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Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Dark Kind…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 19-Nov-2015 14:12:47

Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Dark Kind…

“Awaiting Confirmation…Subject’s readings
Are increasing…He is clearly communicating
With something…those readings are
Incredible…Find the source of that signal…now…”

“They will not find it.” Varence only said
With a smile…shaking his head. “They do not
Have the technology for this.”

The three of them stood watching me…Varence,
The statue with his granite smile in the center…

This man was like a rock the more I knew him.
Camlo, to his right…A man who looked like an
Adult but cried like a child…And Ceres, the
Flawless beauty on his left…her face growing
With rage…what a threesome!

“So what now?” I asked, numb, literally from

“You know what I asked.” Varence said flatly.

“You will not change my mind.” Ceres turned
To him, angrily, “I meant what I said about
The whales.”

“Have I asked you to change your mind?” He told
Her, “I merely wanted you to wait.”

“As far as I’m concerned…” I said to them still
Numb, “They’ve crossed the line…I’m done
Being nice…I can’t take it any more.”

“They have indeed. They always do.” Varence responded.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked him.
“It’s killing me…”

“It is killing you inside, that’s the point,” he
Said, his brow lowered, his arms folded across his
Chest, “But not the way you think…It’s those
Memories you’re blocking that’s killing you…Use
Them, don’t fight them.”

“I do use them.” I told him.

“Really Varence,” Ceres said shaking her
Head, squeezing her eyes, “Is this necessary for
Him? My minds made up…I’ve already decided.”

“You need to hear this.” He insisted to her. “And
He needs to let it out.”

A strained silence as we stared at each other.
“Fine.” I snapped at them. “If you believe
This will make a difference…”

“It will.” He said.

“Then I’ll do it.” I said as coldly as I could,
I was beginning to feel like stone myself.
“I will tell you how they died. I’m sick of
People making claims about them like it’s
Some kind of daydream.”

“I know.” He said. “So do it.”

“Where do I start?” I asked.

“You know where to start.” He said determined.

I couldn’t tell if time was moving. He watched,
Ceres watched me…Camlo stood there analyzing
Me…”I will hate you for this…You asked
For it…”

Her eyes, those lashes fluttering innocent butterflies over
Glaring irises of blue anger…They did change…
She didn’t know…but was curious and wanted to.
“I would like to hear,” she said to me…I’ll
Make you a deal, tell me of yours…and I will
Tell you mine.”

Stalling of course.

“What then? The gift of a therapy my mind
Through a meat grinder?”

“Say it.” He said.

“The deaths…” I said. “I don’t know exactly
When they began…Only when they did for me…
I always thought it was all a dream. I told
Myself over and over for years, it was all
Always a dream. Maybe this is, maybe all life
Is, who knows.

“I know when it became real…

“15 years ago…December 31ST, 1999…3:00
O’clock…The Angel came and put it in my
Head. Then…without question or hesitation
I reacted…First I assembled the art supplies,
Then I drew and I drew, and then I painted.
I didn’t know what I was doing at first, I
Didn’t allow myself to think, it wastes time…
It was raw instinct in the beginning…I was
A locomotive, unstoppable…painting, drawing…
Drawing, painting…It was pure, like the
Essence I was given, I don’t know.

But then after many months of this
I guess I got tired, a little burnt out. The artwork
Started in January…by the time Fall came I
Was tired…not of ideas, just tired.

But then, something happened…It
Was about this time of year, I love the Fall…

October/November…that’s why I remember

I had never used a computer for more
Than simple things before…emails, research…
Basic things. I had finished a painting…
I don’t remember which one…only that
I had finished it and heard this voice…
‘Talk to him.’

My eyes fixated on the computer, then
Nothing. I figured it was weird, I was tired, I
Needed a break.

It was a strange night, one of those
Nights where there was nothing on television
I wanted to watch…nor any videos I wanted to
See, so I thought I would go online, and
Surf the net…something interesting to do.

I was not prepared for what would
Follow…’Talk to him.’

I surfed the net, nothing exciting…
And saw one of those ads for chat rooms…
I thought, wow, cool, that was different…
Interesting…I picked one, logged on…
Saw the list of choices…Topics, Themes,
Regions…rooms for dating, rooms for hobbies…
I randomly entered rooms…They were
Pretty boring really…not much talk, more
People flirting really, I wasn’t into that…
So kept browsing…

Then I found a really cool room, Astrology.
It was the most fun and colorful. They were
Very friendly and talkative…Their chat names
Were amazing…Things like Celestial goddess,
Cosmic Queen, Psychic Warrior 9, etc.

I hung out for the evening, chatted
A bit, it was simple fun. I enjoyed it.
It became a nightly hobby…chat a little
Before bed, that was it. I decided though
I needed a more colorful chat name, so I
Invented one and became a quiet regular
In the Astrology room…It was just simple…
I didn’t expect…anything…

The room was VERY kind to me from
Day 1…the chat room welcomed me, with open
Arms…They always loved my name…I had
Never experienced such a reaction before.
They did readings in Astrology…extremely
Basic stuff, nothing fancy…it was all about
Tarot card talk…astrological signs…with lots
And lots of peace and love, peace and love talk.

New people came in all the time asking for
Readings, for advice. The behavior was always
Polite…Can I get a reading? How can I
Help you? That was it.

I never crossed the line, revealed much
About myself…other than expressing interest
In the topics of the room…psychic powers,
Astrology…cards…the supernatural, etc…

I want to just I’m not stupid. I’ve
Heard the stories…to be careful online…how
People play games, can lie, etc…

The internet is a true test of intuition
And character…unlike anything else.

Then it happened, that day, that
Voice without reason…’Talk to him’.
That night was strange. I was still fairly
New to the room…nothing special, the usual
Talk…then this guy came into the chat room…

Burned into my mind forever.

I should have reacted from the
Start, but I didn’t…something held me back.
The voice of pointless reason, I don’t know.

Anyway…as I said, he came into the
Chat room…

Colin0114 has entered the room.

Colin0114: Can someone please help me, Please?

They were kind at first…said hello…

Colin0114: Please can someone help me, Please?

The chatters rambled hellos…

Colin0114: Can someone help me Please?

Celestialgoddess: I can give you a reading Colin.

Colin0114: I don’t want a reading, I need real help.

They ignored him…the chat was aimless…
I’m an Aries…Scorpio here…me too me too…

Colin0114: Please, Please can someone help me?

Whitewitch: What kind of help?

Colin0114: Real help, can you help me?

Celestialgoddess” What do you mean, real help?
I offered you a reading.

Colin0114: Real help not cards.

They did not understand. He repeated himself
Over and over. They responded the same over and over.
It was a bit funny at first.

Colin0114: You’re all a bunch of fakes.

The room responded by teasing…They
Called him rude…impatient…He only responded
The same, very limited words…

Colin0114: You’re all a bunch of fakes.

It continued for about half an hour…They
Got nastier and nastier…the name calling was
Ridiculous…He cursed, called them fakes…They
Reacted the same…he clearly was drunk…
And quickly the aspect of the room was not
Psychic chat…I knew something was wrong
But still so new to chat…too shy to talk…
I had only experienced a few private messages
And they were short…simple, fun…innocent…

Colin0114 eventually left the room…The room
Got into this odd peace and love, cleansing
Vibration talk…cleaning out his negative energy,
Re-establishing their harmony? And other
Concepts I couldn’t quite grasp…It was odd to
Hear them constantly say peace and love since
This person and the exchange was so…hostile.
I went to bed.

I cold not get Colin0114 out of my mind.
The next day, all day…I kept thinking
About it…That following night, I logged
Into chat and there he was again…Pleading
For help…They were taunting him, he snapped
Back…The name calling got nastier…And
Yet he still pleaded for help…

Colin0114: Please can someone help me, Seriously.

They called him names, told him to go cyber
Himself in the twentysomething rooms…He called
Them fakes and left…

Again, they ‘cleansed’ the room, talked about
How he disturbed their energy…The entire scenario
Felt off. I could not stop thinking about it…

I went to bed…All I could think of was
Him saying…Colin0114: Please can someone help me?
Please? It became a nagging ache…

The following day was worse…all day he
Was stuck inside my head…

Colin0114: Please can someone help me?

I decided that if I saw him again that
I would say something…send him a message.

That night I logged into the chat room…
Holding my breath…They greeted me very
Warmly…The room was normal…typical
Chat…I began to relax when…he entered
The room…

Colin0114: Please can someone help me? Please?

They attacked him immediately…the taunts
The challenges…I couldn’t understand…he kept
Coming back…The pleading for help…The taunts
The teasing…So I took a deep breath and
Sent him a private message…

Me: Can I help you?
Colin0114: Forget it, I’m not looking for fun or games
(He thought I was hitting on him or something,
He obviously wanted or assumed a girl would
Answer him)
Me: No seriously, can I help you?
Colin0114: I don’t know. Can you?
Me: Give me a chance OK.
Colin0114: OK you have 5 minutes.
Me: 5 minutes?
Colin0114: To prove that you can help me.
Me: OK
Colin0114: Well?
Me: Give me a chance. I’m Bill
Colin0114: I’m Colin
Me: it’s nice to meet you Colin
Colin0114: you too Bill
Me: what’s wrong Colin?
Colin0114: you tell me
Me: there’s something wrong, just tell me
Colin0114: Something is attacking me
Me: something is attacking you?
Colin014: yes
Me: How?
Colin0114: at night, when I sleep. Something
Attacks me.

Boom Boom Boom

Me: when you sleep?
Colin0114: yes
Me: what is it, like a ghost?
Colin0114: no it’s not a ghost
Me: can you describe it to me?
Colin0114: you think I’m crazy
Me: no I don’t
Me: can you describe it to me?
Colin0114: it comes through the wall, sometimes
Through the window
Colin0114: it’s big black. It has red eyes

Boom Boom Boom

Me: it comes through the wall or window…and
Looks at you with its eyes…reddish orange eyes…
Snake eyes…and you can’t move. You want to
Move, but can’t.
Colin0114: yes!
Me: it’s big and greenish black…it looks like
A gargoyle…and stares at you…gets inside
Your head
Colin0114: yes!
Colin0114: sometimes it has wings. Sometimes it
Doesn’t. I don’t understand.
Me: it makes you feel bad, terrified. It makes you
Think all sorts of things…and then it attacks you.
Colin0114: Yes!
Colin0114: How did you know that?
Colin0114: Have you seen it?
Colin0114: Bill, have you seen it?

Boom Boom Boom

Me: yes
Me: yes, I’ve seen it
Me: and I know others who have seen it
Colin0114: so you believe me, I’m not crazy
Me: I believe you. You’re not crazy Colin.
Colin0114: oh my God, Bill. No one ever has
Colin0114: they all me I’m not crazy
Colin0114: no one believes me. No one ever has
Me: I believe you
Me: You’re not crazy Colin
Colin0114: thank you Bill! Thank you!
Me: you’re welcome

Boom Boom Boom

Me: what is it doing to you Colin?
Colin0114: it’s hard to describe
Me: OK, can you try?
Colin0114: I’m trying
Me: I know, ok, it’s hard to talk about right?
Colin0114: yes
Me: you’re drinking, huh?
Colin0114: yes
Me: it helps?
Colin0114: yes
Colin0114: it scares me
Me: what does it do to you Colin? Don’t be
Scared, you can tell me.
Colin0114: it makes me want to…I don’t
Colin0114: it climbs on top of me
Me: it forces you, I understand. It’s ok
Colin0114: it has sex with me
Me: I figured that
Me: look, just calm down alright. Say what
You want. No pressure.
Colin0114: I want it to stop
Colin0114: it keeps coming back
Colin0114: can you make it stop?
Me: I wish I could, I don’t know
Colin0114: what is it? No one believes me.
They think I do it to myself
Me: what, to yourself?

Boom Boom Boom

Colin0114: the bruises, the scars and things
Me: things? Things that you wake up with?
Colin0114: yes
Colin0114: what the doctor said
Me: you saw a doctor for it?
Colin0114: yes, my girlfriend made me
(what he described was a burning rash that was caused
By the semen of the creature, that it sprayed on his lower
Colin0114: And then she left me
Colin0114: she called me a liar. She said I was cheating
On her
Me: I’m sorry Colin
Colin0114: me too, but I didn’t do anything
Me: I know, I know
Me: what did this doctor tell you?
Colin0114: he accused me of having sex with
Animals. He asked if I had a pet snake or lizard
Colin0114: he said the rash had reptile bacteria, something
Colin0114: that I was sick. Stop messing around
With animals
Colin0114: I don’t have any pets Bill

Boom Boom Boom

Me: don’t listen to him
Colin0114: why would he think that?
Me: because he’s stupid
Me: you have scars, bruises, this rash. Some
Doctor, clearly he has a degree in stupidity.
Me: don’t listen to him
Colin0114: but she left me. No one believes me
Colin0114: no one
Colin0114: they say I do it to myself
Me: I believe you
Me: don’t listen to them
Colin0114: I saw a priest. My family made me
Colin0114: he said I was possessed. To pray
Colin0114: crosses, holy water
Colin0114: I hung them on the wall. It came anyway
Colin0114: nothing stops it
Me: I’m sorry Colin
Me: how long has this been going on?
Colin0114: months
Me: months?
Colin0114: yes
Me: when did it start?
Colin0114: early summer, June, July I think
Me: that long? It’s October…that’s 4 months
Me: I’ve never heard of t that long before
Colin0114: why is it doing this to me?
Me: honestly, because Colin, I think it’s getting
Some kind of sick pleasure in doing this to you
Me: feeding off your reactions to it

Boom Boom Boom

Colin0114: How do you know so much about it?
Me: for me, it comes at Easter
Me: I don’t know why, it just does
Colin0114: Does it do these things to you?
Me: it taunts me
Me: wants inside my head
Me: I won’t let it in
Me: it does different things to everyone
Colin0114: has anyone stopped it?
Me: the last time it came, something scared it
Away, I don’t know what it was.
Colin0114: How?
Me: I wish I knew. I don’t know.
Me: I’ve been trying for years to find a way
Me: I found one way. An Angel came and put
Something in my head…
Colin0114: an Angel?
Me: yes. Since then, I haven’t seen this thing
Colin0114: lucky you. I wish I saw an Angel
Colin0114: everyone says I’m evil
Me: what?
Me: you’re not evil Colin. Do not listen to them
Me: Don’t listen to them. Don’t.
Colin0114: why do they say that to me? What did I do
Me: Colin, you didn’t do anything wrong
Me: Don’t listen to them, OK? Don’t listen to them
Colin0114: why do they say it then? Why?
Me: because they’re stupid Colin. Look up stupid
In the dictionary, you’ll see their picture right there.
Me: see, I made you laugh
Colin0114: yes you did, thanks
Colin0114: everyone’s afraid of me. Mostly everyone
Me: I’m not afraid of you
Me: and how do you feel talking to me, tell me
Me: you feel better right?
Colin0114: yes
Me: and you’re drinking. You’re not drunk any more
Now, are you?
Colin0114: no
Colin0114: how did you do that?
Me: I didn’t do it
Colin0114: yes you did
Me: as long as you feel better that’s all that matters
Colin0114: much better
Colin0114: actually, I haven’t felt this good in months
Me: that’s good to hear
Me: you haven’t been sleeping have you?
Colin0114: no
Colin0114: I haven’t been home in 3 days
Me: so where do you go? How do you rest?
Colin0114: I stay with friends. We drink together
Colin0114: then I go home and it comes at night
I wake up and it happens all over again
Me: I’m sorry
Colin0114: it’s all right talking to you about it, feels
Different now
Me: good
Colin0114: and I run
Me: you run?
Colin0114: yes, in the morning. It helps
Me: wish I could run. I’m a klutz.
Colin0114: it’s the shoes. You need the right shoes.
Colin0114: try it. You’ll see
Me: I will remember that
Me: so is that where you are now, a friend’s house?
Colin0114: yes, a lady I work with. She told me to
Try this. She’s the only one I can talk to about it
Colin0114: other than you
Me: well, it’s good to hear you have someone to talk to
Colin0114: she says weird things tough. Aliens.
Monsters. I never believed in those things.
Colin0114: So Bill, is she right?
Me: She may be right, yes.
Me: I don’t know what they are, only that they exist.
Colin0114: I just want it to stop.
Me: I know
Colin0114: So Bill, can I ask you something?
Me: sure, go ahead
Colin0114: Where are you from?
Me: New Jersey
Me: you?
Colin0114: Ireland. I’m in Dublin.
Me: Wow! Ireland. It must be nice there.
Colin0114: sometimes
Colin0114: where is New Jersey?
Me: United States
Colin0114: How far away is that?
Me: I don’t know
Me: why do you ask? Do you want to come to New Jersey?
• he sent me a little happy face, I laughed
Me: we’ll work something out, ok?
Me: we will. I promise. I’m right here for you, ok
Me: anytime you need me, I’m here
Me: I won’t leave you alone, you don’t have to be
Scared any more.
Colin0114: thank you
Me: you don’t have to cry, Colin, it’s ok
Me: I’m so sorry it took so long to get here
Colin0114: thank you
Me: any time
Colin0114: Oh my God Bill, I’m so scared to go home
Right now
Colin0114: I wish I could take you home with me
Colin0114: not trying to come on to you or anything
Me: no, I understand
Me: I would go. I’m not scared of that thing.
Colin0114: oh my God, thank you
Me: any time
Me: just calm down now, ok
Me: I’m right here
Colin0114: ok
Me: good
Colin0114: can you just sit here with me for a little while
Just sit here. You don’t have to talk if you
Don’t want to.
Me: sure, you got it
Me: just as long as you want, I’m here
Colin0114: thank you Bill
Me: any time
• I swear I thought I was going to die
Colin0114: thank you
Me: sure
…silence…he would wait 5 minutes…
Colin0114: Bill, you there?
Me: right here
Colin0114: thank you
…this went on for about half an hour…
…back and forth, he would ask if I was there
And I would say, right here…and then…
Colin0114: Bill, you there?
Me: right here
Colin0114: Bill I bought a gun
Me: what did you buy the gun for?
Colin0114: Bill, I can’t do this any more. I’m not like
You. I can’t do it.
Me: yes you can, don’t say that
Colin0114: no, I can’t. I want to kill it
Colin0114: the next time it comes, if I can’t
Can’t kill it then
Me: come on, don’t let that thing win
Colin0114: thank you Bill
Me: come on
Colin0114: Oh God, thank you Bill
Me: wait
Colin0114: Bye Bill

User Colin0114 has left the room…

I cursed, I spit, Oh God, I screwed it up…

I kept staring at the screen. That didn’t happen.
It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen.

“It did happen, Bill,” Varence said, “It did.”

It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen.

“Yes, Bill, it did.” Varence said.

And the screen…the chat room…the people
In the chat room attacked him…they all
Ranted…Thank God he’s gone. Why was he
Here so long? Let us cleanse the room, get
The darkness out. They kept talking about how
He disrupted their senses, stole their energy…
Peace and love, peace and love…

Are you kidding me? What the hell is wrong
With these people? My eyes exploded…
They went on and on…talking about their
Psychic powers…peace and love…peace and
Love…they called him evil…they said they
Could sense any pain and suffering…
Peace and love peace and love…
What the hell?

Well, he wasn’t evil, he was in pain, he was
Destroyed inside. He couldn’t talk to anyone.
No one would listen. Oh God, it did this to
All of them…Tortured them, that thing
Tortured them, raped them, got inside their heads
Until they were destroyed inside…and no one
Helped them…any of them…they al felt
Crazy…it did this to them all on purpose to
Break them! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!

I staked out the chat room…hoping he would
Come back…weeks later I couldn’t take
It anymore. I sent a message to Tenbears.

“Tenbears?” Varence asked.

Tenbears was the only one who said
Nothing. He never spoke, rarely chatted.

Me: Tenbears, can I talk to you for a minute?
Tenbears: of course
Me: you don’t know me but I wanted to ask
You something if it’s OK?
Tenbears: I do know you
Me: you know me? How? I just sit there I don’t
say anything
Tenbears: everything changed when you came
to the room
Me: what? Changed how?
Tenbears: you know what I mean
Me: huh?
Me: do you remember a chatter that was in
The room a few weeks ago, Colin0114?
Tenbears: yes
Tenbears: he came here many times
Me: he did?
Tenbears: yes, but no one talked to him
Me: why?
Tenbears: they were scared of him
Me: what? Why?
Tenbears: they just were
Me: did you?
Tenbears: no
Me: why?
Tenbears: he scared me too
Me: I talked to him
Tenbears: I thought you might have
Me: have you seen him since?
Tenbears: no, he won’t be back
Me: how do you know that?
Tenbears: I just know
Me: thank you for your time. I need to go now.
Tenbears: good night
Me: good night
I turned off the computer.
What happened? What happened?

“You know what happened, Bill.” Varence

Oh God Bill, I’m so scared to go
Home right now
I wish I could take you with me

“Bill?” Varence asked


Oh God Bill I’m so scared to go home
Right now
I wish I could take you with me

Boom Boom Boom Silence

“Varence, make him stop,” Ceres said
“Make him stop now, you’ll break him.”


The Church Bells….

The gunshots…
He went home…went to bed…
It attacked him…in the night…
In the morning he woke up…
Took a shower…took the gun
He shot at the floor
He shot at the ceiling
And then his head…

Oh God Bill I’m so scared to go home right now
I wish I could take you home with me.

“Bill stop!” Varence said. “Write my words
Nothing more. He made up his mind long
Before he went to that chat room. You didn’t
Kill Colin. You did a good thing. You did.”

“Was that necessary?” Ceres shouted.

“Now the wound will heal.” Varence said.
“They need to know this is about
More than Earth.”

Ceres pushed him aside. “Bill, listen
To me, alright. This is too much for you right
Now. Too many voices inside.” She said.
“I know it makes no sense what I say
But just listen to my voice and do it, I
know you can.”

“Use that great brain you’ve got, my
Friend.” Varence said.

Ceres kneeled in front of me and said,
“Listen to me, alright?” Send it to the
Whales, Bill, send them everything you’ve
Got. They’ve been talking to you. Send them
Everything, they can take it. Tell them
To send it far into space, past the
Satellites, past the broadcast transmissions,
Past the barricade. Tell them to send it
As far as they can. They’re smart
They can do it, ok?”


“Now, I want you to finish this here
Put the pen down, put the notebook away,
Don’t look at it right now. Don’t talk
To anyone. Go to bed. Sleep. Rest.


“Anytime it hurts, think of the whales.”
Ceres said, “Let the words turn to music
And sleep.”

That’s all for now.


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