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Posted By: igots2no
Date: Monday, 22-Jun-2015 07:24:59

Mr Dan Lutz is definitely referring to the so-called Mr Sino (Usually spelt Seno in Indonesia) who is definitely NOT M1, nor is he KING OF KINGS.

There is no such humanistic title as KING OF KINGS in respect of the Collateral Accounts. Mr Seno appears to have a very big ego and is, for whatever reason, clearly over glorifying himself without any basis whatsoever. Such JOKERS always enter the stage in a dramatic manner and then start to postulate in such a way that makes the JOKER appear to be the SAVIOUR and a person of great importance. Of course some people will believe him because their lives are in such a mess that money is their GOD and they cannot face the reality of life.

What a JOKE. In my books Mr Seno, and those around him, are nothing more than a Frauds, an insane fools and a conmen, all joining the ranks of many others who know very little about the Collateral Accounts, how it is all set up and how it works.

This is not the first KING OF KINGS we have come across, there is also one person in the Philippines who claims the same position, is as arrogant as anyone can possibly be, and nothing or no one else is right or true, only what he believes is the truth. They all have an excellent and vivid imagination and they would do well writing “Fairy Tale Books” for children.

As for Mr Dan Lutz meeting 4 times with M1, this guy must be on a high of some description, entirely mesmerized, or plainly lacking in common sense or knowledge of the Collateral Accounts. Being a Caucasian with a German / Austrian Family name (But he could be American), I can only say that his relationship with Mr Seno may have a lot more beneath the scenes than what the public can see, are allowed to see, or are ever informed about.


The Title of M1 was held by Ferdinand Marcos for approximately 35 years.

Realising in the mid 70’s what the American Bully Boys were up to, which was not much different to what they had been doing since 1945, and still doing, he decided to implement a “Backup” and entered into Private Treaty Agreements with a person, who must remain unidentified, but one holding an esteemed position in the worlds society and was connected to the Bloodline. In 1988 Marcos realised that he would not escape the clutches of the American Bully Boys and that he would probably die as a result of that, he authored his Last Will and Testament. This Last Will and Testament refers to the 1976 private treaties / agreements that he entered into, whereby on December 20th 1988 he transferred, by virtue of his Last Will and Testament (A Legal Document and recognised as sam) the Title of M1 to his nominee and successor, together with the Alpha – Omega Ring. The Holder of this Ring, together with the transfer document is the real M1, and it certainly isn’t Mr Seno. The Ring defines the Master Holder of, and as Ferdinand Marcos stated, the Holy Wealth of our Holy Father in Heaven.

M1 is the Master Holder of all assets and accounts of the Collateral Accounts. The words Master Holder, especially the latter word, are exactly as they mean ------ HOLDER ------ and only the Holder with no authority, rights, power or otherwise over the Collateral, as those authorities, Rights, and Power rests solely with the elected and appointed International Treasury Controller, who was elected and appointed by the very M1 I refer to herein, being the Chairman of those empowered to elect and appoint being the Nations and Royal Families of the World.

The Ring (Alpha – Omega, otherwise referred to as Solomon’s Ring) is securely locked away and the only person who can issue an order for its transfer or relocation, is the real M1.

The Private Treaty Agreements and Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos were delivered to the United Nations, recorded and sealed by the United Nations and now held in “Top Secret” files. I can say that I do not see, nor have seen, Mr Seno’s name or any reference to Mr Seno within such documents.

In respect of Mr Seno’s plan, it is very apparent that Mr Seno hasn’t got a clue about Macro or Micro finance or economics, because his so-called plan ---- giving all people of the world $6 million USD each ---- is total suicide, completely unworkable, would create hyper-inflation right across the world, and would certainly be the prelude to civil conflict in every country and possibly even World War III.

This is what I would refer to as “Extreme Popularist Policies” that certainly draw the attention of the public and do win support from the foolish and naďve. They never work, and will never work, whether introduced legally or illegally. The state of our Politicians and Politics around the work is good evidence of that fact.

When the subject of “Swissindo” first appeared some years ago, our intell undertook an awful amount of research and investigation. The way “Swissindo” was set up is quite complex, but eventually working through the complexity of the structure it was established that Mr Seno is quite a companion of the CIA / Vanguard, the World Bank, and UBS in Switzerland. That factor should tell people a lot as to the (il)legitimacy of Mr Seno and “Swissindo”.

I have made comments on the matter of “Swissindo” and Mr Seno previously and advise people to refer to those previous posts to refresh their memories.

“Swissindo” is a scam, a very elaborate scam which most Indonesians would never be able to put together in a lifetime. One needs Collaborators which means a highly dubious and crooked bank, some exceptional lawyers, and strong and high level connections into an already dubious and crooked financial system to be able to manipulate the system for your own means. Even then if it is noticed, which it would be with all the investigations that are in progress; it would be blocked, in the same way that all the accounts of the Collateral Accounts were blocked in 2011 with only one person having access to said accounts, and that is the International Treasury Controller whose authorities, Rights, and Power are inviolate and cannot be usurped by anyone, or by any agreement entered into by any one or any party/ies.

I suggest that someone asks Mr Seno who appointed him and when, also for him to show the appointment documents and the real Alpha – Omega Ring publicly as some proof of his status, because there is only one party who can do that and that is the real M1 who is also Chair of the Committee of those empowered to elect and appoint the International Treasury Controller, being the Nations and Royal Families of the World.

The Collateral Accounts are not, and never have been, linked to any one country, politics, religion, or anything else. They are completely independent of such vulgarities to ensure that no one, or no party, has, or exercises any power, undue influence, duress over said accounts or the Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter of said Collateral Accounts.

Neither Mr Seno nor Mr Lutz is anywhere near that equation, and never will be. As for Mr Lutz’s claim of meeting with M1 ----- Never, and not even possible because the real M1 knows Who’s Who reference to the Collateral Accounts. Does anyone honestly believe that the real M1 would meet just about anyone reference to the Collateral Accounts. M1 is not just going to open the door and say “Come on in”. One has to write a formal and official request with an explanation / reason for such a meeting, and then if acceptable, a meeting is scheduled and one would be very lucky to have one meeting in any one year. It is easier to meet with the International Treasury Controller who is the real person to talk to as the ITC is the Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter. M1 is just the Master Holder only. Even then if you meet either you would come away and say absolutely nothing to anyone or face the consequences of breaching Official Secrets Acts, both International and National.

Mr Lutz, you are living in Mr Seno’s fantasy world and you are an exceptionally gullible and naďve person, or, you are a propagator of misleading and fraudulent information, and you are complicit in Fraud and Treason against the ITC and the Collateral Accounts -------- Another one to add to an ever increasing list.

Another highly important factor is that Mr Seno claims he is a descendant of former President Soekarno. Within the Book of Maklumat, in fact volume 4 of same, authored by former President Soekarno, it clearly states that “No member of the Soekarno family must ever know, or have knowledge, of the Collateral Accounts or Soekarno’s involvement, as they cannot be trusted”. Soekarno told his family nothing and utilised faithful and trusted allies / persons as sub-custodians / holders with no power or authority of any description.

Even Soekarno was only the Custodian / Holder of assets secreted away in Indonesia, whereby, and legally, no power or authority could ever be passed on, transferred, assigned, or otherwise. M1 made the decisions at that time, not Soekarno or anyone else.

Far from me to dampen peoples spirits and hopes (As false and hopeless as they are), the serious question of legality arises here:-

a) Mr Seno is a Fraud and committing Treason against the International Treasury Controller and Collateral Accounts as there is only one person who is legally entitled to handle all matters of the Collateral Accounts and that is the elected and appointed International Treasury Controller.

b) Mr Seno is conducting Fraud and Treason against the Collateral Accounts whereby all / any persons or parties associated (No matter who they may be) are complicit in such Fraud and Treason by association and their activities.

c) Any person or party, and that includes Mr Dan Lutz, Tracy Davidson, Annie Forest, and others, benefiting from such Fraudulent activities of Mr Seno, having been notified of same by virtue of a). and b). above and previous notifications, are complicit in Fraud and Treason against the Collateral Accounts and are equally accountable.

d) Assets or Accounts held in any one country on behalf of the Collateral Accounts / International Treasury Controller, are the responsibility of the Country, its, Head of State, its Government, its Government Authorities, and its People with the Head of State holding the ultimate responsibility, whereby in the event of any shortages to any assets / accounts by theft, fraud or otherwise are the liability of all those persons / parties named herein.

Mr Seno will be placing that liability on everyone in Indonesia, if his plan goes ahead which is highly doubtful; a country which is already holding a very high poverty level and can therefore only increase the level of poverty and desperation in Indonesia.

Once a Country, whether by individuals, Government, Military, or otherwise is found to be guilty of dereliction of duty to protect, and hold safe and secure all assets of the Collateral Accounts held in depositories and under Custodianship in their country, that Country is “Blacklisted” from receiving anything from the Collateral Accounts until ALL shortages within the assets / accounts of the Collateral Accounts deposited within their Country are replaced on a like for like basis.

The International Treasury Controller holds a strong aversion to Crooks, Thieves, Liars, Cheats, whose actions take away from every other person of the world.

e) The Bond being displayed within various videos, was issued through UBS, not by UBS, as instructed by the World Bank Group. The latter party holding no power or authority over anything to do with the Collateral Accounts. This is Fraud in itself and hence the acts of Decrees by the International Treasury Controller.

This Bond along with many others have “NO VALUE” as all such documents have been “CANCELLED and REVOKED” by special decree of the International Treasury Controller for the purpose of preventing the use of such documents to perpetrate massive fraud against the Collateral Accounts which has been on-going for decades. In addition to the above, the Bond does not hold the Signature and Seal of The International Treasury Controller which makes it a totally Fraudulent document and certainly non-compliant with numerous International Treaties.

I have a suspicious thought that Lutz, Forest and Davidson, either all together or in part, may very well be American, or American Citizens, whereby, and as I have stated before, quote “All these people appearing and claiming they are in one way connected to the Collateral Accounts, Prosperity Funds, Iraqi Dinar revaluation, and many other similar positions, ALL DERIVE OUT OF AMERICA ----------------- THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE.

In this sense I have a saying, quote “TOO MANY COINCIDENCES DO NOT MAKE A COINCIDENCE”. Too many such coincidences actually make for Fraud and Theft by various Crooks and Thieves.

None of this surprises us at all because TPTB will do anything, and I mean anything, to stop the positive progress of The International Treasury Controller. However, they are being thwarted by the fact that many countries have now recognised and verified The International Treasury Controller as being the genuinely elected and appointed Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts.

I’ll say no more as these JOKERS (Lutz, Seno, Forest and Davidson) are no different to the many that have appeared before them and no doubt many will appear after they have drifted well into the background. However, just to repeat myself, yet again, it is the elected and appointed International Treasury Controller, being the only person who has the power and authority over the Collateral Accounts as Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter ------ Undisputed and Inviolate Legal Status --------- All recorded in International Treaties and Treaty Agreements, all of which are registered and recorded in the United Nations and all Intelligence Agencies and Law Enforcement authorities around the world.

Onward we go, but believe Seno if you want. Create your own Fantasy world and imagine the consequences of your actions and the suffering and desperation of people right across the world.


David P. Crayford

RMN is an RA production.

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