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Russians Methodically Taking Out Ukrainian Attackers, Plus Misc. Updates and Reports

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Tuesday, 22-Feb-2022 21:05:49

Below A destroyed Ukrainian BTR military vehicle inspected by Russian Spetznas troops

Exchanges of fire continue at various points of the contact line with light casualties on both sides but no major movements. The Ukr. have reportedly used Grad MRLS for the 1st time since 2018. Video of a destroyed Ukr BTR inspected by Rus. #Spetznas troops

— Tony (@Cyberspec1) February 23, 2022

I've been watching people at work and when I'm out and about and nobody has any clue just how bad this whole thing is. It's no big deal, business as usual with them. The ones who halfway pay attention are exactly like you describe, USA #1.
They don't get how quickly Russia could turn us upside down if they got it in their head to do so. Our grid is completely unprotected, same with other critical infrastructure, our banks, but yeah, oblivious.
Not only do most of them not get it, they don't care when you bring it up. Eyes just kind of glaze over and they nod and say uh-huh until you give up.

Russians hit Ukrainian vehicle\

American rating agency Fitch says that if Western sanctions lead to Russia’s oil exports being completely cut off, the world can expect the international energy market to completely collapse.

Do YOU realize that Donbass and Luhansk held a referendum in 2014 and voted overwhelmingly to become independent from Ukraine?
Do YOU realize that in 2014 they asked Russia to recognize them?

Do YOU realize that by international law the Law of Self-determination of people groups is part of the UN Charter?

Do YOU realize that there are over 750,000 Russian citizens in those areas?

Do you realize there were celebrations and fireworks in the LPR and DRP last night when the news broke of acceptance?

Do YOU realize that in 1776 the people in American who were living under the tyranny of King George of Britin ALSO declared their own independence? Remember that?

So, we have 2 new independent REPUBLICS and people who claim to be "patriots" whose ancestors did the very same thing in 1776 cry foul.

Take aways from Putin's press conference today

- no more Minks agreements
- borders of DPR/LPR are defined by Ukrainian maps
( implying more territory liberation action is possible )
- the Russian military will assist in defending Donbass
- we are against Ukraine NATO membership, Ukraine must
renounce membership and remain neutral
- Ukraine must be demilitarized
- Ukraine is capable of gaining nukes and have delivery missiles and can designed tactical nukes
- impossible to predict the scenario from now on
++ shelling continues after the initial pause...
a lot depends now on what the Ukrainians will attempt.

Take aways from Biden's statement today:

1. The US will impose sanctions against Russian elites.
2. The US will impose sanctions on two Russian banks and Russian debt.
3. The US will continue its attempts to shut down Nord Stream 2.
4. If Russia does not withdraw its troops from Belarus, then the US will build up its troops in Eastern Europe.
5. The US continues to help Ukraine.

@POTUS says U.S. to provide defensive assistance to Ukraine and will reinforce NATO allies. AUTHORIZES additional movements of U.S. troops, already stationed in Europe, to Baltics

Putin said yesterday…
DC and some billionaires want to split Russia into smaller, easier to manage (and easier to exploit) countries.
Given who is in charge of DC right now, I find that to be totally believable.

Here are grad rockets being fired from Ukraine towards Donbas

Video shows impacts of Grad MLRS near Schastia Donbas today:

hear me out...
Our geriatric delusional d teams collectively running western governments are genuinely this arrogant and truly believe that "the Russians wouldn't dare".
This actually fits everything we've seen much more closely, including the current administration refusing to listen to military or Intel agencies on the fall of Kabul being inevitable and imminent.
It's time we as people here on GLP(alternative news) truly accept that the people running us are incredibly dangerous, delusional and incompetent to the point where they could easily fumble f**k us right into a global thermonuclear exchange in the next hours to months.
It has also been this way for long enough now that most of the real high level talent has slowly but surely left the military intelligence agencies, etc for private sector employment or in order to retire somewhere they think won't take too much fallout.

I think for a lot of people it's actively very difficult for them to admit this to themselves - for the simple fact that as soon as you mentally accept that this might be the case, a nagging voice starts telling you that if you want to have a legacy or grandchildren to bequeath it to - you may in fact need to figure out how to do something to get these people out of power.
And that is frankly terrifyingly daunting and feels all but impossible right about now.

Imagine what the Canadians are thinking right now. They are being controlled by communists and people have been killed and lives ruined under that regime. The truth is, tyrants laugh at peaceful protests. They are holding all the cards and have a compliant law enforcement system set up to obey all orders given to them. What to do, what to do? hmmm..

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