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Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Stars and Venus…of Love…Peace…Alien Agendas…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 28-Jan-2016 13:10:20

*song* Venus by Frankie Avalon

The Tide of time turning…
Events unfolding…unstoppable…write it…

“Did you hear me?” Varence asked… “Ignore the
Distractions and just…do it.”

“That was some story,” I told him, them… “I had
To really tell it carefully…If I had told all of it,
It would have been 80 pages...I’m going to have
To finish it, do it right…Explain how the Elvar

Came and left…my hand was tired of writing.”

“Take your time,” Varence said kindly..,. “You’ll figure
It out…it will come out at the right time…
The timing…remember…it’s taking over now, that’s
Good…that’s very good.”

“You and your talking,” Rana groaned as
She folded her arms over her chest as she
Paced back and forth, “I wanted to hear
That…but there are things to do…How long
Do you expect me to wait?”

“He is making a point here,” Kierista reasoned
As she sat at the console… “Can’t you see
What’s happening?”

“Words…stories,” Rana snapped, “There is too much

“Oh will you be patient please.” Ceres insisted, she
Was very calm and composed…the story was clearly
Important to her.

“Patient? To wait for what?” Rana demanded.

“Our sisters…” Kierista responded sternly.

“He moved the ship,” Rana snapped, “How can they
Come now?”

“I said would bring them,” Vala told
Them strongly, her eyes glaring at Rana’s
Impatience, “And I will…”

“How?” Rana asked… “Your magic again?”

That glimmer in Vala’s eyes…I swear her eyes
Sparkled like twinkling Christmas lights…Her eyes,
Their expression revealed what was forthcoming…

The room shook…

Camlo studied the panel before him… “I am
Getting readings… “He said in disbelief. “Strange…
A transport…is coming…but-“ I

“But what?” Kierista asked…

The room shook…

“They make no sense…” Camlo only said…

“How is that possible, they are either there or
Not…?” Kierista asked.

Varence only smiled in that secretive way of
His. “With Vala here…that does not surprise me.”

“I’m tired of this.” Rana insisted, still pacing, still
Restless. “And the point of this is what exactly?
You tell these stories for him, I see, “She nodded at
Me, “But for all others? What for? For but a
Handful? Don’t riddle your secrets on me…I
Know what you’re doing…Oh to make them
Think…There s a far bigger picture at work
Here…not just one tiny little planet…You afford
Them time they don’t deserve. Grab the ones
You want and be done with it.”

“So very considerate of you, Rana.” Kierista told
Her. “There is a way of learning things. And still
Others might surprise you.”

“The transport approaches.” Camlo informed
Everyone. “The readings have stabilized.”

Rana scowled then moved to Vala. “Tell me,
I know you share my opinions, I sense it.” She
Told her sister with wild eyes. “We stand here,
We come here for a purpose…Do they deserve it?
To think beyond their little world…To manage
Some self control? Can they even read his
Intentions…or is it a sport of debate to them?
They fumble with feeble thoughts before they act on

Vala met her sister’s eyes with ice to match her
Fire…They did share views…but how far I couldn’t
Tell. “If it happens too fast…you know what
Happens…it explodes.” She told her before she
Began to hum again… “But you must see, and
Agree…for the right ones…it’s the key…You
Must respect that…Others may later see…
But the right ones play a much larger part…”

“Food for thought?” Rana demanded. “They are
Fuel for dark things, the masses I mean. You put
Them through pointless suffering by wasting time.
I still say grab the ones you want and be done
With it.”

“Because this is a chance for the majority…”
Kierista said, the voice, the melody of reason.
“At the very least it will be a record for other
Generations…clues to follow…True most are
Blind…at present…but they won’t always be.”

Vala nodded, “She is right,” she hummed, “For
This is how they show themselves who they are…
They say they don’t see it…That nothing is
Wrong…Then when it crumbles…As we know,
They cry how did that happen?” she laughed…

I shook my head, I had to agree…I was
Getting tired of waiting. “So who id coming on
This transport?”

Camlo was amazed that anyone paid him
Attention. He turned to me, acknowledging me
With the light of respect for the first time…
“The sister…Venus.”

“Venus is coming?” Ceres asked, very surprised,
But happily. “How could she…I thought she

“I thought she was entirely consumed by some
Project in the Hall of Records?” Evangella
Asked surprised; she had barely spoken.

“No, it was that Memorandum.” Kierista
Corrected them. “You remember how
She is…”

“Venus?” I asked, a laugh, I choked. “Did
I hear that name right? Venus? Venus,
The Goddess of Love?”

Varence smiled…in that way of his…

“Goddess of Love?” Ceres…Kierista said in
Unison…Then all of the sisters were staring at

“Venus?” Rana scowled, entirely fascinated.

Vala then smiled and turned to Varence… “To
Inspire the hearts and minds of another
Time…When such things did not exist I see.”

“You know my sister, Venus,” Ceres asked me,
Her eyes low…fierce. “As a Goddess of Love?
Your world sees her as this?”

“Well,” I was afraid to answer, “Yes…
The ancient myths…Everyone, everyone knows

All the sisters locked eyes on Varence…slowly,
Strangely…First to question, in doubt…Then
With shock and revulsion…Then anger.
“So how did this come about, Varence of
Apollo?” Kierista asked first.

“An ode to love?” Rana nearly spit…

“A romantic idea?” Ceres pursued. “A
Subtle declaration of hidden feelings?”

“Heart and song nonsense?” Rana asked

They were not happy at all. I was almost
Regretting I asked…but interested to see where
It was going. “I guess I am in for a
Surprise then?”

Varence said nothing…but smiled…but
This time his smile was different…He was
Very sure of himself, stood tall…remained
Silent…folded his hands behind his back and
Just stood there.

“Oh I see he is short of words now.” Ceres
Laughed. “That smile of his so sure.”

“What did you do?” Kierista asked…this
Was the first time I saw her clearly upset.
“You obviously put some notion of our sister
In their history for some masterful reason.”

Varence just stood there and smiled.

“No words now?” Rana growled. “Oh this
Should be very interesting. Entertaining to the
Very least.”

“Why?” I asked. “What is it now?”

Even Camlo was smiling…as he announced, “The
Transport is her. Your sister is here.”

“Apologies,” Ceres said turning to me, “My sister
Is a beautiful person, yes…She works in the
Hall of Records…I believe you would call her
A librarian…She maintains historical
Records of worlds…And she does specialize in
Such things of literature and poetry, of things
That move the soul…”

“Oh.” I could only say. “That’s interesting.”

“Just wait…” Varence whispered to me, he
Leaned ever so carefully to me…eyeing Rana; to
Avoid a slap. “Just wait.”

“This has never happened this way,” Camlo
Told everyone, “The readings for the transport…
So fast, so immediate…its—“

“Impossible?” Vala hummed, her smile in that
Siren’s song with eyes that looked
About innocently… “Now how could that happen?”

Then the moments became this odd magical
Silence…There were echoes of mechanical
Doors opening somewhere…The lights in the
Room slightly dimmed as if to acknowledge her
Coming…this next sister…

And in that I began to realize there was
Some magical miracle at work…as the sisters
Came together…They had not been together in
One room for ages, no number I know…
Something really did charm these women…

“Don’t bother writing more about it,” Varence
Instructed me to write, “No skeptic or cynic
Will understand it at all…They’re not supposed
To…magical moments are meant only for the
Faithful, the believers…This is not about proving
Anything to anyone…Just write what happens,
That is all.”

“Alright.” I agreed…It was aggravating though
That he could sense what I felt, thought and wrote.
Privacy was gone. Varence then grimaced at me,
Of course.

The light was different…Then the doors to the
Bridgeroom opened…VIR’riel, the great lion man
Stepped out of the way…and there she was…

All the sisters smiled at her…
She was tall, standing with this regal softness…
Flawless and fair-skinned…This overwhelming
Thunder of beauty struck the eyes…as she slowly
Walked in with a confused doe-eyed expression…
She had black velvet-like hair with a
Reddish violet haze to it; as though it was
Such a dark red it was black…Her eyes were like
Pale blue diamonds, piercing and sparkling…All
Of the sisters were of this amazing beauty, I
Can only imagine what their parents looked like…

The silence as she walked in tilting her head looking
About. She was confused. “Hello.” She greeted
With a voice so sweet it suited her perfectly.

Kierista immediately greeted her first, went to
Hug her sister very warmly. “Oh…My dear
Younger sister…Venus, it has been so long!”

Venus hugged Kierista, still in shock, “It has
Been so long…but,” she said as she held her then
Backed a step away her eyes spinning… “This…
I come in the oddest way…”

“Oh?” Ceres asked as she then moved to hug her too.

“One moment I am filing books…Poetry written
By the children of the last decade,” Venus
Explained for them in disbelief as she smoothed
Out the length of her carmine-colored dress… “And
The next thing I know…I am sitting on a
Transport…Two lion men in robes before me…
And it’s taking off somewhere…like whirlwind…
Then to docking…No time for questions…And
Then…I’m here?”

“Strange how things happen.” Vala hummed, then
Leaned to me with a whisper, “When the time
Is right, the time commands it…Marvelous
Things can happen…when the time comes suddenly
You find yourself where you are supposed to be…
Write that down…Remember it. Please.”

“Venus, it’s good to see you.” Rana told her,
Hugged her quickly before Evangella and Vala
Did too.

“Rana?” Venus was even more amazed. “Is
That you? You’ve changed so since I saw you
Last…You were once so quiet…But now…”

Rana smiled cleverly. “Time has opened my
Eyes. Thankfully.”

“I suppose it has.” Venus could only agree
Before she suddenly noticed Varence standing
There. “Is that Apollo? You,” she said
Studying him, “Is that you? I remember you
From school…That was ages ago…The boy who
Wore no clothes to school…Apollo from the
House of---“

“Yes, it’s me.” He said sharply. “It’s Varence now.”

“You changed your name?” Venus asked her
Eyes blinking wildly. “Why?”

“The purpose of Time.” He only explained.
“Apollo was another life.”

“Remember,” Ceres told her, everyone, “to his
People, they change their names as time
Goes by…as they change and grow…

Venus nodded. “Oh. And stories spread through
The family that you are pregnant?” she
Asked, looking at her with joy.

Kierista nodded, “Yes it’s time. Apparently
There are no secrets at home anymore.”

“Well it id astounding good news.” Venus
Told her. “Is that why I’m here?”

“A reunion,” Rana then said sarcastically,
“Far more than that…” She turned wickedly
To Varence. “The Great Thinker,
Composer and Orchestra leader calls for all of
Our sisters to gather…And of course the
Goddess of Love must come too.”

“What?!” Venus exclaimed. “What Goddess?”

“Apparently Earth has legends of this.” Ceres
Told her. “Somehow the nations came to them.”

“A coincidence of names I can only think.”
Venus replied innocently.

Varence, tell her…” Ceres said with a laugh.

The sisters stood in silent wonder staring
Between the two of them…Venus, the sister
They knew…And Varence…The fervent
Player. “Now why would I do that?” He
Asked quite calmly.

“I keep records. I study the literature of
Worlds…Poems, songs, stories…That is all.” Venus
Told them. “That is all…” Then her eyes fell
On me. She pointed. “Who is this?”

“I’ll just simply say it.” Rana said playfully
Yet strong. “That is the human, Bill of Earth.
Valiant…as named by Ceres…Tutored as
Apprentice to Apollo, or say Varence now…
For miracles to come.”

“Apprentice?” I asked, confused.

“Never mind her.” Varence told me, shaking
His head.

“He was touched by the Heavens,” Kierista told
Her, “An angel put some…light inside his
Head…it’s changing him…That’s why we’re here.”

“Don’t say anymore of that PLEASE.” Varence

Venus nodded. “I see. Yes, I heard about this
From our sister on the council…The Project
Of the Elders…It worked then?”

“That is enough!” Varence insisted. “Let
Time unfold the rest quietly please.”

“So then what?” Rana was extremely
Sarcastic. “If you won’t explain it all to him
Right now…Then what is this time for?
What is the wise written message this
Time fortune maker taker teller?
Explain it before I burst.”

“Fine.” Varence gave in. “Short, sweet,
Right to the point this time…Venus, allow
Me to ask you…and please tell my
Friend here so that he may write it…
For all you’ve experienced in your work
Throughout the ages…Define Love…”

Everyone…Their faces…Their eyes wide,
Their expressions possessed with question
Of his reason…What was he doing?

“You ask me to define…Love?” Venus asked.

Varence nodded.

The silence was sarcastic…Then laughable…
Then transformed to curiosity.

“That is an impossible definition.” Venus said.

“To define Love…” As she watched me, then
Looked, stared into me…I could tell she saw
What they had…The light they saw…The
Meaning that still evaded me… “I see…”

They watched her close and waited…Then
Venus smiled…She understood quietly then
What he was doing…She knew the epics of
Countless worlds… “Love is a powerful emotion…
Love is a feeling, an attraction, a bond
That knows no reason…It’s more than that…Love
Is a power…It’s nothing to be taken for granted…”
She pondered for a moment silently… “Yes, I
Could share stories beyond count with you
Of the effects of love…
It is probably the most abused word
In creation…
Fools fall in love…The Bravest chase it.
Volatile and unforgiving…when abused…
If some idiot says it too much it loses
Its power…Then it has no value or
Meaning…Worlds crumble that way…

In malevolent practice…The Dark Forces
Deceive and consume worlds using love
As a mask to wear…
They preach Peace and Love to win over
Weak hearts and dreamy minds…
In truth, Peace and Love only go together
When all things are sincere…
True Love is rare…Love and Devotion are
Better paired…

If a world is troubled and tortured…
And love is rare in sincere form…
Then to preach Love…is poison…
Few understand this…
You should never cast Love spells…
And ALWAYS wish those in Love well…
Because Love is a power…it always has been…
And it teaches harsh lessons…

Every dark thing you can imagine has
Been executed in cries of Love…
Does that make sense? Should it?
Oh no…They will say Love is only pure and good.
Why yes it can be…
But I swear to you history and the
Universe will tell you a different story…

That’s why Evil manipulates Love…
Be careful…Tread softly…
Peace and Love? In Heaven, yes, a song…
But on a world of chaos…
It’s a song of destruction…
As I said…Say it too often it loses power
And then becomes, just a word…
But when expressed sparingly…sincerely…
Then it has a power none can match…

Settle for Love, in Love? And you will find
Yourself settling for a lot of things…
Then your dreams will crumble and True Love
Will never find you…

Think…How often does struggle and tragedy
Follow Love? Why is that do you think?
Could it be because as I’ve said…
Love falls victim to abuse? Overuse?
If you say you Love, you better mean it…
Or it will test and test you without end…
Many say…Don’t speak of Love
With words…Show me in actions…

The only natural Love is a Mother’s Love
And even that can be cruel…
What has Love taught you?
Judge it from your experiences…
What words would you pair with Love?
What limits? What history?
Envy? Anger? Gluttony?
It brings out the best and the worst…
Now say it again…
Peace and Love…Do they go together?

Many have a lot to learn with love…
I guarantee…everyone will throw an opinion
On this…And they’ll argue their own
Reasons without end…PASSION…
Preach to be reckless…THE FIRE, FURY…
Love Love Love Love Love…
Then exhausted and die for it…
But who am I to say…I just
Keep records on such things…

The Earth is but one world
OF MANY…in a universe of space
Full of universes…where Love finds
Definition in countless number…
It’s a very big game board…
And Love is Quite a power…”
Venus smiled.

They were silent…in awe…

“I told you she was the Goddess of Love.”
Varence smiled so cleverly…

“Please,” Ceres interrupted strongly, “Watch
Your words…Goddess?”

“Oh who cares what they think,” Rana snapped,
“They’ll complain over pen and paper…flaws
Of any kind in others…and always spare
Themselves…And you worry over his use of
The word Goddess?” She laughed.

“Some humble tone, Please…” Kierista begged.

“Oh just let him finish so we can move on
To the next part.” Rana said. She finally
Stood still, but did have her arms folded…
Her impatience was thin…

“Embrace the timing and reasons Please.” Vala

Venus stepped towards me slowly, carefully. She
Had the sweetest way about her. “Forgive me…
I am NOT condemning Love at all…He asked
Me to define it from what I know…” She
Smiled kindly. “The point is Love is a power.
Respect it. Don’t Fear it. Don’t hide from it…
You couldn’t if you tried...But by all means
Don’t abuse it…
IF there are those that use Love as
A weapon or sword or shield…
Then expect it to come at you the same way.
It’s measureless…
There isn’t a world without it…
Heaven glows of it…
Hell despises and yearns for it…
I could go on and on…
To ask me to define Love? Where’s the end?”

Ceres turned to Varence sharply, “I will regret
This I am sure…Why do you ask her this

Varence turned to me…The smile, his eyes
Turning every which way…I was dreading
It almost… “Relax,” He told me, “It’s not
That bad…Bill…the events in the world…
Recent, past…to come…Yes, I push you…
For good reason…To reach out to them…
I know you don’t want to…but you must…
Until your next assignment begins…”

“Oh Joy.” I said…gentle sarcasm; I did respect
Him after all.

He smiled… “To the each one an
Inner voice…There is no one answer for one
And all…but, there are basic fundamental
Facts…that is the point to this…to aid each
In their own independent journey.
If you feel insulted…I can not at this time
Apologize…especially if it’s only to make you
Think. At present…everyone has the
Answers they require…
There will come time of changes…
And when that happens…
You need to have that inner strength
And sensibility to make decisions…

Permit me to ask this…The people think
They talk, they preach…they guess…
1,000 years ago they thought they had the
100 years ago…All everyone could do was
Dream of what tomorrow would bring…
Their tomorrow is your today…
How far have you come? How far will you go?

Wants answers…
Do aliens exist? You know that answer.
Look at the stars, into them…
Other worlds…
Do they think? Do they feel? Do they know Love?
A thousand, A million scenarios on Earth…
What do you think the stars hold?
There are massive epics going on out there
Right now…
If you can’t handle things on your world,
How will you handle everything out there?
It’s not all about Earth!
Show them a ball game…take them to a
Concert…Have a drink, some tasty treats…
Show them a movie…Show them how fun
We are? Simply consider all I’ve said…
You know the answer.”

“Oh just say it,” Rana growled, “Clean up
Your own mess…In the end…it’s always about
What’s in it for them…what do you have to
Offer…You now that’s true.”

“It is unfair,” Venus added, “But they bargain
This way...The leaders, other worlds…They
Always have.”

“And that’s why the rules need to change.” Ceres
Said firmly.

“IF Peace and Love were the answers
Alien landings or disclosure would have
Happened in the sixties.” Varence laughed…

“So what do you want people to say?” I

“Peace,” Venus said. “Keep it simple. Peace.”

“And I still have the plan,” Vala hummed,
“And it will work, I know it will…once
Our sisters all have arrived.”

“Now will you tell me please,” Rana stepped
Towards me then, “This Light, the artwork…
What can it do?”

“It’s still being tested,” I told her, “But…with
Care…anything you want. But for some…
Not at all. It’s still surprising me. It has
A life of its own.”

“NOW THAT IS MAGIC!” Vala hummed.
She smiled wide, wild…with wicked joy…
Her sister’s song rising in her hum… “And
Now…This gift part…REVEAL…
Bend twist snap…Break it open…
So that it spills out…secrets held from
The world…REVEAL the greatest secret…
Lest the concealers brains utterly fry…
For they will not be able to think until they tell
It…Give the world peace of mind and tell
Them what they want to know…
Lies untied to truth…
Or it will fall from the skies…again
And again and again…”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” Vala only hummed.

“Next time you can finish that story from
Before…in-between they, we will have a little
Talk…” Varence instructed.

“Oh Joy!” I said.

“Go and rest,” Varence told me, “Soon you’ll
Have a new assignment…And you will do it,
Whether you know it or not…
Sooner or later you knew it was going
To go beyond words, beyond pen and paper…
Now go…think…
Dream a little dream…
You can stop writing now…”

A break in the Hour…The Gathering Comes…
My artwork: Love and Devotion

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