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Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…And Now We Begin…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 15-Oct-2015 15:48:00

I sat waiting with my trusted pen and
Notebook…Watching him.

“Are you ready now?” Varence asked me, his
Voice calm, his demeanor cool and unbreakable.

“Yes.” I answered.

“And you know how this goes now.”He
Nodded once, “Write what I say exactly,
No more, no less..”


He paused a moment in thought, watching as Ceres

Sat down beside him on his right; she always
Looked so collected, ready for anything (They were
So alike that way). ”So this,” he said pointing
To my writing, “You believe me now? Did it not
Go exactly as I said it would?”

“Yes.” I had to admit, he was right; he
Always was. “Yes, it did.”

“Excellent.” He smiled. “Now we can truly
Begin…this next art. Elaborate more, take it
To the…” He paused. “I must admit, I did
So enjoy the way jaws dropped when you did this.”

“Oh quit dramatizing it.” Ceres sighed. “Just say it.”

He watched me writing, and in that deep voice
Of his almost laughed. “I just wanted to make
It clear. Ever since you began this…that it is NOT
A two way door. This is how it will be and that’s
It. Some will scowl, some will laugh and be
Entirely offended while others will think this is
All your imagination. I don’t care. That’s not
The point. It will reach the ones it’s supposed to,
Fact, without doubt.”

“Your perpetual enthusiasm amazes me.” Ceres said.

“How did that go?” Varence asked me with glee.
“How did you address him?”

“Mr. Secret Agent Man?” I answered.

“Mr. Secret Agent Man!” Varence exclaimed. “Yes,
That was it.” He laughed leaning forward
Staring at my notebook. “Hello there Mr. Secret
Agent Man,” he laughed some more, “Hello there,
General…and David. “He turned to her. “Ceres,
Say hello.”

“No.” She said admiring her nails.

“Ceres…” Varence said playfully.

“I’m not talking to that money.” She paused.
“Or the other one…or the other one.”


“Fine.” She rolled her eyes at him. “Hello Boss
Monkey. How’s your cat?”

Varence only continued to laugh. “You have to savor
This moment.” He said to me then to her, “They
Never expected…”

“So what is it this time?” Ceres forged ahead. “How
Do you wish to BEGIN…this?” She twirled a
Golden wave of her hair between her fingers. “Are we
To gaze up at the sky and request an
Audience with some giant talking space genitals?
Or are we going to proceed more seriously?”

“Very funny,” his laughter faded. “No I thought
We would broaden our introduction.”

She tilted her head. “Broaden? Varence, this is
Not abut making friends. I’m here for his sake,”
She pointed to me with her eyes. “Because of what
Happened to him. I’m not here to please some
Screeching howling dysfunctional boss monkey.”

“Well I thought it only fair,” he explained
Resting his elbow to his knee, “That we explain
A bit next of who we are, why we’re here…
And now. Since you did dismiss their views
On aliens and such.”

She groaned then stood and straightened
Her dress. “Varence, just say it. There’s no
Time for this.” She took a step and spun to
Face us, her hands on her hips. “There is
Nothing I said that wasn’t true. I’m not
Going to endorse some ridiculous concept of
Slimy little aliens.”

“I know,” he replied.

“Spheres…Deceptions of Tricks and Treats,” she
Looked at the air above. “It’s ridiculous. These notions
Are so contrived and manipulated.”

“I know.”

“And the theme!” She laughed in protest. “Of
Fanciful amorous little amphibians…”

“Avians.” He corrected.

“Whatever.” She shook her head, and laughed
Loudly. “You know, I had this insanely
Hysterical visualization after our talk. Their
Obsession with self-pleasure and balls…
I kept seeing hordes of men in costumes
Running around fields, endlessly chasing
Balls in play.”

Varence froze and his eyes locked with mine.
His expression seemed locked in a comical
Prison as he fought to reply.

“And there these audiences, vast numbers
Watching these men and balls,” she kept
Laughing, “It was just so funny. I mean,
Can you imagine anything so ludicrous?”

“Well…” Varence looked like he would burst.

“What is it?” She asked. “Why are you
Making that face?” She looked at me, I
Froze and avoided her eyes with all my
Strength. “Why are you both acting that
Way, what’s wrong?”

“Well…” Varence repeated.

“I was only joking,” Ceres went
On embarrassed. “I did not intend to
Sound crazy.”

“Well…” he kept saying.

“Well what? What is it?” She was growing
More and more unsettled. “What did I say?”

He squeezed his eyes shut knowing he would
Regret what was about to happen.
“They actually do…have games like that…
Here…on Earth.”

“Well, I assumed children, yes,” Ceres replied,

“They actually have quite elaborate games
Of sport,” he tried to defend seriously, “where
Players…somewhat pursue…defend a ball,
In performance of great audiences, on a
Regular basis.”


He sighed. “Yes.”


“Yes.” He confessed looking away from her.

“How elaborate?” She asked.

“Quite elaborate.” He admitted staring at the walls.

“What?” She was direly stunned. “You mean they…”

“Yes.” He could only say.

“You don’t have games like that where
You’re from?” I asked them.

“No.” They stated in unison.

“That’s absurd!” Ceres responded. “I was
Only joking…and…” A horrified look overtook
Her face. “How gloriously wonderful. Just
How ball-obsessed is this planet?”

“Now Ceres,” Varence tried to say in reason.
“Try to see the playful innocent nature of

“Playful innocent nature?” Ceres rejected.
“Varence, how can you say that? Games of
Sport aren’t like that. Not with grown
Adults fighting over chasing balls in play.”

He raised his hand to his brow. “We should
Re-direct our course and proceed with our
Intended subject, rather than…”

“For the sake of Heaven,” Ceres ranted, “Can
Anyone not see the glorious puppeting at work here?
The mad symbolism? No wonder all the
Powers above, every ship and scoundrel
In the skies and space above laugh in
Such hysterics at this planet.”

“Ceres.” Varence begged.

“I was wrong to call them monkeys,” Ceres said
With a laugh of disgust. “What a world of idiots.”

“Now Ceres…Dear,” he said calmly,
“Remember, you must try to remain

“Remain objective?” Ceres spat. “Varence,
The notion…the mere idea of insane
Manipulation never occurred to them with
This ball game?”

“It’s different from their perspective.” He
Defended. “Harmless play.”

She shook her head in disgust rolling her eyes
About the room. “Even animals in jest
Only toy with a ball for a little while, they
Don’t make a phenomenal sport of t.”

“We should return to our course…”

“The next thing you’ll be telling me is they
Have some lewd over-drawn out theatrics
Of carnal games they spend all their time
They’re lost in…”

Varence met my eyes as if he would
Turn to stone. “I honestly did not expect
It so fast.” He seemed to beg an apology
To me.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing.” He said. “Let’s just resume our…”

“Why are you making that face at me?” She
Looked at me. “You both are.”

“If you must,” he regretfully answered, “They
Actually do…”

“Don’t say it.” She said closing her eyes.

“You asked…” he merely tried to say.

“What a planet of Apes!” She declared
In disbelief. “Is that all they do…”

Varence squeezed his eyes shut, then sensing
My response pleaded with me. “Don’t say it.”

“Like the movie?” I had to laugh.

“Movie?’ She asked. “What’s a movie?”

Varence took a breath and locked eyes
With her, “It’s somewhat of an…artificial
Theater…on a device they watch for

Ceres stood straight for a moment, her
Expression indescribable. She swallowed then
Said, “Must everything I say or think
Take on some horrific rendition of reality on
This world?”

Varence nodded. “A truly unpredictable
Invaluable moment.”

“Crude renditions of Aliens, talking Spheres,
BALL games,” Ceres nearly cried the words,
“Obsessive Sexual Theatrics…movies on Planets
of Apes. I will lose my mind if I ask for
An explanation of Earth.”

Varence took a deep breath after a few
Moments of awkward silence. “Why we’re
Here,” he said more determined, “who we are.
Let us try to BEGIN this right this time.”

Ceres stood calmly as I tied to look at her
Carefully. “Will your pen burst if I scream?”

“Let us begin with Ceres.” Varence smiled.

The mouth hung wide, she slapped her hips
And said, “But of course! Start with Me.
All dignity has utterly fled this part
Already, forgive me,” Ceres pleaded as she
Folded her arms over her chest and stepped
Behind him looking away from us, “I shall
Just stand here and quietly retreat into

He leaned heavily to me and whispered, “That
Could never happen.”

“I heard you.” She immediately growled.

He sat up strong and proud. “Just
Write what I say carefully now…word
For word, describe nothing more. Do you need
To rest your hand first?”

“I’m all right,” I told him, “go on.”

“We are not of Earth, but not aliens as
You see them. I am human, as is Ceres.
We’re here to watch, not learn, WATCH. Our
People observe,” he told me as the mood
Became more serious, “But unlike those
That fill the skies in their ships around your
Earth, we are here to preserve life. Now
If you’ve done as I’ve said…”

“I have,” I answered.

“Then you’ve explained in your posts to
Your internet watchers…secret agents,
Intelligence lurkers, and general public
Masses somewhat of the nature of space.
You told them about The Council of Planets,
The corruption going on…the manipulated
Time-line…And of a world called Tellus…
A world outside of time, apart from the
Laws and physics of time, of science…that…
Is where Ceres and I come from.”

I paused. “You’re from Tellus?”
(He had never explained this to me before.)

He smiled. “All things come at the appropriate
Time,” he said sensing my fascination and shock.
“I tell you now, as I tell them too…to
Be fair. It has to be this way. The timing
You see, has to be…quite clear. New readers
Now. All those eyes and ears out there…And
That one rare roaming that finds this,
Shall lead them to share it with another
And another. Its purpose…causing them
To speculate, and wonder. What a strange
Story you’re telling them, this way…right
Now…What is he thinking they’ll ask
Themselves. Is he clever, playing some
Game of imagination…or is he truly
Communicating with someone out of this

He laughed so proud. “The skeptic will
Challenge every word, call you a liar
To hide his fear, save his ego from
Defeat of something he will NEVER
Understand.” He looked over his shoulder
As Ceres turned toward us now. “Who does
He think he is? Prove yourself to me…”

Varence shook his head. “Little boys, little
Girls…I am no science fiction alien like
You know. I don’t have to prove myself to
You. You know nothing of space.
I have my reasons, my purpose here. I
Don’t care what you think. My words WILL
Reach the right ones…That is all that
Matters here…ever since this began.”

“Oh just get n with it.” Ceres insisted.
“Honestly, Varence the way you go on!”

“We, Ceres and I,” Varence went on, “Have
Been stationed here on Earth for ages beyond
Your concept of time. I witnessed the
Rise of civilizations…and their fall. I’ve
Seen dinosaurs…I’ve watched men of
Deformed size and shape behave like animals…
And studied others as they strut around
Like Gods commanding slaves…acting as
If they owned the realm of all existence…
When in fact they knew little more than
Mice…and owned specks of dust in
Comparison to things.”

A pause to let my hand rest in silence
Before I went on writing.

He cleared his throat. “Mr. Secret Agent Man,
Little men in your Black Fatigues…
Old little boys in your grand
Houses, with your towering fortunes of
Arrogant knowledge…you want money and
Control? You have questions. Here I give
You answers. But know this…if I throw
My place of play in the game…I intend
To win. For you see I have nothing against
You. I know what’s true. You know
Nothing of what you’re up against.”

He sighed. “So here I offer you this mere
Tidbit of a clue…And so we begin with
My immeasurably wonderful companion,

Her eyes seemed for the first time
Glazed with this…distant sad look.

“I watch the world of men, women,”
Varence explained. “Ceres is, was, has been
Here to watch nature…The animals…”

“We have our orders, our place…as do
All Watchers for their selected planets. No one
Sees us, no one knows we’re there. Only the
Elitist of the Elite know of our existence, only
The highest members of the Council. It has
Always been this way.”

“But you see, you must also know,”
Varence said more humbly, “That in some places,
There are worlds where no one wants to go. They
Are regarded as too dangerous, too volatile and
Unpredictable…because of who, what controls
Them…of this darkness, the dark force
That puppets things, places, people…
The Annunaki, the Draconians and the Demons
Of the Ancient Times…They have
Such a stronghold on some worlds that
It terrifies even the bravest souls to
Venture there…like your Earth.”

“Thus we are either chosen by our
Talents or gifts…or we volunteer to
Take these silent invisible posts.” Varence
Explained. “Or we are sent as a form of
Punishment…But the job is always the
Same. Watch, listen, learn. Do not intervene.
Save and spare the lives that risk extinction…
So that nothing living is lost…But absolutely
Never interfere with the natural order of

“And so we watch quietly from afar…”
Varence’s eyes seemed to look far beyond the room.
“But you see it’s hard not to get involved, not
To care. To only watch and listen…
Especially when there is such potential
For change, for growth…we all are always
Searching for answers to life’s questions…And
We often find these answers in watching
Developing worlds…Particularly in miracles…
In acts of faith, the hand of God when he
Touches things…” He paused in thought
Thinking long before continuing…

“There are times it’s hard not to get involved.”
He nodded once to Ceres kindly, respectfully.
“And when we do we are punished…”
“That is why our superiors are very careful
In selecting agents for this task…it is
No easy job. Ceres was chosen by the Great
BR’RIEL, of the Lion Men, of the Great
Temple Divine…That Protects and Preserves
Nature, and the natural order of the
Universe. They are taught these ways…they
Save life from extinction.”

He smiled calmly, a glow in his eyes. “These
Agents are more fortunate. They love animals,
Plants…things of nature.” He noticed Ceres
Looking away silently avoiding his eyes.
“When Ceres came to Earth, or rather
Earth’s portal, to watch and observe its order,
She was quite new. Young, passionate about
Her position.”

There was a pause of more silent
Thought. The room felt heavy. Varence leaned
Forward to me and asked, “In all of what
You know of Nature, is there nothing that
Strikes you as a bit out of sorts?”

I hesitated “That I notice, you mean?”


I thought for a moment. “Nature is nature…
There are some things about it…”

Varence held up his finger, “What I mean, or
Should say…” he shook his head, “There is
No other way to say it than to just say it
Simply and fast.”

“On your world,” he said seriously, “Long ago…
You are aware of how species struggled to
Survive, and change?”

I nodded.

“When Ceres came, at that point,”
He was trying very intently to word it
Carefully. “Bears were on the verge of

“But Bears aren’t extinct.” I said.

He laughed. “I know. You see those early
Bears were great lumbering giants. Big
And strong, they were a formidable predator.
They were a savage force, but then all of
Nature then…always has been this way…Only
The mighty survive…”

“Survival of the fittest.” I nodded. “Yes, I
Know how it goes.”

“The problem with Bears was,” Varence went
On, “They were too big and nasty. They often,
Too often cannibalized their own kind…the
Young cubs, in mating…this habit, this
Vicious cycle of their mating drew them to
The edge of extinction.”

“But this was Ceres job, to save life.”
He sighed. “Their numbers were shrinking
Fast, at that point it was customary for
Us to take specimens for their survival.”

Ceres stepped forward then, defending herself,
“I took two baby bears, two female bear
Cubs. I was going to save them for return
To Tellus.” She talked fast and desperate, “This
Horrible big beastly male had just killed their
Mother attempting to mate with her…She
Had hid her babies in this cave, the male
Sniffed them out, he was about to consume
Them when I…”

“It was her job.” Varence nodded.

“They were so small.” Ceres choked,
Obviously recalling the memory vividly. “These
Big brown eyes, so sweet, innocent…defenseless.”

“Ceres loves the animals…all of them.”
He said.

“I took them and I cared for
Them,” she said with a tearful smile. “I
Was going to return them to Tellus, to
The Paladium…”

“A place where animals and people dwell together.”
Varence explained.

“But when I took them there, Dorin…” Ceres
Swallowed hard, “our leader said,”

“An amazing gentle man,” Varence added,
“Yet cold at the same time.”

“He said, Bears are of no risk of
Extinction yet. They still have a few
Thousand left, they still have a chance for
Survival.” Ceres scowled then. “Take
Them back and release them. It’s too soon
For specimens.”

Varence let out a long breath. “Imagine.”

“Take them back? I said,” Ceres was
Upset. “These two precious little baby
Bears…take them back and release
Them”” She grew angry. “In that
Environment? With those monstrous males
And no mother? They would die! But
There was no reasoning with him. Take
Them back, Dorin only said. He gave me
No other option.”

“It was inevitable.” Varence replied.

She folded her hands in front of herself
As if to pray, “I took them and I raised
Them until they were old enough to survive
On their own,” her voice shook, “And then
I released them.”

“But not naturally,” Varence said tilting
His head slyly, and with obvious
Admiration said, “Ceres left them with
A little gift.”

“What was I to do?!” She insisted.

“You see she changed them a bit.”
Varence continued. “But no one knew
It at first. Yes, she followed Dorin’s
Orders and released them back into
The wild…but they were not the same
Bears she took.”

“They were my little ones,” she begged me
To understand. “My little babies.”

“The cycle of life was vicious and cruel. We
Knew what would happen.” Varence resumed
As Ceres turned away. “The female cubs
Would grow…join their kind…and when
The time came…Mating season found them.
The big monster males bred them…”

“Then what happened?” I asked.

“One of the females was killed in mating
As expected.” Varence answered. “The other
Survived…pregnant…heavy with cubs she
Managed to survive…to give birth.”

“And then…”

“Yes?” I was intrigued.

“Something must have turned on inside
That female bear when she gave birth,
When she had her babies.” He watched Ceres
Carefully. “As usual a Big Mean Male
Bear came along, drawn to the smell of
Birth I suppose, and…when he came to her
Den…that Mother bear came charging
Out of her den, and she let out such a
Roar that all of nature fell still. For
It heard something I had never heard before.
As if to say…”

Ceres stepped forward fast and said with
Wild defense, “I don’t care how Big and
Bad and Mean you are, you aren’t going
To touch my little babies.”

“Ad that Mother Bear tore that
Gigantic Ferocious male bear apart.”
Varence continued. “She literally tore him
Limb from limb…and so it went on
And on…The Big Bad male Bears
Came time and time again…And
Every single time that Mother Bear
Reared up and roared with an
Outrageous strength and ripped them
All to pieces.” He smiled strangely,
Quietly…,with the utmost respect. “You
See that’s when we discovered what
Ceres had done…She’d imparted her
Greatest gift to the baby bears…All
The Blind Rage and Defense of a Mother’s
Love…To save and Protect them. So
That when that time of danger came,
When those little babies were at risk…
Nothing was going to stop that Mother Bear
From protecting those babies. She would
Lay down her life if she had to.”

Ceres was crying. In a memory of rage she
Spun around and shouted, “I gave them what
They needed to survive.” She wiped the
Tears from her face and leaned toward
My notebook. “You tell that to those
Big Bully Monsters out there. You
Touch my babies, and I will rip you
To shreds.”

There was a silence.

“There was a great imbalance in nature.
Several ascended masters had to come, even
The great BR’RIEL himself…The Bears
Did survive extinction, but the females
Were too savage. They had killed all the
Big Bad Males within a generation. In
Time they found a gentler balance, but
They could not undo what Ceres had done.
She had altered nature forever in a
Way that could not be undone.”

Another pause, a silence of thought, admiration.

“So now you have an idea of who you’re
Dealing with.” Varence said as he crossed
His arms, with a smile. “Ponder that
A while.”

Ceres sat beside him, and as
She composed herself, she turned to
Him sarcastically and said “And
Now wait until they hear what you have done…”

“Why don’t you take a break from
Writing.” He told me with a smile.
“This is enough for them to digest
For now.”

To be continued…

That’s all for now.

My artwork: Golden Mama Bear

RMN is an RA production.

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