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David Crayford addressed some issues concerning the White Hats and OITC a while ago

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Tuesday, 1-Mar-2016 16:49:23

In Response To: Reader: "Is there anyone out there want to clarify this debate between White Hats and OITC?" (hobie)

This was sent to me by David P. Crayford, who is associated with OITC, on Feb. 7, 2014, and was posted in answer to readers' questions. Unfortunately all posts before Sep. 25, 2014, are now lost, I can only repost Mr. Crayford's answers from my email, and not the original questions.


Dear Mr Fusion,

Below is my response to the two persons seeking answers to questions. Apologies for it being so long, but the situation / questions demands a more detailed explanation rather than a brief which then allows for misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Dear Goose,

Mr Al Hodges can enter into whatever contracts or agreements he wants with the American Authorities or International Institutions, they legally mean nothing and hold no validity whatsoever. Another point on this is the fact that America, whether through its Government, any Authority or Agency thereof, or any party or organisation acting for and on behalf of the American Government, or in conjunction with the American Government (World Bank, IMF, BIS, and even parts of the UN) have no authority whatsoever over the Collateral Accounts, their use, disbursement, or otherwise. That power lies entirely with the International Treasury Controller who is the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts which legally is all attended to and covered by International Agreements / Treaties dated 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, 2012, and even earlier Treaties.

Many have attempted to lay claim to the assets of the Collateral Accounts, in one form or another. All have failed.

The White Hats is a slightly different situation. These are generally people who are trying to expose this matter to the public for the sole intention of allowing the public to know about these matters and also to bring these accounts out so that they can be used for the benefit of mankind.

The person most known of the White Hats is Lord David James of the UK.

The problem here is the fact that they can talk and argue all they want but they will never do any good because they do not hold any authority over the Collateral Accounts.

They are in a way similar to the White Dragon Society, who have no money and claiming all sorts of things without actually having the knowledge or approval / authority to do anything. This is another organisation that should really be working with the International Treasury Controller, not trying to do it themselves by illegal and unlawful means.

That is what the people read or hear, and what people believe because it gives them hope, when in reality there is no hope in the manner in which these people are trying to achieve whatever it is they are trying to achieve. Nothing can be achieved using illegal or unlawful means. It can be achieved if done correctly and legally. At the same time none of these people or organisations want to join forces with the real Legal Heir and Owner so one has to ask the question as to WHY?????? In most cases it is because they want the credibility and control. They want to be the White Knights riding over the crest of the hill to save the world. There is no need for that at all if they are really working for the people.

On a side - note I feel it worth commenting that the notion of banks being brought to order through fines is disingenuous at best. We all know that these fines are mere fractions of the revenues generated through their ongoing criminal activities.

Attending to the latter parts of the question first.

The latter paragraph question has the same answer as above. Yes it is greed, criminal, fraudulent, corruption, and so on, but the problems are the same as stated above. The law, if it exists at all, is not severe enough nor is the willingness to see friends go to prison or be executed.

We (the ITC / OITC) can do nothing about this as this is a matter for the people of any country when electing their representatives. That is a responsibility that can not, and should not, be treated lightly or even discarded. However, the current situation on this matter appears that the people elect their representatives and then put up with the consequences until the next time they have to elect. What also is highly prominent is that people are either Red, Blue, or Yellow (Political Parties) so they vote according to their beliefs not what their representatives can actually and really do for them to improve their quality of life, etc. It is the Party Manifesto that matters most, and which in most cases is mere propaganda, lies, promises that possibly can not be achieved, or similar.

Like yourself Peter, people do need to start opening their eyes and realising just what it is, and how weak it is, that your Government and Representatives do for you. Then they need to start demanding change, whereby change that is good for all not just a select few, change that is long term and creates stability not short term policies that tend to be popular in character. Unfortunately Politicians are Politicians and until they are brought under control they will only work in their best interest and in the interest of those persons or parties who financed their political campaign.A good friend of mine calls it crony capitalism, and that is being polite to say the least.

In respect of Zap/Poof, Karen Hudes.

Zap / Poof appear sometimes to get hold of information which hits the nail right on the head. Other times they are nowhere near the mark, so far off that the truth is left on the starting blocks. They are more mediocre that many others that have jumped on the bandwagon and deserve credibility for the way they approach things. However, having stated that they are in reality just another one who has obtained, by whatever means, some information which has a portion of truth built in, but most people can not distinguish what is real and what is fiction.

The information she has gained at the World Bank is based upon her own interpretation of the status of the World Bank, not what is reality in accordance with many International Treaties / Agreements that control all of this.

Based upon my own knowledge, documents in our possession and my experience, the World Bank works hand in hand within the American Government and IMF, is totally corrupt and has been conducting fraud against the Collateral Accounts for decades as if they actually own them, which in fact they DO NOT. The point with all of this and the people of the World Bank, is that it appears they have no principles at all. They will keep their mouths shut just so they can keep their jobs. Yet all the time most of them are involved, one way or another, with the fraudulent and corrupt operations of the World Bank. Karen Hudes is no different, she waits 20 years before opening up and even them it is only based upon what information she has gained from her time at the World Bank, of which most of it is incorrect.

She claims that Wolfgang Struck is the signatory to these accounts. Where the hell did she ever get that information from because it is totally incorrect. The International Treasury Controller is the signatory and the ITC is definitely not Wolfgang Struck.

In my opinion she is a person with a Big Chip on her shoulder, for whatever reason, and she has to get her own back using what information (Most of it false and forged) she has gained from her 20 years at the World Bank.

Ms Hudes also hinges on the Green Hilton Treaty .The situation on this issue is that this is not a Treaty, it is an Agreement, one not even recognised by the US because the Presidential Orders leading to this Agreement were revoked by President Lyndon B. Johnston.

It is up to the people whether they believe or not. Many will always believe what they consider to be an escape route, or something that gives them hope, only to be eventually let down by these people.

I, like many others, do not know whether the Global Economic Meltdown will actually occur, or if it does, when it will occur. There is a good possibility that this will happen but if it does then people need to be prepared for the severe chaos that follows it. I can say that we and others are working very hard to prevent this from happening, but unless the real core of the problem is resolved, then there is a very good possibility of it happening.

The system has to be replaced whereby any new system needs to be regularly monitored and controlled so that what the world has experienced since 2007 / 8 is never able to reappear.

We stated back in 2008 that this financial crisis would last until 2014 at the earliest but more likely until 2018 or even longer, because it is so severe and during all this time the real core of the problem has not been resolved. To resolve such an enormous problem means taking the power away from specific parties and placing it in the hands of completely independent parties made up of people from all Nations of the world, not just one Nation as it is today.

Banks need to be controlled and company or corporate law right across the world needs to be strengthened. At the same time Politicians need far more regulations around them to control them and prevent them from over-spending Taxpayers money, forcing them to work within the limits of their revenues. Some might say that such actions will strangle the financial systems of today and people will suffer. No, that is not the case at all. For 30 years minimum the world has gone so fast for growth that Governments needed to spend to keep up with it. However, growth, especially consumerism growth, can not continue at massive rates of growth indefinitely.

Just take a Mug of water and add sugar or salt. That water will only be able to absorb so much. That is a saturated solution. Now heat the water to boiling point and add more sugar or salt so that the water actually absorbs a lot more. That is a super-saturated solution whereby the water can not absorb anymore. Growth, especially consumerism growth is so similar. Eventually there can be no more growth, at least not on the scale that Governments want it so their tax revenues expand sufficiently to pay all the interest of the loans taken out years before hand. A vicious spiral which can only end up in disaster and once again the people will suffer.

Years ago the UK basically destroyed its Manufacturing industry only to realise now that the UK needs more manufacturing. What short-sightedness and all by the people that are elected to manage and administer the country for the benefit of the people.

America basically did the same by exporting their jobs to more economical countries in the Far East, resulting in Dollars leaving America as fast as they are printed. Again, what short-sightedness by the people that are elected to manage and administer the country for the benefit of the people, but all done for the sake of corporate profits.

Thank you both for your questions.


David P. Crayford.

RMN is an RA production.

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