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Posted By: igots2no
Date: Friday, 15-Apr-2016 18:48:12

American Lawyer article for a reference:

DC = David Crayford below

Dear American Lawyer,

What can I say? The only thing I can say is WHAT A “BLOCKBUSTER” OF AN ARTICLE.

You have stated things in your article that I could never say because of the protocols we work under, whereby I sincerely hope that the content of your article hits right at the heart of the American people and people all over the world.

You have certainly got more depth of knowledge and coverage on this subject than what I originally gave you credit for and I personally applaud your determination on this matter.

May I respectfully take this opportunity to reflect and comment of a few points within your article, as below:-

1). Your Comments, quote “My contacts in the financial world tell me”.

DC. You appear to have some very good knowledgeable contacts in the Financial World who fully understand about that which I speak / explain, and who may have, some time in their career, been involved (innocently) in some part of this because they were being ordered from the bosses.

2). Your comments, quote “the United States Government funds it's thinly veiled attempts at total global domination and control.”

DC. Absolutely correct, but what people appear to not fully understand is that all of this has been going on since the early 1900’s, so just imagine (and this is a point you also mentioned further on in your article), the huge, in fact enormous, amount of money involved over decades. To date we calculate that the amount owed by America to the Global Debt Facility is approximately $664 trillion USD +++ because we are still investigating and still adding to the amount I have quoted above because that amount does not include the $596 trillion USD which is connected to the “WANTA” and “RONALD REAGAN” activities, mainly because the investigations are ongoing on that issue, nor does it include the continuous theft of assets from depositories around the world.

In respect of the latter point, we are fully aware that most of the active groups involved in the theft of assets are in fact MERCENARIES from America, Japan, Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, United Kingdom, some of whom are working with Military and Government Officials of the countries from where the assets are being stolen (Note how the above countries are all allies of America).
In your article you did mention President Aquino of the Philippines, a real puppet of the Americans and one of the recipients of funds from “Mirrored Accounts”. The very same applies to every President of the Philippines since the demise of Ferdinand Marcos. The only President of the Philippines who was not a puppet of the Americans was Joseph Estrada who lasted just over 2 years when he also met his fate as was kicked out as President at the hands / intervention of the CIA and a totally fabricated scenario which was purposely structured to discredit him sufficiently that the people would demand his resignation. Another one bites the dust.

3). Your comments, quote “U.S. governmental agents removed the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, just like they did the previous M1, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.”

DC The big question now is whether they will succeed in removing the second International Treasury Controller.
That is not going to be as easy as they possibly believe. This person is far more alert to the dangers that are present and has taken the necessary steps of protection on a 24 / 7 basis.
There have been minor attempts to locate the person, and one warning attempt on same by interfering with the offside front tyre of his vehicle, designed to blow and cause a serious accident which may have resulted in serious injuries or even death. It didn’t work and the International Treasury Controller is still alive and working as hard as ever. Tough Luck to the people who attempted this because they failed, whereby such attempts just spur us all on with far more determination than they can ever imagine.

4). Your comments, quote “The Collateral Accounts were literally the start up funds for these financial institutions.”

DC I do have permission from the ITC to release specific information on this, but it is limited information only.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was incorporated. America did not have any money to finance it at the time. What happened was that the Tzar of Russia sent 75,000 MT of Gold to America as the Collateral to finance the Federal Reserve. That Gold was part of the Collateral Accounts held under Custodianship by the Tzar of Russia. There are documents held by the Russian Federation to prove this fact.

Recent investigations reveal that the 75,000 MT of Gold is no longer with the Federal Reserve or the American Government. To put it bluntly ------------- it has disappeared.
That, Readers, is why Kissinger was in Russia recently and the Pope met with the Russian Patriarch in Cuba.
Kissinger went back to America with his tail between his legs. The Pope, through the Vatican Bank who have a very close relationship with the Federal Reserve, was shocked and is now distancing himself from America.
That is, or was, the behind the scenes activities that were happening which was not, and never will be revealed publicly, except for what I have stated herein.

Is it no wonder why the Western Media is promoting this “Get at Putin” and “Putin is to blame”, propaganda that we see in the MSM of the West. It is all BS of the highest order to cover the tracks of what America has done in the past, and continue to do.

What a nice little “MERRY-GO-ROUND” of geopolitical activities and America is right at the centre of it again, and again, and again.

5). Your comments, quot “Average American citizens have no idea about what's taking place, or the fact that the assets that were stored in the main Central Bank on the planet, the Federal Reserve, on behalf of the People of the Nations of the World, is gone. U.S. Government officials refuse to follow the law and notify the People per International Treaty requirements. Americans have no clue that the assets in "Principle Accounts" were in their country to back a new U.S. currency, and the currencies of other countries, which has been blocked from usage by the People for generations by the Cabal controlling the banking system.”

DC It is not only the average American citizen. It is many people from Nations right across the world. The Politicians have lied and cheated for decades and the people have believed it all. It is my opinion that provided the people are alright in their own little cocoons, they don’t really care what the Politicians do provided they are not affected. Today everyone is affected and the truth is starting to be revealed. Ordinary people will only tolerate so much and that level has been reached, or very close to being reached, which brings us closer to WW III than what people believe or even understand, which is just what the West want because that really is their only way out of the mess they have created.

It should also be remembered that the successive British Governments lied to the people about the membership of the European Union, and now the truth is starting to come out on that issue. My own opinion is that Britain should come out of the European Union, as should other members because the public do not realise that they have no more Sovereignty as British, or Dutch, or Spanish, and the fact that they cannot make the decisions for their own country which are made in Europe mainly by unelected Commissioners via the European Parliament.
Enough of that because we cannot be drawn into politics.

6). Your comments, quote “British human rights activist, and former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray believes that it is of even more importance to discover what remains hidden behind the curtain”

DC And there is a hell of a lot more. You are correct when you stated it was just the tip of the iceberg.

However, this cannot be allowed to all suddenly come out as it would totally inflame the people of the world who would by their own actions create a total collapse of the financial and economical systems of the world overnight which in itself would result in overnight anarchy and revolution throughout the world.
All this information has to be handled carefully and the people must refrain, no matter how infuriated, inflamed, or obsessed they become, from inducing chaos because that is exactly what the West wants them to do.

7). Your comments, quote “Whistleblowers are beginning to come to light.”

DC Yes they are and we will give them a reward and protect them under our “Sovereignty” should the need arise, provided they give us information which leads to a conviction and incarceration for those persons who are guilty of these crimes.

Those magicians (Crooks) of the financial and political arenas can languish in prison for a minimum term of 30 years (No Parole) under our Laws of our Sovereignty.

I can just imagine the Clintons screaming and protesting their innocence from behind bars, and being told to “Shut Up” by the other prisoners, because many will be there as a result of their relationships with the Clintons.

As you stated, there will be no escape, unless they want to be devoured by Sharks. Another point here is that they will need to grow their own food because we will not provide food to these crooks, so let;s see how they cope with that simple task, because they probably won’t have the slightest clue how to grow food.

8). Your comments, quote “We are programmed into a dream state that everything will be okay, that someone will come and save us, and this simply isn't true. Nobody's going to pull us out of this but ourselves.”

DC How true the above statement is. People have to start to help themselves because no one, not even extraterrestrials are going to help. This dream state that the people have been in has allowed these crooks to just do as they please and no one has taken much notice, until now and the shock and awe of the people is just beginning to show.

9). Your comments, quote “the Asia Pivot."

DC Does anyone really believe that the Asians care about America and the West. Of course they don’t, but keep paying the money to corrupt politicians in Asia and it will appear that they care. Stop the money and the Asians will simply carry on as normal with other countries who will pay corruption money, or, as we see with China, they are venturing into other countries like Africa, South America with the money they have gained from the corrupt Western Nations who thought the Asians were just stupid and irrelevant human beings.

No one should ever believe they can control China or even Russia (The Eastern side of Russia is in the East and part of Northern Asia).

10). Your comments, quote “The fiat / debt based financial system traces back to Babylonian Black Magik.”

DC If one reads the books which are readily available regarding the “Fall of Babylon” and even the “Fall of Rome” you will see the vast amount of similarities between today's financial and economic situation compared to the situations centuries ago with Babylon and Rome, which brings into play the old adage of “They keep making the same old mistakes over and over again”. Politicians today, whether Local or National, are not Leaders, nor are they experienced sufficiently to run or manage a country. As such they become puppets (Most of them paid by their Masters) and do what their Masters, who are Masters of Art and Trickery; tell them.

11). Your comments, quote “Since the ITC is the only Institution, organization, or otherwise, in history, to have enough Gold and Assets necessary to Gold back the currency of all 207 Nations on this planet at once, they will, per International bi lateral Treaty, essentially outlaw all military spending on the planet, eventually, period. It will happen.”

DC The man, in this case country or countries, with the most armoury will always be in a position to bully the weaker men (Countries) knowing they cannot fight back.

This has to stop and every country has to play on the same level playing field.

If we stop the flow (Theft) of money, or assets, from the Global Debt Facility it will in return bring in serious restrictions to a number of countries so the money will not be available to those countries to to build vast Military machines.

That is what has happened in the past with such empires as the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, The German Empire, the Roman Empire, and so on, and it will happen with the so-called American Empire.

Eventually there has to be an Internationally accepted norm for Military Expenditure of any country, preferably ZERO, but many will argue that some sort of defence force is necessary in any country, even if it is National Defence against Mother Nature’s Shocks.
At the same time, the U.N. needs to sort it self out and ensure that Nations who are Members of the U.N. do not break International Law. If they do, then they should be punished no matter what their size or strength is.

There is a lot to do on this subject, but let’s focus on the real situations at this moment and then run onto the secondary situations as and when time permits, or it is found to be necessary.

12). Your comments, quote “BEN FULFORD IS A FRAUD, STEALS FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES. I must admit I was wrong. in what I stated in my last article. I made an error in judgment. ”

DC Well, you know what they say, ‘It takes a real man to admit he is / was wrong, especially publicly”. I admire you for that.

On the subject of Ben Fulford, I will not say anymore as I have stated all that I needed to state in previous articles.

You are more expressive in what you state about Ben Fulford for which I hope many others are listening and reading your words.

13). Your comments, quote “In 1988, a year before he was murdered, Marcos predicted the global financial collapse we are slugging through right now. He tried to prevent it from happening by getting the signatures on a treaty of more than 150 Heads of State and Institutional Signatories, but the big boys of the West wouldn't allow it. They had a world to conquer, humanity and a planet to destroy. There was a world of suffering to spread to Earth's masses. So Marcos was murdered, his dream, and the battle for 'Divinity' through a spiritual Gold backed financial system was temporarily taken with him. And we continue to battle to survive.”

DC Oh how the Filipinos, and the rest of the world, were totally fooled by the propaganda machine and the CIA.

Perhaps now some of them realise it after plunging into poverty, or near poverty.

Marcos was no Dictator. He was a Strong man who had guided his country to an economic miracle to become the second economically strongest country in Asia next to Japan. Now it is bottom of the list, or near bottom whereby the people have suffered for years, and the politicians are raking the money in from the payments made from America through unlawful use of “Mirror Accounts” and transfer from the accounts of the GDF.

What is the real effect of all of this on the people, their children, grandchildren, families, and so on?

Go there, like we have, and you will be shocked and you will be asking yourselves one question, “How can people live in such deplorable conditions like this”, and the Government does nothing.


I can confirm to you that 3 other countries have since been blacklisted and several individuals blacklisted, most of whom are Government personnel at high level and Military personnel at General status level, most of whom live in Mansions and have a minimum of 5 or 6 high value vehicles in their drive, whilst the people live in “Wooden Garden Sheds” if you can really call them sheds which in fact are nothing more than “Shanty structures” built of bits of trees, corrugated iron sheets, plastic, and whatever other materials they can find.

And this is the 21st century ------------- totally unbelievable when funds are readily available through the GDF.

15). Your comment, quote “A FABLE FOR SURVIVAL

David Crayford is one of God's messengers to Humanity. Divinity calls in the voice of the ITC / OITC, thanks to the Royal Families of the World, and we're going to have to start listening. Earth and its Peoples are in desperate shape and right now we must combine our collective abilities to help those who are helpless against the Machine.

People need to look around at the peoples of the 207 nations on this planet and see the desperation in their faces. People must ask themselves what causes this desperation. Why are the Peoples of the Australian Islands being inundated by rising tides? Why are millions of impoverished Filipinos forced to live in garden sheds? Why do most children in Africa have no clothes or shoes? Why are these the realities of the 21st Century?

David Crayford and the ITC / OITC represent the Divine Energies at work in an effort to make humanity understand what must be done to save itself.”

DC That, American Lawyer, is a highly respected compliment and very much appreciated.

However, I ask you to bear in mind that we are just doing a job to help the people of the world. Yes its God’s work and we enjoy it. We enjoy the challenges, and we enjoy knowing that we have rattled some very big cages and got some people to be full of fear.

We will carry on and we will win through despite the interference, threats, and malicious activities.


On that point I will stop as this response is already to long in content, so until next time.

Keep up the good work American Lawyer, who ever you are. You are proving to me that some people do have the capabilities, and have the determination to establish the truth.


David P. Crayford.

RMN is an RA production.

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igots2no -- Friday, 15-Apr-2016 18:48:12
Much thanks to "igots2no" for eliciting this...
billym -- Saturday, 16-Apr-2016 11:27:56
"igots2no" is NOT American Lawyer...
igots2no -- Saturday, 16-Apr-2016 13:23:35

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