Corin could only blink confusion.

“I will have my slaves take you there
Now, then meet with you in my box when the
Events begin later.” He said once again
Standing before her. “Then…you will
Understand…how things are…and will be.”
He strolled out of the room… “I will see
You later, Corin…”

She stood there waiting…wondering what
Was to happen?

Soon more slaves arrived, men of more seasoned
Age and size…That escorted her from the
Estate into and through the city streets…
Until they reached an enormous rounded
Building…There, Corin was led beneath the
Structure into hallways of cages, pens…full
Of men…of all skin colors and type…But
These were not like the slave men of the slave
School…These were all young men of
Stronger build…between the ages of 16
And 25…but they were not cleaned or
Stripped of their homeland’s garments…
These men still wore their animal skins
And tribal talismans…For some reason they
Were allowed to remain the way they were
Taken…And they were filthy from not
Bathing and living in their own waste…
Forced to live like animals in these pens…
Why? She could wonder…Surely if
Anyone saw them…They would think
These men were wild beasts…was that
The interest?

As she walked past the pens awkwardly…
The men awed at this beautifully groomed
Woman slave who was clearly horrified by
The sights…There were no grunting carnal
Calls…Most of them were either angry
Or frustrated or embarrassed…They only clung
At their cell walls to leer at her…For they
Had never seen a woman like her before,
Re-shaped by Rome.

At the very end she met the penned room
With bars that held the 5 men of her village…
Garth, a well built young man of 20 saw
Her and shouted her name, “Corin!” He
Clung to the bars to reach her.

“Garth!” She cried clinging to the young brownish-
Blond haired man she knew as her boyfriend. “What
Have they done to you?”

“Me?” Garth cried. “What have they done
To you?” The sight of her made him cry,
The way she was dressed and cleaned, her
Hair finely combed and scented. “You
Look…beautiful…I cannot believe…”

“The school of the slaves,” she said her eyes full
Of tears… “Where they took us, the women and
Young girls…They did this…it was awful.”

He was stunned at how she appeared, for if it
Were not for the horrors they had endured…she
Would have been a vision of the gods. “What are
They doing to us?”

Brock, another young man from her village stood
Beside Garth marveling at her. He was so dirty
From being held in the gross conditions, his dark
Hair matted and beard caked with mud. “Is
That what they have done to all our women?
What of Bern and Lara?”

“I did not see them.” Corin told them as she
Sank weak with tears. “They were taken
Somewhere else…with many others, from other
Villages…and other lands, of many languages…
These people, these Romans…are monsters.”

“They have no respect for life at all.” Garth
Said biting his teeth fighting the cage bars
Looking at all the other cages full of men. “Look
At them all…”

“What are they going to do to us?” Brock asked.
“Do you know? They will not tell us anything.
We do not know their language.”

“The master said something about performing
In the coliseum…” Corin said.

“Master?” Garth asked. “What are you
Speaking of? The way you talk…the
Way you’re dressed…Perform?”

“I do not know.” Corin gasped, swallowed,
Shaking her head. “I do not know…”

“Something terrible…” Garth said, his eyes
Wild. “I can feel it…”

“Yes,” Corin agreed, crying…the tears
Welling in her eyes. “I have this terrible sick

Garth studied her, the guards…sensing the
Moment… “Why have they let you come here?”

“The master, Magnus…said something about
Making an understanding…between us.” She said.

Garth scowled. “What has he asked of you?”

Her face filled with terror. “To give myself
To him completely.”

“What?” Brock asked with rage.

“I’m afraid.” She told them, clinging to
Garth’s hands between the bars. “I’m so

“This place is the Underworld.” Garth’s eyes
Spun around…wondering of this dark den
The men were held in… “It’s like we are being
Punished…Forced to play a sick game…”

“By those arrogant to think they own
The world and everything that dwells on it.”
Brock added.

“The city is so immense…it is unlike anything
I have ever seen.” Corin told them… “I never
Imagined such a place existed.”

“A place made built to resemble Heaven, as
For gods,” Brock said with disgust, “But with
All the dwellers of Hell to rule it.”

“Grandmother’s nightmares…” Corin said with
Distant eyes… “We never believed them…
The darkness that would come…The shadow
That would stretch over the lands…all
Lands…The mask of friendly village, made for
Warriors and forgers of Hell…They were all

“We never listened.” Garth seemed to cry.

“Who could imagine such a place, such things,”
Brock went on, “That men…could be such
Monsters…We, our forefathers have fought
Crazed battles…but not like this…”

“There must be a way free of this.” Garth
Protested. “There must be a way…out.”

Corin cried harder. “If there is…my eyes
Are blind to it. If only I had listened more…”

“How could anyone prepare for this?” Brock
Asked… “That men tie others down this way…
It’s like they are beating us down for
Pleasure alone.”

“Tell me what to do.” Corin begged them.
“Tell me what to think or believe…I feel like
I have lost myself to the will of others…”

Garth fought angrily to think. “No one owns
Anyone else…No matter what they force upon

“How do we fight this?” She cried.

“If there is a way.” Brock said with fearful
Reason, “I do not see it…Escape?”

“There are those at every turn,” Corin said,
“Romans with fists and weapons everywhere…
And slaves to do their will like it or not…
It’s like this is a place with no souls…
Only creatures that walk like men, talk
Like dark spirits with forked tongues…They
Laugh or protest…and beat all spirits down.”

Garth swallowed, staring into Corin’s eyes
Hard and desperately. “You must survive…
You must survive, no matter what happens…
To see and find a way out of this…
Someone of us must live to get out…to
Be free…To learn how to stop them.”

“To what end?” Corin pleaded. “To run?
Where? These Romans are everywhere!”

“You must survive!” Garth demanded. “No
Matter what…you must…If but only to
Show you’re worthy to!”

The guards, her handlers then began to
Move forward to seize her…her time with
Them was up…She weakly fought them,
Her tears draining her will… “Garth, please?!”

“Survive, Corin!” He shouted, shaking the
Bars. “Survive!”

She cried and screamed, Garth only shouted
More…pointlessly fighting his prison for hope that
Was stolen…What purpose did Magnus have
In this torment? Devilish reason shaped
All experience now…Where was hope? Why, how
Could this be happening? Where was Heaven,
The spirits, their gods or any god to allow
Such things to make the world this way?

Freedom was gone…Hope was a mystery…
Civilizations had come upon the world in
Brutal force…Civilization was a bully! And
All living things were toys for bullies now…
Was this the way it was to be? What
Would the future hold?

Corin felt like a pawn now…to play a
Game beyond her control…The rules were
Mysterious, revealing themselves moment to
Moment…Law was not justice, it was
Determined by the strongest hand, with
The greatest wealth, all were forced to
Believe it…

She, and everyone beneath the Romans were
Forced to feel worthless, not worthy of anything
But what they were allowed…on whims…

But as the guards and handlers led her out of
This dungeon of tormented men…They led
Her past a cage of wild, untamed looking
Foreigners with long hair and scant clothes…
With tanned skin and strong bodies. They
Were fierce looking…silent, and stared her
Down hungrily…If not for the bars they
Would have done horrible things to her. Yet
They held some sort of quiet intelligence in
Their eyes, very unique looking…impressive
Even. They shouted at guards, at her, at
The sight of this fair woman…

She managed to pause, the guards paused, by
Some strange moment nothing could stop…
As if time held some magic spell to
Suspend the moment…a lock met a key…
Corin by chance locked eyes with one of
These men who clung to the bars, forcing
His face between them…His voice in foreign
Tongue calling to her words she could not
Understand…But his eyes!
This man, savage, brute, lost soul had
The most mesmerizing aquamarine eyes
Unlike the others…

The magic…The pull of the magnet…
Something forged by the stars in both
Of them…a star secret within Corin’s
Genes and this nameless man from an
Unknown land…

Their eyes spoke to each other…
Time held all things still…unbreakable…
“I know you.” His eyes said to hers…
There was a powerful physical attraction…
Not guided by lust but the soul…
“And I know you.” Her eyes said to his…
Suddenly EVERYTHING was forgotten…
And for magic moments there were no
Prison bars, no cages, no Rome…
Only that star-crossed connection…
Secrets in blood and spirit and dreams…
Dreams! “In dreams I know you!” They
Said silently to each other… “I know you!
I know you! I know you!” The words echo…
Like thunder through the universe,
And nothing could deny it.
From that moment on they could not stop
Thinking of each other…And when the guards
Finally broke the moment…And they forced them
Further apart…The bond, memory and
Connection only grew stronger…
Soul mates had by chance found each other…
Love at first sight…A very rare connection,
And in that…The unbreakable bond…
And the strength to become invincible.

Corin was taken up to the tiers of seating
And boxed spaces where Romans of all
Classes assembled to watch the beginning of
The games…There, she was reunited with
The master Magnus…in his personal box,
Where he sat with his garish looking wife…
A woman who was overly curvy, adorned with
Shiny jewelry and fine clothing…The woman
Was the picture of arrogant, indulgent, imagine
Beauty, drunk with her own desires…and
Surrounded by slaves to attend her every
Snobbish, pig-like need. It was immediately
Clear Magnus had this wife, Davina, for
Reasons other than love; Roman marriage
Was for status, thus it held no moral value.

Magnus was very pleased to see Corin, but
Said nothing…as talking with slaves’ in
Public kindly was frowned upon. He then
Spoke silently with his wicked eyes to her…
He nodded for her to watch…pay attention…
And learn now…for this is how things
Were to be.

What came next was horrible…
Corin did indeed learn…Her mind and senses
Now were sharper than ever from her
Soul mate’s strength…The eyes took it all
In for the growing secret reborn spirit…

The Roman crowd roared…Wealthy Roman
Boxed patrons were scattered about the circular
Arena’s seating…Cheers as it began…

Shimmering gladiator steel-clothed men enter
The sanded arena below with weapons of
The cruelest shapes…Then, groups of men
From the pens below were brought out to
Be greeted by the gladiators with the worst
Force…There was no mercy, no equal odds…

It was a slaughter of innocence…
Wild-looking filthy seeming savages who
Were forced to fight for their lives.
This was the honor of Rome? It was
Disgusting! It was the young, children
Fighting children…with no rules and no
Respect…A blood bath for soul-less laughter
To entertain Roman egos.
Few survived the fighting…Those that did
Were sent to gladiator schools to continue the
Sick tradition…

Then Corin saw the men of her village brought
Out, only to be beaten, tortured and slain
Without fail…none survived. All she could do
Was swallow with wide-eyed terror…crying…
As Magnus watched her face with demonic
Glee…His point had been made…Romans
Ruled the world…And he owned her…
Fighting was pointless…

Breathing desperately, she watched as
Then the men were brought out last…of
Who her mysterious soul mate stood…

The magic moment returned…Her man
Found Corin’s eyes in the crowd…So when
The gladiators descended upon them, the
Odds changed…The fighting became surreal,
Supernatural even…Men fell left and
Right…But this time the gladiators fell
Too…until one man was left standing, hers…
The crowd was stunned…But cheered
At the bloody victor…Who would then be
Shaped to become the new legend of the
Arena…The survivor of survivors…
Invincible…A future rebel…granted a
Name and mysterious legend to live
Through history…

And Corin found and matched her gladiator’s
Strength or survive…And while this may
Not sound like a happy ending…but history
Knew few happy endings…Corin survived
By serving her master Magnus…perfectly…
Sweetly, seductively…Learning their ways…
Their secrets…to become a legend herself
As a secret rebel…but one unknown to history…
That would in fact contribute to the future
Downfall of Rome. Yes, she surrendered
To Magnus…but she became invincible…

Now…Depart, and come back to now…
Rana stood gleaming beneath the golden
Light…waiting with a sly smile, her
Bewitching cat-like sparkling eyes fixed upon
The notebook… “A bit different this
Time, I know.” She said. “Not all stories
Can be told completely for a reason…The
Purpose become clear to the right mind
That needs it…The timing is most important.”

Varence, the tall chiseled creamy-haired
Mystery man stepped forward, clean and
Sharp in his white shirt. “As I have said…
Timing is the most important.”

“Things are happening now.” Rana said,
Her tone…absolute. “Things must be seen
For what they are…Choices must be made…
The time for things that never came are
Boiling…And every little moment could
Make a difference.”

“Am I allowed to say it then?” Varence

“Speak your mind of course.” Rana said.

“If it’s so important,” he lowered his brow,
“Then why is it such a secret? Make no
Mistake with my words…I’m asking
Only to question secrets.”

Rana then nodded for her sister to
Step forward. Then Ceres came into
The light, glittering and shining with her
Golden hair in the light and icy blue
Fiery flame in her eyes… “And once again
The world greets rulers of an ancient
Rome…To return to the seats of rulers…
And as these words find the desks of
Hidden seats…I say again…Hello again,
Magnus…” She was secretly angry.

“That story will come then soon.” Rana
Seemed to laugh. “You see, Varence and
My sister did have one meeting with the
Man, the mighty called Magnus once before.
You’ll find that quite…entertaining.”

“Only this time Magnus…” Ceres said
Seriously intense, “There’s no big head to
Get in the way of interfering…Dorin’s silent
Now…The watchers have different rules.”

“And all we’ve seen and learned,” Varence
Said, “Can now be put to interesting use…”

“Dare to dream,” Ceres went on, “Dare
To challenge…Call me names? I will
Break you.” She curled her lip and her
Eyebrow slanted…The poise of wild wicked
Content… “Rome…The disgust, the loathly
Tides of worthless living things that
Called themselves superiors? I would never
Have given interest to a moment of it
Had it not been for that army that
Found the village…Yes, I watched the
Animals, but to admire them, not
Steal their virtue away. Abuse them and
Yes, I whisper rebellion in their ears!”

“Now Ceres,” Varence mildly pleaded, “Bide
Your time appropriately…All good things
Find their time…And all bad things find
Their end…”

“Words and quotes corrected in due time.”
Rana added with a smile.

“Watch the birds,” Ceres only said, “Pay
Attention to the birds.”

“I still will only offer this as I’ve said
Before,” Varence said, “So many British
Accents in the future…that hasn’t changed
And won’t. No matter what the east
And west say or do.”

Rana nodded. “Now, Vala would you please?”

Vala stepped forward, humming her siren’s
Song. “Bind and blind the minds that
Will not and refuse to see. Hear me?
Regardless…These words are like thunder.
Say them, whisper them, shout them or
Read them silently or aloud…These
Words have power…For this is the hour.
Arctic winds make ICE…
And find the winds that blow…
Don’t put away your jackets yet…
Lie…and FREEZE…

I see you welcome days ahead
The weather never knew before…
Calls from the stars call forth victors
To arise…Champions destined to find
Their seats command crowns, solid
And fortified with protection…
For heroes named to save will win…
And become invincible…

You cannot stop it. For if you try
You will freeze.”


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