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Knock Knock...Pyramids...Spheres...Timing...And a Little More than That...

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 3-Sep-2015 16:58:10

“The room was suddenly rich and
The Great Bay window was
Spawning snow and pink roses against it
Soundlessly collateral and incompatible:
World is suddener than we fancy it.
World is crazier and more of it than we think,
Incorrigibly plural…
On the tongue on the eyes on the ears
In the palms of one’s hands
There is more than glass between the snow

And the huge roses.”
…from : Snow…
…by Louis Macneice…

September…The Magic hour…
The 9th month, hour…A time for things to happen.
A time for changes…For discoveries…
What are Pyramids for?
Properly positioned, aligned with stars…
They’re built for power…
In ancient times, A world before the
Great Flood. They were built on sacred sites
Of the Earth…over massive Crystal networks
In the Earth for Harmonized Power…
But most Pyramids today weren’t built
With such knowledge…
Can you imagine finding a Pyramid today
Almost in plain sight…Now that would
Be strange…the timing eerie…
Such power must be handled delicately…
Correctly harnessed such a pyramid could
Be dangerous…it could change the world…
It could change the seasons, the weather…
Why it could even shatter a comet…
Or destroy a threat from space.
Of course you would need the proper
Activator for that…
Such as the Star of Odin…A powerful gem…
Have you found that yet, Big Brother?
But of course I’m referring to the Ancient Master,
Odin…Who might have had a Pyramid
In the Ancient 2nd Kingdom…
Only an Ancient Master, could yield such power…
Oh well…the things that appear…
September could certainly be interesting…

Mr. Bilderberger, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers…
You can’t control Nature without consequences…
Even working with Old Mystical Societies
Like the Dragons…
You can’t control the Skulls…
Or manipulate the World…
Yes, you may put who you wish in seats
Of government…But that only goes so far…
And as for cloning…You can’t clone the soul…
Nor can you clone someone just to read
Their mind or copy their power.
I mean, really…did you expect that to work?
Don’t you think an angel expects that?
Oh, those things you try…
Your time has to come to an end…
It was written in the Stars…
And we both know how that works, don’t we?

People have been asking me about Spheres?
I haven’t heard of anything about Alien
Spheres…at least nothing good…
I was going through my dream journals
And found something…
In 2009, when I finished the
Ancient Prophecies series…I was warned
Of numerous things…
One re-occurring dream I had, warned me of
These giant glowing spheres that
Were swarming around the planet…
People were beset with bizarre notions
Of the spheres “enlightening them”…”here to
Save us”. This was not true…
The spheres were using people in playing
On their hopes and dreams and fantasies…until
They were in a trance-state of awe, nearly
Worshiping the spheres…it almost seemed
Like a ‘rapture’.
What the spheres really were, they were
Here to harvest the Earth, in specific, harvest
The souls of the planet. They weren’t here to help.
I didn’t mention this before because they
Were creepy dreams, and I didn’t want
To scare anyone. Besides, I figured
That no one would be crazy enough
To believe a whole sphere-invasion-rapture
Scenario anyway.
If there were an invasion of good
Spheres…what would they be waiting for?
Why wouldn’t they just help? Especially
If there were so many of them.
Besides, they could only do that if the
Earth was being toyed with or sold by the
Reptilians anyway…
So if there are Spheres, or something
Similar lurking, you know to be careful now.

Besides, if there were a threat from space…
The Crystal skulls…
And the right Pyramid…
Could destroy any awful thing…
In the right circumstance.

Who knows, maybe even a Princess fled
To Earth because her world was destroyed
By such a thing, and maybe she came here,
Not only to escape and hide, but also,
But then, that’s only a maybe…

Dear Mr. Secret Agent Man…
It certainly seems like there’s a busy
Itinerary this September, this Fall…
Do you think the economy will collapse?
Could it be planned, or cursed?
Did you know that dark magic spells
Collapse under a cataclysm?
The Pulse…under a Super Moon, will be
Magnified in sensitive areas of the crystal
Network…especially in areas of duress…
In other words…
In areas of war, or suffering…
Or diabolic experiments…
The effects will be much much worse…

For example…Big Brother, aka: the Power Families,
How they’ve manipulated and organized the
Whole Terrorist thing…
I mean, come on…Terrorists, in a Holy Land…
Fighting an allegedly Holy War?
The irony in those words…
There’s no need for bloody battles in the name
Or for the sake of God. That’s absurd.
That’s mind control…
Utilizing Religious Extremes to scare
And control people…
Quite handy in lands valuable in
Resources, like oil or gold or diamonds…
It keeps people too scared to notice
What’s really going on…
But then, you know that already, right?

So sad, too bad…that’s going to be a mess.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
Some came, some saw, some conquered…
Some travel the stars in search of Answers…
In search of meaning, in search of God…
Divine Intervention…
Some search for resources, food, wealth…
Slaves…some play mind games…
You know how you can tell the good
From the bad?
The Good ones act…the bad ones take
Advantage…make promises they don’t keep
And just take take take…
That’s why there’s always a greater plan…
The Hand of God…
The Chosen…
You think it’s about secrets…
But it’s really about timing…
Have you figured out what these posts are
About yet?
Somehow…I don’t think so.

That’s all for now.

My artwork: Legacy of the Dragon

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