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Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 13-Mar-2022 03:56:29

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Please fine Monograph below that exposes some of the political, legal and commercial mechanisms our group of Beneficiaries have been inserting into various structures around the country.

This Monograph will be delivered, properly served, to Governor DeSantis, as published.
We hope and pray that the intent exhibited is appreciated.

We the People need to direct our public servants and provide them with the proper tools to do their jobs.

If we do not, We get what We deserve!

Masters, the People loose the superior position when we descend to our servants level and allow them to identify We the People as subject to their acts.


Dear Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

This Monograph is presented to the Office of Governor as a Letter of Wishes from the Beneficiaries of all governmental powers or authorities. Our group of Beneficiaries, while not Florida Citizens, are none the less affected, as is every other American, by Disney. Ron DeSantis is the current Chief Magistrate for the State of Florida. The Governors powers extend to complete control over every corporation, of every type, franchised, licensed or recognized as doing business in Florida.

Bold statement, perhaps? Follow the logic defining the relationships of the People to the State of Florida, the government operating the State of Florida, and the agencies and agents providing government services for proof of fact.

We, Beneficiaries, known as such to President Trump, Wish the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, review the full powers of the Chief Magistrate, apply the powers of the People and statutory constructions to Florida corporations that attack the People for freely expressing personal choices. Please apply the law of Distress and or Capture on Corporate charters after advising of egregious wrongdoing and formal request to Cease and Desist after Correction of Corporate Policy. Trespass into the People’s realm of Political Powers is a crime subject to civil rights actions no matter what the corrupted Supreme Court says. Ask the People and we will tell you.

SPECIAL NOTE: YICK Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886), never cancelled, defines the true authorities granted, by whom, for construction of the State of Florida, the political body Public Trust. “ Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; but in our system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts. And the law is the definition and limitation of power. It is, indeed, quite true that there must always be lodged somewhere, and in some person or body, the authority of final decision; and in many cases of mere administration, the responsibility is purely political, no appeal lying except to the ultimate tribunal of the public judgment, exercised either in the pressure of opinion, or by means of the suffrage.”

Governor DeSantis, the People of Florida placed their trust in you. You accepted that trust when you signed your unlimited FIDELITY BOND, oath of office, upon assumption to office of Governor.

The Governors office which you serve is the Chief Magistrates position, highest law enforcement, recognized in Florida.

Law enforcement, means just that. Execute the law as written! There is no question that the first law in Florida to be enforced is the Constitution. When the Constitution is not enforced as written there is no law. This bold statement is proved conclusively by one fact. No public servant or employee is authorized by the Constitution to interpret, amend, alter, limit, circumvent or in any other manner whatsoever tamper with the Constitution. Any one, you the Governor in particular along with every state judge, are challenged to show the People of Florida the words in the constitution that allow or even recognize that public servants of any stripe hold powers or authorities to reconstruct the specific language in the State of Florida Constitution.

The simple way to understand this concept is through the context of the massive fiasco known as Citizens United v. Federal Elec­tion Commis­sion, 558 U.S. 310 (2010). The Supreme Courts hegemony and judicial arrogance caused the justices to ignore the fundamental principles, facts, laws, and procedures declared and ordered for compliance by YICK Wo v. Hopkins. All challenges to this statement of fact must be able to prove the below statement is not true, correct, accurate and complete.

Sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts. Only the People hold the POLITICAL POWER. We did not authorize our public servants to create political powers. Only the People own the vote which is the expressly reserved authority owned by the People. Political power is expressed by our votes. CORPORATIONS ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO VOTE. Therefore, corporations are incapable of holding political identity. Only the People as the ultimate tribunal of the public judgement, exercised by suffrage, hold powers and authorities to create or recognize a new class of political citizen.

The Supreme Courts belief that corporations have a legal relationship or right to protection of the First Amendment is extremely bogus as well. CORPORATIONS ARE WORDS ON PAPER RECOGNIZED AS LEGAL PERSONALITIES WHICH HAVE NO VOICE TO SPEAK WITH, CAN NOT SIGN ITS NAME, CAN NOT THINK IN A RELIGIOUS CONTEXT, MOVE ITSELF TO AN ASSEMBLY, PETITION GOVERNMENT FOR REDRESS BECAUSE STATE GOVERNMENTS CREATED THE CORPORATION. The corporation accepted the terms and conditions limiting governments the moment the constructed entity accepted legal identity recognized by its corporate Name, ID, and tax license.

No corporation created by the State of Florida could ever have a political personality because the State Government, particularly the Legislative branch, from which all corporations are given limited specific capacities to act, holds no authority to create political capacity. This is because political capacity is based on thought, the right to choose, make the choice to what political jurisdiction one chooses to be subject to.

The subject created as in a corporation has no right whatsoever to challenge its construction because if it does, it cancels it’s own life by admitting it chooses by fiat management it wishes to operate outside the law and contract allowing its existence.

The U.S. Supreme Court STOLE the People’s Republic when the obvious corruption residing in the Court decided that the founding principle of Government of, by and for the People, was subject to destruction by mere public servants paid in in private money owned by the Federal Reserve. Link exposes who the Justices actually work for and how jurisdiction and control actually work.

Mr. DeSantis, please ask 1000 of your constituents if they support mere pubic servants, operating the People’s highest court, in the Justices, recognition that pieces paper with words on them, corporations, are equal in Political standing with the People is a proper exercise of the trust placed in the characters at the court.

Thanks to the crooks acting as justices our country has two classes of political citizenship. One being the People. The second being corporations, creations of the states as identified below.

The people operating corporations have political personalities and the right to express them selves. Corporations do not. If the Legislature creating the law to allow construction of corporations attempted to create political powers in a corporation, the Legislature would be required to identify that creation power in the Constitution. Essentially, recognizing a corporation as having powers to affect the People’s suffrage is the constructing of a commercial political class and identity having the same powers as the People. There is no such authority granted by the People in our Constitutions creating governments.

What kind of fool would allow the servant, government, to create an identity equal to or more powerful than the Master, the People?

When the State of Florida acts through statute authorizing the creation of corporations the only power held by the corporation was given by the state and every act of the state is controlled by the declaration of rights and the national Bill of Rights. Thus the corporation is controlled completely by the same constraints and obligations as the state that created the corporation. The acceptance of the corporate registration and identification, then operations under the identifiers ratified by the state, bind the corporation by contract.

The Supreme Court created a legal fiction, a legal and political impossibility, to take jurisdiction over in the Citizens United controversy. Not only is manufactured subject matter jurisdiction barred by the specific language of the Constitutions judicial authorities, the Court usurped the States legislative prerogatives by altering the very nature of corporate identity. This trespass outside the judicial powers is equally a trespass on the legislative bodies in the States.

The public record testimony is clear. Since Citizens United the People have become second class SLAVES to corporate hegemony.

There is no federal statute recognizing the Congress Assembled holds authorities to create corporations. The Supreme Court as late as 1987 decision in CTS Corp. v. Dynamics Corp., (481 U.S. 69 ) “State regulation of corporate governance is regulation of entities whose very existence and attributes are a product of state law.”

Governor DeSantis; When the State of Florida acts through statute authorizing the creation of a corporation, that act carries with it the full authority of the People so long as the statute and its resulting applications carries with it all the limits on governmental expression of legalized force. Truly, government in its most basic form is simply legalized force serving to protect the People. What this means in real simple terms is that every corporation is bound to recognize and respect the People’s Preamble, the document of title to ownership, and the Declaration of Rights memorialized in the Florida Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

There is no power grated a corporation created by the State of Florida allowing or recognizing the right of a corporation to apply its presence in commerce or any other activity in our American culture that could in any manner whatsoever limit or impair or influence the right of the People to speak, act, be fully informed, or choose their political servants.

When a corporation expresses itself in any manner that could be considered to be detrimental to the People, it executes a crime against the first principle of construction governing man created entities. NO ARTIFICIAL OF LEGAL PERSON EVER CREATED IS ALLOWED OR RECOGNIZED AS HAVING RIGHT TO DO HARM OF ANY NATURE OR KIND!

Now, Governor DeSantis, the logic and the law to be applied with the full force of the State of Florida Government to Disney and other Florida corporations.

  1. The People hold all political power and as the creators and constructors of government We are the Masters over all government and its servants, particularly and specifically all Florida State constructions such as corporations.

  2. The Executive branch through the office of Governor is the Chief law enforcement office and Ron DeSantis is the Chief Magistrate holding powers and authorities to make finding of fact, conclusions of law, issue warrants of both arrest and distraint, take evidence and testimony from the People, act as the highest supervising agent over every operation or creation of Florida State government.

  3. The State of Florida is the PUBLIC TRUST created by the People. Ron DeSantis is the TRUSTEE administering all of the Peoples powers expressed in the People’s Constitution.

  4. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc. is a Florida corporation.

  5. The State of Florida is the owner of the legal title to Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc. The State of Florida statutes authorizing constructions of corporations does not pass legal title to corporations it creates.

  6. The People of Florida through their constitution never authorized the powers held in TRUST by the State of Florida to be sold or bargained away under any circumstances whatsoever.

  7. Thus, the principal owners of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc. corporate charter are the People of Florida.

  8. The State of Florida licenses Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc. to exist as a corporate entity for which Disney pays a service fee for construction and a yearly fee for continued recognition as a valid corporation authorized to do business in Florida and other States.

  9. Thus, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc.operates as lessor of the People’s authorities expressed through legislative powers and subject to supervision and control by the governors office.

  10. Describing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc. operating in and outside of Florida as a mere tenant living in the house called the State of Florida , a Republic the People built is perfectly accurate.

  11. Defining the State as TRUSTEE and manager, Governors office, over the exercise of issuing corporate charters authorized by constitution administering the People’s powers is perfectly accurate.

  12. The true and bona fide owners over all Disney assets are the stock holders.

  13. The management, particularly the Board of Directors and top management are fiduciaries owing the highest order of Fidelity to the People of Florida, the Florida State Government first, then their stockholders.

  14. The management, particularly the Board of Directors and top management as fiduciaries are mere servants, personally responsible to the People of Florida, the State of Florida, the United States government under its authorities over interstate commerce, who each individually and collectively are paid the big bucks to know their job and perform properly under personal FIDELITY obligations.

  15. The FIDELITY BOND implicated upon acceptance of corporate Directorship or management is the personal promise of proper performance with all personal assets attached as surety. That surety is the guarantee that proper lawful operations of the corporate franchise will be carried out in complete compliance with all the laws. In the event the surety is not present and accounted for, the corporation becomes a mere alter ego covering acts of Directors and management who most often pass personal acts or omissions off as corporate acts.

  16. The THE FLORIDA BUSINESS CORPORATION ACT, 607.1602 mandates any stockholder to view and inspect records of the corporation in which stock is owned.

  17. The internal workings records of any corporation exposes who, why, how the Disney acts as it does in the public forums. More to the point, the relationships to other entities operating in concert with Disney will be of record.

  18. Or NOT! In that circumstance, the stock holders have the absolute right to protect their interests in the corporation, the People’s powers creating the corporation and the State of Florida Governors office have the right and duty to act to serve and protect the vested interests.

  19. In the or NOT circumstance of no or hidden records the evidence will suggest in the strongest of terms that, the Board, management at Disney, and inter locking directorates with the institutional stake holders, will expose that corporate privilege is a convient front for STEALING OUR COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE’S LIBERTIES.

Governor DeSantis, haw many Disney stock holders are needed to complain about Disney tampering with the whole set of principles, facts, laws, morals and procedure, that built our country, before the Governor of Florida simply applies the law as it exists on the books?

When the Governors office solicits complaints about Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc., and the people provide them, with proof of stock ownership and a demand that Ron DeSantis marry the power of the State of Florida and and the ownership position in the Disney corporation, is that the proper working of government serving the People?

All the powers and authorities required to reign in and exercise control over corporations and corrupt Justices are available.

The only question is, will the State of Florida under Trusteeship of Ron DeSantis act?

Please, show us where we have any mistakes so we can correct them.


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