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David Crayford responds to American Lawyer, referencing Benjamin Fulford, WDS

Posted By: igots2no
Date: Thursday, 31-Mar-2016 09:57:50

Dear American Lawyer,

A very passionate and sincere letter for which I for one am most appreciative of the definitive manner which you have stated your comments and compliment you on same.

If I may, I would like to take the opportunity to respond to some of the points raised within your letter. These are as follows:-

1). Your reiteration of my previous comments, quote “,

"I want to see America and other countries rebuilt... We have the financial resources to do that, to rebuild and reconstruct every nation on the planet... But...", coupled with your own comments, quote “You filled my email box with so many "buts" I immediately fell back into the defensive. For one, Mr. Crayford, and I know you speak on behalf of the International Treasury Controller, you're having a difficult time trusting Americans and other countries, and I'm sure it probably starts with me, and I can understand why you feel that way, and why you might say things like:

DC reply: I can understand your “buts”, or scepticism whereby such an opinion is more than common because there is little general understanding of the Global Debt Facility, its history and its purpose, but more so the volume of “Divine Wealth” that it contains.
As previously stated by me, this is a subject not taught even in Universities (The real truth is hidden from the masses) and therefore people’s belief system just cannot comprehend or cope with such information. It is all a “Pipe Dream to most” and that, unfortunately, is the way it will stay until we start educating people with real facts not hypothetical and incorrect beliefs generated for the masses by Governments and Banksters.

2). Your comments, quote

“ But really, can we really pay off the national debt? I still don't believe that's possible! And again you put me on the defensive, this time when it comes to Americans and our perception of what truth and reality really are. All I can say is that inherent in the truth of what you said above is why we as Americans are so confused and misinformed in the first place”.

DC reply: It is more than possible. It is a practical solution for the financial and economic dismay the masses of the world are, and have been living under for several decades. I will not explain as to how this will be achieved as that will be giving our solutions to the existing cabal and their existing controlled system which, as they imply and you have stated, “That is it” with my own comments added to that being, “Take it or leave it” approach as there is no other option.

There is another option but the cabal are not going to inform the masses on this are they. They need to maintain control over the masses which they cannot possibly do if the alternative is implemented. Keep the masses in their “Debt Chains” is their moto, which ultimately always leads to revolution spear-headed by the masses.

However, I must point out that corrections need to be made first by the government(s) that are responsible for all of this. Once we see Honesty, Openness, Cooperation, and a Genuine Understanding that they have committed wrongs against the people, then we would be very pleased to sit down with them and resolve the specific problems. However, one cannot sit down to discussions knowing that these crooks say one thing and are actually doing the opposite, believing that we do not know what they are doing.

They have to be made to realise the damage they have caused and the consequences of that damage. Unfortunately, the suffering of the people will get worse before it gets better. Having said that, the people need to realise that what is on the other side of the door is effectively Paradise, Freedom, Dignity, and Pride, Liberty and certainly no servitude to the Debt Slavery System currently operating.

3). Your comments, quote

“The agents you mentioned are pure disinformation traps, laying down their own tracks of non truth and disinformation regarding the Collateral Accounts, while they steal them as we're all looking in the other direction.”

DC reply: How true that is, and we are well aware of most of the techniques they use. However, these agents are the “Fall Guys” only, fully programmed individuals and no difference between them and the robotic machines seen in manufacturing plants around the world.

The question is, “Who are the big names behind them?”, because those are the ones we are really after, whether they are organisations, institutions, individuals, governments, governments employees, rogue intelligence agencies, and so on.

When we look at the evidence, it is all of the above who are quietly sitting in the background while mercenary groups undertake most of the stealing, and such corporate entities as the Federal Reserve and World Bank go about their “Wire Fraud”, “Money Laundering”, “Embezzlement”, “Fraudulent activities” etc with impunity, and all of that while people such as Dave Hodges, and others, ( get interrogated recently when trying to make a cash withdrawal of his own money from his bank (Bank of America) of $1500, and threatened by the bank with reporting him to the IRS and FBI.

Doesn’t that tell you, and the masses, how ridiculous the whole financial system and the dictatorial governments currently are. Insanity at its best, I would say.

4). Your comments, quote

“But I worked hard to find that truth, and I did it for us, for my family, my grandchildren, my Brothers and my Sisters of all color and nationality”
DC reply: And you have our admiration and respect for that. I have always stated it is not easy but you have taken up the challenge on behalf of your family, grandchildren, Brothers and Sisters of all color and nationality”.

DC Reply: I can but sincerely hope and pray that a lot more other people follow your example, as that would help to start the changes needed to make this world of ours a far better and more comfortable place to live in.

5). Your comments, quote

“And this would probably be a good time to give a shout out to the likes of Benjamin Fulford and many others. He did a wonderful piece recently that appeared here on RMN and painted a really fair picture for us who are searching for an understanding of truth on how the world can move forward in a positively moral and prosperous way, of what is going on politically / economically / militarily across the planet, with a well devised plan on how to get America restarted financially. It's the second best plan I've ever heard. I don't want you to get jealous, Mr. Crayford, but Benjamin Fulford was actually my first Internet teacher regarding the nature of the global financial system and its relationship to voluminous gold hordes and their relationship to global economics and the people's and nations' battles for freedom and prosperity.”

DC reply: I am certainly not jealous, so do not concern yourself on that issue. You are entitled to your opinions / views and that is something that everyone should cherish. You are also entitled to undertake your research / investigations in the manner you choose. All we hope is that you hold the common sense and practical abilities to sort out the wheat from the chaff, which in this case you appear to have done.

However, Benjamin Fulford is not high on our list of recommendations. There was an instance some 3 – 4 years ago when through a third party we were asked if we would join Benjamin Fulford and the WDS in his efforts to resolve the problem in the financial world. The indication was that we would be subservient to them. Now, let’s hold it just there. Why should we, as the legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility give up our status to work with Benjamin Fulford / WDS, when we are fully aware, and by his own admission, he illegally holds thousands of boxes of FRN’s, TOV’s and other certificates that legally belong to the Global Debt Facility.
Whether he actually holds possession of same or whether these are promised to him is irrelevant. The fact is he has put himself in the same box as all the other crooks and is in illegal possession of Global Debt Facility assets.
How can we work with people like that unless they are totally honest and surrender such assets, so that we can correct that situation, and then we can all sit down for mutual discussions.

It is Benjamin Fulford and the WDS who should be seeking to work with us, with no pre-conditions from their side, not the other way around; in resolving the financial problems of the world.

We will gladly work with anyone who holds the same commitment to the people of the world as we do, but there is no way we are going to give up our status or any assets to anyone who believe they stand above us. When I say this, I am not being “Pig-headed” in any way, but there is only one person in the world who can change things and that is the International Treasury Controller, being a “Sovereign”, holding its own “Jurisdiction”, and the legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Global Debt Facility.

We have seen these sort of instances several times before, and each time it means giving up assets of the Global Debt Facility to their control and administration. One person even had the legal agreement ready for us to sign when he arrived at the airport. We are not stupid. We are competent, professional, determined, spiritual people with an awful amount of power and authority, which we will not abuse, nor will it be allowed to be abused. We have our mandate and we will carry that mandate out whether we get support from others or not. Furthermore, we will not allocate assets to anyone, not even a government, as they will only be abused and what benefit will the people gain from that.

If others want to work with us on these matters, then fine, we will work as a team with them, but there must always be recognition of our status and no power play. This is for the whole world and the people of the world, not just a select few.

6). Your comments, quote

“Those financing the terrorists must be stopped. What needs to be understood is that it is through stealing assets of the Global Debt Facility that has financed all war and all terrorism since World War II ended. It is not because of the illegal drug trade, although that is probably a distant second. The oil trade and slave trade probably come in a distant third and fourth from there. The illegal drug trade certainly has caused a lot of special ops activities around the world and through history, but the stolen Collateral Accounts are the reason for the string of wars across the planet over the decades. That is why wars string through countries and decades. To steal what they can, and move on and do it again.”

DC reply: Totally agreed and I could not have worded it better. That is the real fact of the matter and when people face up to that reality the sooner they will demand their government not to go to war at any time and abide by the regulations they signed up to with the U.N. Treaty of Membership.

It is a question of always following the “Money Trail”, although much obfuscated by those involved causes us problems, we are gradually making headway on this.
If we stop the illegal flow of money from the Global Debt Facility, those conducting these wars will come to a dead stop. That is one of our aims and we are so far down the road on this, but it would be nice if a few Whistleblowers would come forward with relevant information of this matter and in return receive from us a reward and if necessary protection under our “Sovereign” status.

7). Your comments, quote

“And for the first time since then, we have a chance to change it, If we get smart and work together, if that is possible.”

DC reply: Anything is possible. One has to have the will power and determination to achieve, even realising that in the process there may be some suffering / hardship. What’s the old adage, “you can’t have your cake and eat it”, especially when the cake is made up of stolen ingredients.

8). Your comments, quote

“And I agree, we in America too can do that. We'll have to tighten our fiscal belts first. There will be some pain as we convert worthless currency into valuable assets, but we can do it, just like Russia did. But first you have to do the research. You have to ask yourself - How did Russia do it? Sure Putin had to purge Russia's financial system of the Rothschild banksters,

DC reply: Yes, it s possible, and yes, there will be a degree of pain. However, if everyone pulls together you would be surprised as to how quick that pain will be relieved and the patient country is on the road to a full recovery.
America and other countries are just like seriously ill patients in a hospital. If you admit you are seriously ill and agree to the treatment you are likely to get well soon. However, if you deny the treatment and think you know better than the doctors you are likely to end up dead. That unfortunately, is the road America and some others countries are travelling at present.

9). Your comments, quote, and I really smiled at this -------- you tickled a sensitive spot on this one.

“But what happens when the full force and effect of the International Treasury Controller and the Global Debt Facility are fully launched? Isn't this what why Kissinger was in Russia and asking Putin about? Isn't this what the Pope wanted to hear from the Russian Patriarch? Or did he, the Pope, ask for a loan?

DC reply: What you see in the press and on the T.V. is just a cover story. Yes, there is always a degree of truth in what the press or T.V. states. However, behind the scenes all sorts of actions are / were taking place which you as the general public will never know about.

I can’t say much on this, but there was a quiet ultimatum given to Kissinger and the Pope. Kissinger came back with an alternative which was completely unacceptable and Kissinger was politely told this. Unfortunately, there were some serious repercussions to this political “Ping-Pong” game. These repercussions happened just a few days after Kissinger’s alternative was rejected, and a few Russians died as a result of same.
Again, in my opinion this was not a coincidence as there are too many coincidences surrounding this for it to be a simple coincidence. That is all I will say on this issue.

10). Your comments, quote

“Mr. Crayford, you have talked about how the gold and other assets of the Global Debt Facility had been disseminated to hidden locations and banks all across the globe after the 1920 London Treaty and World War II, in preparation of the new Gold backed Global Financial System back then. That's how the gold of Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other parts of Asia, and the rest of the world, got there, buried in depositories and presumed safe in Western aligned banks, at that time. But since then, things changed. Want to steal gold from Libya meant to back the independent financial system of the Libyan people? Have Hillary Clinton finance the illegal terrorist war on Gadaffi utilizing stolen Collateral Assets of the Global Debt Facility, which were intended for the benefit of the People and Nations of the World, and invade Libya with proxy terrorist mercenaries. Still more thousands of metric tons of gold to be located and stolen. Multiply that by Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, the world. More Global Debt Facility gold to steal. More gold to reprocess illegally and then sell on Wall Street. Funds to buy more mercenaries and weapons to kill more civilians and commit more genocide against Christians and Humanity across the planet.”

DC reply: All I will say here is that you have hit the nail firmly and squarely on the head. I don’t think I could have worded it better.

11). Your comments, quote

“Benjamin Fulford’s information is for the most part impeccable. He's got great intelligence. But I want it to be even better. I want him to understand that in 1980, before President Ferdinand Marcos was driven to death in a Hawaiian hospital, he made the Global Settlements Treaty. He made one last effort to create a gold backed financial system for the People and the Nations of the World. As the failed Treaty says: "Global Settlements Treaty is a Treaty that has never been implemented caused by the deliberate blockage of same by a few of the World’s wealthier Nations." And, it has to be asked, who might those be? Before he was assassinated, Marcos had to pass the Divine Wealth of the Global Debt Facility to the new M1, who became Holder to all of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. So now the new ITC follows in Marcos' footsteps, applying the Global Debt Facility to the benefit of humanity. Through the Global Settlements Treaty, former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos had tried to implement a Global Debt Facility backed financial system for the world. Imagine what life would be like for our families now if he had been successful, if Marcos had been allowed to rebuild all the nations of the world that were destroyed in World War II by the global Satanic banksters.

DC reply: You are so correct on this point. The world would be far more pleasurable today than what it currently is, had Marcos been allowed to complete everything that he had planned. However, NO, NO, NO, was the reaction of the West as they couldn’t have a Dictator (and it must be remembered that it was America who gave Marcos the Dictator label), telling the western nations what to do, and at the same time removing most, if not all of their power of control over the Debt Financial System and of course the people of the world, is, and always has been similar to one wanting to commit suicide.

To put it simply, “Don’t read the notice on the door which says NO ENTRY TO UNAUTHORISE PERSONNEL, look through the keyhole and you will see and hear why they don’t want you in their presence”. Marcos was a total danger to them, so he, like others, had to go. Unfortunately, the people of the Philippines were blind and gullible, now they are suffering and have suffered ever since unfortunate period in 1986.

Had the Global Settlements Treaty been implemented all countries across the world would have received large volumes of money, collateralised by Gold from the Global Debt Facility, to rebuild and develop their country. To give you a real example:-

America alone would have received $500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 USD fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.
Libya and Iraq would have each received $500,000,000,000 USD fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.
Russia (Then the USSR) would have received
$900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000 USD fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.
The UK would have received $900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,USD fully backed by Gold of the Global Debt Facility.

Now, just look at those figures again. Yes, totally incredible and to most people, as I have stated above; a “Pipe Dream” and unrealistic. Sorry folks, but it is as realistic as me writing this response. The whole Global Settlements Treaty was fully understood, agreed and assented to by 178 countries and executed by top dignitaries of those countries, for and on behalf of their country, including Kings, Queens, Presidents, Ministers, and Ambassadors. Sealed by the U.N. and registered and recorded within same. If anyone believes such a Treaty, if it was a joke, would have gone through the whole U.N. process to recording, registration and filing, or, if any of the signatories would have signed it in the first place if they thought it was a joke, then they should think again. The answer is DEFINITELY NOT. IT’S NO JOKE. IT NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE.
The joke, and a sick one at that, is “What did these small group of people who executed the said Treaty think they were doing when that very same group of people discarded and ignored it immediately afterwards.

More to the point, those who executed it and then discarded it were not acting in the best interests of their country or their people, which in my book is TREASON.

All in all, 178 countries who executed this Treaty, and which is registered and recorded within the U.N.; which included their dependencies / territories, would have benefitted, BUT DIDN’T and never have to date.

The above are incredible figures which many people will just laugh at, but those are the figures as stated within the Global Settlements Treaty, executed by all the World’s Nations and fully recorded and registered within the United Nations, so it was no “Pipe-Dream” and those who executed the Treaty know this. Now just look at some of the leaders in power at the time:-

America – Ronald Reagan ) All former members of the TTTGC which was U.K. -- Margaret Thatcher ) removed and disgraced in 1995.
France -- Francoise Mitterand ) All Master Signatories to the illegal Mitterand Protocols and the illegal linkage of the Global Settlements Treaty with the Protocols. This alone shows that the above persons were willing to implement the Global Settlements Treaty if it was in their interest, or, in the interest of their geopolitical policies ----------- but they cannot implement it for the benefit of their Nations or People.

Germany -- Helmut Schmidt (69 – 81) then Helmut Kohl (81 – 97) Germany is still an occupied Nation controlled by America.

Thirty Six (36) years have passed and they believe it is all forgotten ----------- NO CHANCE, it is very much active thanks to the International Treasury Controller.

Shocking, Unbelievable, Immoral, Despicable, are totally inadequate words to describe the lengths the previous and present existing criminal establishments will go to for the purpose of maintaining their power base and authority at all cost, irrespective of the suffering by the people.

Had the above happened, all of us in this world would not be seeing, or experiencing Austerity, Wars or Civil Insurrection / Revolutions, Mass Migration from the Middle East or Africa, Higher Taxes, Cuts in State Benefits along with Health and Education dissemination, plus many other factors that create suffering and despair. Nor would the Global Poverty rate be so high.
Now ask yourself, What the hell were this small group playing at? Despite executing the Treaty they sabotaged it as well for their own benefit.

However, all is not lost because the International Treasury Controller will apply similar principles to the Global Debt Facility but under a different methodology from that which was initially proposed by Marcos. It will be individual to each country and under a Bi-lateral Treaty. There will be no favouritism and every country will play on the same level playing field.

12). Your comments, quote

“You don't write enough about the International Treasury Controller. We can't find any good information about him or her, other than what you write. How about a photograph? Maybe an Alex Jones or Sean Stone interview? And the search for financial truth is made even more painful by the fact we have to again completely break down our previously broken down belief systems, and then we have to break those down again.”

DC reply: No, and I agree on this point, but there is a very good reason for it. Since the appointment in May 2012, it was agreed by all parties concerned that the name, and / or any information regarding the new International Treasury Controller must remain completely “Secret” for the time being to allow that person the time required to correct the enormous problem surrounding the Global Debt Facility, and bring the said Global Debt Facility into order. The other purpose behind this is so that the new International Treasury Controller was not confronted with the same fate as became Marcos, Soekarno, Kennedy, Dr Dam, and others.

There are several factors that one always needs when heading such a “Sovereign” institution, which are Consistency, Leadership, Teamwork, Determination, Certainty, and Good Character, which befits a very rare type of person. The last thing the Hierarchy needs is to constantly replace the International Treasury Controller for the very same reason why those above met their fate. This would amount to uncertainty and give the existing crooked establishment more time to continue their theft and abuse of the accounts and assets of the Global Debt Facility.

Such details will be released soon enough as there isn’t any desire to withhold such information indefinitely, so patience please on this issue. In the meantime, the people will have to settle for me for the time being or a Senior Officer close to the ITC.

As for interviews with Sean Stone or Alex Jones, or even similar, we have no objection to such interviews provided they respect us for what and who we really are. I don’t know much about Sean Stone, but Alex Jones I have listened to occasionally and find him straight to the point and decisive.

I have listened to some interviews by other wannabe presenters in the past and to be quite honest, I consider them to be pathetic with the interviewer not really understanding what he / she is talking about and having little professionalism.

If quality interviews can be arranged I am sure the ITC will oblige in one way or another, but the ITC will not be the person taking the interview as this will expose the person, which cannot happen under the present circumstances.
I actually shy away from such interviews because presenters tend to put words into the mouths of those they are interviewing, and I would not tolerate such methods.
However, a Senior Officer close to the ITC may be nominated to undertake same. Furthermore, there will need to be some backroom admin undertaken so that the presenter is fully aware of what he / she is discussing and the fact of restriction from disclosing “Top Secret” information on air, or at any other time.

We will expose specific documents to the presenter but only after he / she executes a Full Jacket Level 3 – 5, International Official Secrets compliance agreement.

If you have the means to organise such interviews, then please advise as we will give you all the support possible on this matter.


On that point I think I have written enough for the moment for you and the readers to absorb, and I do have other equally important matters to attend to.


David P. Crayford.

RMN is an RA production.

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