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Knock Knock…Warning…Deep Impact…The Pope…Danger Danger…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 17-Sep-2015 13:51:15

“Forlorn! The very word is like a bell
To toll me back from thee to my sole self.
Adieu! The Fancy can not cheat so well
As she is famed to do, deceiving elf,
Adieu! Adieu! Thy plaintive anthem fades
Past the near meadows, over the still stream,
Up the hillside, and now ‘tis buried deep
In the next valley glades:
Was it a vision, or a waking dream?

Fled is that music: do I wake or sleep?”
…John Keats…
…from: Ode to a Nightingale…

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars align…
The hours, the Timing taking shape…
To right the wrongs of the Destiny
Of a Time that was…
And now must be…
It’s not easy, and for some, hurts…

There is something strange and different about
The Pulse…I’ve felt sick and tired
Ever since it began…it feels off…
We were warned to stay in bed
For this…did they know it would be
This way? What I believe is causing
This is...for those whose life was
Severely wrongfully altered by the
Manipulated time line…the Pulse’s
Correcting of our lives is making us ill…
And for those who are more
Sensitive…yes it makes us feel awful…
In other words, we’ll feel worse before we
Feel better…

The same goes for Events…
It’s later in the month that concerns me…
The middle of the month is setting the stage
For what’s to come, like an omen…
Lights in the sky…accidents…
Eruptions of violence…riots…
Civil chaos…people out of control…
Some with anger and physical outbursts…
Others emotional…and others
Physically ill…

Of course it doesn’t help that Big Brother
Is doing all they can to scare people
To submit to Martial Law and a
One World Government…
Will they ever learn that their plans
Will never work out the way they want?
Unfortunately, things have to get worse
Before they can get better…
That’s why I keep warning people, urging
Them to be at their best,
No matter what…

People keep wondering when the good times
Will come, when will this all end?
No one gets it…Yes, of course it will end…
But time was seriously screwed up…
Certain things must happen…
They were supposed to have happened
Years ago…
And until that balance is achieved…
The world is going to continue on
This descent…
Good things will come, you just have to believe…

People seeing rosebeds and rainbows
Are living in a fantasy world…
The smart ones will see the trouble,
Take precautions and know how to fix it.
Remember, you can’t save everyone…
Just do the best you can…
There are enough trouble makers out there
Having a good time doing what they want…
While others clean up their mess…
That will change…

I have to tell you this, I shouldn’t…
But I will…
In September 2009, I was given this
Piece of paper in a dream…with dates on it…
Disasters…Dates to watch…
Some that have come to pass…
Others that have yet to…
September 11th…September 17th…
But the worst, the one in bold print
Was September 22nd…the 23rd…
There were other dates too…
September 27th, 29th…
October 12th…November 11th…
I have no idea what happened…
But there were huge numbers after these dates…
I’ve lived in fear of those dates and numbers…
Not knowing what to do…
Hoping against hope that if I warned
Enough, they could be avoided, or at least
More people could be saved…
But the fact remains…I can only do so much,
Play my part…But things are going to happen…
They have to.

You need to pay attention now…
The Pope visiting the United States…
At this time…is no coincidence…
He was warned by Extraterrestrials
Of a Hell-Fire bringing disasters to Earth…
Aliens would in fact warn the Pope,
I’ve told you they respect very spiritual
People…the Virtuous…the Divine…
Especially in a crisis…
They will not intervene…
As they see this as part of the Natural order…
But they are eager to see if a Divine
Intervention takes place…

I don’t know the exact order of Events…
The areas affected…North and South
America…In specific, the Southern United
States…the Mediterranean…Europe,
Inner parts of Asia…the Middle East.
These are most likely the targets of
Asteroid impacts…
When they break up, the Large one, it
Will split into pieces…and strike somewhere
In those areas with debris.

The after effects in the weeks to come
Will trigger instability in tectonic plates,
The Ring of Fire…the Pacific Rim areas…
Those are when Earthquakes could be lethal…

When the people riot, and revolutions
Rage out of control in the months
After that…that is when Martial
Law will come, and a plague to
Reduce the population to a manageable level.

None of their tactics will succeed
However…and things will get out of
This suffering and unrest will bring the
Greatest catalyst for change…
That’s when miracles will happen,
And the new age will have the chance
To be born…

Those who have truly listened…
Have overcome their internal struggles…
Or at least managed self control…
Will be rewarded with gifts…and could
Experience the transformations they’ve
Dreamed of…

As for the fantasy prone, horny,
Dumb, delusional dim wits out there…
Well…let’s just say they’ll get theirs!

Dear Mr. Secret Agent Man…
Remember what I said, or have been
Saying…about all those British accents
In the future?
That should answer your questions
About who will survive…
But if I can help you…I will…
Just remember…
I am pledged to help the others first.

And know this…About the Legends
Of the Elves…Some never left…hint hint.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…I understand your
Protocols in such circumstances…
With playing it safe…
You keep saying you seek out Divine
Intervention…Your Spiritual Quest for
Knowledge…what you should be asking
Yourselves is…Do they, upstairs, the Higher
Powers…Understand your ‘Safe Distance’?
Remember my previous posts…
You’re being judged too.

That’s all for now.

My artwork: Wizards Work and Ancient Prophecies 1

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