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When I read this I had feelings of deja vu to the inth degree

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Saturday, 23-Jan-2016 04:30:29

In Response To: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Ancient Pilgrims from the Stars… (Valiant)

Valiant, Thank you so much for posting this. It was like an ancient wake up call for me.

The song is also very important, but as yet I have not been able to connect all the pieces, I just know in my heart and soul that something very great and magnificent was passed to me through the song and what you wrote.

I awoke from a wonderful sleep next to my soon to be husband. I was crying. I know not why. I silently slipped out of bed, being careful not to wake him. I wandered through my half dark and cluttered house which is filled with vintage wares I sell on ebay.

The house was cold. Our area is experiencing record cold. I turned the heater up and poured myself a bowl of bran flakes. Where could I find a place to sit and eat them? The only place that has room for a bowl and a chair to sit in was my desk. I cleared a spot for the bowl and sat down to read the latest articles on RMN.

The first article I read was yours, Valiant. But before I read it, I listened to the song... over and over again. It was like magic. It was as if the song had been written for me... another me... in another time continuum. It was as though a stream from another time and place had reached out across the combined universes and touched me... touched my heart, my soul, my very being as well as all the other lives I have lived on earth and in the stars. It was as though a mega star birth experience had just occurred and I had been privliged to attend the ceremonies and watch the new being come into form and structure and life as it is known in this part of the combined universes.

Your choice of music and the words you wrote were all too familiar to me... even though I had never even heard the name of the song before, much less listened to it... but on this night... I listened over and over until the song spoke to me about all that is important on this world and in the combined universes. It spoke to me of love and the bonds an enduring and ageless love can create... bonds that can propel the human spirit forward and allow it to do feats that it never believed possible.

Such is true love... Just as a mother bear will fight heaven and hell to protect her cubs... so will a love struck human fight the gods and Creator to protect the blossom of love that hangs around the neck of their intended. Love indeed conquers all... and love is the foundation on which our world is built.

Your words filled my mind while at the same time thousands of shards of light kept bursting from my brain... each shard carried a special kind of energy that I had never before known.

Valiant, I do not fully grasp what your story has done to me... maybe you don't really know either. What I do know is it touched something very deep in me and has made me realize that all is right in my world. I am on the right path. I have not strayed from my mission on earth...

Thank you so much for posting this. I pray everyone reads it.

Much love and light to you, your mother and to all our readers.

Rayelan... RA El ON
: *song* All I Want to Do is Make Love to You

: By Heart

: As he said…through the mind down the arm
: Through the hand through the fingers
: Through the pen, the ink…write the words…

: Forgive me, but this time it has to be
: A little different…listen to the song first…
: You will understand…at least some will…

: And then…and now
: The Stars speak to us…
: By memories in dreams under the moon
: And the morning light…
: The planets and stars Align…

: Here, they sit waiting…as though something
: Big is coming…
: They stood like an assembly…
: The Great Lion Man VIR’riel off to the left,
: Apart…as if this part was not for him…

: Varence in the center, the tallest
: Tall and proud arms folded…head tilted
: That sly smile… “I like your words now…”

: Ceres, to the right…standing straight
: And smiling…this time she had the bewitching
: Smile…her eyes soft yet beaming…
: “Now I have something to tell…You…
: Tell them all…”

: Rana and Vala stood behind her…listening…
: “I’m eager to hear this…” Vala hummed.
: “And I will wait only a little more…” Rana said,
: Her tone intense. “Because I too want to hear
: This.”

: Kierista and Evangella stood quietly behind
: Varence…They said nothing, only looked at
: Each other and smiled silently…
: Then he said… “Now listen…”

: Ceres took a step forward, “They ask you
: So many questions…You do your best to
: Bide the time…The Tide of Them…”

: “I say and say again,” Varence said
: With a laugh lowering his head, “No questions…
: Things come when they have to…I have
: Certainly learned that the hard way.”

: “In truth,” Ceres said, her voice an enticing
: Soothing melody, “The world was changed…
: But it always changes…One way or another,
: Naturally, unnaturally…”

: “The point here is,” Varence went on, “That
: Deep down you know…some know more than
: Others…We know…We see…And for you,
: And a handful of others, Bill…it’s like
: Putting pieces of a puzzle together…And this
: Time I must insist…no more questions…
: You know how to not say anything and listen…
: That’s excellent…Because you understand…
: The right ones finish each other’s sentences…
: You’ve experienced this…that’s key…
: That’s what to look for…”

: “When the gathering comes,” Vala hummed…
: “In the Southwest…They will know by the
: Call of the Night Hawk…In the land of
: Britain…The Raven’s will tell them what to do
: And when…like you’ve said…The Birds…
: That’s the only clue I will give for now…
: Brother Wolf.” She laughed.

: Varence began to open his mouth to speak
: Then immediately Ceres was catching his
: Voice still, “This…is my turn…I will start
: This…you’ll only flatter yourself.”

: He laughed abruptly but agreed, “Alright.”

: “So this is the story,” Ceres began calmly…
: Sweetly with a smile and certainly that was
: Peaceful and comforting… “Some books record
: A perspective…but without the heart…There
: Comes a time when things have to be told with
: A story…stories…and NOT editorials…
: The Native Americans know this…Why?
: Because that’s how it’s best…The wise
: Ones know this…But that’s enough of that…
: Remember…the right ones will just know
: It, feel it…That’s how they’re sorted out…

: So when the time comes, they will know what
: To do…without direction…Understand?”

: I nodded. “Yes.”

: She smiled… “I know you do. There’s reason there.”

: “And now…Your world, and others…Speak of
: Legends…tales of their creation…what you
: Call Biblical tales…They are the oldest…Then
: Science comes along and says…no, it’s myth…
: All things are then logically torn apart then
: Reconstructed in scientific terms...coldness…
: Soul-less details that in fact are ever changing
: Conundrums of nothing…
: Science today is old news tomorrow…
: And yet…Stories of the spirit NEVER change…
: They grow stronger.

: This is your Earth story…
: THE human story we will leave for another
: Time…if kindness finds you, and patience
: Doesn’t slip from my mind.” Ceres smiled, then
: Looked upwards…distantly, as if recalling
: Some lost sweet memory…

: “I have to say its funny, it is because deep
: Down…its in so many hearts…I see it now,
: The whales were right…So many feel it,
: Have felt it…it’s in their DNA, a story
: Of genetic memory…Quite remarkable really…
: And it echoes in your arts…in your music…
: Even in fantasies and daydreams…
: Twisted and contorted, yes but still…Its there.
: Amazing.

: “My apologies…Lets begin…

: “In this Bridgeroom…long ago for you…
: Not so for us…

: The Bridge was quiet…so quiet it was almost
: Seemingly lifeless…Camlo sat at his seat
: Studying the fauna…The trees and wild roses
: Were always his favorite…but he was so quiet…
: And so polite, sometimes we forgot he was there…

: At that Camlo chimed in, “You do forget I am
: Here! I need to speak up more!”

: “Resuming…” she went on…

: Ceres sat at her seat monitoring the animals…
: The Ice Age was ending…The great glaciers were
: Receding…And the mammals filled the continents
: With marvelous abundance…

: Now while she loved all animals, you know where
: Her favoritism fell…She studied the early horses,
: Then stole glimpses at the great brown bears…
: She studied the open plains of Africa…
: The vast herds of animals…the hooves, the horns…
: The lions, the leopards…The mighty elephants…
: Then retreated to images of the black bears
: At play…Those tiny frolicking cubs made her
: Smile…

: And the whales always sang through it all,
: Constantly…Nature’s orchestra…background
: Music…with songs of joy and laughter…
: Their love was so pure…
: And to each other they told stories of
: Nature…The changing Earth of land and sea…
: They sang to the stars, to the Angels, to God…
: They always seemed to know what was coming.

: Then she found the sight of a great Mother
: Polar Bear strolling across a white land
: With her three tiny cubs…The skies were
: Blue with a blinding light, the sun’s reflection
: Against the ice…The wind blew…but the
: Bears only smiled little toothy grins and played.
: They were too adorable, those baby polar bears!
: She smiled and smiled so much that it
: Caught Camlo’s eye.

: “What makes you smile like that?” Camlo asked
: With a grin himself.

: She gestured for him to come look, “The little
: White cubs…just look at them. Have you ever
: Seen anything so sweet and tiny?”

: Camlo stepped towards her, leaned over to peak…
: He had to confess, “They are a smile to watch,
: I admit it…I can see your enthusiasm.”

: “I love the animals,” she kept smiling…then
: Gently played with the wave of her hair that
: Fell across her chest…”Those little cubs are adorable.”

: Apollo sat silently behind them…eyeing their
: Fascination…His mind was turning like the
: Workings of a clock…Tempered by seeing the
: Same things…The primitives of Earth…He’d
: Studied them since they once walked grand
: Cities of marble, stone bricks and mortar…
: With giant gem stone and golden temples…
: Complex ornate structures…artwork…and now,
: Since the cataclysm…since the invasion…
: Since the conquerors flayed the land and stole
: The population for toys and food…The survivors
: Had bred so recklessly…They had become
: Malformed…degenerates…suffering primal
: Instincts and rudimentary skills…They were
: Barely more than animals…

: He scowled…For all that had happened…
: Ceres and the bears…The miracles of Mother
: Nature…He held his chin deep in thought…

: He studied his recordings…fast…
: The lightning speed of what was, is and
: Could be filled his mind…
: Ceres…the animals…Camlo…The fauna…
: The Earth…The humans that were barely there…
: Thoughts of other worlds…
: Evolution that was in fact manipulation…
: Nothing ever changed the people, NOTHING…
: But…could something change the people?
: Could there dare to be a chance in action
: That could affect people…for the better?

: He was bored…He was anxious…
: Ceres had unknowingly restored the Boy Apollo
: Back to life…The man in him was the gamer…
: The boy was the gambler…The differences?
: The boy took chances…The man made sport.

: He sat back in his chair…watched Ceres
: And Camlo…in their uniforms…Those bland
: Obedient pale blue uniforms…
: He looked down at his then suddenly realized
: The collar was too tight on his strong solid
: Neck…So he opened it a bit…
: It brought some relief…

: He tilted his head…thinking, thinking, thinking…

: Then, there was a sudden beep…he studied
: The panel beside him…

: “What is that sound?” Ceres turned and asked.

: Apollo, wide-eyed, his mind racing…Thoughts
: Wild and untamed…ravenous with ideas…then saw
: The display read what it was…”It is a ship,”
: He told them with a grin, “A ship of pilgrims
: From the Seven Stars…Making their way
: Across the system…looking for a new home.”

: “Another one?” Ceres asked. “That’s what, the
: Fifth one so recently…Why so many like this,
: Is something happening on their homeworlds?”

: Apollo studied the readings of the pilgrim
: Ship…his grin became sly…his mind wilder…
: Those pilgrims were so…proper…dignified…
: Rigid…much like the confirming rules of
: The Watchers…and this annoying blue uniform
: He had to wear…

: So then…as if by some daring boyish act, he
: Stood up…with a comical grin…and stripped
: Off his uniform until he was bare naked
: Right there in front of them…

: Ceres jaw dropped. “What are you doing?”

: Camlo was so shocked he couldn’t say anything.

: “I was uncomfortable.” Apollo said very
: Plainly then tossed his uniform aside
: And sat back down as though it were nothing
: Unusual at all. “What?” he asked, no shame
: What so ever.

: “Has your mind gone somewhere?” Ceres said,
: Her expression, her eyes squeezing to study his…
: She gave no blush at all. “You are
: Aware you have NOTHING ON!”

: “Yes I know.” He said without care,
: Resuming to study the pilgrim ship…
: Intensely studying every detail about it…

: “You have NOTHING ON!” Ceres repeated.

: “Yes I know,” he only said, “I heard
: You.” He read the fullest details of the
: Pilgrim ship…Who were they? There were
: Thousands of them on board…

: Ceres walked slowly over to him, only briefly
: Eyeing the bare skin of his muscled
: Body…”You have NOTHING ON!”

: “Ceres, you keep repeating that…Why?” He
: Saw the readings of the ship…Their fuel…
: Was somewhat low…

: “Are you trying some scheme on me?” she
: Asked standing beside him…waiting for a response.

: Apollo started pressing buttons on his panel
: Secretively…”I am not scheming anything
: On you, Ceres. Honestly.”

: “What are you playing?” Ceres insisted.

: The beeping then grew louder. Then Apollo
: Exclaimed, “Why, oh no…The Pilgrim ship
: Is in distress! They have lost their fuel!”

: She held her hips and stared at him
: Suspiciously. “What are you doing? You did
: Something!”

: “Why would you think that?” Apollo said then
: Finally looking her square in the eye. “We are
: Watchers, what are we allowed to do…I am
: Not permitted to do anything to this world!”

: She squinted. “There is some plot in your eyes!”

: “I am not plotting anything for Earth!” He
: Insisted…then turned to his readings…”The
: Pilgrim ship is heading for Earth…They will no
: Doubt be searching for fuel…and to repair
: Their vessel.”

: Her eyes fluttered madly as she looked about
: For some clue to what she was seeing…Had
: All reason vanished? She eyed him through
: The corner of her eye…”They lost their fuel…
: By accident did they?”

: “Somehow they did.” He answered her, studying
: The ship…”I wonder who they are? What tribe,
: Family or clan…The names vary…I wonder…”

: “And you need to think this in your bare skin?”
: She asked watching him…

: “They are always exploring…seeking out new worlds…
: A new home…to house and independently grow
: Their own beliefs.” Apollo theorized aloud…He looked
: Up and commanded the view screen, “Display
: The Pilgrim ship approaching.” At once the ship
: Was displayed…It was a large saucer shaped
: Vessel…rather plain looking…”Do you recognize
: The make of it?”

: Ceres could not keep her mouth closed…His actions…
: His entire manner…”Are you trying to torment me?”
: She quickly turned to Camlo, “Do you see this?
: He’s tormenting me, isn’t he? He is tormenting me
: Like some lewd school boy!”

: Camlo only shook his head…He could not speak…
: The sight of Apollo sitting there…naked…so calmly…
: And Ceres so vexed…Words were impossible!

: Apollo studied the screen intensely…His thoughts…
: He had seen many different star ships in his life. Honestly,
: After a while they all began to look the same…
: Geometric design…Polished…Shiny…Smooth…
: The shapes varied with each race…This one bore
: Nothing significant…nothing original…

: He began to scan its interior…Approximately
: 10,000 humans on board…And they carried animals,
: Plants of their world…Everything they needed to
: Build a proper colony…another prim and rigid
: Conformed world.

: “Do you hear me?” Ceres asked, still stunned.

: He was lost in thoughts, ideas…fantasies…
: The pilgrims possessed a reasonable technology…
: Even far superior to those that settled the Earth
: Once…Interesting…He wondered what they
: Would think of Earth, its natives…Hmm…

: “Are you there?” Ceres persisted…She studied
: The seriousness of his face…then followed his
: Eyes to the view screen, then back to his face again.
: “Apollo?”

: He leaned forward and held his chin…staring
: At the ship, then a smile very slowly spread across his
: Face.

: She could not believe her eyes…His face, that
: Expression. “Say something…Your eyes, your ears…
: Your voice, is it there? Have you suffered some
: Internal trauma? Will you ever shave this
: Insanity? Say something.”

: “The Pilgrim ship is desperate,” he said quite calmly
: Without looking at her, “They will be here
: Shortly.”

: “That is all you have to say…of THIS?” Ceres
: Almost shouted. “The Pilgrim ship has forced you
: To strip?”

: “Are you bothered by something Ceres?” he asked,
: Stretching and flexing his arms and shoulders.

: Her jaw dropped…Her ears! His words! She took a
: Step back, then spun once staring around the
: Room as if by doing so it would find her reasons…
: Then she saw his uniform laying on the floor
: And grabbed it, and turned to him. “Could you
: Please put brains back on?”

: “That?” He said stiffly, flexing, stretching…
: Yawning…all the while staring at the Pilgrim ship.
: “Oh no I’m not putting that on again.”

: “What?” she threw his uniform down hard.
: “Never? You are joking! You are telling me you
: Are to never to wear anything again?!”

: “I did not say that.” Apollo said, leaning back
: In his chair finally meeting her eyes. He cocked his
: Eyebrow…”Is that all that you see? Does it
: Bother you?”

: “Does it bother me?” she arched her neck,
: Her jaw…trying to control what she wanted to really
: Say. “Is the sight of you…supposed to…what, have
: Me swoon? Adore the Great Apollo, the handsome
: Man…What should I say or think?” she spat.

: “Great? Handsome?” He smiled with pride. “Why
: Thank you, Ceres.”

: She thought her chin would literally fall right to
: The floor…All sense was GONE, ALL OF IT. “You
: Are impossible. You are a vulgar, impossible BOY!”

: “Vulgar?” he replied calmly…eyeing Camlo who was
: Still stuck in silent shock. “Its completely natural…
: Its not as though I am trying to seduce you.”

: “Don’t flatter yourself,” she told him sternly. “A
: Moment ago everything was fine.”

: “Yes,” he thought out loud, “A moment ago…everything
: Was different…Sometimes all it takes is a
: Moment.”

: Frustrated, she could only stand there and blink…
: To find a word…To find a reason…It was
: Impossible!

: Just then there was a dull bell sounding
: From the walls…Then Camlo was announcing
: There was a transmission…from the capitol…
: He looked worried, but announced “There
: Is an incoming check-in…from Dorin…” He
: Pressed a button…Then the view screen changed
: To Dorin’s image…as he sat in his enormous
: Office at the capitol back home…

: The seconds weighed heavily…the moment
: Measureless

: Ceres faced the screen of Dorin, very dignified…
: With only a slight smile as she awaited his
: Reaction…and forthcoming reprimand of Apollo’s
: Behavior.

: “Greetings…” Dorin began nobly…with
: A condescending tone that sharply ended in
: Silence.

: Apollo smiled with wicked eyes and a charming
: Grin then stood up as tall as he could spread
: His shoulders…so stiff and straight and tall
: That every muscle in his body flexed.
: “Greetings sir, how are you?”

: Silence…

: Ceres began to smile sarcastically…awaiting some
: Harsh words exchanged…but nothing happened.
: Just silence…Confused, she eyed everyone…
: Camlo was still stunned…Apollo stood to her
: Right just as bare and tall and proud as before…
: But Dorin remained silent…no expression.
: The silence was deafening. Was she still awake?

: Apollo eyed the ever over zealous Dorin politely
: But with concealed mischief…There was some
: Invisible exchange going on…

: Silence…

: Ceres was about to greet their egotistic leader
: When she noticed only the slightest trace of
: Color on Dorin’s cheeks…He was flushed?

: “Is everything alright there?” Dorin finally
: Said…but it was like he had trouble talking…

: “Yes sir,” Apollo said in a deep voice, “Everything
: Is fine.”

: “Well then,” Dorin said, “I will leave you for
: Another time…” He stretched out the farewell
: Then the screen fell blank…

: He had done nothing!
: Ceres slowly turned to Apollo…”Dorin blushed!”
: It was slightly there but still he blushed!”

: Apollo held his mischievous smile, “No, he
: Couldn’t have.” He sat down slowly then
: Resumed to study the Pilgrim ship…Inside he
: Knew Dorin had sensed the vessel…but something
: Else…blotted out all of his great mind.

: Ceres reviewed what happened…”How did you
: Do that?”

: “Do what?” Apollo asked her…carefree and completely
: Calm.

: “That big giant head of his…” Ceres couldn’t
: Finish the sentence…The notion seemed too
: Impossible…but at the moment everything was.
: She eyed Apollo…His casualness was insane!
: “Fine,” she declared…”If this is how it is
: How it is going to be…” Then she marched
: Out of the room…To her quarters…

: “You upset her.” Camlo said timidly.

: “That was not my intention.” Apollo told him.

: “I do not understand.” Camlo replied.

: “What is there to question?” Apollo asked. “So
: Many questions…Too many questions…If you
: Simply watched and listened…You would not
: Have to question anything.”

: A few minutes later…Ceres reappeared…
: Apollo caught the sound of her footsteps
: And looked up…Then his jaw dropped…

: Beaming…her eyes aglow with her own mischief
: Ceres slowly strolled into the room wearing
: This shimmering red dress…The bodice adorned
: With gold and pink pearls and coral gemstones…
: That supported and emphasized her curves
: Perfectly…Her hour glass shape, the way she
: Moved and walked…hips swaying…with
: Curvy legs that strut…revealed by the long slit
: Of the shiny silk-like length of dress as it
: Bounced around her as though the air itself
: Had woven a red cloth to play with…She was
: A vision…

: Holding her head up high as she could and walked passed
: Him with a smile…She then took her seat
: At the console and proceeded with her work
: As usual…

: He watched her, now he was stunned…”That
: Is some dress.”

: “My mother’s gift to me…”She said…
: Not looking at him…as she played with
: Her hair behind her neck…”I wanted to
: Put on something more comfortable.”

: “I can see that.” He told her. Still, the
: Way she moved, even sitting there…her
: Posture was unlike before…It’s like he was
: Seeing her for the first time…Glamorous…
: Royal…The princess he had imagined…
: “If it makes you…comfortable…”

: “It does.” She said.

: “Then fine.” He replied.

: “The Pilgrim ship…”Ceres said then…as she noticed
: The signals; she too could monitor it at her panel.

: “Ah yes.” Apollo had lost his thoughts…But he
: Found it hard not to look at her…Wide-eyed
: He shook his head…he leaned back in his
: Chair…he curved his lip…played with his tongue
: Inside his mouth…his mind fermented ideas…

: Then he sat forward heavily…Deep
: In thought…and leaned his elbow on his knee…
: And became lost in thoughts…

: She turned to his silence…Saw him sitting
: There…pondering…”The Great Thinker.”

: He laughed. “Perhaps one day I shall
: Pose for a portrait or statue this way.”

: “I am sure you will find a way to render
: The idea possible.” She playfully teased him.
: “Commemorate your moments of ideas.”

: “It’s possible.” He said. “All artwork is
: Inspired someway…for a purpose…”

: “Oh yes,” she said, “I am sure everything you do
: Require clues for eternity…”

: He smiled…Then sighed…and watched her…his
: Secret inspiration…”The Pilgrim ship,” he
: Said to her…”Its here now…Passing over one
: Of the lower continents. Oh no…”

: “What is it?” she asked…

: “Their lack of fuel will force them to land…”
: He told her…

: “As expected?” She went on…

: “Yes, but…as for where,” he explained…”They
: Have come across a primal native group…One
: A bit different than the others…That commit
: Human sacrifices…”

: “What?!” Ceres spat in shock…”They do what?”

: Apollo thought hard…What had he done?
: “The Mayans are in the midst of some ritual blood
: Ceremony…a sacrifice of a young girl…to their gods
: Or whatever…The Pilgrim ship…They are witnessing it now…
: This very moment.” He squeezed his eyes and sighed
: In grief.

: “That’s awful!” Ceres exclaimed…”Those savages,
: They sacrifice their own people!?”

: Apollo touched his brow…weary. “I can only
: Imagine what such…spiritual space travelers
: Must think of this…”

: “And you brought them here!” Ceres shook her head.

: “I did not confess that!” He told her.

: “I’m sure.” She stood to her feet gritting her teeth and
: Walked over to him; all sarcasm…”Your schemes…
: The stones of the willful…fantasy-eyed playful Apollo…
: They’re all true…now here you expose yourself…
: (The words had very expansive meanings…obviously.)
: What will you do? You must do…something.”

: He thought for a moment… “I will have to go to them…
: Go to them and see for myself who they are…and
: What can be done of this.”

: “What?!” Ceres shouted…but how could she be
: Surprised…he was impossible! “Not like that you’re
: Not!” She left the room quickly to grab a simple
: White drape that hung outside the hallway…a frivolous
: Decoration for a window, then brought it back to
: Throw it over him, “Cover yourself with this
: At least, for their sake, PLEASE!”

: “Fine,” he weakly agreed, dragged it over
: One shoulder to let it hang over him, then
: Wrapped it around himself crudely to let the rest
: Hang over his arm… “How is this?”

: She groaned, “Somewhat better.”

: “Let me adjust the time…” He pressed a few
: Buttons…Then reached over to the armrest…
: Where it opened to conceal a collection of crystals.
: He grabbed one, “I shall use one of our telepath
: Crystals to visit their dreams as they sleep
: So as not to be obvious and find out the details
: More closely for myself.”

: “Now you wish to be less obvious?” Her eyes bulged.
: “Now…? Oh I can not contain myself, I am
: Going with you,” she then too snatched a crystal
: From the box, “I have to see thins…if as well to
: Assure that you follow some trace of
: Good behavior!” Again…was that possible?

: “Fine.” He sighed then smiled and shook
: His head… “If it pleases you to accompany me…
: To watch me…” His grin was more than playful.

: “Dear Heaven,” she rolled her eyes… “Control
: Your fantasies please!”

: The Pilgrim ship…
: Hovered over the continent known as South America…
: They were a kind, simple people…Their Commander
: Had ordered the descent to the lush green and blue
: Planet to quietly find some resources of fuel…
: Fair skinned…Tall and graceful, they were very
: Spiritual people…leading very simple lives…Their
: Quest like many others from their homeworld
: Was only to found a new colony somewhere…
: Where they could live in peace and quiet…but they
: As all did knew to avoid this region of space…as
: It had become annexed by the Dark Empire
: Ages ago…But they were desperate and had to
: Act…some mysterious fault had dislodged all of
: Their fuel…Thus forcing them to make a brief
: Run to this…Earth…to find what they could and
: Then quickly leave…

: Their immediate arrival to Earth was horrific…
: They encountered a very primitive degenerate
: Human species…in the midst of some revolting
: Blood sacrifice to a supernatural force they
: Regarded as a God…A presence that was in
: Fact that of the Dark Empire’s evil patriots
: From a non physical dimension…

: They held a lot, refused to interfere…and scanned
: For fuel sources of gold…copper…and tourmaline
: Crystals that could be revised into energy…

: That night…That first night…In the Commander’s
: Bed chamber…as he and his wife slept…They
: Were visited…seemingly in their dreams…

: Bathed in ethereal light…The forms of a
: Magnificent man and a flawlessly beautiful woman
: Materialized at the foot of the Commander’s bed…

: “Hello there…” The Celestial Man called to
: The Commander…scaring he and his wife awake…

: The Commander, a tall blond bearded man of
: Seasoned age sat up and wild eyed to the dreamy
: Visitors…Stunned, he shook his wife then awake…
: Then she, a tall fair and pretty golden haired
: Woman of seasoned age sat up…saw the visitors
: And clung to her husband in fear…Who, what
: Were they witnessing?

: “Don’t be afraid,” the specter in the robe told
: Them… “I am only here to greet you.” He
: Watched their faces closely…They were indeed…
: Innocent of mind…And while they did possess
: Some psychic gifts…They could not at all match
: Apollo’s abilities ever. “Who are you to
: This world of ours?”

: Ceres eyed Apollo closely.

: “We are the Elvar,” the Commander told the
: Specter…in awe and fascination. “The
: Elvar of Pelos…And you, may I ask are?”

: “I am Apollo, the Great Lord of Earth.”

: Ceres jaw dropped as she watched him. She said
: Nothing…just stared in shock.

: “Pelos?” Apollo asked… “I know of all
: The stars in Heaven…That name escapes
: Me. Where is it?”

: “A crowded star system,” the Commander
: Told him… “Some call it the Seven Sisters…
: As it was colonized by seven vessels from
: Our true distant homeworld that was
: Destroyed ages ago.”

: “Ah…” Apollo said. “I see. The Ancestral
: Human Home World that fell to the Dark Empire.”

: “Yes…” The Commander said in awe… “Apollo, sir…
: Are you spirit, a spirit of Earth? Some sort of
: Guardian? Or are you more than that?”

: “More or less that is what I am…” Apollo
: Only revealed.

: “What?” the Commander said, looking at his
: Wife…She was too timid to speak. “I don’t—“

: Apollo thought hard. “What is your name…
: Your tongue…Your family line?”

: The Commander was shocked to be asked
: Such things by a spirit… “I command our ship…
: My name is El’Adan…this is my wife El’Lena…
: Our tongue is the Elvar…On Pelos, we
: Are of the House of El…Of the Danu…
: But my ship carries colonists from the houses
: Of M and O…such as M’Jan, my First Officer…
: O’Tel, my Second…The tribes and clans of
: The Tuatha…and the Ruatha…The Royals
: And the Great Builders of All Things.”

: “Ah, oh really?” Apollo asked… “Did you say
: The Danu? My Ceres is
: A great Goddess of the Danu…Her father
: Was the greatest king of the Danu ura…From
: The 1st home of all humans.”

: “How dare you!” Ceres whispered. “How could
: You say that to him?! The rash nerve that
: You have!”

: “Goddess Ceres of the Danu?” El’Adan asked.
: “The 1st home?!” He and his wife looked at
: Each other shocked…stunned... “Leah, Leahndar?”

: “Yes,” Apollo told them, “That is where she is
: From.”

: Ceres thought she might explode with rage.

: “By the Heavens, this gift!” El’Adan exclaimed.
: “There are only legends of our ancient home…
: The Great King Markan…He married the 7
: Sisters…who birthed him the 25 children…
: Angels spared them from destruction by
: Hiding them in space…and time…The legends—“

: “Yes, we know them…” Apollo said as if
: Bored… “Let me ask you…Please…stay
: With us on this Earth a while…But ignore
: The natives you have seen this day…They are
: Deeply tormented by ritualistic beliefs…We
: Are in the process of fighting evil on
: This Earth…The Dark Empire…I would
: Appreciate your cooperation by helping us…”

: “Of course Lord Apollo,” El’Adan said…
: “How could we help you?”

: “Dear God!” Ceres whispered harshly… “Does
: Your ego know no end?! What are you doing?”

: Apollo looked firm and noble… “Go to the
: Lands of the North East of here…You will
: Find the Emerald Isles…Islands of
: Rolling hills and lush meadows…much like
: The worlds you once called home…Hide
: Amongst the natives there…Stay a while…
: Rebuild your fuel supplies…Then I will
: Visit you again…I would just like your
: Opinions on things. Go now…I will see you
: Again.” Then he and Ceres vanished…

: With fevered excitement…at daybreak
: Commander El’Adan took the ship exactly
: Where Lord Apollo told him…There they
: Landed in a forest of rolling hills and meadows…
: It was exactly as Apollo had told him…Just
: Like their old home.

: Immediately back at the ship…Ceres
: Tore into Apollo’s attitude… “How could you
: Say that to them?” She yelled. “Those
: Simple people! You just built yourself into a
: God to them!”

: “And you their Goddess,” he smiled at her
: As he sat in the Captain’s chair, “You are
: Of the Danu…aren’t you?”

: “You are impossible!”

: And so it went…The torrents of time…
: Moments, minutes, hours to Ceres and Apollo…
: Months to the Elvar of the Danu, the Tuatha
: Of the Dannon…and the Ruatha…

: Hidden in the wood from the local natives…
: They watched as they were asked…and awaited
: Another visit from the Celestial Apollo and his
: Goddess…Little did they know that there
: Was not much difference between them all…
: Save for the time…The technology…
: The secrets of experience…

: But for the local primitive natives it
: Was very different…

: To them…And their primal minds of survival,
: The clothes of animal skin they wove…and
: The way they lived…To them they had seen
: A great falling star come…And they saw
: Glimpses of ethereal beings in the woods…
: Watching them…stories around campfires
: Were born…Rumors…Fantasies…

: And the locals were very ruddy, and war-like…
: Always fighting…wisdom was found in
: Strength and providing food and shelter…life
: Was cruel…Beliefs were simple…God was a
: Dream…and evil was everywhere…in their
: Daily lives and nightmares…Fear made them
: Fight for simple things…Sex made them
: Savage…And they fought in clans over
: These things constantly…Territories were
: Essential to survive…And the best held the
: Best hunting…The weak fed the strong…
: Women were servants, as were children…
: The only legacy that existed was a
: Short desperate hard life…then death…

: To the Elvar what they saw was abominable…
: They did not regard the natives of Earth as
: Humans at all…There was no self control
: Or kindness or value of life…
: But then…How did a superior race compare?

: The on one cold rainy night…
: There had been a terrible battle that day
: Between tribes…one that left many dead…
: They had fought with clubs and crudely
: Forged swords and knives…Blood soaked the
: Woods and streams…it was awful…

: Against her father’s orders…A young fair
: Daughter of El’Adan…EL’Miren was her name
: Had ridden with her friends through the woods
: On their one-horned horse-kke steeds…to find
: Local plant life for study…As twilight fell…
: And the locals had retreated to their campfires,
: Huts and shelters…
: El’Miren and her friends stumbled upon
: The gruesome battlefield remains of bodies…
: On a small stony river…
: Shocked…They had never seen anything
: Like it before…They, in their fine hooded
: Cloaks…left their steeds to study the bodies…
: They were horrified…
: How could such brutal things exist?

: Then she found him draped over a large rock
: Barely breathing…This savage…near death…
: EL’Miren touched his back then he rolled
: Over hard to the ground…
: What a scene…she in her pale ivory cloak…
: And he in his bloody deerskin…
: “What is it?” Her friend EL’Jin asked, a fair
: Young red-headed girl.

: “I,” EL’Miren struggled with the words…the sight
: Of his face…There was something there…beneath
: The beard and tawny skin… “I think it’s a man.”

: “That thing is a man?” Her friend EL’Den
: Asked, a young man with similar features
: And amber colored hair.

: EL’Miren thought long and hard…
: She saw him struggle for breath…his throat
: Had been torn open…yet he lived…somehow.

: Her gentle nature…the terrible scene...she
: Couldn’t let him die like that…something
: Moved her. So she convinced her friends to
: Help her carry him home…to their ship…
: Where secretly she hid him…nursed him…

: There she washed his wounds…cleaned his
: Skin…like she might some hurt animal…
: Against her friends wishes she did this…
: But as she cleaned him up…
: Beneath the dirt and blood and scabs
: And matted hair…and beard that she shaved
: Off…What she found was not an animal…
: But a man…a very tortured abused man.
: Who was in fact about her age.

: She and her two friends were shocked…
: More and more each day as they nursed
: Him…healed him…until one day he spoke…

: Garbled brute words came from his mouth…
: They couldn’t understand…
: EL’Miren took a crystal…held it
: To his temple…
: “Can you understand me?” she asked.

: “Am I dead?” He asked… “Has God taken me?”

: “No,” she told him sweetly, “You are alive. We
: Found you by the river…”

: “You are not spirits of the afterlife?” He
: Asked, eyes wide…scared…

: “He is an idiot!” EL’Den said. “He thinks this
: Is Heaven…The fool can’t even think.”

: EL’Miren scowled at her temperamental arrogant
: Friend. “No, you’re alive. We nursed you…I
: Nursed you back to health…”
: She watched his face as he began to cry…
: His eyes, his tears…moved her so…
: “I must be punished…to live?”
: She gasped…sensing his thoughts…
: He was aware more than they knew…
: Life was agony to him…
: Death was but some sweet reward…
: A dream he hoped for…it made her cry.

: “He’s an idiot, an animal.” EL’Den said.

: “Does an animal cry?” EL’Miren asked…
: Watching him…her eyes, his eyes… “Does
: An animal pray for death to save themself
: From a life they despise? He wants to die…”

: “Why?” Her friends asked…they could not
: Understand…The savages fought constantly…
: There was no reason in them…They killed
: As if life had no meaning…Blood was in their
: Daily lives…why would this one seek death?

: “Don’t you want to live?” EL’Miren asked him.

: He looked at her, at them…he’d never seen
: Such beautiful people…The room…The bed…
: The place he laid upon…he could not
: Understand the grandeur…
: He could not answer her…

: “What is your name?” She asked…

: “Togarth…” He told her, “Son of Chief Grufton.”

: And from there it only grew…
: Words became talks that became lessons…
: Lessons that became knowledge…
: And then virtue…
: She exposed him to a world beyond his own,
: And he embraced it and learned…

: Her friends became scared by this transformation
: And fled…they didn’t know what to do…
: As EL’Miren and Togarth grew closer…
: Until the beauty that he beheld
: With her golden locks and heavenly eyes
: Gave him a heart…he had to love…

: And from that love…came a child…
: A baby boy…
: But when her father learned of this,
: Of this secret she kept…he became enraged…
: That his prized precious daughter
: Could lay with such a savage…an animal?
: He tossed the young man out…
: And the child…and condemned his
: Daughter for what she had done…
: Consorting with a lower life…

: The Elvar expelled Togarth back into
: The primal woods from whence he came…
: With a tiny baby under his arms…
: But when he tried to return home to
: His people…They could not…
: Would not recognize him…
: And began a ceremony of judgement…
: They said he had been bewitched by
: The forest spirits…and had to vote with
: Tribal elders on what to do.

: Back on the ship…
: Ceres and Apollo watched the entire
: Thing…Apollo was disappointed…he had
: Thought more of the Elvar than that…

: But Ceres became enraged…
: “This is not, IS NOT, ending this way!”
: She declared.

: “What can we do?” Apollo asked confused.

: “What can we do?” She asked…His
: Way of thinking amazed her…For all of
: His scheming…now he was absent of ideas?
: “Why must I be the one to resolve things
: With any common sense at all?”

: “What?” He only asked.

: “Follow me,” Ceres instructed…That icy blue
: Rage filling her eyes… “We are going to pay a
: Little visit to the locals and then Elvar…”

: First…they went to Togarth’s village…
: The winds blew and lightening filled the sky…
: Thunder…Ceres and Apollo appeared…
: She spoke…They listened…
: The village was dumbstruck…terror filled
: Their eyes…
: As Ceres commanded their attention with
: The rage of a Mother Bear…
: In a language they knew…She told them…
: “If you harm that baby, that young
: Man…you’re dead…I will turn all of
: Nature against you…Do you understand?”

: There was no argument…It was fast, simple…
: She had them scared to death…
: Their simple minds had never seen
: Anything like it…To them it was
: And act of God…

: Next to the Elvar…In similar fashion…
: Before an assembly of all the nobility and
: Military regiment…Ceres and Apollo
: Appeared to the masses…Her anger merciless
: This time…
: “You,” she told the commander, “You call
: Yourself, yourselves an advanced race…
: Yet you commit the greatest crime…By
: Pride because your precious daughter lay
: With what you call an animal? Ha!
: You are superior…superior in acts of
: Stupidity! This Grand position you make
: For yourselves…Pilgrims of the Stars…
: Consider better values…
: This, a message I send to ALL above
: And beyond that consider themselves
: Higher Beings…
: Life is not something you toy with,
: Especially a child’s life…
: No advanced race pardons themselves
: Beyond others…
: They TEACH others…
: So that others can learn and too follow
: And grow with less pain than they suffer…
: That is how it should be…

: Now I tell you this…
: Teach them lf this world…your knowledge
: So they can grow too…
: And you make sure that baby has a
: Good life…for he is of your blood…
: And you can base that responsibility now.

: If you fail to do this…I will see
: To it that you never leave this world EVER.”

: Then Ceres and Apollo returned to the ship.
: Upon which they were met by a very
: Troubled transmission from Dorin…
: He had heard of their behavior
: Then put the ship on lock down…

: “Do you two not know what not
: Interfere means?” He taunted then
: Punished them…To watch in silence
: What was done…what was to come…
: The result of their actions…
: To watch and not do anything…

: “So this is how you came here?” I asked
: Them… “To this point?”

: “Yes.” Varence confessed… “But the
: Elvar left eventually…after leaving
: Their mysterious marks around the world.”

: “His scheme was to generate humans to
: Advance on Earth…” Ceres said…

: “The riddles and connections lay
: Therin…” Varence said… “Ties to the
: Stars…Your brothers and sisters…”

: “But what about Togarth and EL’Miren
: And the baby?” I asked.

: “That was the happy ending,” Ceres
: Smiled… “She came back for him…The
: Baby grew up and stayed…But Togarth
: Went with her to the Stars…”

: “And so it was, and is…” Varence smiled…
: “That to their descendents…to their Star
: Seeds they return…to visit and come for…
: To this day…and that My Friend is your
: Worlds hope for the future…Do you
: Understand now?”

: There is still more to come…

: Valiant.

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