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Posted By: hobie
Date: Thursday, 31-Mar-2022 00:30:36

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:



Dear Hobie.

Musings from someone’s peanut gallery.

I was asked a few weeks ago, in a conference call with some supposed X-Perts, to explain why I refused to recognize any one as an American National. After I finished my delivery it got real quiet. Why would I give credence to a fraud? Continuing in that call was the subject matter of Secured Party Creditor issues. I was again asked for comments. Again it got real quiet.

First questions inviting argument.
Does the whole of the Secured Party Creditor position fail under one question exposing that the question can not be answered?
Who owns the ALL CAPS NAME and who can produce proof of ownership?

When there is no proof of ownership in evidence are all subsequent actions related to the NAME based on assumptions?
When there is no public record proof of construction of the entity, an artificial person constructed legal person, capturing a mans name, gifted to him by his parents, no consent from the man authorizing said construction and capture, resulting in subject status being attached to the man, is the whole operation relying on the ALL CAPS NAME, a fraud, a fatally defective procedure, a legal nullity, VOID from day one???

If not, why not?

The essential issue is, under what set of circumstances did the Creator construct mankind with the need to give up their identity gifted from and connection to the Creator and take on the identity of man constructed artificial person entity and agree to become slaves to such constructed artificial political, legal and commercial personalities?

How much of the artificial man constructed legal personality does one need to associate with to be considered a co-conspirator to this corruption of the fundamental Prayer of the 1776 Declaration, wherein the good People recognized Natures God and the Laws of Nature as our source of personal Liberty and the identity of an American?

Roots of Liberty perhaps. As sent to each participant.

Of what value is it to become a Secured Party Creditor, to what those who claim that capacity to operate in a secured position over, what you all define and know is a fraudulent system and bitch and complain about continually?

Does a secured interest in a known fraud make you all a co-conspirator with and in the fraud with unlimited liability for the fraud?

Does underwriting the fraud provide any protection from any American law other than the promised by the fraudsters that you will be protected?

Most Americans do not understand there are only two fundamental jurisdictions in our country.
The People’s original jurisdiction which is political as attached to our land. Supreme Law, from which all governments powers flow via Constitutions created by People power.
This political jurisdiction, based on the People’s consent, is the authority for legalized force to be applied in the name of and by authority of the People. Otherwise know as law.
The administrative jurisdiction of the governments and all public servants serving the People’s original jurisdiction. This jurisdiction holds no authority of its own and all its powers come from the People via our Constitutions.
This is what the constitutions say when read as they are written in the full context of perfected contracts.
The secondary servants jurisdiction is the regulatory state, statutes, created to control the constructed legal persons, and crooked individual people, affecting the People, so the People have access to the law for self protection, and the full force and effect of legalized force to attach regulated entities, constructed under government supervision, and crooked people, criminals.

Mixing jurisdictions is always an indication of confusion and usually indication of ignorance.

Granted, that the Secured Party positions have received some credibility from the commercial and legal worlds controlling our culture. The question is why is it not 100% effective. The lack of the 100% indicates key missing elements. Thus, the purpose of this Monograph is to expose the probabilities that finding the roots of the issue will clear up defects and create a much closer to the 100% perfect set of operations.

This Monograph addresses fatal defects in the accepted Secured Party Creditor world. Again my comments caused a long silent pause. Then two things happened. Fifty percent of call participants admitted they had some things to review. The other fifty percent wanted to argue. The arguments were all based on assumption of facts and law not in evidence. In other words ones personal belief is more valuable and valid than the public records. The thoughtful ones indicated they were seeking solutions based on principles, facts, laws and procedures. The arguers exposed money and fear of the regulatory state was the motivation. Greed kills everything it touches as does fear.

Arguments never resolve anything because there is no intent to resolve. Discussions start out with intent to understand and move to resolution as needed to address the issue.

I asked the following questions, made the following statements, rapid fire, in order set the fundamental understandings identifying the contracts, the parties to them, the property and property rights involved in a Secured Party Creditor claim.

Is the all caps NAME a special purpose vehicle, a constructed entity, a legal person?
If so, does that special purpose vehicle have a record of its construction some where?
If so, do you have those records? If not, why not? And, if there are no records available is that a very strong indication the special purpose vehicles either does not exists or is some sort of fraud?

Then I read the below paragraph from some other works in process.

I have never been informed of an official government procedure, qualifying as due process, disclosing all relevant facts and law, for the determining of my political, legal, standings or capacities, contractual obligations or commercial standing or identity, in context of or relation to any government function, wherein I was determined to be the exact same legal person as the entity ALL CAPS NAME.

Does this indicate in very strong terms that the ALL CAPS NAME is like a ship upon the sea of commerce with no captain?

In our country all legal persons are required to be registered so that the world knows what that legal person is, where it came from, who owns it, and who is liable for its operations.

Did any of you receive any notice that you were now considered the exact same political, legal or commercial person as the NAME? All answered NO.

Would you all agree that until the construction of the special purpose vehicle, NAME, the identity of the constructing parties, the public records showing the construction, the contract authorizing the construction and or the statutes authorizing the construction and your legal relation to them are necessary elements to claim a valid position controlling that entity? CONFUSION was the response. All I got back as a response is that somebody else did something! That alone is very telling as to the lack validity and value of the claimed position.

I asked, why should I ever consider you as a secured party creditor until you can identify the construction of the artificial person you claim you own or control when there is no evidence of those facts presented for review?

I created the ALL CAPS NAME, LLC under a state jurisdiction, that sounds like my name. My intent in about 2005, was to capture the legal person, particularly its legal identity and all assets and contracts associated to it, the ALL CAPS NAME, particularly the assets or whatever accrued under it and its identifiers use and application with out my knowledge.

Is that LLC the owner of all assets associated to it in all jurisdictions until some one produces another claimed ownership position challenging mine?

How many of you can identify the construction of your all caps NAME, the artificial entity, a special purpose vehicle? Who did it, where, when, in what jurisdiction, memorialized in what publicly available record? One answered that they created an LLC and secured that entity as personal property.

I congratulated them an owning both the entity, THE NAME, and the record as evidenced in public record. This mechanism establishes true ownership over the entity. Anyone else using the NAME must then be able to prove right to do so which means production of proofs cancelling our LLCs as valid.

More to the point, and this is something you should consider very carefully. Do you have any proof of ownership or who constructed the NAME you allegedly control in certain positions?
This is relevant because so many operations in the political, legal and commercial realms deal specifically with the NAME.

More to the point, if you all allegedly captured the NAME without knowing where it was actually created, by who, under what law or contract, could that be considered theft?

The real, and very simple to understand problem, that you all face is exposed by a few facts of law and commerce is summed up in two declaration of fundamentals.

People are real flesh and blood, the authority as constructors of all governmental operations from day one of our country. Only real flesh and blood can act, think, sign our name.

Persons are constructed entities limited to actions of the construction document and subject to the jurisdictions recognizing the entity as being present in the jurisdiction.

Does the government own and or control what it creates or recognizes and licenses an artificial person?

Then the private v. public capacities was raised.

Your vote is your private property expressing private political will. Only the flesh and blood man is qualified to own this private property. Only the man is competent to decided, think apply discretion, to decide who to vote for.

Filling out the vote ballot moves the vote into the public when it is turned over to government servants to be properly recorded and made public.

This principle is the same in the world of commerce and use of of the NAME. All use of the NAME is a public issue because that’s where the NAME was created, registered and agreed to be regulated as part of its creation.

The moment any of use private Federal Reserve money or systems moving the Feds private property we are attached by the Feds jurisdiction which is public as constructed non constitutionally by the federal Congress. Link should interest any one using private FED money.

Congress is not authorized by constitution to assign its exclusive powers “ …To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof....” Article I section 5, to any one or thing nor create an entity, the Federal Reserve, to administer the authorities granted by the People through our states that constructed the United States Government.

The simple fact is any one signing the papers, or emails or notes, or contracts, causing the ALL CAPS NAME to move in any manner whatsoever commercially or legally is the UNDERWRITER for the entity. The UNDERWRITER is always the responsible and liable party for the acts or omissions. The UNDERWRITER is always the verifying party for the issue, document, process underwritten. Matters not if the signer is the bona fide owner of the entity or not.

No one can be forced into the underwriters position. Likewise being induced to the underwriters position by fraud or misleading constructions inviting reliance is not competent to attach ether liability or beneficial position.

Does the system and the systemites managing it, operate in the bait and switch world to draw in unsuspecting parties to their private world of undisclosed material facts? If that is the case does that expose that the few success stories concerning Secured Party Creditors should be considered the bait?

Essentially the whole of the political , legal, commercial systems operations are confused to the point of collapse. Is this set of circumstances the invitation to the People to return to the fundamentals founding our country?

If the fundamentals founding our country sorted out the slavery of the King beginning 1776, and sticking to them created the American Dream, is that good cause to consider understanding those principles and applying them in the present moment?

If we the People have access to the fundamental principles, facts, laws, and procedures to secure our political, legal and commercial positions, why should we enter into the what is awell known corrupt forum and play the private jurisdictions games?

Who and how are the systemites blocking access to and protection by the People’s Original first jurisdiction?

Is the systemites most potent tool for control the fact that the People, in particular the Secured Party crowd, continue to act as if the public servants are superior to the People and we all need to operate in their forum in order to escape the hegemony created and fostered by the corrupted Deep State minions acceptance of our acquiescence to undisclosed relevant material facts and law?

Subjects always need to satisfy their masters. Masters provide the tools to their servants so that the servant can honor them selves by proper performance.

Any American not understanding the basic principles, facts, laws and procedures creating the People’s government from day one are at risk of becoming subject to what is currently passed off as a means of escape from the rampant corruption now exerting so much influence over our country.

My grandmother pointed out to me in very firm terms, from a young age that birds of a feather flock together. My father drilled into me that when you fall or jump in the septic tank the smell sticks for a very very long time.

With all the confusions being passed off as intel, or magic bullets or political truths, the direct review of the foundational documents usually leads to a more informed decision process. Always a good thing.

The Matrix may still be real.


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