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It Is Senseless to Offer Gold to the FED

Posted By: Lion
Date: Thursday, 14-Apr-2016 20:17:04

In Response To: Ben Fulford's full report: "Federal Reserve Board and US dollar will be hit by financial Armageddon if Asian gold offer refused" (hobie)


This story makes no sense-

"The Asian Dragon Family has offered the owners of the Federal
Reserve Board staggering quantities of gold at a 13% discount from the market price."

-unless the 'Dragon Family' is out to ensure the the world monetary system remains in the same slave master hands whom have controlled the world monetary system for centuries.

Meet the new boss.

Same as the old boss.

Foolin' us again, Ben?

The rational in this report is as fruitless as expecting the parasite politician to solve the problems created by allowing the parasite politician to see the light of day.

Is there ANY logical reason WHY the Federal Reserve Board and US dollar (FRN) should NOT be hit by financial Armageddon?

Wishing for Human enslavement to continue, Ben?

Do you actually believe career evil will suddenly change to act in the best interest of Humanity?

Good luck with that.

It's ok to dream, but the notion of handing gold over to the Fed is just absurd on the face of it.



: =====


: Federal Reserve Board and US dollar will be hit by
: financial Armageddon if Asian gold offer refused

: Posted by benjamin
: April 12, 2016

: The Asian Dragon Family has offered the owners of the Federal
: Reserve Board staggering quantities of gold at a 13%
: discount from the market price. The idea is for 10% of this
: money to be spent on a massive campaign to end poverty,
: stop environmental destruction and send humanity on a path
: for exponential expansion into the universe. The ball is
: now in the court of the US regime in Washington DC. That is
: why the US President and Vice President are having an
: emergency meeting on April 11 with Federal Reserve Board
: Chairperson Janet Yellen. A member of the Dragon family
: will also be at that meeting, CIA sources in Asia say.

: If the Feds refuse the Asians, the BRICS nations and the
: Europeans will announce a new international gold backed
: currency that can be exchanged for US dollars during a
: three month period. After that period, the US dollar will
: no longer be accepted by at least 188 countries, leaving
: the Washington regime isolated and bankrupt.
: In this event, to avoid war, the US military operations
: outside of the United States will continue to be financed
: using the new currency. The new regime that will inevitably
: replace the bankrupt Feds in the US will be free to issue
: their own currency with unlimited spending power inside the
: US.

: In addition to the financial sanctions against the Feds, the
: worlds’ martial arts societies will be mobilized to finish
: off the genocidal faction of the Khazarian mafia. Chodoin
: Daikaku, the ostensible head of many of the world’s martial
: arts factions, is being relieved of his duties and will be
: replaced by Masaaki Hatsumi, head of the Bujinkan Dojo. The
: reason for this is that Daikaku, whose real name is Ryosuke
: Matsuura, has refused to mobilize the martial arts
: societies under his supposed leadership despite being
: presented with ample proof that the Khazarian mafia has
: been actively trying to murder more than 90% of the world’s
: population. In other words, multiple blows have been struck
: against the human race and, despite a legitimate need for
: self-defense, he does nothing.

: The evidence he ignores includes multiple attempts to start
: World War 3, the spreading of bio-weapons like ebola, HIV,
: and SARS, attempts to cause mass starvation by paying
: farmers to grow fuel, not food and much more. Not only
: that, having failed in these attempts to kill the billions
: the Satanists announced they would kill, it appears they
: are getting ready for some massive sacrificial event: at
: least one thousand temples to Baal are being built around
: the world. In ancient times children were traditionally
: burned in sacrifice to Baal, also known as Molech and later
: Set and finally now Satan.


: The fact remains the regime of Barack Obama in the United
: States has not arrested any of the perpetrators or planners
: of these atrocities. This means that all members of the
: military, the police, the agencies and martial arts
: societies must go up the chain of command and insist action
: be taken before more deaths occur.

: Fortunately, there is evidence that at least some serious
: action is being taken. For one thing, the entire Swiss
: branch of the Rothschild family is wanted by the police,
: according to Pentagon sources. The Swiss Rothschild branch,
: who control the BIS, are considered the head of the octopus
: by many informed investigators. This is just the beginning
: of the take down, they promise.

: An important thing to realize is that the “Panama Papers”
: operation now being widely reported on in the corporate
: media is not what it seems, multiple sources agree. The
: fact that it is mainly leaders of countries associated with
: the Nazi faction of the Khazarian mob, like the heads of
: the Ukraine, the UAE, Qatar, Georgia and Saudi Arabia, who
: have been exposed gives you a hint of the bigger plot. In
: reality the Panama Papers is a giant sting operation
: designed to

: lure the world’s $31 trillion in offshore money into the US,
: CIA and other sources say. This is where it will be
: confiscated to help plug the giant black hole in the US
: government’s accounts, the sources say. That is why
: corporate media outlets like Bloomberg and the Wall Street
: Journal are running big articles saying that Reno, Nevada
: is the only safe place in the world for hot money. That is
: also why they are reporting the Rothschilds have set up
: shop in Reno and are encouraging clients to manage their
: funds there.

: More importantly, the Panama Papers operation is part of a
: major campaign to shut down all of the world’s offshore tax
: havens. Already the British tax havens like the Cayman
: Islands have lost the ability to hide underground money or
: help people avoid taxes due to new disclosure regulations.

: An official at US military intelligence said “Panama was an
: intelligence operation aimed at exposing corruption and
: inducing regime change [including in the US].”

: The operation is also designed to “blackmail or prosecute
: cabal members who hide their stolen loot offshore,” he
: continued.

: Some of the names in the Panama Papers that have not been made
: public include Hillary Clinton’s “team,” the Bushes and
: many US oligarchs, politicians and judges, he adds.

: The Globo TV network that is trying to induce regime change in
: Brazil has also been implicated together with Argentine
: President Mauricio Macri and drug lords like El Chapo.

: In response to Panama, the agent noted “the elites panicked
: and set a fire in the basement of the Internal Revenue
: Service’s headquarters,” in a failed attempt to cover up
: incriminating evidence.

: FBI efforts to arrest Hillary Clinton are also gaining steam.
: Last week President Obama was forced to guarantee on Fox TV
: that Hillary will not get special treatment, “which means
: no plea deal and no pardon,” FBI sources say. She is due to
: be interrogated soon by the head of the FBI “for the
: serious crime of running a private foreign policy and
: intelligence operation,” while in an official post.

: Hopefully Clinton will also be brought to justice for her
: crimes against the people of Haiti and her embezzlement of
: Red Cross money that was intended for the victims of the
: sea-bed nuclear weapon induced tsunami attack against that
: country.

: The Panama Papers operation has also been used by the Western
: corporate media to make it appear as if Russian President
: Vladimir Putin was involved in shady offshore dealings.
: However, Russian sources are saying this attack has given
: them the excuse they need to start declassifying Soviet
: Union records from 1930-1989 that identify collaborators in
: America and Europe who secretly worked with Soviet
: Communism.

: The Russians will also expose the families and businesses who
: worked with Hitler.

: On top of that, the Russians plan to show who in the West is
: still trying to undermine the US and the EU.

: There is also Russian/US cooperation in identifying and
: eliminating key agents working for the Khazarian mafia in
: the West and in Russia, the sources say.

: In Turkey, meanwhile, the evacuation of US troops, with the
: exception of a special ops crew guarding the nuclear
: weapons there, is aimed in part at cutting off Bush cabal
: drug running at the Incirlik airbase, Pentagon sources say.

: Turkish and Israeli attempts to stir up fighting between
: Moslems and Christians in Nagorno Kabarakh have been
: stopped by the Russians. This was a desperate attempt by
: the Turks to prevent Russia from moving on the rogue Recep
: Erdogan regime in Turkey.

: In Asia, meanwhile, news reports about Japanese plutonium
: being transported by British ships to the US


: are a cover story for the fact the fraudulently elected
: government of Shinzo Abe is being forced to dismantle
: Japan’s arsenal of nuclear armed missiles. Many of these
: missiles have been sent to North Korea to prevent their
: dismantling, which is why there has been a recent spate of
: news reports about North Korean nuclear missiles, White
: Dragon Society sources in Japan say.

: When the battle for the planet earth ends, this writer intends
: to charge Abe with being involved in murder attempts
: against me. This is because on June 30th, 2012 I was
: stabbed with a poison needle by a North Korean agent named
: Mutsuaki Okubo. This incident took place in front of many
: witnesses and was even video-taped. Despite twice making
: official police complaints, once to the Musashino Police,
: and another time to the Marunouchi police, the Japanese
: government, officially headed by Abe, has taken no action.
: This means Abe is complicit. Furthermore Chodoin Daikaku
: has admitted Okubo was his disciple but he has also failed
: to take action in this case.

: Personal grievances aside, the Abe regime is also looting the
: Japanese economy to financialy support its Khazarian mob
: masters. The looting, as reported before, is taking the
: form of putting Japanese pension money and savings into the
: stock market, where it is transferred to Khazarian mob
: controlled trust funds. That is why the Japanese stock
: market keeps rising even as foreigners continue to sell.


: The money being looted from Japan is not enough to save the
: Wall Street Khazarian gangsters because they are reeling
: from low energy prices plus the loss of drug money and of
: investment banking fees, their only legitimate source of
: income. Most big mergers being organized by the Banksters
: are also being stopped because they are creating
: anti-competitive monopolies and oligopolies.

: The fact banks have started to offer negative interest rate
: mortgages and consumer loans in the Netherlands, Belgium
: and Germany is a clear sign the entire system of Babylonian
: debt slavery is falling apart. That is because people are
: realizing these banksters are creating money out of nothing
: and using this illusion of money to create debt slaves. So,
: even if a bank lends somebody 100 dollars but says they
: only have to pay back 90 dollars because of negative
: interest rates, it still means you have to work to earn 90
: dollars to pay them for “money” they created out of nothing
: but illusion.

: Humanity is waking up and it will not be long now before the
: rule of Khazarian Satan worshipping human slavers ends
: forever.
: On a final note, this writer is now aware of 20,000 tons of
: gold held in six different locations that is being made
: available by the Dragon family for the benefit of the human
: race and the other life forms on this planet. This is only
: a fraction of the total the Asians have.

: *****************************************************************************

RMN is an RA production.

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