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Clif High Newsletter: The Space Camel's Nose Under The Tent Flap . . . Keep Looking Up

Posted By: SpaceCommando
Date: Monday, 11-Apr-2022 14:24:35

By Clif High - April 11, 2022

I follow Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying, two famous evolutionary biologists. Yes, they can define ‘woman’ for you.

What they can’t do is to tell you when in planet Earth’s history there was a time of several millions of years wherein the climate conditions would have allowed for human evolution. Bear in mind we don’t have fur, at least most of us don’t. This means that we modern humans will die of exposure over repeated nighttime temperatures of lowering to only 60 degrees F with only a 2 % increase in relative humidity.

So my question to the evolutionists, is when existed a period where humans could have ‘lost’ our fur (presuming we evolved from apes), and not died of hypothermia? It does not appear to exist from a climatologists understanding of the geological record.

There is also, IMO, the issue of our digestion. We cannot digest plants effectively as most of the plant nutrients are not bio-available to our stomach/intestinal processes. Even, and especially for plant based foods, humans need to cook. So fire is an essential survival tool for us. Again, did conditions ever exist that would have allowed humans to evolve wherein we can’t digest the items in our diet without the technology of fire? When was that?

Then there is the whole thing of how did we hunt without technology? Without language to coordinate the taking of big game?

And, IF, really big damn IF, humans with fur and with the ability to eat without fire existed, what was the impetus to change them into us naked guys who need clothes & grills to live? If, as Evolutionary THEORY does, we postulate that humans evolved really slowly, then where in the historical record did these millions of years exist? And what did those humans eat? Why did they lose their fur? How rapid did that occur such that they would invent clothing/shelters to survive.

Human history did not happen that way.

Humans did not evolve from apes on this planet.

Humans are THE product of technology.

This is my conclusion, as the science about humans is SO fucked up.

Anthropology is the study of humans. It is divided into 4 large areas:

- Archaeology, the study of humans in the fossil records;

- Linguistics, the study of human communications via words (phonemes) and other biological processes that we call ‘language’;

- Culture, the study of tradition, and the collective human life;

- Genetics, pertaining to DNA, evolutionary theory as applied to humans.

Linguistics are my area of intense study, and that is a real giant stew of conflicting claims and evidence that end up only partially supporting any theory of human origins or advancement (evolution). There are many theories & none are cohesive. None work to satisfy analysis & to proceed further. They all end up being a dead end.

It is this way with all aspects of Anthropology. There is NO clear record in any of our studies that will answer THE questions that face us constantly.

Where did humans originate? Who are we? And where did we come from?

All the theories from religion to science are bogus. They answer nothing conclusively and are filled with gaping holes of exclusion. As an instance, evolutionists such as Bret & Heather, do not, and will not, acknowledge nor discuss such things as Giant hominids. And even worse, that some of these Giants may have been contemporaneous with modern peoples. Agghh! That don’t work with the academic view of “Humans out of Africa”. This, by the way, in my opinion, is another one of the Khazarian Mafia ‘history distortions’. Our collective story is riddled with their fuckery. We don’t know shit for sure because of their organized and consistent goal to remove our history from us with each passing generation.

We are a quasi intelligent species with amnesia stumbling around in a dark cave tripping over clues continuously as we attempt to devise a science, a ‘knowing’, that will shed some light on our past.

Constantly in science, and academia, one runs into the barriers that the Khazarian Mafia puts around knowledge. You can’t discuss giants, or strange critters in the oceans, nor glaring huge events in history, if any of it chips away at the narrative that the KM is trying to construct.

THE one thing that is most forbidden is to examine Anthropology with a perspective that includes UFOs & Space Aliens. Extra forbidden with a beating on top, just to get your attention.

BUT this one element, the mere idea that Space Aliens with a bent towards biology, and genetics came here & created humans INSTANTLY fills in all those pesky holes.

Humans did not evolve, we were created in labs. Thus, of course, we would not be able to find a period of millions of years of specific stable environmental conditions where no night dropped to lower than 65 degrees, and no day rose higher than 78 degrees.

When we were genetically engineered in the labs, we were given the digestion system we have, and thus, of course we don’t find any fossil records of humans who were vegetarians, nor any without fire sign nearby. Aha! So simple, they made us to eat this way!

And, need we even go to the issue of our ‘fur’ supposedly in our ancestral past? Nope.

All one has to do, really, it is not difficult at all, at least initially, is to let the idea of Space Aliens creep into your thinking. It alters everything, this idea, and explains so much.

Of course the human fossil record is bizarre with no clarity in any part of the examination that is not created by very very sketchy, very very loosely supported ‘evidence’. Of course the human fossil record is scattered, confusing, diverse, and totally out of whack with any projected clade ‘evolution’. Of course the human fossil record is exactly as mixed up as those of dogs and cats. We messed up dog and cat ‘evolutionary fossil record’ with a plethora of clade members with all our breeding experiments with these animals.

Exactly the same thing was done to us humans. The plethora of clade members, and the absence of clarity of lineage by evidence, not assertion, looks to be a replica in the abstract of what we have done to the ‘lesser animals’.

It is when we apply the idea of Space Aliens interfering with human and earth history to Cultural Anthropology, that we reap the most progress in our science. There are millions of instances, constantly found in our historic cultural records, of Space Aliens.

These millions of items of cultural evidence are all dismissed by academics as though it was evidence of vote fraud in the 2020 election, and for exactly the same reason; that the Khazarian Mafia can’t have you understanding reality as they do.

In their reality, Biden won. They made it happen. In their reality, you believe in the Theory of Evolution. They made that happen too. They have been fictionalizing reality for centuries.

To the top dogs in the Khazarian Mafia, humans being the creation of Space Aliens is a established fact. This can be ascertained by just how much energy they put into hiding the Space Aliens as originators of humans idea.

Understand also, that the Space Aliens did not create us to be physical slaves. That is we are not created to mine gold for them, or do their laundry. There is another agenda involved that is way deep into biology and genetics.

Understand also that any species that can cross the vast distances of space, by whatever means, will by that very technology, be capable of creating either elements/compounds, or machinery to harvest them from nature. An intelligent species does not need the problems associated with slaves to do simple labor tasks.

Humans are THE product of a technology. Perhaps biology is the ultimate ‘technology’ in Universe. It is certainly the ultimate prize for the Space Aliens that the Khazarian Mafia knows created/altered their genetic makeup.

These creatures, Those Who Came from the Sky, or the “Elohim”, these Space Aliens, are described in the hidden language of the Khazarian Mafia, as being basically gaga over genetics.

Biology is the true gold of universe. Metals, the Elohim could create in industrial processes. They can make gold if they wanted it.

Biology they had to locate. To the Elohim earth was a treasure house of biologic diversity. They reveled in it for centuries, mucking about with this and that line of creatures, thus producing our crazy fossil record.

The Elohim found planet Earth teaming with Life that they intended to, and did, exploit and alter. They did not create us. They altered what they found here. They, and the Khazarian Mafia, are also hiding that fact. The Elohim, in spite of all their power, and claims, cannot create Life, they have to find it.

The Khazarian Mafia understanding is that the Elohim achieved their goal, that is, creating an extra little bit of DNA and adding it to some compatible human DNA which created, as they claim, the Khazarians.

Some of the Khazarian Mafia understands that the Elohim left. It is their way. The Elohim are not the only Space Aliens out there. The Elohim are the Coneheads. Not quite like in the movies, but you see the imagery filtering through the obscuring of the culture to some degree. Space Aliens are all around us in Culture and our History. These signs and images are still there despite the best efforts of the Khazarian Mafia to obscure the subject right out of your awareness by their control of academia, and the press.

The Elohim, according to the Khazarian Mafia, track another species of Space Aliens through the Galaxy, and over Time. These are the Nummo. These guys look like really ugly fish beings, but are exceptionally smart, and, unlike the Elohim, are kind and not self-absorbed. The Nummo are what we humans would call ‘moral’, unlike the Elohim, and their minions, the Khazarian Mafia.

The Elohim seem to be angry at, and jealous of, the Nummo, and are, according to the Khazarian view, in a kind of a strange War against them.

But that is another investigation for another time. Right at this moment, it is the Khazarian Mafia that concerns us as they think that the Elohim left them in charge. In fact, many of the Khazarian Mafia at the top believe themselves to be the new Elohim.

This is not a good thing for humans. It will need to be rectified.

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