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***INTEL*** END OF FEDERAL RESERVE & FRNs on Tuesday??? :)

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Sunday, 17-Apr-2016 19:19:20

The Old System: Federal Reserve Bank / Federal Reserve Notes / IMF / SWIFT

The New System: AIIB / BRICS / CIPS

(The following notes are from this agent to a reader asking about this topic so I will include)

I heard Wells Fargo is now owned by the Elders / Dragons who are backing the banks with real gold that they have...after all...they got more gold than anybody else on earth.
I also heard Chase is the same deal...and that in the end they will have control over them all. In other words...your $$$ will now be safe there. (like a bank should be)

I heard WF went Basel 3 a good while back and I believe it was the 1st bank the good guys were able to buy out. (the bad CEOs went to jail)

They say these delays we are experiencing now are due to the further arrests of the bad bankers. This RV is a sting operation as the greedy bad guys are first in line to cash in...but instead get handcuffs. Greed will get you every time.

So they want all the sticky fingers removed from the banks so your $$$ will be safe and once they clear the way...the PPs will flow...RV & GCR...and more.

All the new system is tied in together with banks becoming Basel 3 compliant (going to Basel 4 soon which is even tighter regulations to keep the banks honest / safe) then you got the BRICS alliance (Brazil / Russia / India / China / South Africa) (more nations have joined Germany & France and eventually they all will) who will basically replace the IMF to move the world funds around. The AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) will replace the world banks (now owned by the cabal families) and to replace the SWIFT international wire transfer system (owned by the cabal) with the new CIPS (Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payment System) which is working now along side the old SWIFT system and soon to be weaned off. BTW...they did not like this new idea but were forced to comply or else by the new powers to be.

Get ready to prosper soon. This will be an interesting week in history. Nothing to enjoy the show folks. Mr.Ed :)

(The following intel is correct and true IMO)

This just in via email from anonymous source.

-------- Original Message --------

Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2016

On Tuesday, 19th April 2016, the
Chinese will launch the new gold-
backed Yuan (the new Chinese
They will simultaneously launch a new
Chinese electronic payment system so
the current western banking system,
called “SWIFT electronic payment
system”, will not be able to access and
exchange the new gold-backed Yuan.
The SWIFT system will not be able to
exchange gold-backed Yuan for any
other currency in the SWIFT system; it
will only be convertible on the new
Chinese payment system.
That is why the chairperson of the
Federal Reserve in the USA, Janet
Yellen, met with Barack Obama this
week. You might think that they meet
regularly, but the chairperson of the
Federal Reserve only meets with the
president on issues on national
This development which has been
several years in the making, and which
is now coming to pass, has many
implications for everyone on this
planet, but especially the people of the
United States of America.
This new gold-backed currency is likely
to be a far more attractive currency
exchange and payment system option,
as there is an underlying asset backing
the currency, whereas the US Dollar is
based on debt owed to the banks that
is highly leveraged, with little real asset
backing. Already there are 188
countries that have agreed to use the
new Chinese electronic payment
system that comes online on Tuesday.
What this means is that the fiat US
Dollar will be replaced as the world’s
reserve currency by the gold-backed
Further, what this means is that
countries that have “bought” and held
US dollars to facilitate trade will
repatriate their US dollars back to the
Federal Reserve and demand exchange
for their own currencies.
This will hold dire consequences for the
Federal Reserve because they don’t
hold sufficient reserves to repay all
these countries, and the value of the
US Dollar will come crashing down.
Printing more US Dollars will not assist
the US in a US economic recovery, as
they did in 2008.
This act by the Chinese may be viewed
by the USA as an “act of aggression
and war” so the US is considering its
options in this regard.
Its only real options are a nuclear war
with the Chinese, or to accept an “olive
branch” from the Chinese to accept the
situation and accept the offer from
China to back a new treasury issued US
Dollar with gold.
If the US opts for option 1, it would
place the entire US population at grave
risk, as well as its allies, and the entire
world. If it opts for option 2 it would
mean the end of the Federal Reserve
System and the old US Dollar.
If option 2 is accepted, then there will
be an evaluation and revaluation (RV)
of the world’s currency system. This will
require a shutdown of all banks for a
few days, or even weeks. It would also
usher in the release of the wealth in the
Collateral Accounts, and the World
Trust accounts, which will mean a basic
income for every man woman and child
on the planet, and a forgiveness of all
debt (a debt jubilee).
I thought I should explain this,
although it might seem a little
complicated to understand, for it is
best you to know and do not panic. It is
transpiring ("trance spriraling") soon.

RMN is an RA production.

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***INTEL*** END OF FEDERAL RESERVE & FRNs on Tuesday??? :)
Mr.Ed -- Sunday, 17-Apr-2016 19:19:20
Read More: The Final Days of the Federal Reserve - Operation Disclosure
Mr.Ed -- Sunday, 17-Apr-2016 19:27:07

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