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A LETTER TO DAVID CRAYFORD -- From an American Lawyer

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Monday, 14-Mar-2016 22:53:35

The following is a response to a post made by David Crayford. If you have not read his letter, you can find it at this link:



From American Lawyer

Dear Mr. Crayford,

Thank you for all that you do.

"Things can work only if they are done legally." David P. Crayford

And I agree with you. As an attorney and as a human being I'd like to think that Humanity as a whole would benefit greatly if everyone were held to the letter of the law. Everybody, big and small. And then we could change the laws, so that they not only applied to everyone equally, but the new laws were respectable, and they made sense to follow.

I've been researching what you've been saying for years. You're literally talking about saving the planet, and I get that. But nobody else around me does. You also talk a lot about trying to save Humanity, and I want to help. I've started this letter to you so many times before, trying to put my thoughts down onto paper, only to read something new by one of the players, teaching me something new, forcing me to reanalyze the situation, or my understanding of the situation, stop what I'm writing, change it, and then put the pen down and stop again, because what I realized that I thought I understood was still not enough to allow me to speak intelligently. To allow me to wax poetically about all the mystery, intrigue, murder and theft on the highest scale, by those who would do harm to the ITC / OITC, and to Humanity as a result thereof. It took me forever to really understand what it is you're trying to say, and I think the same thing happens to me and my friends and family when I try to explain how it really is to them. Their eyes roll up, and they look like they're getting sick. Nothing is connecting, and they can't comprehend what I'm trying to tell them.

I've been trying to tell them what you've been trying to tell the world: That there is a potentiality for greatness for the global financial system, when it is run honestly by people who truly care about people and not about benefiting their personal financial portfolios or padding their handlers' pocketbooks. From my research, which has been extensive and for many years, and includes your writings, and those of many others, and interviews even with others, I have concluded that you speak truth from the heart with what you say about the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility and the ITC / OITC. Your voice resonates with deep spirit and knowledge, and your words are graced with an understanding of what is important to humanity's survival. I pray more souls will do the research required and wake up to the wise words that you profess, and help you in bringing the Collateral Accounts into fruition for the people of the Nations of the World.


I had to rip up my previous letter to you and begin again after your latest nails-in-the-coffin attack and conclusion regarding the alleged criminal activities being conducted by fellow American attorney, Karen Hudes. I'm talking about your blush free referencing of the World Bank Group arrest and imprisonment order. For those who haven't done the research, they must understand that there's so much more to this Hudes story, with all her 'cohorts', and how they are attempting with one hand to disinform the world regarding the Global Debt Facility, while attempting to hijack the "Holy Wealth Of Our Holy Father In Heaven" and Divine Wealth", which is supposed to be used to help and benefit the people and Nations of the World, with the other.

You say the Collateral Accounts are supposed to be used to the benefit of the Nations and the people of the world; two humongous foundations that were created through a series of International Treaties and Agreements, secret and otherwise, over many decades; by the Royal Families of the World under the Schweitzer Conference (Innsbruck, Austria, 1964), Schweitzer Convention (The Hague, Netherlands, 1968 and revisions thereof, 1972, 1984, and 1998 Washington Panel), and that you are the only one in the entire universe who is legally appointed to publicly speak about and represent these foundations that make up the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

You are the mouthpiece of the ITC / OITC, the International Treasury Controller and the Office of International Treasury Control. You claim very select company in deed. And all you are asking is that the people of the planet wake up to the true history of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, so that they may be put into play, for Humanity's benefit, legally. Now this is what I'm going to ask from you.

I'm on board. I want to help. Where do I start? I'm a spiritually dedicated American trained lawyer who used to practice law and live in America, who now wants to dedicate his life to helping humanity, the same thing you're trying to do. What do I have to do to help you help me do this? There's got to be many more just like us. Below, I've put together what I believe is a history of significant events regarding the Collateral Accounts, Global Debt Facility, the ITC / OITC, the M1, the good guys, and the bad guys. This is the basis of what I want to use to try to educate my friends and family. Tell me where I'm wrong. Tell me what we can do to help. Correct me, help me to learn, teach me. Tell us Americans and the world what it is that we can do to tap into our divine heritage and help you to pull Humanity to its greatest heights.


This is where the researcher has to start. Once you have determined what the Collateral Accounts are and who the ITC / OITC is, you can begin to dissect the historical truth surrounding the Global Debt Facility, the Nations and Royal Families of the World, and how it all relates to the geopolitical / financial crisis we're mired in today.

First, the Collateral Accounts. They're all about the backing of currencies and financing of nations and corporations around the world to give them meaningful value. So a collateral account will be an inventory and valuation of those items which are available to stand behind a nominated currency, and ensure its long-term soundness. Each such account is held for one 'client', usually a dynastic family who amassed great wealth - in the form of physical resources centuries ago - and has built on that wealth since. The family will have irrevocably committed these collateral resources to help keep the international money system stable. So the collateral used to do this can be gold, silver, or other precious metals; or land, or perhaps even the work capacity of a nation's people. But never Fiat money.


Very important to note: the OITC is not a corporation, multinational or otherwise. It is not affiliated or associated with any kind of country or government or any other entity of any kind. The ITC / OITC is a 'Sovereign Entity,' and it is capitalized so profoundly that it does not need to go to the market place to buy funds from the wholesale banks, like other financial institutions do, because it has its own.

The ITC / OITC legally owns all of its own assets, the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, and they are substantial. They are so big and there are so many zeros trailing behind the numbers of dollars in its trusts and foundations that it's tough to type all of them onto a single page of paper, they're that big. The assets are so voluminous that they are deposited and held in many different banks, financial institutions, and countries all over the world. We're talking like billions of quadrillions worth of dollars here. Enough value to rebuild many planets, let alone all the countries of Mother Earth.

The International Treasury Controller / Office of International Treasury Control is not like any other kind of bank in the entire world, that is clear. It can solely finance projects that involve rebuilding entire countries or segments thereof. They can finance any kind of industry and any kind of project imaginable. And they can do that for every nation on the planet right now. The ITC / OITC conducts its business by structuring the financing directly with the individual country that suits the specific project rather than fit the project into a standard format of financing offered by normal debt or equity financing institutions.

The ITC / OITC can rebuild the planet. It functions through the ITC, the International Treasury Controller, who is the legal manager and administrator, and so much more, to the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. The ITC is the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts, as appointed by the Nations of the World, and He / She is the only one in the world who is legally authorized to apply the Global Debt Facility for the rebuilding and redevelopment of any nation on this planet. That Sacred Title does not belong to Karen Hudes. Strong research simply exposes Hudes to be a horrific fraud, and displays how her operation with her cronies and cohorts is badly harming the people and the Nations of the World. They are preventing us from benefiting from the Divine Wealth that awaits us.

My research indicates Hudes and her husband only form a small part of a long line of thousands of criminals over many years who have attacked whoever has attempted to actually utilize the Collateral Accounts for the purpose of helping Humanity rebuild this planet. Now, it's the newly appointed ITC who they're ganging up on and going after. Earlier in history it happened to Ferdinand Marcos, who the cabal deposed from his presidency and murdered. Even Soekarno was taken down for his involvement, as custodian, with the Collateral Accounts deposited in his country, as was his ally and political friend, President John F. Kennedy. And it happened to the first appointed ITC, Dr. Ray Dam, who nearly died as a result of his attacks. The common denominator: they all had to go. Because they were all trying to use the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility to help Humanity. Even now, as I write this, we know the International Treasury Controller cannot gain access to two huge accounts because the Federal Reserve blocked those two huge accounts. The same controllers of the Federal Reserve who murdered Marcos.


At one time in real history, not the make believe history we're force fed in school, Ferdinand Marcos was successor / heir to the previous M1 and bestowed with the tremendous responsibility of applying what is termed the Global Debt Facility for the betterment of Mankind. Marcos' first big challenge came in conjunction with the TTTGC, the administrators and managers of the Global Debt Facility, whose task it was to rebuild all the countries devastated during World War II, utilizing the assets of the Global Debt Facility, under the authority of Ferdinand Marcos as M1.

Marcos was a Godly man who took his massive responsibilities seriously. He was the Master Holder known as M1, and he was very attentive in the way he managed the assets that were to be utilized for rebuilding the planet for the benefit of the people of the Nations of the World. The former M1 used to have teams flying all over the world undertaking the auditing of all the world's banks and depositories. If he were to discover anything missing, he would quickly remedy it at the time so that the Collateral Accounts were kept in good order. Of course that's what his enemies did not want to see. To those who wanted to control and dominate the people and the nations of the planet, they would have to seize control of the Global Debt Facility, and steal its assets. And Marcos stood in their way.

The reality was that the members of the TTTGC, IMF, World Bank, and BIS, structured the Global Debt Facility operation to suit their own purposes. This included the use of fraud, embezzlement, deception, fiscal abuse, financial support of specific Heads of State and Governments of friendly countries around the World, or those countries with whom it was easy, by the use of monetary favors, to covert, by way of “Black Ops” supporting oppositional groups in unfriendly countries. Just think of today's Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine, to understand what's been taking place since 1945. And there's so much more.

Marcos also withdrew the Gold he had previously agreed to reference / allocate to the Americans. Therefore the “Reagan Dollar”, which others referred to as the “Asian Dollar”, turned out to simply be “Fiat” currency with no real value and no Gold backing. And this did not please the Allies at all.

The Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission (1945-1995) which was made up of the United States, France, and the UK, (The Allies), was required by law to administer and manage the Global Debt Facility under one very important proviso and built in safeguard - that Ferdinand Marcos would hold the final authority, by Signature and Seal, of any acts by the TTTGC to spend assets from the Collateral Accounts. But of course this legal requirement was all but ignored by the Allies, with all of Marcos' responsibilities regarding the management and administration of the assets of the Global Debt Facility being usurped by the TTTGC. The TTTGC made side treaties, without Marcos' knowledge, and immediately classified them as "Cloaked in Secrecy". America and her allies put a permanent end to Marcos' heroic efforts to finance the rebuilding and restructuring of the Nations throughout the world that had been destroyed during World War II.

And Marcos had to go. So in 1986 the CIA and their cronies deposed Marcos as President of the Philippines, arrested him, and left him to die in a Hawaiian Hospital in September of 1989.


The Satanic forces trying to destroy Marcos and his efforts to feed, house, and clothe Humanity had basically succeeded, as they had seemingly shut the door to hundreds of years of work behind making the 'Divine Wealth' of the Collateral Accounts available to Mankind. The Allies had destroyed the man, Ferdinand Marcos as M1 and Master Custodian, whose mission it was to rebuild and restructure the planet. Marcos had battled valiantly, though, against his superior foes. But by the mid 1970's, he had lost faith in dealing with the Allies. Understanding the game the American bullies were playing, the same one they'd been playing since 1945 (and they're still playing today), Marcos decided to implement a "Backup" plan.

And so he entered into secret Private Treaty Agreements with "one of the most revered and respected persons in the world who was connected to the Bloodline." This can only be assumed to be a Divine Bloodline, maybe the Christ Bloodline.

By 1988 Marcos knew the jig was up, that he would not be escaping the clutches of his American partners / bullies / tormentors, and that he would probably die as a result thereof. And that's when he authored his Last Will and Testament.

This Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos refers to the 1976 private treaties / agreements that he entered into, whereby on December 20th, 1988, he transferred, by virtue of his Last Will and Testaments - a legal document that is recognized as same - the Title of M1 - to his nominee and Bloodline successor, together with the Alpha - Omega Ring. The Holder of this Ring, together with the transfer document is the real M1. The Ring defines the Master Holder of the Holy Wealth of our Holy Father in Heaven, as Marcos had stated in his Last Will and Testament. This is what you say the Allies, and Hudes and all the others have been stealing since 1945.


M1 is the Master Holder of all assets and accounts of the Collateral Accounts. The words Master Holder, especially the latter word, are exactly as they mean ----- HOLDER ----- which means Holder. The Holder has no authority, rights, power or otherwise over the Collateral, as those Authorities, Rights, and Power rests solely with the elected and appointed International Treasury Controller, who was elected and appointed by the same Marcos successor as M1, since that person was and is the Chairman of those empowered to elect and appoint on behalf of the Nations and Royal Families of the World. Now, the Alpha - Omega Ring, otherwise referred to as Solomon's Ring, is securely locked away and the only person who can issue an order for its transfer or relocation, is the real M1.

The Private Treaty Agreements and Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos were delivered to the United Nations, recorded and sealed by the United Nations. And they are now held in “Top Secret” files.


There's been so much disinformation over the years regarding former Presidents Soekarno and Kennedy, the Green Hilton Treaty, and the Collateral Accounts, that it's an important issue to be clarified to better understand the circumstances surrounding the Global Debt Facility and the ITC / OITC. What recorded / programmed history doesn't tell us is that Soekarno had to be removed for pretty much the same offenses as Marcos. Although former President Soekarno was never the M1 (that position was held by President Marcos at the time), Soekarno was the Holder or Custodian of Collateral Accounts assets. And like Marcos, he was anal retentive in his approach to managing the assets, and this made him a target of the Allies.

Under his Custodianship agreement, which was entered into many years earlier, Soekarno held no power of signatory rights to transfer, assign, sell, dispose, or otherwise, any of the Gold or other assets that belonged to the Global Debt Facility. He even acknowledged this in the Book of Maklumat, which he authored, in volume 4, where it states that "No member of the Soekarno family must ever know, or have knowledge, of the Collateral Accounts or Soekarno's involvement, as they cannot be trusted." Soekarno told his family nothing and he utilized faithful and trusted allies / persons as sub-custodians / holders with no power or authority of any type over the Collateral Accounts assets.

For whatever reason, though (probably Allies pressure), Soekarno was wrongfully accused of exercising unstated power over the assets under his custodianship, whereby the Allies used the lame excuse that the original ownership documents had disappeared, or were lost, so they could just confiscate the assets without following the legal protocol. But this was all untrue. The documents, like all other documents tied to such physical assets of the Collateral Accounts, were held separately, in some other country in some other corner of the world, far away from the physical assets themselves, in depositories.


This was a two-sided deal and America played both hands by fist. First came President John F. Kennedy's Executive Order which ultimately led to what is commonly known today, thanks to disinformation, as the Green Hilton Agreement, dated November 14th, 1963, and finally countersigned by President Soekarno on 21st of February, 1966. The initial part of this agreement had been termed the "Master Agreement", and it had been signed on October 7th, 1961. The overall Agreement called for Soekarno to assign a huge amount of silver and gold to the U.S. to back additional U.S. currency to further international trade, and to put the U.S. back on their original track. But it had nothing to do with the true legal owners of the Collateral Accounts or the M1. M1 had not been consulted. So the question now became whether the execution of the Agreement was legal at all.

Following President Kennedy's assassination in November of 1963, Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States, at the same hotel he was staying at in Houston, Texas. The very first act of Johnson's presidency, while still in the same Houston hotel, was to revoke the Presidential Executive Order issued by President Kennedy. This was the same Kennedy Presidential Order that had led to the "AGREEMENT - GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE" (as it was legally called) and the "MASTER AGREEMENT" in the first place, which became null and void as an Agreement.

So the United States never recognized it. And the agreements were never recorded and registered to make them legitimate, enforceable, and legally binding documents between two countries. Yet, today, America chooses to have its cake and eat it too, claiming that the "AGREEMENTS - GREEN HILTON MEMORIAL BUILDING GENEVE AND CERTIFICATE OF GENEVE" and the "MASTER AGREEMENT" is in fact legally binding and is relative to who owns the Gold which was the collateral to be used behind the agreement. So America continues to steal it in clever ways.

Yet the truth remains. None of the Collateral Accounts was ever actually legally used and, legally, the assets remain under the ownership of the Trust, which in itself is a Trust held under Foundation Divine / Collateral Accounts, which is / are now owned by the International Treasury Controller, as sole Heir, Owner, and Arbiter, which was formerly Ferdinand Marcos as M1 and Master Custodian.


The entire system of control and auditing of the Collateral Accounts was allowed to totally collapse upon the removal of President Marcos. This was bad news for the people of the world. And it paved the way for notorious agents / mercenaries of America and her Allies like Keenan, Struck, Hudes and cohorts, and thousands of others, to fill in the cracks; to voraciously effectuate a "Free for all" feeding frenzy on the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, wherever in the world they could find them.

The people of the Nations of the World, however, were not yet totally severed from their right to eventually benefit from the Global Collateral Accounts. That is because, unbeknownst to all the bad guys, before he died, President Marcos had explained everything he knew to the new M1.


With Divine inspiration, the 'Hierarchy' understood that action must be taken regarding the 50 year term of the TTTGC's mismanagement and greedy administration of the Collateral Accounts. The 'Hierarchy' agreed the 50 year term would not be extended or renewed, and they would appoint an independent individual instituted under a "Sovereign Entity" status to take over the Management and Administration of the Collateral Accounts. Someone who could effectively sort out all the problems associated therewith, and solve them. That person would be Ray Dam, who on January 20th, 1995, was appointed as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral accounts.

Dr. Dam immediately picked up where Soekarno and Marcos left off --- being a big "Thorn in the side" of the thieving cabal of America and her Allies. Dr. Ray C. Dam, a descendant of the Cambodian Royal Family, was an experienced Central Banker, and former G7 Gold Signatory. As the ITC, Dr. Dam was institutionalized as a "Sovereign" with its own Jurisdiction. This was to ensure total independence for the International Treasury Controller, free from interference from any person, group, institution, Sovereign Nation, or otherwise.

Dr. Dam set out to try to utilize the Collateral Accounts to help the people of the Nations of the planet. Dr. Dam took the baton (with a couple handoffs in between) from Ferdinand Marcos, and set out to change the world. Unfortunately, he was hammered with powerful forces of antagonism from the get go. Dr. Dam never really gained any traction, and any momentum he might have had during his run as ITC was violently cut short in December 2010, when he was falsely arrested and in the subsequent months he nearly died from toxic poisoning. It was through a joint effort between those who had surrounded Dr. Dam in Cambodia, and the CIA. Dr. Dam was wrongfully arrested and imprisoned, then poisoned, while in jail, and he barely survived. He suffered serious organ damage to his kidneys, lung, liver, and heart. Dr. Dam would no longer be able to carry on his responsibilities. And so in September 2011, all his powers and authorities were revoked.

But there were still audits of the assets of the Collateral Accounts that needed to be undertaken as soon as was possible. If discrepancies in the assets or accounts were to be found, and many were expected, then the relevant party would have to replace it all on a like for like basis, and the people of the relevant country would have to be informed so that they understood the truth behind their corrupt financial system. But who would do that now? America had already been warned and "Blacklisted" from receiving any assistance from the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility until she pays back everything her agents have stolen or abused in the past. Many countries have been blacklisted for their abuse of the Collateral Accounts, but what living figure was actually going to look out for the Collateral Accounts? Or for the people of the world for that matter?


Upon the appointment of the new International Treasury Controller in May of 2012, He / She initiated and executed several Decrees, which as a "Sovereign" under its own jurisdiction, the ITC is legally allowed to do. The Decrees confirmed, supported and clarified the conditions of the 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, and 2012 International Treaty Agreements executed by the Nations of the World, as well as enhancing the content and wording of same to ensure that such content could be fully understood by all.

Under the Powers and Authorities bestowed upon the International Treasury Controller by the Nations and Royal Families of the World, in compliance with International Treaties, and the "Sovereign" status of the ITC, holding its own Jurisdiction, the ITC / OITC stands above and beyond all other Nations, whereby "any / all National Law relevant to the subject matter is legally superseded by both the International Treaties and by legal Decree." In other words, no law on this planet is greater than that that governs the ITC / OITC. The law together with the ITC's own jurisdiction also applies to the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, which were intended to rebuild the Nations of the planet for the people.


This is where it gets tricky for the new ITC/OITC, trying to stop the abuse of the Divine Wealth of the Nations and Royals of the World for the benefit of Humanity. The bad guys are big, and there's lots of them. The world rages at war. And the bad guys continue to steal the Gold wherever they find it. They reprocess it, and place it back on the market, selling or utilizing someone else's property for significant sums to finance their "Black Operations". Powerful Governments and Financial Institutions like the U.S. government and it's Allies, The U.S. Federal Reserve, The World Bank Group, The International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, The African Development Bank, The Asian Development Bank, The International Finance Corporation, and The Inter-American Development Bank. All have been "Blacklisted" by the ITC / OITC for having committed fraud, theft, unauthorized use of assets, and conspiracy to defraud against the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Instead of being able to utilize the assets to feed the hungry and employ and protect the people of the Nations of the World, the assets instead are going to people like certain governors of the board of the World Bank Group and Karen Hudes.


Someone on the internet in a very negative piece attributes this faux quote to Karen Hudes, as if describing her public personality and what she is about: “I am here to forewarn you all that the old, out-dated, corrupt, Bretton Woods banking system has had its day, and is about to be replaced with a new world order financial system and World Currency Unit.”

You too have very strong things to say about Karen Hudes. After researching her, and listening to her, and watching her drone on about the global corporate network and the Global Debt Facility while trying to mimic the ITC / OITC, and pretend to be someone and something that she is not, I tend to believe everything you have to say. You must have very good reasons for being so strong when you say:

"Hudes is a 'Misinformation Plant': within the system, planted by the World Bank so that they can retain their unlawful power over the Global Debt Facility."


"Karen Hudes has proven nothing yet, other than having a small amount of information which she believes is the whole picture, followed by the constant repetitiveness of her interviews and the deviation to other subjects within her comments."


"There is another issue here Ms. Hudes, that being that at the time you were Senior Legal Counsel to the World Bank so you must be aware of the illegality of these agreements you refer to. At the same time you must also be aware of many other illegal agreements initiated by the World Bank reference to the Collateral Accounts. You may have also been a signatory to some of the agreements, if not externally, then internally, which makes you complicit in fraud against the Collateral Accounts, Ms. Hudes."


"We don't want you in the picture stirring up the muddy waters because you, like others, just impede our objectives (feeding the mouths of the babes of the Nations of the World) and prevent us from doing our job."

I don't know what you believe you can do legally on an international basis, or whether Interpol or global law enforcement agencies will consider the World Bank Group's order for the arrest and imprisonment of Karen Hudes, but if what you and the World Bank Group say about her is true, then Karen Hudes should be disbarred for life in this country. The State Bars of Maryland and Washington, D.C. should launch investigations and then bar her for her illegal and fraudulent acts regarding the Global Debt Facility and the ITC / OITC. It's obvious to any objective eye that she has not been appointed to run the Global Debt Facility. Maybe this investigation could spin off to a federal investigation into the truth behind who has been and who is presently stealing the assets of the Global Debt Facility and America's involvement therewith. Maybe then our 'leaders that be' can deal with the ITC / OITC and we can all figure out a way to save our corrupt and broken financial system.


If what you write were true, Mr. Crayford, then people like Karen Hudes (and now you say her husband Barry Spergel), and thousands of others, have been for hundreds of years stealing, abusing and illegally using the Gold and Wealth of the Nations and Royal Families that was supposed to benefit the people of the world. They have instead used it to make war and genocide across our planet and to destroy countries and wipe out borders (eg Soviet Union, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, all of Latin America before that). They have murdered American presidents (Kennedy) and destroyed true heroes of Humanity (Marcos, Soekarno, Dr. Dam). You say that this organization you work for, this "Sovereign" entity called the ITC / OITC, is legally designed to essentially rebuild every nation on this planet, and it has the wealth to do so, if only the Americans and other thieves would stop stealing it, and their banks would stop abusing it, and we could then apply it to it's original purpose - to rebuild the planet.

You've said that "The ITC / OITC does have a platform for a new World Financial System supported by assets of the Collateral Accounts," which, of course "the existing powers of the world refuse to discuss" with you. Instead they continue their "old ways of theft and fraud, plus introducing various people and groups to cause confusion in people's minds with their misleading articles/statements posted on various websites. Whilst this is happening people can not distinguish what is real and what is fake, with many believing and following the totally wrong road to salvation."

You talked about how after the London Treaty of 1920/21, all the assets of the Collateral Accounts were secreted away, and the value of the assets was entered within many accounts throughout the world and recorded within the Bank of International Settlements as the main component of this with the "Swiss Government / Banking Institutions being the main component for the actual documentation." Gold and all the other assets were treated the same. "Gold was shipped to the Philippines, for example, for secreting away into depositories, which ranged from caves, caverns, purposely dug / built bunkers, sunken ships, etc... The documents (and each Bar of Gold has a set of seven (7) documents) were sent in the opposite direction to another depository. That way the Gold and Documents were separated minimizing the possibility of fraud and theft of the 'Whole'. Master documents (known as the Master Gold Bullion Certificates) were issued through some of the Major International Banks (Bank of England, Barclays, UBS, Credit Suisse, etc...)."

You explained the legal significance of the difference between "Issued through" some of the major International Banks and "Issued by" some of the major International Banks. "Issued through" means instructed by a Third Party to issue but without any legal responsibility against the issuing bank, whereby the responsibility rests with the instructing party only. "Issued by" means that the bank issuing the certificates is legally liable against those certificates.

The Master Certificates issued were usually issued in the names of the Head of State of various countries, such as Soekarno, Marcos, Mubarak, Yasser Arafat, Palavi (Former Shah of Iran), Queen Beatrice of Holland, and so on. "At that time, to utilize any Gold one needed the Master Certificates, the Keys (if applicable), the individual Gold Bar certificates, and the Gold. Therein lies another problem for anyone thinking about stealing Gold. However, having stated that, the objective was not to use the actual Gold but undertake all operations off the Banking Screens. That way the Gold stayed secreted but still usable as Collateral when needed.

"However, that wasn't the end of the system. Each deposit of Gold has a minimum of three persons attached or involved. None of them are known to each other. The documents have another three persons attached or involved, and none of them are known to each other. The three persons on each side (The Physical Gold and the Documents) would have been (effectively in name only) an account holder, and account signatory and a custodian, but none of them could do anything without the other 5 and the Master Signatory."

What all this means is that without all the parts referenced above no one could possibly do anything, therefore "The assets were considered and construed as being as safe as they could possibly be." What the above actually means is that without all the parts no one could possibly do anything and therefore the assets were considered safe, in theory, but not in reality.


The assets of the Collateral Accounts have never been safe. They were / are being stolen at an unprecedented rate. You have provided specific instances of the thefts. "One way is that the Federal Reserve have been trading Petchilli Bonds, Mexican Bonds, etc for a considerable time, building up a 'slush Fund' in conjunction with other crooks mainly the CIA and NSA. When this was realised this trading was blocked, but now they have moved onto the Kennedy Bonds and trading through the various International Banks.

"That too is now blocked and being locked down. The aforesaid 'slush fund' has yet to be located but it has been split into numerous accounts in various parts of the world under pseudonym names, so it will take time to locate all of it. In the meantime they are using these funds for financing covert operations which does include the Ukranian situation....

"A second factor is that we are aware that a Signatory of an account, which is not the original signatory but a former NSA / CIA employee who was deliberately and purposely placed into the signatory position of one of the Trusts, so that access for illicit activities could take place quite easily. That person gave the access and other codes to Prince Bandar (this happened before the 'Lock down' of the accounts) who accessed the Federal Reserve 'Blue Screens' and immediately removed $32 billion US Dollars. By following the money trail, this money, or a large part of it, was used to finance insurgency in Syria... Hudes and Keenan perpetuate this."

Regarding Ukraine, one of your readers expanded upon your point: "As for the Collateral accounts. Actually the money didn't come from the accounts because they are locked down.... BUT ...what the lovely money digger thieves did was to mirror the accounts, using them as... 'collateral', lol! When they discovered in late 2012 that even the signatories could not access the biometric security systems, they created a sort of ETF to Mirror the accounts, and claimed the funds that are locked down as collateral for the money they magically created through the ETF Mirror. Nice eh? I think that you'll find that the 'slush fund' you are looking for is the mirrored ETF that...was run through UBS."

Your solution to all this?

" various places around the world is all the legal property of the Collateral Accounts under numerous Foundations and Trust. The International Treasury Control / Controller are therefore the only organization (Sovereign Entity) able to support any new Financial System or Currency and we are willing to do so only if any new system introduces reality, stability, and is designed with the people of the world in mind, not the elite few or cabal."

So all we need to do to make this happen is apply that wealth that keeps getting stolen by our leaders and their agents.


Lastly, you posted a funny but poignant response on the internet regarding a reader talking about extraterrestrial aid for financial salvation for humanity. "...If we are all waiting for Aliens to help us through this financial and economic mess, then we might be waiting a long time. At the same time it is the people's apathy that has assisted in the cause of this mess, so it is the people who should get down and resolve it and not rely on others, aliens or otherwise. People (Humans) have the ability and the capacity to resolve it. What people don't have is the determination / tenacity to do so because they always leave it to others, and then complain bitterly when the suffering starts. Wrong attitude and wrong approach, so they need to wake up from their fantasy dreams and stop relying on others."

Great luck, Mr. Crayford, and the ITC / OITC, and may God be with you in your important work. And may you reach with Godspeed your goals of bringing economic relief to a global populace so desperately in need thereof.

Very Truly Yours,

American Lawyer

RMN is an RA production.

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