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Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 25-Feb-2022 06:02:25

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie.

The Monograph is presented as an invitation to open the mind, they eyes to see and the will to STAND UP.

No solutions are possible until the root of the problem is defined.

This Monograph is the first part in sharing what we Beneficiaries have found in the root cellar.

The derivatives to our findings are massive and spread across the full scope of corrupted public servants, government employees, corporate operations both private and the frauds disguised as governments.

Beneficiaries, as promised, will be providing valid, verifiable options for the STAND UP Americans who whisk to take care of their own business.

Those choosing to engage in the pablum world of programmed gum beating spreading the hot air discussions of who done what when and oh how terrible it is while feeding at the trough of X-Pert personality reporting on corruption while waiting for some one else to do something which denies the energy spent being focused on understanding solutions are available, PLEASE give us a pass.

We only deal with STAND UP and pass the bent over looking at the dust on the top of their shoes and the A H in front of then as the lemming march competes itself at the cliff.


Part 1.

Beneficiaries present what We believe is the break point information exposing roots of the corrupted state of the People’s Union of States United.

The information presented herein is verifiable in any decent library or university web site with a search function. Please do your own verifications. Hard work will produce the result of understanding which is the beginning to resolution.

Applying the rule of thumb that so called qualified X-Perts are qualified by the system and systemites means the root agenda the X-Perts serves the management of human capital syndrome in some fashion, whether we understand the agendas fully or not. The system and systemites have had years and years to develop deceptive delivery systems covering all aspects of control over the messaging. The key messaging is the invitation to engage in public servants deceptive construction of their obligations and use the servants position and actions as the reference point for exercising personal rights guaranteed by law.

When the Master, the People enter the servants world and engage with the servants on their terms through their procedures, the Master position is abandoned and that evidence is the admission of subject status.

MAJOR PREMISE for this Monograph is summed up in two questions.

When a public servant says they work for the People’s government and promises absolute fidelity to that government serving the People, is actually paid in private money owned by the Federal Reserve, who do they work for? The People or the Federal Reserve?

Our current state of extremely confused affairs across the full scope of our American culture is perfect testimony that the deception that ruled yesterday is not as viable today as it needs to be to protect the systemites. ( One who serves the system that trained them without care or understanding of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the system served. ). Please remember every systemite, upon assumption of any position paid for or authorized to operate in the name of the People’s governments pledged all their personal assets as the BONDED FIDELITY, loyalty and honor, the moment they took the position of public servant. The oath of office and the employment contracts or service contracts by vendors all identify our legitimate governments as the beneficiaries of the contracts.


Now the story We believe exposes the Achilles Heel to the management of human capital providing the substance sustaining the corrupted state of affairs in the People’s Republic.


Don asked to borrow my pickup. I trust Don and know he will treat my property as I would, so I said yes.

When Don takes the truck he took with all the jurisdictions attached to it through licensing, registration, title records and insurance requirements. Matters not whether Don understood or recognized this fact of law and commerce. The attachment of the jurisdiction is perfected by use of property controlled by that jurisdiction.

FACTS DECLARED herein and herewith are the MINOR PREMISES supporting the Major Premises, which are all proved by public records constructed by the People’s public servants and are never deniable because they are available to any American who simply looks for them. More to the point, We the People paid for the construction of the public records and pay for them to be available to every American or visitor to our country upon demand.

FACT: Use of another’s property always carries the full jurisdictions attached to it. Don is then bound by that set of jurisdictions attached to my property.

FACT: The Federal Reserve is a private enterprise owned by private parties and nominees of hidden private parties. The true operating structure, owners and beneficiaries of the Federal Reserve operations are unknown. The Federal Reserve is a unique quasi public/private entity that operates within government that answers to Legislative oversight exclusively, which is required to work within the framework of the overall objectives of economic and financial policy established by the government. First policy was set by intent of Congress. That being stability of the money system for serving and protecting the People’s finances and assets. The public records constructed around the creation and implementation of the Federal Reserve are confused, less than fully documented, as is identification of the parties principal of both the Congress and Federal Reserve creating the records.

FACT: After years of incremental changes in both Legislative oversight and Federal Reserve systems operations the Federal Reserve is now, since the early 70s, the exclusive issuer of currency denominated as U.S Dollars.

FACT: The Legislative body, Congress, authorized the Federal Reserve to create and implement the management system over all first money, such as paper money, checks, drafts and bank notes. Lawful money is currency issued by the United States Treasury, such as gold and silver coins, Treasury notes, and Treasury bonds. Fiat money, which consists of paper money and checks, is not lawful money but is considered legal tender.

The difference arises from the U.S. Constitution, which specifies gold and silver as the legal form of tender for debts, hence the varied interpretation since new forms of payments came into circulation. The new forms of payment are now controlled by Federal Reserve operations under; CEED &CO, to turn over, DEPOSITORY TRUST COMPANY, acceptor to what is turned over, DEPOSITORY TRUST CLEARING COMPANY, validation of acceptance of what is turned over, CUSIP, the guarantor and surety for use and distribution of what is turned over, accepted, validated as legal tender, and assigned a unique identifier for tracking of the original asset turned over.

FACT: The Constitution at Article I section 8, clause 5; “ To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; “, absolutely requires the the Congress to CONTROL the value of money from day one of the Constitution being in operation.

FACT: No where in the powers granted to governments, created by the People did We the People, though our trusts called Constitution’s creating the States that created the United States Government, authorize our agents to assign any authorities We the People granted through our constitutions, powers resulting in legislation to be administered or controlled by a private party. Congress is not granted authority to create a trust, a corporation or a central bank.

FACT: When the contract, the People’s national Constitution, does not specifically assign a power to any one of the three branches of government, there is no authority to act and every act naked of that provable power is not an act of government. ? Who did what when and why was it done?

FACT: the term “ unconstitutional “ created by systemites, is very different from the term “ non-constitutional “ recognized by the People.

FACT: Between 1933 and 1971 both United States Notes and Federal Reserve Notes were considered legal tender. During this period United States Notes were backed by gold or silver and Federal Reserve notes were assumed to be U.S. Dollars.

FACT: Federal Reserve notes are backed solely by the government's declaration that such paper money was legal tender in the United States, or by fiat.

FACT: Lawful money is any form of currency issued by the United States Treasury and notthe Federal Reserve System. It includes gold and silver coins, Treasury notes, and Treasury bonds. Lawful money stands in contrast to fiat money, in which the government assigns value although it has no intrinsic value of its own and is not backed by reserves. Fiat money includes legal tender such as paper money, checks, drafts, and banknotes

FACT: The Federal Reserve ‘instructs’ the U,S,Treasury to print the Federal Reserve Notes. Once new federal reserve notes are issued they become a liability of the Federal Reserve, which can be redeemed only by bearers on demand for different Federal Reserve notes.

FACT: The Federal Reserve note is a promissory Note that does not pay interest. It is defined as such because it states that "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private," indicating a promise for the government and private citizens to accept and honor the note as legal tender.

FACT: Between 1933 and 1971 both United States Notes and Federal Reserve Notes were considered legal tender.

FACT: Today, Federal Reserve notes and the Federal Reserve hegemony managing assets ceded to it, circulate as money throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world wherever dollar-denominated transactions take place. In 2012 a minimum of 62% of all backing declared by central banks were identified as U.S, DOLLARS. These notes are still commonly referred to as "dollars," which was previously a legally defined quantity of gold or silver but is now simply the official unit of account for U.S. legal tender, including Federal Reserve notes.

FACT: The Euro Dollar is a U.S. Dollar held by a European Central Bank. This definition is set by international treaty, agreements between both nations and private entities. See BARRONS legal terms and look up the history of the term and its creation.


The United States of America as the identity of the People’s country does not have a public money system owned by the People nor managed by the governments We created.

We as a People, a country are controlled by a private money system.

The fact is We as a People and a country are a private commercial enterprises owned by the Federal Reserve who’s true ownership is unknown because management of human capital is the crime of SLAVERY and no American ever gave consent to be a SLAVE to the Federal Reserve system.

Clearly the above facts expose that the commercial operations of government and the regulation of interstate commerce controlling the People in our daily lives is a fraud from day one administered through use of PRIVATE MONEY OWNERSHIP controlling our commercial lives.

The Federal Reserve system is the representation of a subject construction jurisdiction. The subjects of course being those using the Federal Reserves private property and services . This jurisdiction needs a vessel or special purpose vehicle in order to exercise its powers and enforce its contracts over users of the private money system. The Federal Reserve private money system also needs a law system, courts applying legalized force, to protect and secure its operations. Do the BAR Associations controlling all their members and the courts in which they work fit into the description of a private law system? Is this a coincidence?

18 U.S. Code sect. 9 - Vessel of the United States defined.

The term “vessel of the United States”, as used in this title, means a vessel belonging in whole or in part to the United States, or any citizen thereof, or any corporation created by or under the laws of the United States, or of any State, Territory, District, or possession thereof.

Under what of circumstance could a geographic area be identified as a country, a nation among the other nations, when the money moving all commerce is privately owned and lawful money owned by the country is not in circulation?

Are there any Americans who have been advised of all relevant material facts qualifying as due process, the first requirement for transferring consent to be governed, concerning the deceptively forced use of private property disguised to act and substitute for Lawful money of United States of America?


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